Amazon’s Prime Now program beats Google Express with one-hour delivery service

Thomas Posted On - May 6, 2015

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Early December 2014, Amazon created quite a noise in the market by announcing its one-hour delivery services featured under Prime Now, closely after the initiation of the Google Shopping Express‘ same-day shopping. The Prime Now service of this top marketplace poises the already present internet shopping big shots in the latest craze of the e-commerce domain, which is the same day delivery service for consumable products.

Prime delivery for Prime members

Amazon now started offering Prime members the great facility of one-hour delivery using its phone app. At a cost of $7.99, Prime members were offered household items such as shampoos and batteries, in just an hour.

In select New York areas, Amazon shoppers are reported to have received deliveries in a short span of one hour, between six in the morning till midnight. It offered two hour delivery services for free to those with lesser time restriction.

Delivery in an hour

Amazon is expected to expand its Prime Now one-hour delivery services in the current fiscal year, facilitated by bicycle messengers. The Prime Now service of Amazon has locked with Amazon Prime that has been offering shoppers with options for free shipping along with video and music streaming and unlimited photo storage facilities.

Google Express’ overnight delivery falls behind

On the other hand, Google Express that has been in the testing format for more than a year, is available at places such as San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles along with added services at Chicago, Washington and Boston; last October. The Google Express is a yearly subscription service that comes around for a cost of $95 a year for same-day of overnight deliveries. Google Express picks up products from as many as 40 retailers, including Target and Costco where as Amazon Prime ships items exclusively from Amazon.

It is reported that the top marketplace, Amazon, has also been in the process of testing brick and mortar stores since the last fiscal year, thus expanding its cross-channel e-commerce business towards 2015.

Online delivery as well as expedited shipping is getting in the latest demand lists of online retailers, a trend which retail giants are baiting to meet increasing needs and demands of the  consumers.

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