Annual US E-Retail Sale Crosses A Whopping $300 Billion Mark

Daniel Posted On - May 20, 2015

e commerce marketing
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To say that eCommerce has possessed the world for the better would not be wrong at all. And to say that in certain counties, the very existence of brick and mortar shops are being challenged by the many faces of e-Commerce marketing would be as good as bringing out a clearer picture of the current developments. The news is out; USA has crossed the $300 billion mark in its annual E-retail sale. This achievement is more than just herculean. The figure displays a distinct 15.4% rise from the 2013 figures which closed at $268.64 billion. The fact is, the trend of growth dwelling around 15% to 16% has been happening from the year 2010, before which the year of 2009 had only accounted a 2.6% rise carried forward from the year 2008.

The question is, what happened so differently that such steady growth pace was maintained over the last 5 years? For all the answers that may be found in statistics, no one can deny the fact that innovation has been the mother of this accomplishment. Basically, it is the attempt of the eCommerce marketplaces to get closer to the buyers and making them more comfortable with online purchasing than otherwise, that played a role in stirring the winds of change. This in fact, attracted maximum and undivided attention of potential customers to become repeat buyers.

This is the time of the year when just about everything from jewelry to grocery can be shipped to doorsteps and that too with assurance of quality and safety of transactions. So, the enthusiasm to walk down to brick and mortar shops to avail what needs to be availed no longer exists with buyers in general. At the same time, the attempts of giants like Amazon to get closer to their customers by introducing staff operated pickup and drop-off locations, working on promoting Lockers etc in the USA is expected to boost the dependence of buyers on e-commerce. 

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