Apple’s domination continues- at least in the U.S market

Steve Burns Posted On - January 8, 2014

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Apple has been on the forefront of the digital domination for quite some time now and continues to innovate their way through. There are some markets though where the reception for Apple devices have been more prominent than the others. The U.S for instance has proved to be a better market than many other countries where Apple devices have good penetration. The reasons for the aggressive penetration of Apple devices in the U.S market are quite straightforward to say the least.

Mobile Commerce in the US

Mobile commerce transaction has erupted in the U.S with a number of vertical coming into play. Statistically speaking almost 57% of the total Mcommerce activities in the U.S are attributed to the likes of Smartphone and tablets which runs on Apple’s iOS platform. The closest contender Google’s Android OS clock in a usage ration of 43% in the same web population. A more startling factor in this context is that only a mere 2% of mobile commerce transactions are conducted from Windows or Blackberry platforms. It is imperative to say that, Apple’s domination in the niche market is quite palpable from these statistics.

Popularity of the Apple Devices

Among U.S, the more technology-friendly states are more open to transactions using the iOS platforms. The upscale region of California and patches of the Northeast provinces are more impressive in online conversion and the number for Apple device usage is also favorable in these places. The middle sector though shows a bit different picture. Android fares better in these regions in comparison to its counterparts. A major reason for this phenomenon can be attributed to the fact that the population here is more aligned to value than brand recognition. A sharp contrast can be seen between New York and Iowa where the Android usage percentage is 32% and 65% respectively.

Take Your Conversion Rate Higher

Assumptions are ripe that conversion rate from Apple devices are much higher than Android counterparts and the statistics justify the claim. What Apple has been successful in doing is to condition their consumers to spend online by virtue of the Appstore and integrated iTunes. The other players like Windows and Blackberry are facing tough times in the U.S mainland and that has prompted them to buck up their promotional endeavors in the region. The recent spurt of updates in both the Windows and Blackberry camps are indication enough that the digital players are trying to capture chunks of Apple’s territory. It is important to notice that the dominating presence of Apple in the U.S is not the estimate of the overall picture worldwide.

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Apple’s domination continues- at least in the U.S market, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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