Are Walmart 3P Converts Still Missing Amazon?

Thomas Posted On - September 19, 2017

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With Walmart online marketplace opening its doors to 3P sellers, struggling entities especially in top ecommerce platforms like Amazon have been attempting to make a switch with hopes of a better future. In fact, a number of larger entities with sizeable selling background in Amazon have already commenced their Walmart endeavors with flying colors.

Here are some of the key reasons why the switch from Amazon to Walmart only seems justified…

  • It is an exclusive club. There is ample space to grow without facing troublesome competition which may be one of the key reasons why the debate of selling on Walmart Vs Amazon settles in favor of the former.
  • Integration is very easy and approachable with official integration partners
  • Traffic inflow is very convincing and rising by the days
  • It holds a very consistent No. 2 spot after Amazon in the USA
  • The scope of this marketplace in terms of world wide coverage is increasing.
  • Principles for selling are easy to understand and follow

However, for those that have abandoned Amazon altogether, here are a few good reasons why they may still miss the charm of this king of all ecommerce marketplaces…

Why sellers may still miss Amazon…

  • It is still the king of all e commerce marketplaces, be it in terms of traffic, product categories, easy profit opportunities and more.
  • Traffic generation in Walmart cannot match that of Amazon in years
  • Effective integration involving other top marketplaces and shopping carts like Shopify Rakuten etc along with tools and software solutions for easy selling are up and ready with all trusted third party ecommerce solution developers at affordable prices.
  • This platform is for everyone. If Walmart turns you down, you can always run to Amazon
  • Buyers in Amazon are usually lenient with product prices. Sellers therefore, don’t have to worry about marking their items at lowest prices. Making profits at the earliest is easy with Amazon than with Walmart.

Besides this, there are certain performance factors that are same in both platforms which eventually makes neither better than the other.

In all, it will not be wrong to believe that yes, sellers that have made a complete switch from Amazon to Walmart may miss the treats from time to time. Sellers that have put in efforts to maintain presence in both may consider themselves lucky. For those that have not been given an opportunity to perform in, it will be good to know that not much has been missed.

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