Are You An Ideal Amazon Seller? Here Are 5 Ways To Tell

Stephen Posted On - October 14, 2017

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As our wise ancestors have very clearly stated, perfection is something that is best left to the Almighty. As humans, all you can do is strive to become better than what you were yesterday. In the world of e commerce, these words of wisdom have been taken very seriously by Amazon sellers that are perpetually in the process of becoming ideal selling entities that others can look up to.

However, the terms and conditions, features and factors that make a seller ideal in Amazon are still elusive. Following though, are some of the principles that can help in reaching a state of model selling practices that can pay off massively in the long run…

Purchase interest of buyers precede your profit goals –

While it is true that the very reason of commencing business whether online or offline is strictly profits, ideal Amazon sellers are those that ensure putting the interest of buyers before their immediate profit goals. This contributes to inviting more traffic towards Amazon; an act that the marketplace rewards with high visibility and ranking.

You never copy your competitor’s listing or even get inspired with it for that matter –

In Amazon, there are many geniuses that make shameless attempts at copy pasting the listing details of high performance competitors. This is one of those offences that can help the former gain instant visibility. But when identified, the act can be rewarded with immediate loss of ranking. Ideal Amazon sellers always come up with their own listing.

You have never received a poor review or squabbled with annoying customers –

Poor reviews are common in Amazon and no sellers should be depressed on receiving them. On many occasions it has been seen that sellers often start a mini war of words with the buyers to justify the course of events in their favor. However, ideal sellers are those that address poor reviews with a professional and polite approach.

You have never tried tricks and hacks for quick visibility –

Tricks and hacks to instant visibility are available aplenty, but none of them qualify as organic means of survival in this marketplace. Ensuring end to end integration practices like Magento Amazon feed integration / inventory integration etc. nullifies the need for such malpractices.

You have never posted a fake review to boost your endeavors or to pull down the image of competing seller –

Yes. There are sellers that try such offensive acts to gain an edge in competition. However, ideal sellers are those that strive to generate positive reviews organically.

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