Are you aware of the 3 Google shopping campaign features to test?

Shrikar Khare Posted On - September 10, 2014

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Recently Shopping Campaigns are going to replace PLAs on Google. However this is considered to be positive for business owners as it is pointing towards a higher ROI, lower COS and increased conversions.

The new Google Shopping Campaign seems to be unique for the retailers to increase conversions on Google.
Here are the three important aspects:

  • Impression Share

Impression Share on Google’s Shopping Campaigns tells you how often you’re showing up for relevant search. It is a metric retailer on Shopping Campaigns which you can use to track products which convert well or which ideally you’d want to have high impression share.

You can also track Impression Share on an Ad Group level by going into each ad group for product level information by clicking customize columns,  finding competitive metrics and adding Impression Share, Benchmark CTR, and Benchmark CPC.

  • Bid Simulator

The Bid Simulator is a handy feature on Shopping Campaigns for managing product exposure. Retailers can increase bids to find the sweet spot between traffic and ROI. Ideally, retailers selling on Google AdWords should consult this tool before making bid changes. By navigating your product group bid you can access the Bid Simulator information.

If you click the square button with a graph next to your group bid you would be able to view the screen which highlights estimated traffic and impression at different bid levels

Although Bid Simulator is available on almost all categories and brands, but there are exceptions too. You should also keep it in mind that the more you go for bidding, the effect becomes less.

  • SKU Level Reporting

Item level ID reports or SKU reports highlight data at the SKU level for individual products. These reports are highly effective to pin point the top sellers or the poor performers in your campaign.  You can run SKU level reports on the Campaign or Ad Group level under the dimensions tab.

To generate a SKU Level report, you need to navigate to the dimension tab in your Shopping campaign. For this you will have to click on the view drop-down menu and select Shopping. Next you need to choose the Item ID. And finally You are required to download the report.

For the new comers to Google Shopping, it is advisable to be sure to delve into their backend and Analytics data to break out product groups. Veteran Google Shopping retailers obviously should continue to test products and analyze data for seasonality and demand.

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Are you aware of the 3 Google shopping campaign features to test?, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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