Are you still selling on eBay, Amazon the Rookie-Way?

Stephen Posted On - November 29, 2017

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The journey from being a beginner to pro online seller isn’t easy. And no amount of “hacks” can shorten this tedious distance. However, covering it isn’t impossible either. With the right set of actions and executions, you can fuel your speed and get to that higher level rather swiftly. The first step to fuel your speed is to get yourself away from that ‘rookie phase’ and inch closer to where pros abode—meaning, get rid of ways that rookie merchants follow.

Treat yourself as a pro, you’ll be a pro! (Remember ‘fake it until you make it’?)

Here are 3 signs that you’re still following the beginners’ tips and tricks—do away from them and take up practices of top and successful online sellers:

Limited with just an Amazon store

Successful sellers have multiple sources of income. They aren’t just limited with one storefront. In fact, they sell on multiple platforms. This easily increases their returns by significant margin. So if you’re still selling on just Amazon, you’re doing yourself a disfavor. Get on other marketplaces as well.
Tip: You’ll never be perfectly ready to sell on multiple platforms. Just take a step and things will fall in the right places.

Manually handling inventories across stores

When you have multiple storefronts, inventory management can be a complete pain, taking a large portion of your daily time. To that, even when you’re spending quite some time in this department, efficiency will always be amiss.

So instead of manually handling this end, you’re better off signing up to a third-party solution. Like, go for Amazon Shopify integration and handle multi-channel inventories on a centralized platform, quickly and conveniently. (Overselling will be a thing of the past!)

Not understanding the difference between expense and investment

The biggest mistake new online sellers make is in their budget. Limited in finance, they look for ways to cut back on their expenditure. And it is in this mix, they fail to realize the difference between expense and investment. They avoid investing in essential tools, resources and software like eBay Amazon listing, treating it as an expense. And at the end of the day, this makes all the difference.

If you’re one of them, understand the difference between these two. Put money where it is required, like e-commerce solution and Facebook advertisement programs.

These are three signs that you’re still rolling like a rookie. Change your approach and over the course you’ll become a pro online seller with higher sales and returns.

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