ASOS shows a positive growth record in fiscal 2014

Daniel Posted On - January 15, 2015

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Recently ASOS Plc, the renowned apparel retailer of U.K., as well as the 22nd position holder according to the Internet Retailer 2014 Europe 500, faced a challenging situation due to many reasons, though it had a good sales record in 2014.

Nick Robertson, the CEO of the company said, the factors played a prime role behind this were, a significant investment in the company’s warehousing, expanding business in China, the venture of strengthening the pound and top the fire at the Barnsley warehouse in the middle of the year. All these together negatively influenced the sales that resulted into decrease in the profit by 14%.

Robertson also mentioned that though they experienced a tough situation, the company always has a really strong customer engagement. Not only that, it also has a highest ever record in average order frequency, including conversion and average size of the basket. He also declared that the management is quite excited about their 8.8 million active customers, which indicates a notable increase by 25% when compared to last year’s facts and figures.

In the 2014 fiscal year, the company has a positive record in terms of E-Commerce sales as a whole, including U.K. online sales, international sales, average order and value added tax.

In the same year, the company also has a record of investing 15.1 million pounds in the field of technology. It initiated launching of Android and iOS mobile commerce apps in Australian and U.S. versions.

Furthermore, ASOS is now targeting to add localized apps in various other countries within a near future. The names surfacing on top happens to be France, Germany, Italy and Spain including Russia.

Not only that, in fiscal 2014 only, it has incorporated new checkout and order processing functions. This covers the continued process of re-plat forming the web sites, by which the company will be able to share the content and the product category pages across the globe. ASOS highlighted result of it which will obviously include a wider range of languages along with the devices too, with an expected greater response at international level. And most interestingly, within next two years company is also planning invest another 75 million pounds for further technological advancements and up-gradations.

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ASOS shows a positive growth record in fiscal 2014, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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