Barnes and Noble Rethinking the Tablet Strategy to Observe Higher Sales

Steve Burns Posted On - August 2, 2013

Barnes and Noble Rethinking the Tablet Strategy to Observe Higher Sales
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It is very crucial for the marketers of the different brands to know and feel the ebbs and flow of a respective niche. Customers have become more sophisticated and achieving higher sales is not about communicating to the prospective customers in meaningful details and descriptions about the products and a wide range of services. The e-sellers need to create value for the customers which can be done by retooling the present strategies.

The sales volume of the e-reader and tablets, Barnes and Noble observed a dip of 34% in the fiscal fourth quarter. It has made the renowned company to come up with a change in strategy and it is thinking of a business partnership. The Nook HD tablets will be offered to the loyalist as well as the new customers where the mobile devices will have the logo of Barnes & Noble logo as well as the name of the company who the esteemed company will be partnering with.

It’s not a Complete Deviation from the Present Business

The CEO of Barnes & Noble, William Lynch, has stated some important facts that can appease the loyalists. The top-notch company is making the best of plans not to completely deviate from the device business, but work towards building its ebook and digital content business with a trusted partner. Lynch is not ready to spell out the name of the company that Barnes & Noble is going to get tied up to. The Nook has been the highlighting factor that made this company a known name and the popularity of the Nooks has made other brands like Microsoft and Pearson to make huge investments. The rumor mills are churning out that Microsoft is all set to buy the Nook brand. It is not only in the planning stage, but the tongues are wagging that Microsoft has made an investment in the Nook business holding a share of 17.6%.

The Smart Business Move

Barnes and Noble is keeping a low profile about its news business step, but it has been successful in creating a buzz. It is definitely going to be a big affair. The cost of the nook HD tablet needs millions of investment and may be in order to have a higher financial backup – thoughts of partnership hit the top-notch Nooks company. Since Amazon invested its marketing strategy, money and effort on the Kindle, Barnes and Noble had to face the music, or tougher competition from Amazon, which made the sales number of Nooks to fall down. So the new strategic plan will hopefully help in upping the sales graph of the Nooks, as the company is also planning to open some more stores.

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