Best Buy Takes on ‘Showrooming’ Trend on its Stride

Steve Burns Posted On - December 11, 2013

Best Buy Aims to Combat ‘Showrooming’ by Matching Web Prices
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With the advent of technology and widespread internet usage the consumers of today have become more selective and careful. In such a scenario, sellers are trying out a host of strategies to attract the attention of buyers. Clever marketing tactics can help a great deal in this regard. Recently, Best Buy has been in the news for one such a reason. This consumer electronics retailer has launched an innovative campaign to take on ‘showrooming’. Read on to find out more about this.

What is showrooming?

Before getting into any further discussion, let us get a brief idea on ‘showrooming’. This term basically refers to the act of checking mobile devices in a store to obtain more information about a particular product. Many merchants fear that this can lead to loss of customers because if the buyer finds a better deal online then, he/she will purchase it from there.

A smart step by Best Buy

Best Buy has quashed showrooming fears to a great extent and has earned the trust of the shoppers. With the help of a clever holiday television ad campaign titled: “Your Ultimate Holiday Showroom”. It has called its stores “great showrooming floors” and is urging buyers to purchase from its physical shops and online platform.

Insights from a recent survey

Consumer analytics research firm Parks Associates has published a report titled “Mobile Commerce, Keys to Mass Adoption” and it is based on data from various consumer surveys with the household heads having access to the internet. It says that among users of smartphones who bought consumer electronics product in the year 2013, approximately half of them looked up the product and sales details while at the store using a mobile commerce app. Out of these 19% used an app from the retailer and 52% made use of the store’s Wi-Fi network to connect.

Consumers are using the mobile platform with more ease. They are using bar code scanning apps, mobile coupon apps and various other things to get information on products and compare prices. Quick checkout methods, convenience and easy payment options are encouraging more and more buyers to make their purchases directly with a smartphone.

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Best Buy Takes on ‘Showrooming’ Trend on its Stride, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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