Best Buy taking the Initiative to solve the Big Box Puzzle

Steve Burns Posted On - May 21, 2013

Best Buy taking the Initiative to solve the Big Box Puzzle
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The soaring popularity of the online stores where most of the shoppers prefer e-shopping, the traditional stores are feeling the heat. It is the retailers with the physical retail outlets who are adamant in establishing the supremacy of the physical stores. They are of the opinion that the traditional stores can go great guns, harness the attention of more customers, by implementing some of the best marketing strategies. The rise of e-commerce having an impact on the number of sales of the physical stores selling electronics is taken on a positive stride by the big shots like CEO of Best Buy, Hubert Joly.

The Shop-in-shops Plan

The brick-and-mortar stores of Best Buy are going for revamping as their CEO is trying to solve the puzzles of big box retail. In order to give a tougher competition to the online stores, have a voluminous client base, the physical retail outlets are walking that extra mile. The concept of shop-in-shops is what Best Buy is trying to cash in to reshape the landscape of traditional shopping. Best Buy is implementing the plan of rolling out Samsung shops, which have a higher resemblance with Apple stores dominated by minimalist design, with the high-end gadgets and laptops stacked in the shop in an eye-grabbing way.

The Quality Support offered to the Customers

The shops will enable the interested buyers to sell the Samsung phones, laptops, tablets, other high-end gadgets and accessories. The shops will offer a better buying experience to the customers by having Samsung consultants who will enable the customers to take informed buying decisions. The consultants will be working with Best Buy employees to ensure that the number of customers pouring in the traditional stores will leave the store as satisfied buyers. The consultants will also work as a team with Best Buy’s Geek Squad tech support so that the customers coming up with tech- related questions can be satiated to the core.

The Samsung stores are replacing the space occupied by physical media like CDs, DVDs, whose sales count have decreased significantly. Best buy is reallocating the space that it had allotted to physical media by banking on a plan of “floor-space optimization.” The profitable items will find a place in the store and it used to offer 20% space for the CDs and DVDs, which is soon going to change.

Creating the Brand Experience in Stores

Every new marketing strategy or business proposition that gets implemented by a giant retailer or a big shot in the operating industry, it is the customers who are the biggest judge. For offering that matchless brand experience to the prospective customers, this strategy works out big, irrespective of the tactic being condemned by many critics. The Best Buy stores that are in prime location will have these Samsung shops. The Apple-like shops will be the key in making the future of Best Buy a great one and one of the top providers of consumer electronics. The shops will be of various sizes and largest Samsung shop will be around 460 square feet.

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