BestBuy ranks at the Top in Solving Shopper’s Complaints in Social Media

Steve Burns Posted On - July 11, 2013

BestBuy ranks at the Top in Solving Shopper
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With the e-business owners integrating in their marketing campaign the need for SMM, the essence that can get you there at the top in social media, needs to be understood first. With the e-sellers feeling the need to amplify their social presence, it is the social media marketing experts who are deft in profile handling, which can let your brand to get noticed. The retailers are at loggerheads in terms of offering their customers the best feedback as they are abiding by the norm of social engagement. According to a recent survey, it is BestBuy that has emerged as the retailer treading successfully and solving the problems of the e-shoppers.

How BestBuy has been going great guns?

The report has come out after scrutinizing the customer service areas of BestBuy for the last six months. When it came to fixing issues within social media, it secured around 1.5 stars. When it came to clarifying the queries in public, it got around 1.5 stars. In terms of living up to the expectations of the shoppers and offering enhanced customer experience, it also scored high. The response time when calculated on a basis was slated to be within 7 days. BestBuy’s Twitter presence has been quite appreciable responding to at least 20% of tweets of the customers.

The Coveted Five Stars

Many sellers aim for five stars when their services are being reviewed in the vibrant world of social media. BestBuy got the appreciation and the applause of securing 5 stars. This has been in relation to the average response time of 14 minutes which has escalated the retail giant’s status. It has also responded to 42.1% of consumers’ enquiries, to be specific, on the social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. BestBuy has been successful in the sphere of social media because of its supportive arm, Twelpforce, which was launched in 2009. Twelpforce made it easier for the employees to take their level of service a notch higher via using Twitter. Getting back to the customers, responding to the consumer questions became easier.

The Smart Business Move

Best Buy is a name to reckon with among the top retailers who seem to come a long way when it is about taking care of the customer needs and offering them good and constant support. The multi-channel retailer expanded Twelpforce to Facebook in 2011. So when someone has taken a grip over the two most important social media channels like Facebook and Twitter for catering to the customer needs in terms of clarifying their doubts and queries, it got to be in the good books. The shoppers’ issues got clarified in quick time, enabling BestBuy to hold the numero uno position as a giant retailer proving to be the best problem solver for the customers.

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