Can Sears Fulfillment Really Challenge Fulfillment By Amazon? Here’s What Sellers Have Predicted

Daniel Posted On - April 12, 2016

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It was a little over a couple of years ago that Sears had rolled out the option of Fulfillment by Sears as a competition to FBA, which happens to the top favorite among e commerce sellers looking for high quality order fulfillment services. The plan is to offer enterprise level fulfillment and logistics solutions along with the basics that include picking, packing and shipping for the sellers that sign up for the services. Sears FBA also assures no minimum volume of inventory / business to qualify for this updated service which can be considered as a breather for smaller sellers in this platform. Generally, it all looks very good and gives sears sellers a reason to think ‘why bank on Sears FBA when FBS is a valid option.

Sellers however, have taken a closer look and formed their own verdict about this innovation which is more mixed that outright positive or negative. Focusing on the similarities, FBS seems be framed across the model of FBA in many ways. Aspects like storage fees, packing etc seem to be the same with mild differences here and there when the breakdowns are looked into meticulously. The breakdowns have also made the sellers aware of the fact that Sears does offer a certain degree of cost advantage compared to FBA. Say for example, the marketplace commission for certain categories of products, order handling, shipping, weight handling, pick and pack fees etc are also slightly lesser than FBA. Even though the cost comparison may come down to nothing more than a few cents here and there, but it certainly does offer a mild upper hand.

The differences of FBA and FBS usually lie in the trust factor of Sears as a platform which according to many sellers is not doing as good as it should. Customer reviews as far as receiving the wrong products or damaged products after being shipped through FBS had been flooding the review networks for a considerable period of time which has been raising serious doubts about the same. Many sellers have also gone on to say that they feel FBS to be more sketchy than believable which has been thwarting the attempt to make the shift. But, irrespective of all this, it is true that Sears fulfillment is affordable and has a lot of potential to get better with the passing days making it very easy to sell on sears for all. Also considering the fact that integrating with FBS can be easier than establishing FBA integration makes it worth a try.

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Can Sears Fulfillment Really Challenge Fulfillment By Amazon? Here’s What Sellers Have Predicted, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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