Can Social Commerce offers Value to the Online Retailers?

Steve Burns Posted On - April 29, 2013

Can Social Commerce offer Value to the Online Retailers
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The idea of social commerce is gaining grounds since the insurmountable potential of social media channels have been blatantly exposed. Businesses are trying their best to cling to these channels by adding the social components in their site and hence forming a viral loop. It is the Facebook business profiles, pages, lots of social presence in the different platforms which has kept the web merchants busy. The conjugation of e-commerce and social commerce is going to gain bigger proportions. The web merchants are hankering for the best conversion tips, but they will have to wait as the growth of social sales is taking place at a slower rate.

However, reading the behavioral pattern of the customers in a targeted niche, being receptive to their suggestions and feedback can help a business to improve its products and services. At the end of the day, it is voluminous sales that the e-sellers look for so that they can maximize profit. Social media is definitely one of the potent tools for customer retention and for expanding the successful list of clientele.

Demystifying the Concept of “Value” for the Online Retailers

For the online retailers, both brand awareness and the sales figures are valuable. The social media platforms are not prepared yet to facilitate sales and that is why the big shots like J.C.Penny , Gap and other top brands had to shut down their stores because they were not getting sales. Social commerce is definitely in vogue and one of the best trends that the online retailers are swearing by. Though there is greater deal of hype going on with the social media channels, the platforms are the best medium for spreading brand awareness. When a brand becomes popular, it in turn, creates a brand image, which in turn influences sales.

The Concept of Social Sales is yet to evolve completely

The e-sellers are pulsating in the social media platforms, making their presence felt so that it leads to their brand promotion. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and a number of social networking channels can definitely make brands to get a push ahead in terms of fructifying the marketing efforts, but the social sales is yet to become a big thing.

The Social Signals can be of Great Value to the Retailers

The e-sellers who are more concerned about the search engine ranking factor can give a sigh of relief if they are following the social media trends. Indeed they are walking on the right track as getting into the good books of search engine via social signals is becoming the norm. Though there is no way links are going to get less important, if the posts related to a business is earning more likes, comments, +1s, tweets, re-tweets and the like, it is the indispensible social value which it needs to hog.

The Matter of Intent

The main urge of a user to land up in an e-commerce is for buying, whereas when he hits the social media channels, it is for socializing- to put things in simple terms. So the e-commerce merchants should not force their brands to get noticed, but let people to talk about the products and services that have satiated them. It, in turn, helps in building the credibility of a brand. It is about empowering people with the power to promote a product when they like it genuinely.

Social Engagement ROI

If you are thinking of how your social media engagement helping your business or what ROI you are earning, then think twice about what you have set out to achieve. Social media helps you to build the intangible assets like reputation and goodwill, as things get spread like wildfire in the social media. So there is no parameter as such for measuring the returns on social engagement, if you are looking for increasing the sales graph and the like.

Multi-Channel Marketing Programs are in Vogue

Social media is definitely not a passing fad as it has the power to make a business build its reputation and consolidate its market position. Exposure is the keyword that the web merchants are trying to achieve and a reputable company like ChannelSale can give fruition to the multi-channel marketing programs of the e-sellers with their top-quality managed services.

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