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Retailers: How you can know you have hit a great business idea?

Daniel Posted On - August 5, 2014

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With the technological advancements our communication systems have reached a level more than our expectations. And it has resulted into a small world providing wider scope for every business owners. No doubt this has also given birth of more challenging market with sever competitions.

To sustain in this competitive world, all the entrepreneurs are scratching their heads and trying to evolve new business ideas which can easily hit the market and bring success faster. Innovating new business ideas is not a difficult task for many people but whether it will really click in the market and bring profit is not that easy to ascertain. Then what are the key factors that can identify a business concept to be superb which has every possibility to reach the target?

So retailers, how you can know you have hit a great business idea? Here are few common features which can promptly help you to understand if a business concept is good enough to be successful.

First it should be based on the basic concept of solving a problem. According to Wade Gilchrist, startup consultant and host at, there should be a demand in the market for a particular product or service for which you need to provide an effective solution. Shireen Shermak, CEO of venture capital and startup firm Launch Angels also echoed the same thing by saying one needs to solve an easily articulated problem that a large group would like to have solved. She also emphasized creating a solution when there is no problem, can never going to create a big business whatever amount of marketing is done for it.

The second point is, there should be an easily identifiable and measurable potential market for your business as Eka has specified. Greg Isenberg, a 25-year-old award-winning serial entrepreneur, founder of Wall Street Survivor and CEO of mobile video app, has added another market related analysis that the idea should be replicated to other markets also.

As per Shermak , the existence of competitors is also a positive sign that you are on the right track and your business concept could be of real worth. But what Gilchrist has said is extremely important if your business idea can withstand free competition it is going to bring you desired result.

In the modern era every thing is moving fast. So your business also needs to keep pace with the changing technological environment which can develop quickly and spread fast.

And last but not the least is, while you conceptualize a new business idea try to workout something which you really love to do. It is difficult to prosper in a business which is not close to your heart.

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Sears Leads iPhone Response Time Tests

Steve Burns Posted On - December 11, 2013

Giant international Shopping Site
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In the online world, Sears is a name to reckon with. With its plethora of categories seamlessly catering to the buying needs of the online shoppers whether it is electronics, tools, clothing and the like, the online shoppers have lesser complains. A study conducted by Compuware stated that Sears’ mobile site produced the fastest iPhone access time when compared to all service providers among the web retailers of repute. It has been reported that Sears produced an average iPhone mobile response time of 4.67 seconds.

Taking a Look at the Other Statistics secured the second position for iPhone testing with 5.04 seconds. Soon top pop up in the chart is with 5.63 seconds. Later to be added in the list is with 5.72), followed by taking 5.85.

The Top Service Carriers

The survey conducted by Compuware took into account three major service carriers AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. The average iPhone response time for 20 retailers was taken into account as once per hour carrier from Virginia and California, the two US-based platforms.

The mobile technology has invaded the retail scene where the e-shoppers are banking on the mobile devices, like the high-end iPhones, smartphones and the like to seal an online business deal. It is important for the web merchants to implement the best of strategies to enable their business take a step ahead. Sears is going great guns and it was bang on target even on August after July as the leader in iPhone response time.

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Rakuten LinkShare is going Great Guns

Steve Burns Posted On - May 21, 2013

Rakuten LinkShare is going Great Guns
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Rakuten LinkShare Corporation is a name to reckon with, offering its matchless online marketing service and expertise to the online retailers. Its CPA affiliate network, lead generation marketing campaigns, help in increasing its client base and drive new customers. Rakuten LinkShare’s first quarter results in 2013 stands impressive, spelling out in great details the continued growth of performance marketing industry.

The Expansion Plans

Enveloping the market and aiming for higher market penetration is one the cherished goals that Rakuten LinkShare is swearing to achieve. The affiliate network covers the US, Canada, the UK, Japan and Australia. In 2013, it is planning to take the great leap of faith and capture new markets.
The Success Story: At A Glance

  • A rise in the sales volume can be observed by 26 percent YOY, in same store sales in the US
  • The UK is not far behind and observed the steady double digit growth at 29 percent YOY
  • The dependency and reliance on this brand is increasing with the top names getting included in its list. More than hundred new brands got into a business relationship with LinkShare and the top names include Fab in the US, Florsheim in Canada, Tommy Hilfiger in Japan and the like
  • For Rakuten LinkShare, 2013 had a great beginning as it secured the top spot in performance marketing network for two years in a row. The honor was bestowed by a renowned media entity mThink

The Boosting Period of Performance Marketing Industry

For over fifteen years, the performance marketing industry has developed and emerged into a dynamic one, becoming a sales channel. The aces in the industry opine that the sales figure will reach $4.5 billion by 2016. Rakuten LinkShare has its success story eked out as the advertisers and publishers in the network, helped in pumping up its performance level.

Good news for the Google Affiliate Network Advertisers

Rakuten LinkShare has spelt out its big plans by offering Google Affiliate Network advertisers migration assessments. This is one of the best business moves as offering of the supportive arm to the advertisers without any charge is like winning over their confidence. Google had announced that it is shutting down its affiliate network and this has lead to mass client migration.

Dealing with the Voluminous Migrating Clients

The top advertisers are looking for reliable networks. Rakuten LinkShare with its first hand, hard core experience can deal with the migrations with ease. It will enable advertisers and publishers to relish the profits generated from higher sales. The way LinkShare has framed the migration program plan includes:

  • In-depth assessment analysis of an advertiser’s current program on Google Affiliate Network, so that his exact requirements can be figured out
  • Ways to build strategic partnership are discussed in the briefing and brainstorming sessions
  • By dissecting with a critical eye the existing trends, the best suggestions and recommendations for future prosperity can be offered

Rakuten LinkShare has been in the favored books of its clients for satiating the customers and delivering value to consumers. The well-planned and strategic approach that it applies in the account management services and the way it opens the door for the advertisers to indulge in networking opportunities, enable Rakuten LinkShare to be at the top.

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Top Performing Affiliate Networks in the US

Steve Burns Posted On - February 11, 2013

Top Performing Affiliate Networks in the US
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Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make your financial health robust. For turning visitors into sales, affiliate networks can offer substantial help. A publisher paves the way for optimum level of exposure of the wide variety of products of the merchants and they get commission when someone follows a click and engages in buying online.

Google Affiliate Network

This resourceful platform, Google Affiliate Network, facilitates the process for the website publishers to smoothly connect with quality advertisers and earn  performance fee for generating sales. It is the valuable insights about the best-converting products offered by the Google Affiliate Network, which aid in managing a site’s yield and revenue growth. The dynamic interface helps in consolidating relationship with the advertisers and the system of reporting and tracking is really commendable. One of the advantageous points is that Google Affiliate Network is integrated with Google AdSense.


In the 2012 Blue Book for Top 20 Affiliate Networks, LinkShare earned the numero uno position owing to its super support quality and offering of maximum platform strength. It is reported to have more than 2,500 affiliate programs backed with over 10 million affiliate partnerships.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction is the reputable ValueClick affiliate company that excels in offering performance based marketing solutions, online. It is a very popular platform that simplifies things for the affiliate marketers and the companies to work in conjunction for increasing their sales volume. Commission Junction Commission Junction also offers the summation of average earnings per affiliate link. This helps the marketers to choose the best links that will help in business promotion. This notable affiliate network lets you to search by product, link or advertiser.


It is one of the affiliate marketing networks in the US, which satiates both the affiliates and the merchants, successfully. Affiliates engage in the process of finding products for apt promotion, so that earning commission for referrals becomes easier. The e-commerce merchants can benefit a lot via effective management of their affiliate programs through tracking and implementation. Share-A-Sale scores because it offers top-quality tracking software and technical support.

Amazon Associates

The shooting high annual revenue chart of Amazon has established it as one of the giant online marketplace. Amazon’s affiliate program offer the marketers and the site owners a vast array of products that need apt promotion. Via affiliate links, income generated can be up to 15 percent based on the sales figures. The users are guided by direct links to the set of products, books, gadgets or any product of their choice.

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