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5 Productivity Tips for Part-Time Online Sellers

Daniel Posted On - October 16, 2017

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Even after years, online selling seems like an uncertain idea. No wonder many people start on this journey as a part-time seller. And we get it! Yes, it’s a booming market but how can one leave her/his full-time, high-paying job for something that provides no assurance even after hard work.

For online sellers with full-time job, the biggest challenge is time management—to keep their day-job but also invest well in stores that eventually yield decent returns at the beginning. Meaning, short in time with hectic schedule, they must be at their productive-best.

Are you a part-time seller?

Here are 5 productivity tips for the part-time online vendors:

Cut back on the number of selling points

Isn’t this quite a no-brainer that the more number of selling points you have the more time you’ll have to spend handling them? So cut back on the number of selling channels. Eliminate those that aren’t yielding decent return on investment.

Signup to multi-channel e-commerce solution

Now the handful number of online stores you have, time to integrate them together. For that you would need to sign up to a good third-party e-commerce solution that supports multi-channel integration. Find a nice solution provider, sync everything from Amazon eBay inventory to listings, and enjoy higher convenience and efficiency.

Automate your marketing activities

“Marketing includes a lot of manual work,” says a top Walmart marketplace seller. And he’s right. So to save time in this department, it is best you leverage marketing automation tools. Push emails and social media updates automatically, without running to your computer every time.

Leverage analytics to save ‘guessing’ time

You must regularly conduct A/B testing to find that sweet spot where investment-return balances off optimally. However, this doesn’t means, in name of testing, you make ineffective moves. Rely on analytics tool and rich data to make sure your strategies hit problems at the right spot.

Hire managed services

Have people working for you. Yes, hiring is much easier today—to that, it’s equally affordable. Many top e-commerce solutions offer managed services these days. So you can have professionals handling manual and time-consuming activities for you while you focus on more important tasks. You can save ridiculous amount of time here.

Balancing your day-job and online selling responsibilities is difficult. But if you know the art of time management and know how to be more productive in a given time, things would become much easier. And your sales will jump seamlessly.

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Understanding Supply Chain Management To Improve eBay Amazon Inventory Control

Stephen Posted On - June 24, 2016

Amazon eBay inventory management
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Inventory management process of an average e commerce seller often seems to begin and end with the movement of their stock through single or multiple warehouses. It has often been seen that any kind of poor performance in the part of the seller like delay in completing orders, order cancellation, over and under selling etc has been linked with the failure to keep in touch with the basics. However, taking a closer look, it can be seen that the issues may lie in the web of supply chain management which any and every seller is a part of.

Say for example, a certain retailer that houses a list of products gets his / her stock from some wholesaler or a few wholesalers. These wholesalers again get their stock from the respective brands that manufacture the products. Again, sellers who manufacture their own products get their raw materials from some other provider / providers. It can so happen that the delays may arise in order completion because of unavailability of products with the wholesalers or some other slip in their part.

So, as far as improving overall inventory management process is concerned, it is important for e commerce sellers to not just integrate with the immediate factors, but also the peripheral necessities. Most Amazon eBay inventory management softwares as of today are incomplete in this respect and the sellers may be required to fall back on other means of integration with their source providers. This can often get a little burdensome for those who may not have been planning and predicting their stock and sale from weeks before hand.

Basically, there are a few simple yet effective ways to maintain harmonious supply chain management in midsized to large business ventures and planning and predicting sale from weeks ahead is only the beginning of it all. Establishing end to end automation and tallying it perfectly with the listing (especially those that display the number of items left in stock) is more than just imperative. Many eBay Amazon listing softwares are equipped to integrate seamlessly with the inventory management system, keeping buyers updated about the sock limits without the sellers having to put manual efforts into the same.

Pre planning and unclogged communication (seller to wholesaler and seller to buyers) is required at all times. Serious sellers who aim to make their businesses blossom can also seek professional assistance on this critical matter.

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Fight 5 Calamities In Amazon And eBay With Proper Inventory Management Softwares

Steve Burns Posted On - June 8, 2016

eBay Amazon inventory management
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Amazon and eBay can often become a death trap for sellers who walk in unprepared. This goes out especially to those who are a little too confident about their manual or semi automated inventory management set up. There is no time to ease sellers into the fact that bad things often happen when eBay Amazon inventory management is treated as a side issue. On hundreds of occasions, the five deadly calamities had manifested one after the other till the time the concerned sellers thought it better to bid the platform a fond farewell…

Over & Under Selling:

This can be considered as the beginning of the end. If your inventory management system is not in place in Amazon or eBay, each of which is known for functioning in lightning fast speed, it is only a while before you get into the clutches of over selling / underselling and witness your performance decline almost helplessly.

Order Cancellations:

Buyers canceling orders from their end is more tolerable to eBay and Amazon than sellers doing the same. Overselling is one of the key causes of buyers having to cancel orders after they have been placed. Neither of these two top performing marketplaces holds back their red cards after identifying such issues.

Bad Reviews:

Sellers that compromise purchase experience in the part of buyers are often subjected to really nasty reviews from the latter. Unlike many other marketplaces that don’t affect seller ranking on the basis of reviews, eBay and Amazon can be very prompt in taking up the cause of the buyers. a handful of poor reviews down the line and sellers can expect a series of warnings from eBay and Amazon.

Product Loses Ranking:

Bad reviews and rating can also impact other buyers as they make their purchase. Say for example, if a certain product has been used by a certified buyer and the buyers says that the services of the seller has been abominable including late delivery, damaged goods and poor quality product. Later, when another buyer goes through the details of the same product and reads the review, he / she may not make their purchase. Eventually, when buyers stop putting the product in their cart, the product will lose its search ranking resulting in gradual loss of the concerned seller.

Eventual Suspension:

Clubbing mismanaged inventory, poor performance, bad reviews and loss of product ranking together, it is only a while that the sellers lose their footing in Amazon and eBay and get suspended. Using eBay and Amazon inventory management systems is the easiest way to fight these ills and remain in the good books of the platform forever.

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These Features Make eBay Listing More Power Packed

Stephen Posted On - May 31, 2016

eBay Listing
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Listing in eBay can be a source of pure unadulterated joy for the sellers and this can be owed to many reasons than one. being a very unique marketplace playing by its own terms, this platform invites unique set of buyers the interest of whom have to be catered to literally impeccably. Right from locating the products to making the transaction and having the order completed, eBay ensures that everything takes place with 100% buyer satisfaction. Listing is the first step to gaining maximum buyer attention and keeping them engaged to complete the order at the same time.

As far as the listing rules in eBay are concerned, sellers have been given massive scope to explain their products to the last description. This is the first and perhaps the most powerful feature that makes the listing instantly attractive. Explaining the condition of the products in very clear and comprehensive terms helps push sale. For example of a seller wishes to sell a bottle or high end perfume the seal of which has been broken but not used at all, the listing will allow explaining the condition of the product as ‘open but not used’. New with tag, New without tags, Vintage, Very Good Condition, etc are other ways to describe products in all categories.

Secondly, eBay still allows a limited number of free listing to sellers every month which can be a welcome means of saving money. Sellers that have very little to list can almost go without paying anything at all for listing with this advantage to their side. As far as store owners with large numbers of products to their lists are concerned, the option of accessing very high quality intelligent eBay listing services always exists. All thanks to top level e commerce solution developers as well as seller support solutions in eBay, the grief of manual excesses have been exterminated from the listing process.

Besides affordability and scope, the nature of presenting products in eBay always comes with ample exposure being granted to the sellers of the same as well. When buyers click on a product they like, seller information also appears very crisp and clear at its side. If you take into account the matter of comparing Amazon eBay inventory movement in the part of individual sellers, the eBay sellers get the upper hand simply because they enjoy greater direct exposure before the target buyers. The latter have the liberty to launch search for their chosen sellers in place of conducting search by the products they need.

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