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eBay Amazon Softwares – Best V/s Suitable

Pramod Posted On - June 6, 2017

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Why do you need softwares for eBay Amazon selling?

Amazon and eBay are the two unchallenged leaders in the world of e commerce. These marketplaces are widely recognized for their unstoppable pace that no seller has managed to tame till date. At present, there are thousands of selling entities registered with eBay and Amazon at a global scale with more getting added to the lost by the passing seasons.

With over two decades of existence, eBay and Amazon hosts the largest number of unique visitors and return buyers that no other platforms can compete with. Therefore, the volume and pace of order placements are usually overwhelming especially for sellers that are new to these marketplaces. Both of these platforms have mentioned high standards of seller performance as one of the primary criterion for prolonged success in terms of visibility and ranking in these platforms.

High performance standards usually refers to perfect competitive listing management, healthy inventory apparatus, perfection in order completion as well as review generation and management. As has been witnessed with many firsthand experiences, addressing all this and more manually is not just impractical but impossible with respect to the current state of affairs. Using eBay Amazon softwares is thus, mandatory to automate everything from basic operational processes to secondary processes like performance tracking, reporting, review generation and management etc.

Debate over the ‘best’ and the ‘most suitable’ softwares

At present, e commerce solution developers have introduced a very wide range of software solutions each of which contain certain sets of features that are applicable for different ventures depending mostly upon their nature and volume. Some of these softwares are dedicated to improving overall functions or adding features, while others are dedicated to streamlining integrated uni / omni / multichannel performance like Amazon Americommerce Rakuten eBay syncing etc.

Softwares that have been introduced as certified ‘best’ often contain some of the best features that are unique, evolved and strictly updated. They are usually dedicated to adding a host of features to respective operative systems to help sellers stay one step ahead of the marketplace.

On the flipside though, the best softwares may not often be suitable for all sellers. In fact, on infinite occasions, sellers that had chosen their support solution based on the ‘best’ ended up paying for evolved features that were not applicable or relevant to their set up at all. In simple words, all suitable softwares may not be certified best and the best of solutions may not often be suitable for your business.

The verdict… when it comes to choosing eBay Amazon softwares, it is wise to take a close look on the features, the prices, the performance record as well as the reputation of the providers. This will help you land with softwares that will aid in growth than claim your investments for nothing.

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Amazon eBay Inventory Management Best Approach For Budget Crunched Sellers

Daniel Posted On - March 30, 2016

Amazon eBay inventory
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If a certain seller has a serious budget crunch when he / she is standing on the verge of starting his / her e commerce venture especially in eBay and Amazon, it can be expected that there will be only a few products to list and a smaller inventory to take care of. While this may be good enough to level out certain major expenses, some effort is always required when it comes to keeping your head above the tide of competition in top performing marketplaces.

Flying solo without the aid and assistance of Amazon eBay inventory management tools and softwares even in cases of small inventories can be devastating in many ways than one. If not for errors, absence of these support systems can cause severe drawbacks as far as growth of the concerned sellers are concerned. Real time inventory updates is critical for all, even those who believe that they can achieve this otherwise herculean process manually.

The route to follow to achieve perfect inventory management in eBay and Amazon and that too without landing a destabilizing blow to the already crunched budget is usually simple but calls for some prior homework and research. To begin with, those who may be thinking that FBA would be a one stroke solution, it is always worthwhile to rethink this otherwise advantageous alternative twice before signing up for the services.

This is mainly because, the costs for FBA differs according to the products that the seller warehouses which also casts a direct impact on the profit margins of the latter. Tiny inventory and massive costs does not usually form a good combination. For those who may have calculated their scope of gains through FBA can go ahead with this form of Amazon eBay inventory control. At all times it is necessary to seek expert advice on the matter.

Secondly, irrespective of how big or small a sellers’ inventory is, using high quality software systems always goes a long way for the betterment of the venture. At present, there are a number of third party e commerce solution developers who have designed inventory management systems for Amazon and eBay that are available at very affordable prices. They also offer flawless real time updates on inventory movement through single / multiple warehouses in both e commerce marketplaces keeping the sellers infallibly updated with accelerated changes in the same. Sellers with little to spare can actually reach heights with these options.

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How Good Is FBA For Your Amazon eBay Inventory

Robin Smith Posted On - March 28, 2016

Amazon Inventory management
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Fulfillment by Amazon is perhaps one of the biggest blessings that have been granted to e commerce sellers at large. The fact that this process allows sellers to bask in the glory of enhanced ease in inventory storage, order completions and delivery has loaded infinite otherwise clueless sellers with heightened confidence that they never thought they could ever possess. Sellers with very large inventories to manage and with little intentions of handling the hassles of packing, shipping etc can also benefit largely from FBA. Besides this, subscribing to FBA also means that Amazon will take whole and sole responsibility of handling issues like returns etc if it is necessary.

Empowered as FBA enthusiasts may already be feeling, this is not where the treat ends. It has been observed over a period of time that using FBA has helped sellers gain exposure before Amazon prime buyers which is a strictly profit making and growth propelling improvement. At the same time, FBA is also considered one of those silent ingredients to score more over competitors in Amazon Buy Box even if the concerned product does not display the cheapest prices! This is mainly because the often irresistible overnight delivery happens to be one of the most delectable FBA treats that sellers can extend to their buyers for which the latter is usually willing to pay more.

Furthermore, the fact that FBA is applicable to sellers in eBay and many other marketplaces as well comes as the icing on the cake.

If this has convinced FBA enthusiasts to jump in and subscribe to this dream solution right away, it may be worthwhile to sit back and think a little before making the decision. FBA has a flip side to it too which starts with sellers being exposed to the risk of losing track of their inventory. For those who have very large inventories lined up for FBA, using some form of high quality Amazon eBay inventory management system are always advised without which the sellers may remain blind to the movements taking place in their products stored in the Amazon warehouses. Besides this, the sellers may also come face to face with issues surrounding stale inventories that can cause more losses than gains.

At the same time, slow moving / heavy items with lower margins will only cause losses in favor of the sellers subscribing to FBA. Keeping in view the good side and the flip side of this facility, sellers are usually advised to review their business needs before opting for the latter.

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How eBay Inventory Management Can Be Useful for You?

Stephen Posted On - March 20, 2016

eBay inventory management
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When you are operating a business, every minute of your time counts and can yield profit or loss for you. This is truer when you are making use of a multi-channel retail in order to sell your items. In case you are conducting business with the aid of e-commerce platforms such as eBay or Amazon. Whether you are seeking the help of others in your business or are running your ecommerce enterprise all alone, you need an Amazon eBay inventory management app to handle everything for you. Find out all about its benefits for you.

No wastage of time

There are lots of laborious tasks involved in operating an ecommerce business, especially when you are using ecommerce platforms like Amazon or eBay. Unless everything is managed in a proper manner, your business time can be wasted unnecessarily. You will simply end up wasting a lot of time in fixing anything that goes wrong. With management tools, you can utilize the time in marketing your business more aggressively.

Easy and quick sale of items

When you have an appropriate eBay Inventory in place, there is no fear of letting items gather dust in your stock for long enough. The inventory will be adjusted automatically on any channel, and you do not have to do anything manually. You will be able to save much time and money, and there will not be any requirement for you to take care of everything on your own and add to your stress and duties.

No overselling of items

A proper inventory will ensure that you will not end up overselling items from your end. You will have a proper count of all the products that you have. It will assist you in avoiding embarrassment and disappointment resulting from when you get a negative feedback or due to the cancellation of an order. Proper management of inventory will be able to make your business stronger and ensure no mistakes from your end.

Fast updates and changes

Having a suitable Inventory Management application in place can make you more confident and enhance your business. Stuff that has to be manually taken care of can be automated, which would help you prevent problems of lost sales and any errors in selling products. Any changes in the product description can be reflected on eBay, Amazon and other major platforms at the same time and save you a lot of headaches.

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How Amazon Integration Services Help Sellers?

Daniel Posted On - March 9, 2016

Amazon Integration Services
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One of the largest online marketplaces, Amazon has thousands of shoppers who are ready to purchase products from it. It is a reliable name in the online shopping business and is recognized as a trustable brand. Naturally, millions of ecommerce owners like to integrate the Amazon store platform in their store and increase their product sales and consequently their revenues. Find out how Amazon integration service providing companies can help you as a seller.

Proper syncing

With proper integration, the products in your store can easily be synced with the right product categories on Amazon. Any buyer looking for similar items can easily get products from your ecommerce store displayed in the search results. This will allow you to enhance your sales and get higher visibility. With big companies, you can easily get your product sales enhanced and e assured of greater profits.

Parent-child relationship with Amazon

With superior providers, you can establish a parent-child relationship between and your own store. Your product listing is automated at all times, and there is no need to manually handle the process. Your product information and pricing is marked up for Amazon and the sale of any type of item can easily be handled regardless of the size, shape, color and type. Whether you are selling one item or a bundle of products, their sales can easily be handled.

Creation of native orders

For each order that is generated on, native orders can easily be generated on your ecommerce store. You can easily get updates regarding your items and know which of those are selling less or selling higher than expectations.

Better management

You can manage Amazon ebay inventory better with the help of special plugins and extensions which allow enhanced sales and ease of management. There is the chance to get account tracking services on a 24/7 basis, and multi-channel promotional strategies can actually help you to enhance your store product visibility not only on Amazon but various other stores and platforms as well.

Adjustment of price

Integration service providers also adjust the pricing of your store products on Amazon as and when needed, according to the budget of consumers. The pricing from your rival stores are also checked and the pricing is adjusted in an according way. All this is done immediately and you do not need to handle anything manually. A lot of time is saved on your end and you can easily concentrate on other things.

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How can you manage your eBay Inventory?

Daniel Posted On - January 29, 2016

eBay Inventory
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Irrespective of the products that you want to put on sale on eBay, you have to keep your inventory properly managed and isolated from your home items. At any time you set up a home business, it can be quite possible for you to get your personal products mixed up with your business products. This is truer if you live in a small space. Even if you are an eBay seller with some amount of experience, you can end up losing some products you have listed on the website. This can spell doom for your enterprise and you can end up with negative feedback. You can try managing your inventory in the following ways.

Use Inventory software

One can get numerous kinds of inventory software apps for use. If you are using an accounting software system such as Quickbooks for handling your eBay inventory, you need to know how you should use their inventory. It is a good idea to get an inventory buying software which can analyze the type of inventory you have and inform whether your stock is filled or whether you have to reorder. In case you have an inventory app in modules, you should only buy the modules that you require. It is essential to consider your necessities and then acting in an according manner.

Hire an inventory management agency

There are lots of eBay Amazon Inventory Management service providing agencies and you have to choose a good one. Other than assistance with organizing eBay inventory, you can also get help with automated product listing, real-time inventory management and shipping and order tracking management services. Whether you have one or more ecommerce stores, and would like to have your items synced with suitable product categories from eBay, these agencies can help you.

Do not spend a lot on inventory

You will end up wasting a lot of cash if you spend a lot of inventory. Check whether you can return obsolete or old products. If you cannot find the same, find out a way by which you can sell them quickly. You may also check with other retailers like yourself and find out whether they are ready to get some of your inventory.

As the owner of an enterprise dealing with shopping stores like eBay and Amazon, you need to know how you should control your inventory without breaking your bank. The tips mentioned above will assist you in managing your inventory in a smart way.

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How Can You Set Up an Amazon Affiliate Store?

Steve Burns Posted On - January 28, 2016

Amazon Affiliate Store
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A reputed online store, Amazon aStore is used by Amazon affiliates in order to market their own products. The aStore is incorporated by affiliates into a blog or website. It can also be utilized as an individual site. The store may consist of an item that can be sold on Amazon. For every sale that affiliates make via their own store, they receive a payment. You may seek assistance from any of the eBay FBA service providers that help with Amazon integration and other processes. But if you want to do everything on your own, find out how you can set up an a Store.

Be an affiliate first

Visit at first. Join the Amazon Associates Program by following all the instructions given therein. This will allow you to register yourself as an affiliate. You will be sent a verification email from You have to open the email in your inbox and click on the verification link in order to complete the registration and become a verified Amazon Associate.

Log into your account

Once you have signed into the affiliate account, go to the menu toolbar located at the upper part of the page and choose the option “aStore”. Choose the items that you wish to sell in your own store. You may use keywords to conduct searches and get recommendations or include particular items. Choose as many products as you wish.

Categorize your products

Separate your store products into different categories. By the use of categories, you can provide buyers with greater confidence in finding the items that they wish to find. There can be categories like “Organic” and “frocks” in an aStore that sells eco-friendly clothing for babies. An aStore which sells gardening tools can include categories such as “spade” and “pest remover”. If you choose any of the Shopify Amazon integration service providers, this can easily be facilitated.

Dress your store up

Once you are done with the basics, choose a theme and customize it. Choose the color of the text as well as background of your page. Determine the font that you should use. You can also optionally give your aStore a name as well as upload a logo image in the header section.

Complete the process

Once you are satisfied with your aStore, click on “Finish and get link”. Make use of the link in order to embed your aStore into your website or blog.

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