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How Amazon Fee Calculators Can Save Your Life

Steve Burns Posted On - July 31, 2016

Amazon Fulfillment services
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What’s so good about FBA anyway?

There is no doubt about the fact that FBA is one of the coolest order fulfillment methods that any e commerce sellers can access. Here, all that the sellers need to do is to send their inventory to Amazon fulfillment centers and track movements of the same with the assistance quality software solutions. The integral processes of packing, shipping, sending order and tracking updates to buyers is wholly and solely the responsibility of this top performing marketplace. Free shipping and 24 hours delivery is always a possibility with FBA which contributes to making the listing of the concerned sellers gain top position in search rankings. Improving visibility, buyer trust and eventual increase in sale comes naturally with FBA.

The Flipside Fee

Besides all things glorious, there is yet another side of FBA that every subscriber should be aware about from the very onset. This factor can be wrapped up in a single word that is, ‘fee’. Fulfillment by Amazon is not a free service. In fact, as has been expressed by many sellers who approached FBA unprepared, the cost for supporting this service can often destabilize any small and midsized ventures if they fall back on it blindly. Considering the fact that fees charged for every different item is different depending upon the product category, weight and warehouse space charges, it is very easy for sellers to end up victims of gross miscalculations and causing a steep rise in their overall Amazon selling fees.

FBA Calculators

While this may sound a little discouraging at first, the solution to this issue is rather simple. Using sophisticated tools like Amazon FBA calculators can offer an accurate insight into the profits sellers can expect to make per product after using FBA for order completion. Here, all that the sellers need to do is install the tool / software, feed in the necessary details as required in the mandatory fields and click on the calculation button. The tool will take into consideration every detail that Amazon takes into account while calculating its FBA fees and display the exact profit / loss figures to the sellers. Running these softwares before jumping into FBA for order completion can help sellers stay on the profitable side of things.

Sellers can also gain an insight into changing their prices per listing in order to sell through FBA yet make profits by a huge margin.

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