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eBay Amazon Softwares – Best V/s Suitable

Pramod Posted On - June 6, 2017

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Why do you need softwares for eBay Amazon selling?

Amazon and eBay are the two unchallenged leaders in the world of e commerce. These marketplaces are widely recognized for their unstoppable pace that no seller has managed to tame till date. At present, there are thousands of selling entities registered with eBay and Amazon at a global scale with more getting added to the lost by the passing seasons.

With over two decades of existence, eBay and Amazon hosts the largest number of unique visitors and return buyers that no other platforms can compete with. Therefore, the volume and pace of order placements are usually overwhelming especially for sellers that are new to these marketplaces. Both of these platforms have mentioned high standards of seller performance as one of the primary criterion for prolonged success in terms of visibility and ranking in these platforms.

High performance standards usually refers to perfect competitive listing management, healthy inventory apparatus, perfection in order completion as well as review generation and management. As has been witnessed with many firsthand experiences, addressing all this and more manually is not just impractical but impossible with respect to the current state of affairs. Using eBay Amazon softwares is thus, mandatory to automate everything from basic operational processes to secondary processes like performance tracking, reporting, review generation and management etc.

Debate over the ‘best’ and the ‘most suitable’ softwares

At present, e commerce solution developers have introduced a very wide range of software solutions each of which contain certain sets of features that are applicable for different ventures depending mostly upon their nature and volume. Some of these softwares are dedicated to improving overall functions or adding features, while others are dedicated to streamlining integrated uni / omni / multichannel performance like Amazon Americommerce Rakuten eBay syncing etc.

Softwares that have been introduced as certified ‘best’ often contain some of the best features that are unique, evolved and strictly updated. They are usually dedicated to adding a host of features to respective operative systems to help sellers stay one step ahead of the marketplace.

On the flipside though, the best softwares may not often be suitable for all sellers. In fact, on infinite occasions, sellers that had chosen their support solution based on the ‘best’ ended up paying for evolved features that were not applicable or relevant to their set up at all. In simple words, all suitable softwares may not be certified best and the best of solutions may not often be suitable for your business.

The verdict… when it comes to choosing eBay Amazon softwares, it is wise to take a close look on the features, the prices, the performance record as well as the reputation of the providers. This will help you land with softwares that will aid in growth than claim your investments for nothing.

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4 Amazon Seller Tools That Can Be Your Lifeline In Jet Speed Selling

Robin Smith Posted On - July 11, 2016

Amazon Seller
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It is always advisable to not toolify your e commerce ventures to the teeth especially if it involves multiple platforms of sale or top performing marketplaces like Amazon that appears to have a mind of its own. Simplicity and compactness has always been the mantra for better operational management. However, there are certain Amazon seller tools that are a must have for all entities irrespective of any reason that may be deemed as suitable arguments to not pursue them in the first place. So here is the list that needs all the attention that it can possibly get…

Profit / fees calculators If you don’t have one of these, your endeavor is assured to die young. Profit / fees calculating tools are very simple applications that allow you to enter the necessary details of your products including list price and SKU (if required) and the tool handles the rest by calculating how much profit you will make after paying marketplace fees, fulfillment services etc.

Fraud prevention tools Why should you let Mr. X take a bite out of your cake? Fraud prevention solutions are very important Amazon seller softwares tools that detect fraud transactions and stop it at the very onset. Although it is true that Amazon does not experience as many fraud attacks as eBay does, but you can still save hundreds to thousands of dollars by using these solutions.

Pricing tools These solutions are critically important and you should always pray that your competitors choose the worst of the lot! Pricing tools help you in keeping in tune with updated prices of competitors without having to move a finger in the process. This directly contributes in helping you stay ahead in competition and win significantly from it at the same time.

Optimization tools Yes… you need one of those not just to beautify your product titles but also to make them woo the search engines more profitably. It is practically impossible to perform in Amazon without optimization tools which have to be run while listing products in this platform. Optimization tools can help locate the best set of keywords for your products without overloading the titles or you having to spend hours and hours in the process.

While looking for the right set of tools for Amazon e commerce ventures, it is quite possible that sellers get tempted towards free Amazon seller tools. However, it is good to know that a little investment for the same and that too from third party solution providers are assured to go a long way in offering extended advantages in the near and far future.

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Lowest Price ≠ Buy Box – Few Eye Openers For Ambitious Amazon Sellers

Robin Smith Posted On - April 11, 2016

Amazon seller central software
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Introducing Buy Box has been a game changer for infinite sellers in Amazon. The matter of featuring at the top rung of similar listings placed by fellow competitors is the most cherished gift of the buy box and this happens to be profitable in many ways than one. An immediate increase in traffic and conversions is only a part of the entire scene. It can be said in very simple words that Amazon Buy Box can make any Amazon seller many times more prominent than their competitors selling the same or similar products. The question that surrounds the enthusiasts though is how to qualify for the buy box and maintain the position there forever.

Till date, there was a popular belief that it is the lowest price of the products that brings sellers to this coveted window of opportunities. This though, is nothing more than a myth. Seller experience over a prolonged period of time in Amazon has made it amply obvious that striking off price tags to scratch profit levels is foolish and never a strategy to win the Buy Box eligibility. Ambitious sellers who may have been saying to themselves that it is alright to sacrifice gains for the sake of visibility are in fact making a very damaging mistake. Basically, taking a closer look, it can be seen that Buy Box eligibility is determined more through performance than price.

Amazon has explained it in clear and comprehensive terms that sellers who offer the best purchase experience to buyers will always be favored. If you as a seller have been existent in this marketplace for a considerable period of time and have been conducting business by the rules with very high quality reviews posted regularly in your favor, you can be rest assured that Buy Box will come your way in the near or far future.

The race for this window starts from the day you establish your presence in Amazon. From listing your products attractively while being accurate at the same time to paying special attention to Amazon inventory management which happens to be the backbone of your operational stability, everything matters in creating a smooth and trustworthy cocoon that is assured to invite customers and bring them back over and over again. Taking care of order defect rates and keeping track of performance metrics matters to the very last word. Lastly, it is competitive believable pricing and not lowest pricing that adds icing to the cake.

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How eBay Inventory Management Can Be Useful for You?

Stephen Posted On - March 20, 2016

eBay inventory management
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When you are operating a business, every minute of your time counts and can yield profit or loss for you. This is truer when you are making use of a multi-channel retail in order to sell your items. In case you are conducting business with the aid of e-commerce platforms such as eBay or Amazon. Whether you are seeking the help of others in your business or are running your ecommerce enterprise all alone, you need an Amazon eBay inventory management app to handle everything for you. Find out all about its benefits for you.

No wastage of time

There are lots of laborious tasks involved in operating an ecommerce business, especially when you are using ecommerce platforms like Amazon or eBay. Unless everything is managed in a proper manner, your business time can be wasted unnecessarily. You will simply end up wasting a lot of time in fixing anything that goes wrong. With management tools, you can utilize the time in marketing your business more aggressively.

Easy and quick sale of items

When you have an appropriate eBay Inventory in place, there is no fear of letting items gather dust in your stock for long enough. The inventory will be adjusted automatically on any channel, and you do not have to do anything manually. You will be able to save much time and money, and there will not be any requirement for you to take care of everything on your own and add to your stress and duties.

No overselling of items

A proper inventory will ensure that you will not end up overselling items from your end. You will have a proper count of all the products that you have. It will assist you in avoiding embarrassment and disappointment resulting from when you get a negative feedback or due to the cancellation of an order. Proper management of inventory will be able to make your business stronger and ensure no mistakes from your end.

Fast updates and changes

Having a suitable Inventory Management application in place can make you more confident and enhance your business. Stuff that has to be manually taken care of can be automated, which would help you prevent problems of lost sales and any errors in selling products. Any changes in the product description can be reflected on eBay, Amazon and other major platforms at the same time and save you a lot of headaches.

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Why New Sellers Get Lured By Unsuitable Amazon Seller Softwares

Robin Smith Posted On - March 1, 2016

Amazon seller softwares
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The decision of selling in Amazon may be very rewarding of course, but no one can assure that the process will be smooth sailing. Being the established leader among all eCommerce marketplaces, this platform seems to have mind of its own which keeps evolving for the better. As the process of evolving nature of Amazon continues uninterrupted, sellers are expected to catch up with the improvements almost instantly and work in tune with it. Be it with respect to listing or inventory control or with respect to order completion and managing performance metrics, things need to be quick and tidy at all times.

Using Amazon seller softwares is one of the easiest ways to stay in track while performing in Amazon. These softwares are dedicated to condense and streamline the entirety of the selling process in this otherwise trying platform making things as easy as a one click affair. Staying at a safe distance from errors and bottle necks is possible with the help of these technological support systems. Gaining an edge in competition and focusing on healthy growth of businesses is possible with the assistance of the same. In very simple words, Amazon sellers may feel handicapped without these systems.

Of all lovers of these solutions thus, it is the newbies who feel the need to start with the best. However, being restricted as far as budget is concerned and being relatively inexperienced about choosing the most suitable options, many fresh Amazon enthusiasts tend to get lured into choosing options that they are better off avoiding. While seeking assistance through Amazon seller central exposes the new sellers to developing a better approach, certain inherent defects in choosing the right softwares compromises the very cause of using the same in the first place.

Falling into the trap of ‘low costs and all inclusive features’ are the first and the most common mistake that infinite newbies tend to make. The truth is this seldom happens. Higher and more sophisticated the features more will the price of the softwares, and there is no easier way of expressing this fact. In order to establish suitability, Amazon seller softwares must be chosen by the new sellers according to the immediate assistance they require like, inventory support, listing support etc.

As the business grows, new sellers can include more features into their support systems through tools, plug-ins and many more for a wholesome approach to smooth and profitable selling.

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