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Seller Central Facts All New Amazon Sellers Must Know

Thomas Posted On - April 13, 2017

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There are infinite advantages of the seller central in Amazon that makes it a top favorite among an ever booming ecosystem of third party sellers performing in this marketplace. However, one should also not deny that this support system is not complete in itself and possess a number of drawbacks that can pose as obstacles in the path of growth and development of sellers, particularly the newer and smaller entities.

Thorough enlightenment though, has always been the first step towards approaching the super structure of Amazon seller central more responsibly and profitably. Learning about this support solution prevents new sellers from facing rude surprises on countering these shortcomings. Here is a list of facts that experienced sellers in this marketplace insist that all newer entities must know for a healthy and constructive selling future with the seller central…

  • All third party independent sellers need to start their endeavors by registering with the seller central following a set of easy steps that can be approached and completed very easily. After registering, sellers can start their operations almost immediately.
  • On commencing operations through Amazon seller central, sellers will be exposed to basic fee setup of 15% referral fee on selling price of products along with FBA charges if applicable.
  • Sellers can expect to be paid two weeks after the sale is made.
  • With the seller central, sellers can exercise greater control on product listing, pricing and other such matters. On the flip side though, the product pages and advertising options are very basic in nature. Therefore, competing with vendor central entities wile being a seller central subscriber can get a little too tough.
  • Seller central subscribers need to engage in crisp customer service because Amazon will not handle the same as in Vendor central. This can create a certain degree of hassle for new sellers considering the fact that most in this group lack quality customer service setup owing to inexperience or costs.

Taking a close look at these facts, many sellers may feel that it could be much easier to sell Walmart on eBay than balancing the pros and cons the seller central. The simplest and the most effective solution to making the most of this inventive seller support platform of Amazon is to carry out end to end integration to bridge the shortcomings successfully. Approaching authentic e commerce solution developers for the purpose can be productive and affordable at the same time.

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