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4 Shopping Feed Uncertainties That Can Compromise Your Ranking

Stephen Posted On - June 22, 2017

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Thousands of sellers in the world of e commerce performing in hundreds of online marketplaces rely on their shopping feed to attract the attention of millions of online shoppers across the world. The e selling fraternity at this very moment is doing everything within their reach to make their product feeds more and more impactful with unwavering focus on the minutest details.

The truth is, even the best of preparations cannot save sellers from a range of uncertainties that can turn tables any time of the day. Here are 4 such uncertainties that sellers should be aware of in order to approach feed management with better enlightenment…

Your feed is great till your competitors’ become better – You may be armed to the teeth in terms of titles, descriptions, images or pricing that has been doing you favors in the search engine all this while. But, your position lasts only till your competitor buffs his / her feed to outshine your performance.

Feed for visibility drive is as good as search engine metric revamp – Quality of product feed is the first factor that determines visibility which is the reason why all sellers are ever busy tailoring them to the specifications of the concerned marketplace or comparison shopping platform. However, it only takes one shift in search engine algorithms to render the feed irrelevant.

Integrations involving top platforms like Bigcommerce Google Shopping feed syncing etc. can however, help in minimizing damages to significant extents.

Optimization is never constant – Firstly, the process of optimization of feed takes time to show and can range anywhere from a few weeks to months. If this were not all, sellers should also embrace the fact that optimization never guarantees visibility, traffic enhancement or even conversions for that matter. The quality of optimization also plays a role in the generation of expected outcomes.

Sticking by the rules is only the first step to visibility – Almost all serious sellers can swear by the fact that abiding by the rules is very important when it comes to feed management especially in top performing marketplaces and comparison shopping sites. Nevertheless, sticking to the rules will only help in ‘not getting warned or suspended’ from the respective platforms.

Tools can only help in streamlining operations like Magento Walmart / Amazon / eBay feed import, export etc, along with pricing re pricing assistance and more. None of these assistive solutions though, come with any guarantee. Basically, you will have to learn to use these solutions better so as to stay ahead in the race.

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