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Top Comparison Shopping Sites That Sellers Must Get Into Before Christmas

Stephen Posted On - August 10, 2016

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Anytime is a good time to start preparing for catching the best of buyers in the festive season. With the onset of the 8th month of the Roman calendar, sellers should by now, be prepared with their comparison shopping engine strategies to make their products best visible. Sellers, especially the new ones who are yet to get into the comparison engine roller coaster, here is a list of options that can be considered for a healthy start…

Google Shopping:

Merchants may crib about costs and the life changing rollouts that are introduced time and again, but the truth remains… no other comparison engine can beat this top unchallenged master that gathers more than 20,500,000 unique visitors per month! Ranked as the best among all other comparison shopping engines, Google Shopping can literally help you dominate search results. All you need to do to stay in the safer side of this platform is to…

  • Gain thorough understanding about how the platform works
  • Export select and thoroughly optimized listing to the platform
  • Set a ceiling on how much you wish to spend in CPC per month
  • Use professional assistance for set up and integration
  • The rest will fall in place with unexpected ease.


    This may not be among the best comparison shopping engines, but it certainly is good! With 6,500,000 unique visitors per month and growing, you would want your products to be featured in this platform for an ever curious set of buyers. This again, is a paid platform but you have ample avenues to make your penny count.


    Nextag is yet another platform that bears the possibility of exposing your products before 8,000,000 unique visitors per month. While it is true that this platform requires you to set minimum bids on all categories while planning on a monthly budget, you can make up the expenditure with a healthy click to conversion ratio. You can also make the most of the fact that the listing rules in Nextag is not half as stringent as many other e commerce marketplaces or other shopping comparison engines, helping you list a wider variety of product under a wider variety of categories.

    Besides these, you can also consider other names that are currently very popular among sellers like, Bing Shopping, Price Grabber, Bizrate, Fat Wallet,,, Slick Deals, Pronto and many more. You must however, emphasize on strategizing from the very first day onwards to ensure minimum drainage of investments while attracting maximum conversions.

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    Make Your Amazon Feed More Discoverable With These Tips

    Thomas Posted On - June 29, 2016

    comparison shopping
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    Product discoverability in Amazon has always been a challenge. Competition in this top marketplace is always at the highest and just about every seller is engaged in putting their best foot forward using the same set of tools, softwares and strategies. So, with everyone doing their level best, the chance of being discovered by Amazon search engines still remains a ‘chance’ and no more. However, on the brighter side of things, there are a few good ways to get over this situation and make a real difference to gain a functional edge over competition, and mostly, this has got everything to do with improving listing practices.

    As of now, improvement in Amazon listing begins and ends with feed optimization. This does not refer to the regular approach but a sort of, customized approach to make the feed uniquely compatible with the search engines as well as the buyers who launch their search for the same. Using the right set of keywords in the title of the products is more than just mandatory. However, to stuff the titles with 50 odd keywords that make no sense when read by buyers can compromise the interest of Amazon and can have the seller removed from the platform. Short titles with bang-on keywords is necessary. If this can be achieved by using softwares, sellers should not hesitate to approach the same. Seeking professionals for customized assistance can also help tremendously.

    Secondly, it is necessary to power pack the descriptions with information that buyers will best benefit from. It is alright to get descriptive and even narrative if you have something valuable to add to the resource. Using nonsensical expressions and exclamations compromises the professional outlook of the listing. This may reflect poorly on the genuineness of the listing thereby compromising on the intent of buyers to complete their transaction.

    Basically, you can think of the type of feed inputs in comparison shopping management of top sites and frame your listing in Amazon in its lines. This will keep you in track with what buyers want, which will eventually give you the push required to boost your visibility in this mega marketplace. But at any point of time, it is necessary to remember that you will have to stick to the listing rules as stated by Amazon.

    Last but never the least; you need to manage your reviews well. Inviting reviews for successful buyer engagements while responding comprehensively to negative reviews can improve believability of listings which can be a blessing for improving discoverability.

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    Rating: +1 (from 1 vote) Is Going To Set A Trend by launching enhanced shopping mobile app

    Daniel Posted On - November 27, 2014

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    Mobile users are increasing in number day by day. Smartphones are selling like hot cakes these days. Young generations are depending more on their handsets that PC, laptop or any other device. Naturally this has a direct impact on online marketing also.

    All the website owners, manufacturers and sellers at every level are trying their level best to utilize mobile sites and smartphone technologies as their biggest tools to capture new markets and hit the target audiences. also is no way lagging behind in this trend. Recently to compliment their regular marketing activities they have launched a new app which will upgrade the mobile shopping experience to another level. This new app is available on Google Play and iTunes as well. And the consumers will be able to download them for free.

    This will allow the users to get all the product related information speedily and efficiently just by pressing their fingers on their smartphone screens. No doubt it saves time and money both which is really important in this fast paced modern life style of today.

    Steve Ashley, VP of Mobile and Social Media for SHOP.COM said, this time the new app is developed with a special focus in mind that is will provide speed, simplicity, performance and functionality all at a time in true sense.

    Kevin Curley, the director of mobile development for SHOP.COM further explained the company’s main objective in offering a memorable shopping experience to its valued customers. He said they wanted to provide an efficient shopping application which will be easily accessible at the same time really supportive in searching products, adding products to their carts and also in checking out. This has become possible now with the launch of this new mobile app which is expected to boost the sales to a large extent.

    No doubt this new venture deserves a big hand. More over, the company also claimed they have already got huge response from the users as it is saving money and time both at one go. It has already proved itself in comparison shopping and easily accessing to product reviews and various other product related information.

    This new mobile app of is also enabling its consumers to avail the website’s Cashback program where they can enjoy 50% Cashback on their purchases.

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    New Cloudera Platform Will Lead Shopzilla To Have Better Retail Insights

    Shrikar Khare Posted On - November 25, 2014

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    Recently Shopzilla Inc has taken a new venture to enhance its technological support towards its customers. They have tied up with Cloudera an eminent name in analytic data management which will aid the existing enterprise data warehouse or EDW in short form.

    Shopzilla is known for its notable contribution in connecting buyers and sellers through their site. So it was always dealing with a huge number of data containing various details about the consumers and the manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers. By implementing this system now the company will be definitely in a better position to tackle the inputs in a more systematic and efficient way.

     This Cloudera enterprise data hub empowers the company to process this databank more innovatively and deliver new facts and figures on millions of page views including 10 billion ad requests on a daily basis. It is also allowing Shopzilla to gain an incredible speed in analyzing these voluminous data. Previously which took a couple of days now the same work will be done within a few minutes to maximum few hours at the most, depending on the type of work to be completed!

    Apart from this, in recent period Shopzilla has taken few more steps towards upgrading its services. Combining its three marketing-centric business units under one umbrella christened as Connexity is an important example of this new strategy. The reason behind uniting the operational activities of these three centers has a main focus that speaks about combining consumer insights and media buying within the same programmatic platform. No doubt it provides extraordinary support for the marketers to understand various marketing aspects including offering details about their customers, pin-pointing valuable audiences, and many more.

    Shopzilla is growing in its sphere of activities on a regular basis and its importance in international market also is rising on a galloping speed which is indicating its dealing with a continuously increasing data. While dealing with this heavily increased data, the company is always facing a challenge to keep up with the efficiency level and its standard of work.

    That is why, Paramjit Singh, the director of data management for Shopzilla said with great hope and confidence that the new Cloudera platform will provide them the required ability and environment to maintain their legacy of processing huge data in an enormous speed delivering perfect analytical reports n time.

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    Google Shopping Campaign tips for increasing Q4 sales

    Daniel Posted On - November 18, 2014

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    Google is the most popular platform for ‘buying and selling’ process. Every online retailer is aiming to make a considerable amount of profit through Google Shopping website. And naturally there is a hug competition too. If you want to get a desirable result and earn handsomely you need to keep up with the up gradations and innovations in the marketing techniques and strategies also.

    Recently Google offered few updated Google Shopping tools that will help you in this regard. Henceforth, by using these methods the advertisers will be able to use the tools more conveniently and effectively also. It will allow them to create a shopping campaign from their regular PLA campaign. Here the advertisers can take help of their existing campaign structure and bids which they are currently using.

     So you must plan your shopping campaign with all seriousness while you replace your regular product campaign ads. A well thought smooth transition will definitely give you an extra mileage. And ideally that should be the priority for every advertiser like you.

     Here are 3 important points that will be extremely effective for Google Shopping Campaign for increased Q4 sales:

     1.  In the new version previous AdWords Labels columns are replaced by Custom Labels. An advertiser needs to keep a close watch about constant up gradation of these Labels while you also decide upon the available 4 to 5 options. Optimizing Product Title including Description for meeting the SEO requirements and UX on major retail channels is also extremely important. And while making this innovations and alterations special focus is to be given for Google.

     2.  A good campaign structure is the main driving force behind every successful campaign. This structure should be built on the basis of the products offered, online store, and market. Using the Google Shopping Campaigns Custom label to initiate product groups is a good idea. This way it is possible to ensure the items falling under a particular category which will bring increased revenue during a peak season.

     3. Be more attentive on optimizing Google Holiday Competitive Metrics which will help you to find out your competitor’s plus points and minus points. Once you become aware about this you can easily plan your business strategy to capture the market by highlighting your selling points in proper light. Additionally you can effectively use Google’s Bid Simulator which you can utilize in ascertaining various feedback regarding the ad clicks, costs, impressions and conversions etc. for different max bids. There is also a scope for implementing Impression Share tool to analyze various impressions which has significant value.

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    Are you aware of the 3 Google shopping campaign features to test?

    Shrikar Khare Posted On - September 10, 2014

    Comparison shopping engine
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    Recently Shopping Campaigns are going to replace PLAs on Google. However this is considered to be positive for business owners as it is pointing towards a higher ROI, lower COS and increased conversions.

    The new Google Shopping Campaign seems to be unique for the retailers to increase conversions on Google.
    Here are the three important aspects:

    • Impression Share

    Impression Share on Google’s Shopping Campaigns tells you how often you’re showing up for relevant search. It is a metric retailer on Shopping Campaigns which you can use to track products which convert well or which ideally you’d want to have high impression share.

    You can also track Impression Share on an Ad Group level by going into each ad group for product level information by clicking customize columns,  finding competitive metrics and adding Impression Share, Benchmark CTR, and Benchmark CPC.

    • Bid Simulator

    The Bid Simulator is a handy feature on Shopping Campaigns for managing product exposure. Retailers can increase bids to find the sweet spot between traffic and ROI. Ideally, retailers selling on Google AdWords should consult this tool before making bid changes. By navigating your product group bid you can access the Bid Simulator information.

    If you click the square button with a graph next to your group bid you would be able to view the screen which highlights estimated traffic and impression at different bid levels

    Although Bid Simulator is available on almost all categories and brands, but there are exceptions too. You should also keep it in mind that the more you go for bidding, the effect becomes less.

    • SKU Level Reporting

    Item level ID reports or SKU reports highlight data at the SKU level for individual products. These reports are highly effective to pin point the top sellers or the poor performers in your campaign.  You can run SKU level reports on the Campaign or Ad Group level under the dimensions tab.

    To generate a SKU Level report, you need to navigate to the dimension tab in your Shopping campaign. For this you will have to click on the view drop-down menu and select Shopping. Next you need to choose the Item ID. And finally You are required to download the report.

    For the new comers to Google Shopping, it is advisable to be sure to delve into their backend and Analytics data to break out product groups. Veteran Google Shopping retailers obviously should continue to test products and analyze data for seasonality and demand.

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    New ray of hope as Shopzilla acquires Connexity

    Shrikar Khare Posted On - September 9, 2014

    Top Comparison Shopping Engine
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    Shopzilla and Connexity have been collaborating for the past year. Shopzilla expects to fully integrate Connexity’s platform into the Aisle A division in the coming few months. The entire Connexity team, including its co-founder and CEO, Dave Gross, will be joining the Aisle A team.

    Going forward, Aisle A will be distinctly placed to provide marketers with a unique media approach helping to identify, reach, and convert high value consumers through an audience-centric programmatic solution. The Aisle A audiences, referred to as “Aisles,” will be available exclusively through the platform and the team will be rolling out a new range of audience-related products in the coming months, including the ability to reach multiple devices in the household with bridged multi-screen targeting; a special technology designed by them.

    Top Comparison Shopping Engine

    Ventura-based Connexity, an online advertising company that tracks Internet behavior to deliver targeted ads, is now a part of Shopzilla as it has acquired it or to be more precise is on the verge of acquiring it. The financial terms of the acquisition, which was completed earlier this year, were not disclosed. All eight of Connexity’s employees, including co-founders Dave Gross and Dean Banks, will stay on with Los Angeles-based Shopzilla, an online comparison shopping site owned by Symphony Technology Group. Connexity employees, who have been working from the Ventura Ventures Technology Center since late 2010, will not be leaving anytime soon. Connexity has been working with Shopzilla since last year, combining its core resources with Shopzilla’s own shopping intent data. Symphony Technology Group bought Shopzilla in 2011 from Scripps Networks Interactive, which was taken over from E.W. Scripps, parent company of The Star. Connexity was venture-backed, with $3 million in seed money from Rincon Venture Partners, Siemer Ventures and Persistence Partners.

    According to Executive Director Joseph Briglio, Connexity is the first company to have a successful exit via acquisition from the Ventura technology center. The center operates from space behind City Hall on the third floor at 505 Poli St. Its goal is to create high-wage, high-tech jobs in Ventura. Startups pay a monthly rate of a few hundred dollars per employee for cubicle space in an open area called the “bullpen.” For a slightly higher monthly rate, entrepreneurs may lease a suite. Conference rooms with Wi-Fi, televisions and white boards also are available.

    Shopzilla, Inc. is a leading source for connecting buyers and sellers online. It reaches a global audience of over 40 million shoppers each month through both its destination websites and affiliate network. Shopzilla connects shoppers with over 100 million products from thousands of retailers a month. Shopzilla, Inc. manages a premier portfolio of online shopping brands in the US and Europe, consisting of Bizrate, Beso, Shopzilla, Retrevo, TaDa, PrixMoinsCher, and SparDeinGeld. In addition to it they also run series of B2B businesses including Bizrate Insights, Shopzilla Publisher Program, and a display and audience targeting division, Aisle A. Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, the company operates sites and business services in the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany. Symphony Technology Group (STG) owns Shopzilla, Inc.

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    CSEs like Shopzilla, Price Runner are warming up for World Cup 2014

    Daniel Posted On - June 16, 2014

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    The recent market analysis indicates the leading brands like Nike and Adidas are also planning their marketing campaigns much before hand to focus the June World Cup tournament. It is throwing light on their expectation of hitting a grand sales target all over Europe driven by World Cup fever.

    Coca-Cola and Pepsi are also no way lagging behind. Both of them have launched their global campaigns to reestablish their ties to football in due course of time. One world one game, a digital film launched by FIFA sponsor Coke is claimed to be the largest marketing program in the history of the company.

    So it is as clear as day light that the brands are ready to take part in the battles for sales to this year’s World Cup. While discussing why the retailers and CSEs like Shopzilla, Price Runner should gear up for World Cup 2014, Guy Tweedale, senior vice president sales, EMEA at outsourced customer care specialist Sitel, has shared the following top 10 predictions:

    • As there is a forecast that the number of mobile internet users will grow by 35% in 2014 the world cup will certainly put mobile at center stage. As mobile provides unlimited scope for brands to promote their products and services directly into people’s hands, brands will be implementing smarter customer contact strategies to engage their customers. This obviously encompasses every effort regarding arranging competitions, promotions or interactive games.

    • The World Cup will provide a huge marketing opportunity for brands offering technologies. They will try to utilize the opportunities and challenges presented by technology and smart-appliances.

    • Social video will automatically boost TV spend and demand TV budgets with more focus on social and digital campaigns as they interact with today’s mobile consumers. I t is anticipated there will be a record mobile viewership influencing sales of tablets and smartphones as 64 games are packed into 32 days.

    • Brands will start questioning the value of a ‘view’. This will provide more opportunities for the marketers to make a great impact. Facebook and YouTube are playing the leading role in this regard followed by other sites. And many brands these days are successfully engaging consumers in their own environments by using the web.

    • Brands will focus on increasing their online presence. The UK Summer Olympics in June 2012 boosted 1.47 billion people to conduct 173 billion searches equating to 117 searches for each person.

    • Retailers using shopping comparison sites like Shopzilla, Kelkoo and Price Runner will concentrate more on bidding for products that are expected to be popular.

    • The increased sales for all types of FMCG and FMCD goods during world cup will no doubt revitalize the economy. On-line shopping will automatically rise and those with omni-channel strategies will encourage sales as well as loyalty too. A considerable hike in Web-chat and sales chat is likely to be on the card, there will be more people purchasing and sharing their last minute shopping experience.

    • Every retailer will highlight prompt delivery in promotions and on websites also to promote call to action for consumers. This may include order by a certain date to ensure timely delivery during the World Cup.

    • Retailers will be planning to offer more effective customer services regarding providing technical support for products like TVs, PCs, laptop, tablets, and broadband.

    • A recent study conducted by Yume has revealed an interesting speculation that there will be about 16% intended to call in sick to work during the World cup. This number may even increase as people will plan to watch the important matches.

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    Get to know all about wine and its prices at Wine-Searcher

    Daniel Posted On - May 1, 2014

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    A recent study reveals wine is still considered to be a luxury product in many countries of the world. A new French research states that in international scale, on an average it takes about 7 hours and 15 minutes to work and earn the money required to pay for a bottle of wine. There are various types and categories of wines with a wide range of prices. In fact some wines offer better value than others. The Wine searcher database conveys price lists of 43,936 wine merchants across the world.

    Wine prices

    The price of wine fluctuates just like gold, oil, sugar and coffee. Change of wine prices also has impact on social and economic issues but it is comparatively slow, therefore predicting changes in wine value is quite more apparent than for other investment commodities. The factors which regulate wine prices are discussed below:


    Wines become exclusive and expensive and vintages with favorable harvest conditions or astronomical events. Sometimes wines from a particular year increase in value if the influential wine critics declare a ‘vintage of the century. Actually, the fame and reputation of a given vintage influence the price of its wines more than the actual quality. Therefore psychosocial factors dominate the wine’s Market value a lot

    Financial condition

    Like any other commodity the overall economic conditions of a country, or the world influences the price of wine up to a considerable extent.

    ŸAge and value

    It is a common idea that wine increases its value as it ages. “Old wine is expensive wine” is a most common factor making a wine to be more precious as well as valuable.

    About the search results

    To find out the price quotes in wine searcher database it is required to order search results in ascending order by price. As it is arranged from cheapest to most expensive, automatically this prioritizes halves before bottles, which are before cases.

    Tax Information

    The wine searcher displays prices as they receive them. Most of the prices are showcased with the taxes. But in some cases prices are listed without tax. For example, for our USA merchants, prices listed on Wine-Searcher exclude sales tax. But the tax status of each list is mentioned in the ‘description’ information. Sometimes average prices and price ranges are also displayed but they do not include the taxes.

    Exchange Rates and Excise Tax

    Wine-Searcher uses inter-bank rates to convert currencies and updates them on daily basis. But Wine-Searcher does not adjust for Excise taxes.

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    Wayfair’s growth spurs talk of a possible IPO

    Shrikar Khare Posted On - March 24, 2014

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    There is a high chance that Wayfair LLC, the house wares and home furnishings web merchant may decide to go public with a record of E-Commerce sales that grew by about 50% in the year 2013. Webfair has achieved a faster growth rate in web sales than Williams Sonoma, the leader in home furnishings category.

    Some Wall Street bankers have highlighted their anticipation that Wayfair, being the No. 52 in the 2013 Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide, perhaps will announce their strategy to go public within next 18 months or latest by the first quarter of 2015. One Wall Street investment banker who covers online retailing commented that he is being able to assess Wayfair timing an initial public offering for 2015 which can also be as soon as next March.

    What Niraj Shah said

    However Niraj Shah, the CEO of Wayfair has said the organization has no such definite timeline. He also added that Wayfair might consider a public offering “when it makes the most sense.” He further explained by saying, Wayfair would use any proceeds from any initial public stock whoever offers to make more acquisitions and continue to build up more consumer awareness of the Wayfair brand worldwide and also would be ready to pay off private investors. Shah also said Wayfair for the first time topped $900 million as its sales grew by about 50% in 2013 but did not reveal final numbers for a few weeks.

    Michael Fleisher joined as the CFO

    In last October Wayfair, has hired Michael Fleisher as their chief financial officer. He has a background of dealing with big company finance and public company accounting. He worked as vice chairman, strategy and operations, for Warner Music Group. And while working as the CEO with consultancy Gartner Inc he led its IPO. This particular incident has also influenced the Wall Street Banker to make an assessment about a possible IPO. This investment banker put a stress on this issue and remarked that hiring a CFO with experience in dealing Wall Street is a big indicator of Wayfair’s plans to go public.

    A challenge for Williams-Sonoma

    An analysis of data from Internet Retailer’s reveals, irrespective of  Wayfair’s decision to go public or chalking out strategies to grow in other ways, it will definitely going to be a challenge for Williams-Sonoma Inc., the top ranked merchant in the Top 500 house wares and home furnishings category. Williams-Sonoma, is holding the No. 22 position in the 2013 Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide, for the last three years and also is recognized for controlling  about 30% of web sales in the category.

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    PriceGrabber appoints a new President

    Daniel Posted On - February 20, 2014

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    Price Grabber, the Comparison shopping has had appointed Jeff Goldstein as their president, in the month of April which they have announced very recently.  It is claimed that Jeff Goldstein was already advising them for the last 10 months. Presently Goldstein has shouldered responsibilities in respect to formulating plans in developing new social, local and mobile products for He will also take care of enhancement of the targeted display advertising packages for the advertisers on behalf of PriceGrabber.

    Jeff Goldstein has declared that since last year, PriceGrabber has all through aimed to enhance their value to their partners by expanding the product catalog to over 100 million offers which has also multiplied the value of their consumer traffic referred to the merchants to a large extent. In June, e-retail sales from comparison Shopping sites grew 10% year-over-year.  Currently, at Price Grabber, shoppers can find and compare over 80 million products and services across 27 categories with more than 11,000 merchants and sellers, as per the company statistics.

    Goldstein’s LinkedIn profile reflects, previously he was a managing partner at investment and advisory firm BGT Capital from 2010 to April 2013. He acted as an adviser with CPL Holdings LLC, Price Grabber’s parent company since the last 10 months. Before that, Goldstein held the position of chief financial officer and chief digital officer for magazine publisher Modern Luxury Media from 2008 to 2010. He also worked in investment banking and corporate law at several firms, including Experian Interactive/LowerMyBills, IAC, Lehman Brothers and Gibson Dunn & Crutcher according to PriceGrabber. LowerMyBills, and ClassesUSA, are sister companies to PriceGrabber. All the three sites spun out of Experian PLC in a management-led buyout in the year 2013.

    Steve Krenzer, CEO of CPL Holdings and a close acquaintance of Jeff Goldstein for about an decade has praised Jeff as a proven leader and applauded him for his remarkable knowledge, expertise and contribution in the growth of digital media and ecommerce businesses. He also did not forget to mention about his valued experience of working closely with Jeff.

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    Nextag Launches a New CSE called Price Machine

    Steve Burns Posted On - March 21, 2013

    Nextag Launches a New CSE called Price Machine
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    If you swear by online shopping, then you are definitely in the habit of comparing prices before putting in your money. Nextag secures one of the top slots in the minds of the buyers when they think of engaging in a comparative study of the products prices that they want to buy. Now Nextag has a lot more to offer to the price discriminating shoppers with its new comparison search engine, Price Machine.

    The Marketplace is Buzzing with News

    The online marketplaces with the presence of the giant retailers has made the comparison search engines to be immensely popular. There is a lot going on since Google Product Search changed to Google Shopping in the fourth quarter of 2012, where the e-sellers need to shell out money and go for paid listing. With the soaring popularity of the mobile devices and the phenomenon of mobile shopping gaining ground, the ‘showrooming’ trend is also in vogue. The online shoppers are smart buyers and in the face of the dull economic situation, a seasoned customer will definitely think twice before using their spending power. The hunt to find the attractive offers and the lucrative deals makes them to weigh the prices offered by the different retailers before making the best buy.

    New Nextag’s CSE in the Marketplace

    In the first quarter of 2013, the owners of Nextag made the tongues wagging by spelling out a great news. Nextag has belted out a new CSE, known as Price Machine. Wize Commerce, the owner of Nextag has considered “lowest price” to be the edgy factor of this new Comparison Search Engine. Wize Commerce stated that they do not like the idea of bestowing the tag of ‘lowest price’ to Price Machine. However, it is the purchasing behavior of the customers to compare prices and the current trends that dominate the psychological behavior of the interested customers, which made them to roll out this new shopping engine.

    The Urge to Buy is governed by Price and Quality

    When talking about the launching of Nextag’s new CSE, Wize Commerce highlighted some glaring truths that can be perceived while feeling the pulse of online shopping. The real picture that the arena of e-shopping holds up is that the key factor which has a major role in making a buyer to take the purchasing decision, is the ‘price’ of a product. Though definitely quality of a product that an e- shopper is interested to buy matters, it is the price which acts the compelling force for him in taking the prompt buying action. With online shopping becoming popular, the inclination among the buyers to make a thorough research and compare the prices has soared overwhelmingly. Since online shopping makes the bevy of customers to save by enjoying the hot deals, exciting offers and more, they are always in the lookout to grab the best offers.

    So Price Machine is here for those seasoned buyers who love to tread cautiously while buying online. They want to ensure that their hard-earned money is not going down the drains. Price Machine by offering the best of information on prices of products that the e-commerce merchants offer will be the CSE that all the potential buyers will flock to for checking out the pricing structures and offers.

    Steady Traffic from Local and Mobile Devices

    Wize Commerce has made the marketplace to roll with the news of Nextag’s new CSE. They are banking on the trend of the mobile devices, smartphones taking center stage in the e-buying process. It is local and mobile traffic to Price Machine which can be the biggest draw for the online merchants to derive the required business juice from this CSE. The online sellers who are in need of optimum level of exposure can definitely resort to the multi-channel marketing programs that ChannelSale offers to let the businesses of the e-commerce merchants to scale heights.

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    Top Performing Comparison Shopping Engines in the US

    Steve Burns Posted On - February 6, 2013

    Top Performing Comparison Shopping Engines in the US
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    The e-commerce merchants want their array of products and services to earn the optimum level of exposure. The retailers want to find the best shopping engines to optimize their site, to achieve their ROI goals and for expanding their business. The top comparison search engines act as the best platform where the interested buyers can look for products, check out the alluring deals and engage in price comparison before using their spending power. The merchants tailor their online advertising and promotional budget in tune with the paid and non-paid services that the CSEs offer.

    Google Shopping 

    When the search engine giant Google thought of charging the retailers, Google Product Search got transformed to Google Shopping in the fourth quarter of 2012. Way back in May 2012, Google had pronounced this business proposition. Business merchants could avail the immaculate paid listing service and show themselves up to create an online buzz only after paying. Google being the top player in this sphere made the other comparison shopping sites to put on their thinking cap whether to revise their marketing strategies or not. Google Product Search has always been the coveted CSE that generated quality traffic and higher amount of conversion rate. It facilitated the merchants to manually update the feeds and they could upload in bulk via FTP.  In 2012, Google Product Search has the highest conversion rate, it being 2.78%.


    Nextag has carved out its own niche in the online domain by helping the buyers to book event tickets, travel destinations and have an easy access to the wide range of products cataloged under specific categories. It enables the buyers to use their purchasing power wisely. It is the innovative CPC pricing model of Nextag which help the e-commerce merchants to optimize their products in the respective comparison pages. Placed next to Google Shopping is Nextag in terms of having the conversion rate, it being 2.06%.


    This search engine providing the price comparison service has satiated both the buyers and the business merchants alike. It was acquired by Experian in 2005 for a whopping $485 million. The snail’s pace at which global economy is recovering is making the purchasers to fasten their financial belt. Pricegrabber helps in checking out the hot, money-saving deals on computers, electronics, clothing, furniture, indoor living and the like. The e-commerce merchants vouch for Pricegrabber to let their products hog the limelight.

    Amazon Product Ads

    The e-commerce business merchants can cash in the potentiality of Amazon Product Ads as they get the scope to link customers to their business website externally. This shopping engine is soaring in popularity and Amazon is making data feed management more easier for the business merchants. In your Amazon Product Ads account, you just need to add your email. This makes way for receiving notifications about product feeds and payment alerts as text messages via the merchant dashboard. In order to make a product marketing campaign successful, the retailers must act wisely and choose the right comparison shopping engines.

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    Product Data Feeds in Comparison Shopping Engines Demystified

    Steve Burns Posted On - August 15, 2012

    Product Data Feeds in Comparison Shopping Engines Demystified
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    Visibility is the first step to sale

    In comparison shopping engines, as well as in normal shop shelves, to be visible is the minimum requirement for sale. What is seen can be bought, but what is unseen will seldom be sold.

    The Problem of Product Feed Customization

    The rules for gaining visibility in shop shelves are relatively simple, but things start getting complicated when we try to gain visibility in the digital world. Comparison shopping engines ( CSE’s) help shoppers to discover and buy the lowest priced product from the merchant making the best offer. A good comparison shopping engine will save the shopper both time and money as he does not have to scour the websites of different merchants to get the best deal. Comparison shopping engines deliver their results by analyzing data feeds that merchants provide them. The main issue that merchants face is that there is currently no standard format of data feeds, and each shopping engine has their own proprietary feed format. Not only do CSE’s have different formats, they also frequently change their specifications, periodically. While most of the time, these changes are backward compatible, it is not always the case. So, if the errors are left unattended, the product feeds will soon get demoted, or even removed. The result, loss of visibility and consequent lost sales opportunities!

    Tentative Solutions

    But the scene is not so dismal. Some shopping engines do allow connectivity to specific e commerce platforms- example – Price Grabber to Yahoo Store. Certain others accept common feed formats like Google and There are also those like The Find that take data directly from the merchants’ website. The problem is that these seemingly “easy” techniques tend to be unreliable, and hence CSE’s normally recommend using their proprietary feed formats for getting the best results and enhanced visibility. This brings us back to the frequent changes in the format and the need to keep up to date with changes in feed formats across different CSE’s. The real problem lies in the fact that with competition increasing, and technology improvements coming through, these changes are expected to be more frequent and recurring.

    The need for a managed data feed service

    For small and midsized merchants who operate their business without an IT team, the problem of keeping abreast to these changes and updating their feed data is a real issue. They will be best served by hiring a data feed service that offers an outsourced solution to this problem. Merchants operating with the assistance of a data feed service are required to just sign on to the CSE and send one raw data feed from their store. The data feed service will reformat it, and submit it to CSE’s on a regular basis. A good data feed service will also cleanse your data and keep it abreast to changes that are happening during the course of business. They will also be responsible to keep the data feed up to date when specifications of CSE’s change in due course of time.

    These services are not necessarily expensive, as most of the time, once the data feed has been set up, feed submissions run without any manual intervention. Monitoring, housekeeping and troubleshooting are all that is required.

    Data Feed and optimization Services can be a profit generator

    While the charges are generally low and affordable, they are by no means standard, since Data Feed management is not a science – it is almost an art.  A good service provider will not only ensure that your feed is up to date, but with his hands on experience and expertise he will be able to advise you on strategies to improve your visibility and sales. Handled by an expert who knows what works and what does not, it can be a vital enabler of profits for your online business.  You can choose to have a data feed specialist to work on your product data whenever there is a change in specifications, or when you are adding new products to your catalog. But data feed operators who include optimization as part of their offerings may in most cases charge a premium for the value addition they provide. This extra charge will be easily paid for by the added sales they help generate.

    It is always handy to have an expert on hand to answer queries that may come in when you are preparing your data feed –“ does this  product need a UPC code?” or “Can landing page to where the customer is directed to have a pop up?”

    Wrap Up

    To summarize the above:

    •     Small and midsized merchants face an issue in their data feed because of their complex nature and due to the fact that data feed formats of different CSE’s change periodically.
    •    Most CSE’s have their own proprietary data feed formats and merchants are required to feed each CSE separately.
    •    Data Feed Services can eliminate this pain point of small and midsized merchants by undertaking the data feed responsibility at a small fee.
    •    Optimization of the data feed can help you get superior results and may be a worthwhile addition to data feed services.
    •    A combination of data feed and optimization is a sure way to economically increase the sales and profitability of your online store.

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    Strategies to improve and tweak your campaigns on Comparison Shopping Engines

    Steve Burns Posted On - March 12, 2012

    Strategies to improve and tweak your campaigns on Comparison Shopping Engines
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    To what end do you spend?
    You have entered into the big and bold space of selling your products online. You have fed your product catalogues, individual brand feeds and prices across different comparison shopping engines with the anticipation that they will lead the potential buyer to your website.
    You are also working on a budget across these multiple shopping engines and you have allocated different spends for each product or category, on the basis of their perceived popularity, demand patterns and profitability.
    Yet, your returns are not as exciting as you first thought. What do you do now?
    Check out these strategies to improve your return on investments.
    Feed Management
    Management of spend for customer engagement and visibility
    If you are setting up feeds and campaigns on individual comparison shopping engines, you are missing the automation boat. Individual feeds, and multiple campaigns will be very cumbersome and time consuming to manage efficiently because they require repeated efforts, collation of data from each channel and then assimilation of data so that you can analyze your spends and its results. It makes sense to use a platform where you can upload your product feed, descriptions and prices as well as offers at one shot across different Comparison Shopping Engines and also sending them your latest updated products feeds in an automated way. This saves time, labor and standardizes your feeds to ensure that there are no errors of commission or omission. You can use the ChannelSale platform for exactly the same purpose.
    Once you have set up your feed management on ChannelSale platform, you have begun the first step to support your business analytics and get real-time actionable data on the impact of your campaigns.
    Get a ringside 3600 view of the campaign statistics
    CSE(Comparison Shopping Engine) management platform ChannelSale will give you overall statistics on your performance – which channel is performing – at what level, the returns per category or per product etc. offers you a powerful analytical tool called Calculus Reports which at the click of a button will generate and analyze your sales traction across all Comparison Shopping Engines to which that you have deployed your feed.
    Receive actionable notification about product feed issues
    You will get actionable and instant reports about any problems with your feed in individual Comparison Shopping Engines, enabling you to fix the issue without delay. An anomaly in your feed reduces your visibility in the CSE and subsequently will impact your performance.
    Prevent expensive Inventory stockouts
    Visibility without inventory is wasted efforts. It is akin to spending good money advertising a product and generating demand when you do not have the stock to sell. Keeping track of inventory is a tedious process when you are handling a bunch of individual CSE’s. Using the ChannelSale platform will ensure that your inventory is always available across different channels as you get real-time information on stock depletion – thus stopping stockouts.
    View Channel wise traction reports
    Monitor your performance by viewing traction reports on individual Channels or product categories. This will help you know which channels are performing, what is the Return on Investment on each channel, and how you need to tweak allocation of campaign funds to maximize the returns on your investment.
    Feed Optimization
    Most mature e tailers will have a success threshold when it comes to deploying feeds across different Comparison Shopping Engines.  Keep tabs on the success on the basis of ad spend, revenue and margin for individual channels. ChannelSale Feed Management and Optimization is one of the best ways to ensure that your campaigns across different Comparison Shopping Engines  are adhering to your threshold of performance.
    Tweak product mapping on the fly –
    With ChannelSale, you can tweak your product mapping on the fly either individually or in batches. This improves your flexibility and reduces your lead time when you are dealing with multiple product categories and Comparison Shopping Engines .
    Calculus Reports
    Be on top of your marketing campaigns across Comparison Shopping Engines with ChannelSale Calculus Reports. These reports are well presented with graphical renditions that help you analyze performance across channels at one shot. It will deliver insights on consumer behavior and enable you to tweak your campaigns to maximize the returns. Compare the percentage wise conversion and traction across different Comparison Shopping Engines and discover which channel is contributing what to your revenue kitty. You can also view performance across different time frames and across different Comparison Shopping Engines.
    DIY or Managed services?
    Now the moot question is should you do all this yourself – or inhouse or delegate this entire marketing and promotional activity to a Managed Service provider? That is a call that every individual e tailer will have to take. The ChannelSale Managed Service offers you a one stop shop that will efficiently manage your campaign’s across multiple sites and ensure high profitability without charging you an arm and a leg.
    Comparison Shopping Engines often change their data feed algorithm and this has an immediate impact on your visibility and conversions. ChannelSale keeps track of these changes and ensure that you benefit from the latest merchandising opportunities thrown up by different channels and keeps up with trends and ensure consistent visibility of your products.
    Our approach to ensuring high visibility and effectiveness of your feeds to Comparison Shopping Engines are built around:
    o   Opportunity Identification
    o   Program Enhancement
    o   Data Collection
    o   Profitability Management
    These are some of the success strategies you need to deploy when conducting your marketing and promotional campaign across different Comparison Shopping Engines.
    To know more or explore the possibilities that ChannelSale Offers you, do call us for a demo now.
    ChannelSale is your passport to accelerated online sales and revenues.
    Talk to us today on 1-866-709-9495
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