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Walmart is planning to Crowdsource Package Deliveries

Steve Burns Posted On - April 29, 2013

Walmart is planning to Crowdsource Package Deliveries
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Walmart is in the news now, making heads turn since it proclaimed the new self-checkout system via iPhone application. This time it has spelt out an ambitious plan where it is planning to take the crowdsourcing initiative. This radical plan would involve allowing customers to deliver packages to the e-shoppers. This can be one of the potent tools to throw a challenge to Amazon from the group of supermarkets. The urge to tap in the in-store customers for delivering goods is a wider part of the crowdsourcing concept. It is one of the big dreams that top retail giant Walmart is chasing, which in all probability will materialize soon.

The Big Plan

The concept of crowdsourcing can appeal to a number of customers who will be more than willing to make space in their vehicles for delivering the packages. The planning of the whole concept needs to be done effectively as there will be legal and regulatory issues which are sure to crop up. The CEO of Walmart and the other executives has spelt out that the crowdsourcing plan is at its nascent stage. They will have to cross many hurdles before such a plan comes into active assistance.

The Leap of Faith

The supermarkets are popular among the shoppers as the steady footfalls and the sales revenue graphs, exhibit. The supermarket chain is putting in their effort so that shipping online orders directly from the store should not only reach the online buyers within the same day, but in a matter of a few hours. This is an effort on the part of the supermarkets to cut down on the transportation cost and surpass the other retail rivals in the market zone. The retailers with no physical retail outlets will feel the heat of such a plan as they lack in terms of a physical crowd that can help in fulfilling the crowdsourcing objective.

The Gradual Expansion Plan

Walmart is seriously reflecting on its plan to opt for crowdsourcing and to begin with, it will be 25 stores that the top retailer will begin with. When things get smoothened out in 25 stores, the expansion plans will soon step towards 50 stores and finally touching the big numbers with time in varied locations. Such a plan will not only increase the loyalists of Walmart, but will help it to earn more profits, making its revenue graph to shoot high. The e-buyers are often too concerned with their deliveries reaching the desired destination on time. This service can be a big respite for them.

How the Customers can help Walmart?

It is a well-known phrase by now that the customers are the King and the US chief executive of Walmart has some great plans up their sleeve. FedEx is already there to satiate the online buyers with high-quality delivery services. Walmart is also coming up with the same-day delivery services called ‘Walmart To Go’ where its delivery trucks will do the needful. Walmart is blessed with the fact that it has greater footfalls in its retail store locations, which it can cash in for greater business benefits and for satiating the buyers. The whopping number of customers visiting the Walmart stores each day can prove to be helpful in terms of being active participants of the crowdsourcing concept.

The customer buying from the physical retail outlets can get into a mutually beneficial relationship with Walmart. If they co-operate and sign up to deliver the package of the online buyers that are on the same route on their way home, Walmart will offer a discount on the shopping bill of the customer who is willing to drop off the packages.

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