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How Shopper’s Loyalty Impacts Your eBay Amazon Business

Stephen Posted On - April 18, 2016

CS Cart eBay
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There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that the two top marketplaces, eBay and Amazon invite different types of buyers. It has been generally observed that the shoppers in Amazon are more willing to get extravagant in their purchases and their primary lookout is for quality products in good deals. eBay shoppers on the other hand are generally those that look for scratch level prices in usable products and often don’t mind if the product is labeled as ‘pre-used’. At the end of the day, the respective platforms manage to serve the interest of their buyers to an extent that the latter tend to develop a form of inalienable loyalty in favor of the marketplaces.

This basically means that a hardcore Amazon shopper may never visit eBay and a lover of eBay will never even think of shopping in Amazon. This however, does not mean that the products available in Amazon cannot be sold in eBay or vice versa and that too by the same seller. Say for example, if a certain brand of high quality perfume is salable in Amazon, the same can be sold in eBay also. So, what is in here that the sellers can benefit from? In very simple words, customer loyalty towards these top platforms can actually open doors of traffic and conversions for sellers who are present in both.

When a certain seller is present in both CS Cart eBay and Amazon, he / she / the entity will be able to access not just the regular e commerce shoppers but also those who may never venture into the other platform while looking for their products of interest. So, gaining exposure before additional unique buyers is an instant guarantee. This again goes a very long way in enhancing the sale of the concerned products many times over paving the way for growth and profits in the part of the sellers. Very often it has been seen that maintaining presence in both platforms can become a pain for sellers who are not prepared to handle the rush. Initiating proper integration can soothe the process to the extent of luxury.

Say for example, CS cart powered store owners will have to initiate CS Cart Amazon and eBay integration to drive their endeavors to sure shot success. As far as the complexity of the process is concerned, buying and installing the right tools and softwares systems from dependable providers is more than enough to kick start the efforts.

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