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Personality Based Product Description- Effective Way to ensure Engagement

Daniel Posted On - May 15, 2014

Product Descriptions
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The online marketplace is fiercely competitive to say the least as a number of online platforms vie for recognition at the same time. In fact, there are firms which indulge in selling the similar products in the digital space. The online merchants are always on the lookout to differentiate their products from the competitors and endow them with a unique touch.

Beating the Competition

Making a product stand out in the competitive market is no easy task as only the branding endeavors might not prove enough. The merchants thus look out for more indigenous ways to entice the consumers to make a buying decision. One way to better engage the consumers and propelling them to buy, even without a definite call-to-action is the concept of personality enriched product descriptions.

Product Descriptions Vs Specifications

One might argue that consumers seldom go into the product descriptions, rather look out for the bare specifications to satiate their needs. Optimizing the product pages can effectively better the search ranking of a site. Apart from the obvious benefit of unique content, the creative image based product descriptions can garner back-links from third party websites. The present day purchasers do a lot of researching before zeroing in on the product of their choice. Comparing the products, reading reviews and making a note of the price differences is something that almost every online buyer does. Unique product pages are the keyword to garnering audience engagement among a sea of generic contents.

Higher the Conversion Rate

To better augment the product pages to work towards conversion, the merchants need to be specific on a few pointers. First and foremost, to write persuasive copies, one must be fully aware of the target consumer which the product is catering to. From the age bracket to the spending power, every little detail must be taken into purview before making inroads into content development. This will endow your product descriptions with a personality of its own as the copy literally becomes the voice of the product.

Only an Engaging Copy works

A core feature of writing a persuasive copy is to emphasize the features in a more expansive manner. One can break it down in FAB (feature, advantage, benefit) mode. Emphasizing the benefit that the consumer will have by acquiring the product is something that the copywriters must infuse in their writing to better their chances of converting the casual visitors to conversion. Making room for reviews and ratings against the products or services will further enhance the product’s acceptance among the end consumers. Last but not the least; the merchants must look into avenues to make their pages more interactive and engaging. Adding custom imagery to the product pages certainly helps the cause of making the product listings more appealing and interactive.

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PriceGrabber vouches for Quality Customer Service- The Key To Ensuring Customer Loyalty

Daniel Posted On - April 28, 2014

Top Price Website Comparison
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A major vouching point for the companies with augmented customer service is the efficiency and value they provide to the end users. It is a major pride for any concern when the customer service team goes out of its way to satiate the needs and demands of the customers. By no unabashed terms companies tout their adherence to the concept of better brand building by virtue of better customer service.

Brand loyalty in eCommerce- some insights

In eCommerce, brand loyalty is a tricky ask as new and unique service providers crop up at almost regular intervals. Being competitive in the domain needs more than just augmenting the products or services, What retailers are effectively looking into is to augment the customer services to meet up to the evolving expectations of the customers. Researches show that a healthy portion of consumers tend to stick to the leading retailers year in and year out! The secret to this repeat business is what all the retailers are after.

Meeting the customer’s query and providing a viable solution only augment brand image, but also acts as a major mark of the responsiveness of the business. Responsiveness is a major parameter of client satisfaction and retention. Providing tailor made solutions to existing clients provides the much needed reliability that brands seek in their brand positioning endeavors.

A PriceGrabber Survey pointed out that almost 70% of U.S consumers align towards the same retailers for the very reason of effective customer service. The PriceGrabber Survey also depicted that a whopping 75% of consumers opt for online retailers. Discount stores also remain a popular option among the respondents of the survey which was samples on 2,887 U.S. consumers who shop online.

The use of efficient customer service as passive marketing

In common parlance, marketing and customer service are deemed way different from each other. The two segments of a company are normally guided by different set of aesthetics and are meant to accomplish varying verticals. What the industry insiders will vouch for is the aggressive diversification and definitions that marketing have. In fact, they don’t define marketing as some specific set of activities, but an amalgamation of a number of disciplines. In reference to this, customer relationship management is also deemed as a way to initiate better recognition among the target audience. Building a positive relationship with the end consumers have always ranked high in the agenda of the retailers. Recently though, it has reached a whole new level with the retailers coming to terms with the positive effects that client communication brings.

Businesses have understood that repeat business is much easier and lucrative than acquiring new customers. Firms are making amendments to their customer relationship strategies by entrusting customer service executives with additional authorities.

To some it all up, it is true to say that business marketing is no longer confined to the periphery of making catchy advertisement or thinking up brand positioning strategies. Rather it now encompasses all the verticals which add some value to the end users in general. This all pervasive design is aggressively followed by almost all market leaders of niche domains.

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Top 5 ways for the Retailers to Boost Customer Relationships

Daniel Posted On - April 15, 2014

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Customers are the blood circulation in a business. Retailers and customers are the two end points of any business which not only survive for each other but it also provides platforms for many more in the middle to survive and prosper as well. The success of business depends a lot on the relationship management with the customers. To boost this relationship, retailers need to concentrate on the following points.

Reduce Shrinkage

You need to overcome simple pricing mistakes which can also cost retailers quite a bit. The average shrink percentage in the retail industry is about two percent of sales. Instead of raising the price learn to identify and reduce sources of shrink.

Increase Sales Opportunities

Whether you’re up-selling to a customer or planning an expansion into a Multi-Channel environment, retailers should learn to notice and take advantage of every possible opportunity to sell. Research and analysis helps a lot in this regard. There are several online research and survey result providers who can offer authentic statistics following PPC methods.

Improve Customer Service

Modern digital marketing techniques benefit retailers and business owners by providing opportunity to instantly cater to their customers several needs. They can improve this service by using a little more innovations. Taking care of complains and issues which needs immediate action through Internet it is becomes much easier to develop a better communication more direct and enjoyable. By embracing these qualities, companies can easily interact with their existing audiences and reach more people in a way that’s more personable than ever before. The success of a company will soon depend on not only their products, also but how they develop this aspect of their business.

Add New Products or Product Lines

One way to keep customers returning to your shop is by offering new and exciting products. When adding new products or expanding product lines, keep in mind that not only should there be a demand for the item, but it must also be profitable and something you enjoy selling.

Take help of Social networking

Internet is the main influencing factors in the modern business and market.  To build your customer relationship stronger you always need to take help of social networking sites like Google and Facebook.   Digital marketing has immense scope without any demographical barrier. The retailers need to fully utilize it. Affiliate marketing, Linked-In and other digital marketing techniques will come to a great help.

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The Top 6 Timesaving Automation Tools for E-Sellers

Steve Burns Posted On - December 2, 2013

e-commerce shopping cart
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Judicious time management is one of the most important determinants of success in the business arena. This is all the more crucial in the fast-paced world of e-commerce. Now, online merchants can save valuable time by using technology to their advantage.

With the help of the following six tools you can shift your focus from the mundane tasks and pay greater attention to the important areas.

IFTTT – If This Then That

By using IFTTT you will be able to connect various web tools and services via personally created or publicly shared profiles called “recipes”. Every recipe follows a specific format: “if this then that”. Here, “this” and “that” form the trigger and action part of the recipe respectively. This tool will enable you to automate many activities like posting on Facebook and sending text messages. Presently it supports 71 channels such as Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram and SMS.

Boomerang for Gmail

You can schedule your emails in Gmail with the help of Boomerang. It is a Firefox and Chrome plugin where you can write an email and specify a future date when you want it to be automatically sent. It is also endowed with other interesting features like automatic follow-up emails and reminders that will always aid you to stay connected with clients and business associates. This tool will also provide you with a great way to manage your email inbox.


This amazing tool allows you to schedule your social media posts for the day in advance. Save yourself from the hassle of manually setting date and time for various posts. By using Buffer, you can set the line-up of your posts in just a couple of clicks. Moreover, this tool is all the more desirable because it can be integrated with many other apps and extensions on the web.


If you wish to type at a faster speed and minimize on the extent of typos, then TextExpander will be a great tool for you. This useful tool, available on the Mac OS X platform, enables you to assign keyboard shortcuts for phrases, sentences and paragraphs that are used most often by you. Additionally, you can also fill forms more quickly by using this.


In this age where most things are automated, personal touch in communication holds a very special place. Rapportive is a browser add-on for Gmail users that aims to assist you in forming meaningful relationships. As you type an email, it displays various things related to your contact like photo, location, social media activities and so on. Such relevant information will aid you in communicating effectively with such people.


Make your life simpler by availing the assistance of Shoeboxed. This service will organize your receipts, business cards and other documents into a secure online account. It will also provide you with other relevant information like deductions, expenses, payment date etc.

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The Rise of Same-Day Deliveries: Amazon deserves a pat on the Back!

Steve Burns Posted On - October 6, 2013

Top US Online Marketplace
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It is said that dynamism is one of the key characteristics of the business world. This applies to the field of e-commerce to an even greater extent. Fast paced advancement in technology, new innovations and the changing patterns of tastes and preferences of consumers are keeping e-sellers on their toes like never before. At times like this, being an e-seller can be quite a challenge. Success can be yours; but for that you need to constantly put on your thinking cap and embrace change.

Every day newer and better strategies are being adopted by the various players in the online market to grow their business by attracting consumers. The concept of same-day deliveries is the newest kid on the block that has caught the attention of online sellers. Read on, in order to find out more about this.

Shipment Period and the Customer

The main reason behind the popularity of online shopping is that it offers many more benefits than shopping from the local store. But the time taken for delivery of goods that are bought online is one of the factors which can be a disadvantage for e-sellers. For this reason, the online retailers pay special attention to the timely shipment and delivery of their merchandise.

Online Retailers Offering Same-Day Delivery

Now, many online retailers are stepping up in the game with higher level of confidence by offering a special service to customers where the goods will reach them at the same day of purchase. Even though a slightly higher amount is charged for this special service, consumers are not complaining.

It is a boon for people who have emergency requirements like, a new dress or shoes for the last–minute evening dinner, party or outing. Moreover, there are also certain celebrities who like to receive premium service when they purchase products online.

The rising interest in same-day delivery is providing immense growth opportunities to regional courier companies who specialise in delivering goods at the same day.

Amazon’s Role

One of the main drivers of the increasing acceptance of this strategy is the online retail giant Amazon. The other players in the online business widely follow the moves of this US based online marketplace because it is the market leader. Amazon had launched its same-day Local Express delivery service. It started with seven major metropolitan markets and later added four more to the list. This has helped to trigger a rise in the number of online merchants who are willing to try out offering this service to its consumers.

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How Pretty Packages can win over Online Shoppers

Steve Burns Posted On - October 5, 2013

Pretty Packages
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This is an age where looks matter! The avenues have broadened up, opening the opportunities for businesses to make an impact on the minds of the targeted audience with their vast array of products. How the online sellers are packaging the products plays an important role in satiating you so that you make a repeat purchase!

Offering higher level of customer satisfaction is definitely a subjective matter. However, in the face of fierce competition in the online business domain, to win over the shoppers on your stride so that they do not land up on the website of your rivals, walk that extra mile. As it is being talked about to the core, the need for adding that essence of personalization in the products, premium packaging is the key when you want to make a lasting impact on the minds of the buyers.

The Trends that the Surveys are showing up

There are many instances from real life like for making a dish big hit, no matter how it tastes, the garnishing has to be done in an eye-grabbing way. In the same way, the working of the virtual world where an online buyer completely goes by his sense and impulse to buy, packaging acts as an eye-candy for a product. It tags the product with an appealing quotient.  51% of online consumers said they expect to receive online orders in premium packaging from a retailer, which is definitely an add-on for the e-sellers. The statistics of the survey revealed:

  • 71% of the online buyers have a higher expectation in terms of quality packaging when they are placing the orders for the luxury products online
  • 52% online shoppers are of the opinion that they are going to indulge in repeat purchasing when the products reach them in premium packaging
  • When it comes to women’s dresses, jewelry or some exquisite and delicate gifts, 53% say premium packaging can definitely weave magic and work wonders in satisfying customers

Lure, Attract and Satisfy

When you as the e-seller have the best scope to retain your customers by playing on their psyche with eye-grabbing packaging, let the planning part to be the X-factor in your sales pitch. Make the most of the ample business opportunity that is there in an operating business domain. No matter how good is the quality of the products, if the garnishing part of the complete dish, in this case, the way you deliver the products to the targeted customers, it will not make those to click with the target audience. So grab the attention of the potential buyers, raise their interest, draw their attention so that they use their buying impulse and engage in the online shopping spree.

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eCrater Joins eBay in Restricting the Sale of Coupons

Steve Burns Posted On - August 30, 2013

eCrater Joins eBay in Restricting the Sale of Coupons
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It is a known fact how the web merchants are improvising sales strategies and their online marketing campaign to make their business get the required boost. The use of coupons is not a very modern concept on the part of the e-sellers for attracting customers or upping their sales figure. However, it is the lenient use of the coupons to grab the attention of more buyers, which is making some of the top names in the online marketplace not to raise a thumbs-up on this tactic. eBay has been very outright in the way it placed restriction on the sale of coupons. When talking about one of the big names in the online shopping sphere, it is eCrater which is following in the footsteps of eBay.

What eBay has to say?

eBay spokesperson, Ryan Moore, has stated that  their new policy “reflects our commitment to keeping eBay a safe and trusted marketplace and our support for manufacturers and retailers’ efforts to ensure consumer compliance with coupon redemption rules. As per the new policy, the users are allowed to sell up to $100 or 25 valid, original, valid coupons on a monthly basis. It does not allow the sale of coupons for free items.

eCrater’s Stance

The spokesperson on eCrater’s behalf, Dimitar Slavov, has come up with the fact that previously it had faced issues revolving around expired or invalid coupons. It is found that coupons are not allowed if the norms of Google’s merchant center policies are kept on mind.

In order to fight cases of frauds and counterfeits, this is a big step that the top names in the online domain are swearing by. Customers can no longer be disillusioned or made to fall in the trap of dishonest practices where they will be lured by the fake coupons. The integrity attached to the coupons can best be derived when they are protected duly in the online shopping spree.

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Shopzilla announces the New Robot Oatmeal Coupon Site

Steve Burns Posted On - August 21, 2013

Shopzilla Introduces Smart Pricing that aligns with your performance
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Shopzilla is a popular name as a price comparison shopping site that is a hotspot of the e-sellers and the online shoppers. It not only enables the buyers to take a good buying decision, but also lets the online sellers to maximize the reach of their products and services to the target audience. Shopzilla has come up with its first crowdsourced coupon verification platform, called Robot Oatmeal.

How does the site work?

Shopzilla allows the online shoppers to engage in the search of finding out the coupons, check how the coupons have been used and also note the number of times, it has been used. The most captivating word for the online merchants as well as the buyers is that Robot Oatmeal is free. If you, as a web merchant, thinking that there are so many coupon sites, but what is so unique about Robot Oatmeal, then it is the way it highlights the use of coupons, which is its USP. The e-sellers can better deal with the customer service issues in the checkout system with the help of the coupon codes.

What Shopzilla has to say?

Shopzilla is churning out ways so that it minimizes the customer service issues for the e-sellers. It is the urge of every online retailer to offer adequate support to the e-shoppers in their online buying journey. When the interested buyers have a frustrating experience while they are unable to use the codes properly, such issues will be quickly resolved by Robot Oatmeal. The engagement level will be of a higher degree of both the e-sellers and the buyers and the spokesperson of Shopzilla vouches for that fact.

Nabbing the deals in real-time

It is the racy pace which defines every walk of life and it is so much predominant in the business domain. The brand new coupons and promotions site serves deals in real-time. This way the buyers do not have to feel bogged down with the string of the codes that do not work or gets expired without the customers keeping a vigilant eye.

How Shopzilla secures the coupons?

It is a great statement that Shopzilla is making that it will monetize the site in near future. However, there is some good news for the web merchants that Shopzilla will not charge the sellers for clicks for the coupons. Shopzilla has built a strong chain of networks with the affiliate networks so the process of retrieving coupons and discounts becomes easier. The information that Shopzilla needs:

  • Offer description
  • Coupon code where the codes should start with “RO” OR “SZ”
  • The store name or MD of the online retailer
  • The destination URL facilitating the tracking process
  • Start and end dates

The consumers or the online shoppers just need to search and find the featured coupons while trying to grab the best deals online. For having a smooth e-shopping journey, the e-buyers can do away with the frustration that comes with using of codes while purchasing online.

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Check out the Cool ways of Inviting Mobile connected Customers into Stores

Steve Burns Posted On - July 31, 2013

Check out the Cool ways of Inviting Mobile connected Customers into Stores
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With a unique logo, a brand begins the journey of offering the hammering effect on the minds of the customers. A host of retailers want more footfalls in their physical outlets and voluminous traffic to their ecommerce sites. Mobile marketing technology offered by CopiaMobileInc. is going to be the biggest draw that the retailers are trying to cash in when they are targeting the tech-savvy customers who indulge in e-shopping from smartphones and mobile devices.

Mobile connected Customers Pour In!

In this age of tough competition, the top retailers need to feel the pulse of the shopping behavior of the customers, study their psyche so that catering to the needs of the customers becomes easy. In order to mold the marketing campaign with the cool factor, in this SMS savvy generation, text-messages are a potential way of making the customers know about the exciting offers. Based on the demography of the e-buyers and their area of interests, the handsome discounts and the alluring deals are offered.

The Revamping of the Online Retailers Mobile Strategies

Have you heard how the in-store digital stores can help your online business? The registered customers just need to wave their smartphone at to avail the exciting offers. The digital sign can make a new stream of customers who are not registered yet to receive the mobile offers, to enjoy that privilege. The screen showcases the product ads of the retailers that they pronounce weekly.

How the Digital Signs help?

It is interesting to know how the whole process works! When a customer makes up his mind to view the weekly product ads, there is a video camera in the screen that deftly identifies that age and gender of the customer approaching. Based on his or her nature or probable buying preference, he or she gets an offer. If it a young girl, then she might receive offer on trendy clothes, bags and the like. For redeeming the offer, she needs to put in her mobile number and offer a steady nod to receive the text message.

It is again technological accomplishment which is making the retailers to jump on to a mobile marketing campaign where a kind of personalized feel is offered. The software that is hosted by CopiaMobile is used by digital signs. The commendable job of processing information on customers’ images and the phone numbers so that the apt offer can be spelt out, is definitely one of the best ways for generating higher revenues and for making and encouraging cross selling.

The Mobile Marketing Program with a Difference

The installation of the digital screens in the stores is definitely a smart business move. Though such a way of strategizing the mobile marketing campaign is going to make its mark gradually, the customers have started to sign up for availing the text messages on the exciting offers via the screens. The option of playing contest for free so there are higher chances of winning gifts, are driving the potential customers in stores.

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Best Buy taking the Initiative to solve the Big Box Puzzle

Steve Burns Posted On - May 21, 2013

Best Buy taking the Initiative to solve the Big Box Puzzle
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The soaring popularity of the online stores where most of the shoppers prefer e-shopping, the traditional stores are feeling the heat. It is the retailers with the physical retail outlets who are adamant in establishing the supremacy of the physical stores. They are of the opinion that the traditional stores can go great guns, harness the attention of more customers, by implementing some of the best marketing strategies. The rise of e-commerce having an impact on the number of sales of the physical stores selling electronics is taken on a positive stride by the big shots like CEO of Best Buy, Hubert Joly.

The Shop-in-shops Plan

The brick-and-mortar stores of Best Buy are going for revamping as their CEO is trying to solve the puzzles of big box retail. In order to give a tougher competition to the online stores, have a voluminous client base, the physical retail outlets are walking that extra mile. The concept of shop-in-shops is what Best Buy is trying to cash in to reshape the landscape of traditional shopping. Best Buy is implementing the plan of rolling out Samsung shops, which have a higher resemblance with Apple stores dominated by minimalist design, with the high-end gadgets and laptops stacked in the shop in an eye-grabbing way.

The Quality Support offered to the Customers

The shops will enable the interested buyers to sell the Samsung phones, laptops, tablets, other high-end gadgets and accessories. The shops will offer a better buying experience to the customers by having Samsung consultants who will enable the customers to take informed buying decisions. The consultants will be working with Best Buy employees to ensure that the number of customers pouring in the traditional stores will leave the store as satisfied buyers. The consultants will also work as a team with Best Buy’s Geek Squad tech support so that the customers coming up with tech- related questions can be satiated to the core.

The Samsung stores are replacing the space occupied by physical media like CDs, DVDs, whose sales count have decreased significantly. Best buy is reallocating the space that it had allotted to physical media by banking on a plan of “floor-space optimization.” The profitable items will find a place in the store and it used to offer 20% space for the CDs and DVDs, which is soon going to change.

Creating the Brand Experience in Stores

Every new marketing strategy or business proposition that gets implemented by a giant retailer or a big shot in the operating industry, it is the customers who are the biggest judge. For offering that matchless brand experience to the prospective customers, this strategy works out big, irrespective of the tactic being condemned by many critics. The Best Buy stores that are in prime location will have these Samsung shops. The Apple-like shops will be the key in making the future of Best Buy a great one and one of the top providers of consumer electronics. The shops will be of various sizes and largest Samsung shop will be around 460 square feet.

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Enjoy Same-Day Delivery Service with Google Shopping Express

Steve Burns Posted On - May 9, 2013

Enjoy Same-Day Delivery Service with Google Shopping Express
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Google is not only taking the web world by storm, it is walking that extra mile to satiate its online shoppers, also. The online buyers are very particular about the way they get the products they buy in the desired destination and within the stipulated span of time. Google’s new service called Google Shopping Express is in a testing stage as it will take time to envelop a wider market segment.

The Plan kicking off

Google engaged in the testing mode in San Francisco and its suburbs. It wants to evaluate the efficiency level of offering their service as well as gauge the appreciation quotient of the customers. The giant in the realm of the web wants to find out how this new, same-day delivery service can make a mark in the local market and gradually move further in achieving its goals by providing higher level of customer satisfaction.

A Way of pumping up its Ad Revenue

Google wants to cash on its stellar reputation and this new service by offering a wide range of advertisements, which is a definitive source of revenue generation. Whether an user spend greater time on the notable search engine, You Tube, Gmail or any if its services, the Google ads get greater exposure. With the wider spreading of online ads, people would be more inclined to shop online.

Same-day Delivery Service offering an Impetus to buy more

Since the nature of e-shopping is going for a revamp, it is the impulse to shop anytime and anywhere facilitated by the mobile devices is gaining ground. The same-day delivery service can be an icing on the cake as the shoppers will be delighted to receive their purchased goods in quick time. Sometimes, people have to wait for days or a week before they could actually lay their hands on the products that they buy. Google Shopping Express is sure to fly with the kind of benefit it is planning to offer to the e-shoppers. The top names in the sphere like Amazon and eBay has given it a thought, with Walmart providing this same-day delivery service in five markets.

Will the Courier Service prove to be greater help?

Merchants have started to form a queue for enlisting in Google Shopping Express. Some of the renowned names include Target, Walgreen and the like. Google has gone for the option of hiring courier services so that the orders can be picked up from the merchant stores seamlessly and then delivered to the place that the customers want. The couriers will be operating on a contract basis. Google-branded vehicles will be used along with the staffs wearing company branded uniforms, paving the way for effective branding.

The Profit Margin

Google has not yet come up with the fee structure. Google is still undecided as to what it would charge to the customers for offering this new, same-day delivery service. Some interested buyers will not entertain the idea of their shopping bill getting increased, but they would love to enjoy the convenience of the purchased goods reaching their destination at the shortest possible time. During the testing period of six months in the San Francisco area, the customers will not have to pay a surcharge. The way Google will be boosting up its revenue graph is via receiving commissions from the merchants participating in this whole new program. With the kind of profit generation sources that the unabated King in the web world has, there is no denying the fact that such tests will not make it to suffer huge losses. If this plan is a huge success, then it can not only drive sales from San Francisco, but the whole service can spread in broader market segment.

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Online Retailers are living up to the Expectations of the Customers

Steve Burns Posted On - May 9, 2013

Online Retailers are living up to the Expectations of the Customers
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Customer satisfaction is an intangible asset, which the merchants crave to offer and accomplish. In this age of fierce competition among the online marketplaces, it is crucial for the big shots in the business domain as well as the small businesses to revamp their inventory, their sales pitch, marketing efforts to taste business success. It is about hooking the customers for long so that the loyalists are able to enjoy the pampering of the webmasters, while on the other hand, the e-sellers can boost their online revenue generation graph. The e-sellers are going about with this job of managing customer satisfaction and with full acuity.

Amazon is Perched at the Top

It takes a lot of effort, innovative thinking, the urge to be proactive and to be constantly on a roll when an online marketplace attains and holds on to its reigning position for long in the online marketplace. It is the vast array of products, speedy delivery process and innovation in business thinking, which makes the e-buyers more inclined to Amazon to satiate their buying needs. Amazon has its own set of products as well as the ones that the e-sellers list in the marketplace for greater exposure and to attract customers. It pampers the customers to the core, offering a pleasurable shopping experience. The one-click payment method of Amazon has simplified the process of making an online purchase, which has gained favor among the online buyers.

Doing away with the Bane of forced Registration

Some of the e-sellers often walk on the wrong track by making the potential customers to go for a forced registration, which is not going to work out. When an e-customer lands up on a site, he should be guided seamlessly for the completion of the e-shopping journey and not forced to sign up.

The Virtual in-Store Experience can be planned

Charting out the route of offering client satisfaction in the virtual realm is easier as there is no chances of fighting the bad weather, or to deal with the huge crowd or handle the kids, which can very well happen in a physical retail outlet. The multi-channel retailers improvise on their sales strategy so that they can offer a seamless and persistent service to the customers. The retailers offering a speedier delivery service than its competitors are at an advantageous point.

Going Mobile

The high-five is for those online retailers who are successfully integrating in-store, web and mobile experience into their business operation. Mobile commerce is growing at a rapid pace, with the e-buyers using their smartphones, mobile devices on the go to purchase online. The online purchasing behavior of the people shows that online shopping nowadays depends on recommendations, word-of-mouth promotion than a static approach. With the high-end mobile devices at the fingertips of the buyers packed with the high-speed net connection, the retailers are optimizing their sites for the customers to drive more sales.

Don’t Promise what you can’t Deliver

Nothing can harm the reputation of an e-seller more when he makes tall claims, but fails to live up to it. Managing customer satisfaction involves a lot of things, ranging from understanding the buying needs of the customers, supporting them till the checkout system and even maintaining a harmonious relationship with the customer post purchase. It can be via emails, updating them with the new arrivals in the inventory, offering of promo codes, discounts and the like. When the online retailers are hoping for repeat purchase, they should ensure that there is greater transparency in their business propositions, in the return policies, shipping services, discounts offered and the like. Managing customer expectation is a tough job as the customers only want the best with the urge to save. Winning over the customers via attractive deals, discount codes on top-quality products, offering of free shipping services and the like, help in nurturing a long-lasting bond between a retailer and the customers.

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How can Google’s Zavers help to Increase Customer Loyalty?

Steve Burns Posted On - April 16, 2013

How can Google's Zavers help to Increase Customer Loyalty?
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Google has been the master in many spheres in cyberspace and it always has some great news to offer. Whether it is the online retailers, interested e-shoppers, users looking for high-quality information, Google has taken care of the multifarious needs of the people. The popularity of coupon codes, handsome discounts and voucher codes are one of the motivating factors behind the purchasing decision of the buyers. Google has come up with an innovative concept, which is called Zavers and it is a digital coupon service. This service has been exclusively designed for the retailers and the manufacturers.

The Two Chief Purposes that Zavers serve

In this age where promotion has become a very important thing, Zavers by Google is an important tool that the manufacturers and the retailers can make a good use of. Zavers facilitates the process of creating and distributing the digital coupons. Its second purpose is to make the process of redeeming the coupons much easier, making the system a lot more robust. Google’s Zavers simplifies the process for the manufacturers and the retailers in the way that the promotional campaigns get tailor-made. The retailers get to know the shopper preferences by assessing the process of coupon redemption.

How can Zavers work for an e-Shopper?

The interested shoppers with the urge to buy, check out a retailer’s site and rummage through the exciting offers and the coupon codes. While browsing through the product range and the exciting deals and hot offers, e-shoppers can actively save a coupon that they like in their account. If they settle their mind to buy a product, the coupon automatically gets redeemed at the checkout.

How the Retailers can Benefit?

The retailers can create digital coupon services at their will and the e-buyers enjoy the privilege of the auto redeeming process of the coupon during the time of purchase. Zavers aid the retailers to sell the digital coupon while luring the buyers to use their purchasing power as they get to enjoy the alluring offers and the money-saving deals by accessing the hot digital coupons. It is about reaching out to the target customers and Zavers can aid in the target distribution of the coupons to the right audience segment, helping the basket size of the customers to increase.

A Great Coupon Promotion Campaign by Google

Google knows how to play its card right and this is definitely one of the coupon promotion programs, via which Google is trying to popularize its product, Google Wallet. In order to ensure higher conversion rates of the customers, the shoppers with the inclination to buy online will get to redeem Zavers in the checkout process. This way Google is also trying to bolster up its sound reputation and increase its number of loyalists.

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Handsome Discounts and Hot Deals are Always Alluring for the Customers

Steve Burns Posted On - April 2, 2013

Handsome Discounts and Hot Deals are Always Alluring for the Customers
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In the face of the dim global economic condition, there is an inclination among the people to improve their financial health. The number of footfalls in the physical retail outlets catapult and the e-shops are also able to pull steady and potential traffic when a seasonal or clearance sale is in full swing, thus making the conversion rate of a business merchant to go higher. It is the way the e-commerce merchants are able to maximize the reach of their sales propositions and the hot sales news via their marketing efforts, which help in nabbing the attention of a large number of shoppers. It is the urge to save by availing the discount codes, coupons and money-saving deals which, in turn, help in boosting the sales figure of an e-retailer.

Point of Sale (POS) Marketing Strategy

It is often consumer brand preference and the brand performance, which play in the minds of the people at the point of purchase. For influencing the buying decision, point of sale (POS) marketing efforts can bear fruit. For effectively implementing the marketing plan or for stealing the attention of the shoppers, persuading them to buy more at checkout can be done via displays like banners, signs, coupon dispensers, etc. In the age of digitization, the conventional print displays are now armed with free samples, lucrative discounts and the like. Interactive signage at points of checkouts is a smart business move on the part of the business merchants. The multi-channel marketing programs are in vogue as businesses are vying for visibility and ChannelSale with their managed services has been successful in fulfilling the promotional needs of the e-sellers across voluminous global channels.

Coupons are Big Enticements
The urge to shop more gets intensified when the customers are able to make the most of the shopping experience by having true value of the money that they invest. Redeeming the coupons make the budget shoppers happy. The attractive discounts act as one of the major drawing influence making the consumers to come to the same retailer for repeated sales. The popularity of the comparison shopping engines like Google Shopping, Nextag, Pricegrabber are soaring high because people verify and compare prices before indulging in buying.

E-sellers must Play their Cards Right in Terms of the Pricing Strategy

  • The e-sellers must frame their pricing strategy skilfully. It is never a wise idea to offer the products at very slashed off prices, untimely. People seek for enjoying discounts during the holiday seasons. When the festive spirit soars high, the urge to shop also increases agreeably, so  the fetching words like ‘sale,’ ‘discount,’ needs to be used judiciously
  • When the e-sellers offer a flat 50% or 60% discount, it has an adverse effect on the minds of the shoppers. They tend to doubt the quality of the products that have been put for sale. Excessive discounts can not only put off the buyers, but it can also lessen the profit margin of an e-seller. Do not hamper the image of your brand this way
  • Play on by harping on the “lure” factor. For instance, you can make the offer of buying an item at the standard price and the second item that a buyer picks up can be availed at 20% discount. It is about strategic planning which makes an e-retailer to go right in terms of the pricing strategies, making the sales figures to rise high
Exciting Discounts

  A Guide for the e-Shoppers:

  • It’s good to be excited at the thought of buying more by spending less. Go through the terms and conditions before opting for using the voucher codes, promo codes. Get to know the date of expiration before time.
  • Double check the usability of the coupon in that specific store where you wish to redeem the coupon
  • Check out the legitimacy of an offer and do not rely on the coupons offered to you via mails blindly
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Handling negative feedbacks positively

Steve Burns Posted On - October 24, 2012

Handling negative feedback positively
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An irate customer is not good for business. An irate customer who complains online is deadly for any online business. He spreads the message of doom and drives away others from shopping at your store.

Yet, no matter how well you manage things, there are going to be instances of irate customers. Something, somewhere will go wrong, and you will be called upon to tackle it with finesse and positivity.

So, lets say you have a customer who has complained online about dealings with your store. The first thing that we suggest you do is contact him/her immediately. You do not want to let these wounds fester and leave the impression that you do not care about your buyers. Listen carefully and patiently to the issue that left the customer dissatisfied and listen to it with a positive frame of mind. In such situations it pays to be polite. If his complaint is something that can be resolved by offering him something like waiving off the shipping costs ( if the complaint is related to deliveries) do feel free do offer this freebie. It might assuage hurt feelings and help in resolving the matter before it becomes a large issue.

Once you have resolved the issue, think carefully and judge if you have patched up the situation well enough to request him to remove the online complaint. If he removes the online comment, well and good, if the customer declines to remove the complaint, respect his decision. You cannot offer any inducement to either make a comment about the shopping experience or remove a comment. That is not good policy – induced feedback is completely wrong and is akin to paid propaganda.

Pressurizing the buyer to remove feedback is also not good policy in the long run. It is best to fire fight and state plainly the steps that you took as an organization to redress the complaint. In this way everyone who reads the negative comment will also see your rebuttal, so probably if your response is well worded, it will contain the damage. Explain online how you work towards ensuring a better consumer experience and the lessons and the actions you have taken to ensure that such an instance never arises again.

Many a negative feedback can be avoided by making sure that your listings are accurate and complete. A major source of customer dissatisfaction is not getting what they believe they ordered. This mostly occurs because of inaccurate or misleading detail page information. As a best practice, when you create your listing, make sure to ensure that the listing is as complete and accurate as possible. As a rule, a positive reaction to a negative situation can help a great deal in redressing the issue.

Overall, a 0-2% negative feedback rate is good. But if your negative feedback forms more than 5% of your  total feedback, you might want to review your business practices.

Finally though, take a moment to reflect and learn from this whole issue. Is there anything systemic about the slip up? Is there something that you can do as an organization to ensure that such instances do not recur? The lesson that you take away from such an experience is valuable and can help in changing the course of your business.

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