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5 Key Metrics new sellers must keep their eyes open to

Daniel Posted On - February 6, 2017

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How do I boost my online sales? How do I cut higher profit margin? How do I derive more traffic to my e-store?

These are few very common questions new online sellers often ask. Less they know, while as complicated as the answer might look, it’s rather quite simple and straightforward—by making informed decisions.

Shooting in the dark is a recipe for failure

More relatable to new online vendors, they often make crucial business decisions without following key facts, figures and trends—only to realize later that it was a poor choice. Maybe it looks like a right thing to do or maybe that’s what the others are doing, basing important decisions on intuitions and shooting in the dark is a perfect recipe for failure.

In fact, one of the foremost tips and advices of successful online sellers is to analyze sales data and other metrics to “know for sure” – whether eBay selling or having multiple storefronts – before making any move that could potentially steer your direction either to success or disappointment.

But on the flip side, while as important as it is to regularly evaluate database to map future strategies accordingly, there’s just too many metrics to care about—from sales KPIs like average margin, competitive pricing to Marketing indicators like unique visitor volume and page views per visit to customer service metrics like average resolution time and email counts.

It’s a big dark jungle of numbers that even the experienced sellers might find themselves lost in, let alone the new players. While many top sellers opt for professional help in this department, the new ones can’t really spare the cost.

So what the new online sellers should do? Do they spend hours gathering all the relevant (and irrelevant) data and then spend few more days to understand it all?

Sure it can be quite rewarding if they know all their metrics well, decision-making would become much efficient. However, to keep things sweet and simple at the initial stage and help them save their time for other important tasks (inventory management, store optimization, marketing, and more), here are 5 key metrics the new online vendors should prioritize atop-

  1. Daily sales You won’t make grand sales right from get-go. It’s going to take time to accelerate. So it makes more sense to not to be obsessed with your daily sales; something that everyone recommend. However, to have realistic expectations of future growth and to conduct A/B testing with your strategies, you should check the amount of the sales you’re making every day and then compare the data week-on-week for a bigger picture.
  2. Conversion rate– Don’t get too hung up on your stores’ daily traffic. Even when high, you might not be making as much sales. Keep an eye open to the conversion rate—the number of visitors to the number of sales. When down, know something on your store isn’t right and needs fixing, whether the overall aesthetic, content or something else.
  3. Customer acquisition cost (CAC)– It’s how much are you spending to gain new customers or to make one sale. More relevant when you’re spending on advertisements and other promotional efforts. If your CAC is too high, you need to bring it down to cut higher profit margin.
  4. Shopping cart abandonment rate– How many people are actually adding your products in their shopping cart but aren’t actually buying? This is one important metric that shows the loopholes on your store, in your transition steps; maybe you aren’t offering the right payment options, maybe the potential customers aren’t sure of their details’ security. Identify the problem and fix it!
    Did you know the average shopping cart abandonment rate for online retailers is 67.91 percent?
  5. Email CTR– Running email campaigns parallel to your sales strategy is one of the most important tasks. For customer retention, having a winning post-sales follow-up is important and this is where emails come in. You must communicate and engage your customers, and push them (sensibly) for another purchase. But what if you’re sending them emails but they aren’t actually reading it—and the ones who are, in fact, reading, aren’t clicking on the given links (your CTA)? So it is important that you know the Click-Through-Rate (CTR) of your emails. If it’s low, there’s something wrong with the content of your email.

Of course collecting and analyzing even these selective metrics would be no less easy. It’s going to take some time and a bit of brainstorming. To save your time and more stress, you can sign up to e-commerce solution—more so if you’re selling on, Amazon and numerous other marketplaces and storefronts together. Aside helping you handle all your backend tasks quickly and smoothly, the top ones also provide with regular sales report. It’s much detailed and easy to understand, which can save you more of your time.

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The secret life of successful online sellers

Daniel Posted On - February 6, 2017

online sellers
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A lot has been written about successful online sellers over web—how they started with zero investment, how they are making millions today, the luxurious life they are currently enjoying, and just how rocking their lives are right now. While as exciting as it is to read these ‘success stories’, fact is that they often skip so many important details, offering only the ‘goods’ the readers want to read. This leads to false and unrealistic expectations that new sellers hold close to when making important business decisions. And needless to say, this turns out fatal for their business over the course.

Here are 6 crucial truths about the journey of successful online vendors that you don’t get to read in these purported success stories-

  1. They spent countless sleepless nights

These successful Amazon and eBay sellers were once but a beginner rather like you. However, to complete the journey from where they were to the current spot where they are, they spent countless sleepless nights, working hard to face the challenges and make things work out—something that the regular ‘success stories’ sidestep, focusing solely on the ‘success’ part.

They are more serious about marketing than you

Marketing is the key to success for every business. And the successful online sellers know this very well. Aside optimizing their stores for the internal search engine of marketplaces, they still spend a ridiculous amount of time promoting their products and store across platforms, from social media to IMs to search engines. And unlike the new sellers, they don’t shy away from investing in advertisements and PPC.

  1. They offer personalized experience to the customers

Given the high competition in the market, successful online sellers strive to offer personalized experience to their audience and customers, whether with marketing, selling or post-sales follow up. This helps not only boost their sale, but also build customer loyalty, who acts as “fans” of the store, often triggering Word-of-Mouth marketing.

  1. They always strive to scale their business

Started from the bottom, now they are at the top—one of the reasons why that is because they always strive to scale their business. They always plan and map strategies how to reach more audience, how to make more sales, and how to expand their business beyond.

  1. They make time to ‘live’ by using e-commerce software solution

One of the biggest secrets of top vendors, in fact, is they are never alone in their endeavors. While they often hire professionals and experts for additional assistance, for all their backend tasks, they rely on multi-channel e-commerce software solution. Handling everything of various storefronts from a centralized platform, including products setup, real time inventory management and order fulfillment, they end up making plenty of time for other important tasks and luxurious activities.

  1. They enjoy a location independent life

Yes, few part of the cliché ‘success stories’ are true. Top online sellers do enjoy a dreamy life. Some even live a location independent lifestyle—more common for the affiliate Amazon and eBay seller. Working from Thailand this week while in Rio de Janeiro, soaking sun on an exotic beach the next week.

So have you been reading the success stories of successful online sellers for some beat of motivation, know that they often skip crucial parts of the real stories. Prevent from forming any unrealistic expectations. Enter the market – sell on Walmart online, start an Amazon storefront – with the right facts and numbers.

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Here’s What eBay Sellers In Are Happy About

Daniel Posted On - December 21, 2016

eBay Sellers In
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The fact that has opened up ample avenues for third party sellers to perform under their umbrella, has been considered a mini blessing by e commerce sellers at large especially those that are already present in top marketplaces like eBay and wish to enhance their scope even further. However, the raging battle with established and often demanding marketplace requirements has left infinite sellers fumbling with locating routes to harmonious selling practices.

On occasions when sellers, especially Amazon eBay sellers failed to find the best integrated selling strategies, the consequences were as drastic as warnings, loss or ranking and eventual suspensions in both platforms. While many such cases have been reported over the past few months, the brighter side of the picture has emerged with a number of sellers in Amazon and eBay stating their first hand experience on performing in both marketplaces successfully.

Here are a few factors that have been pointed out by these sellers as being integral in contributing to their success…

Integration professionals are only a step away –

Integrating with is a perfect bliss for all sellers in the world of ecommerce. The platform has maintained effectiveness and simplicity in its API, which makes it easy for sellers at all levels to understand and act accordingly. Besides this, sellers can also gain easy access to the best ecommerce solution developers that are also the official integration partners for Things could not get any better than this.

Pricing compatibility tools are available easily with quality e commerce solution developers –

When you sell on and eBay at the same time, a lot of issues associated with pricing inconsistencies between the two marketplaces can arise to take a toll on overall performance, visibility and profits. However, with the availability of advanced tools and software solutions that are available with the official integration partners of, these inconsistencies can be easily bridged.

The solutions usually come with a considerable price tag, but are always worth the approach and are perhaps the best shield against adverse consequences like loss of visibility, warnings and suspensions.

FBA applies in, so maintaining quality in order fulfillment is never an issue –

FBA is applicable to eBay and perfectly. Thus, sellers who are already using this order fulfillment system are not required to hunt around for suitable order completion solutions while performing in Approaching proper FBA integration with all marketplaces of presence should be good enough to maintain commendable performance.

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Do You Really Need A Store For eBay Selling?

Stephen Posted On - November 25, 2016

eBay Selling
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eBay stores are usually considered one of the best ways to manage presence in this top and fast performing marketplace. Owning an eBay store allows better exposure before target buyers, improved ranking in search results and most importantly, higher degree of dependability with buyers at large. Sellers with stores in eBay can also access features to improve the look of their store fronts which again, is a very potent means of winning the attention of purchase motivated traffic that can be expected to come back over and over again.

The question, are store suitable for all entities engaged with eBay selling? Here are three factors that can help enthusiasts make their decision for a brighter future in this marketplace…

Volume of business

eBay stores are usually compatible with high volume sellers that have hundreds of products in their listing and thousands of unit worth of inventory stored across multiple warehouses in eBay. As is obvious, the revenues generated by these large sellers have to overcome the costs involved in hosting a store in the first place.

As far as small and hobby sellers are concerned, maintaining a store can be more unproductive than otherwise. More often than not it has been seen that sellers with lesser than 200 products in their listing don’t get high search ranking as is otherwise expected. At the same time, inability to manage costs can lead to losses than cater to building profits.

Power seller status

Sellers with the power seller badge can have an edge in this respect. Power sellers are usually high volume sellers, with amazing performance records that can already fetch them the visibility and dependability they need to maintain stores in the first place.

Health of business

Irrespective of how voluminous your business may be, if it is not in good health in terms of growth charts and profits, store may become black holes for sucking out revenues than otherwise.

Whether in eBay, Walmart, Sears, Amazon or any other platforms for that matter, building stores is always considered a luxury that can be handled only by a remote few. In very simple words, if you don’t have the bulk, the revenues or heath, it is better to opt for the regular selling options than approaching stores. If you do feel that stores are your thing, it is wise to continue with proper integration and automation tools offered by dependable providers for wholesome and optimum benefits.

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A Brief Insight Into Stocking eBay Amazon Inventory In Warehouses Profitably

Stephen Posted On - September 24, 2016

eBay amazon listing software
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Your approach to inventory management in Amazon and eBay can determine the future of your business in these two top marketplaces. Very often it has been observed that maximum number of beginners who are rather inexperienced in Amazon and eBay selling falter in inventory control that eventually paves the way for issues like over and under selling, order cancelations and drainage of funds. This makes it very necessary for sellers to be aware about the inventory management best practices in these marketplaces to stay in the right track from the first day on.

Basically, there are 4 rules that need to be remembered…

Stock as much as necessary –

If under stocking is not considered healthy for eBay Amazon selling, neither is over stocking. Over stocking of inventory usually happens when sellers make wrong predictions of demands and pile up on their stock to prevent running out of the same. This basically leads to heavier warehouse charges which gets worse when the products don’t fetch any sale for a period of time.

Be connected to the supply chain from the source –

Staying in tune with eBay Amazon warehouses is only one side of the entirety of inventory management. The other side involves staying in touch with the supply source from where the concerned retailers / merchants get their stock in the first place. Losing track of the source can lead to infinite issues that can often end with long term out of stock status or scrapping of concerned listing.

Integrate with the best inventory control softwares –

eBay Amazon inventory is best managed with the assistance of high quality software solutions especially the feature rich options that are made available by reputed third party e commerce solution developers. Features like real time inventory movement updates, low stock level alerts, regular reports on performance etc are expected in the chosen options.

Move stale inventory than withdrawing it –

Another critical aspect that all sellers must take note of is the art of moving stale inventory. There are times when certain listings fail to fetch sales causing the inventory in the warehouses to stay put in the shelves. This again enhances storage cost in the part of the sellers while not fetching any profits for months.

In cases when stale inventory is experienced, most sellers find it convenient to withdraw the items for instant relief. However, the best approach in this respect is to move the inventory with better listing or re-listing the products. Offering combo deals can fetch remarkable results in moving stale inventory.

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5 Horrors All eBay Sellers Wish They Could Avoid

Stephen Posted On - September 10, 2016

eBay sellers
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If you think you are having a hard time in eBay, please remember that there are many other sellers who are suffering extreme horrors at this very moment. This is also the lot who can narrate a chain of unfortunate circumstances in their own firsthand experience that will make you thank your stars for being at a far better position.

Here are 5 of the most common issues that eBay sellers face at some point of the other which can cause significant levels of push-back in business. However, none of these are matters that cannot be brought under control with the right techniques at the right time.

Invisible listing

The matter of listing invisibility was faced by infinite sellers even the upper crust sellers in eBay mostly after Cassini was rolled out a couple of years ago. It took a while for all to understand what the new search engine demands and create listing accordingly. The impact of the rollout was so bad that many sellers had to consider quitting eBay for a more favorable platform.

Unexpected marketplace updates

Besides Cassini sudden surprise updates like the latest delivery review have grasped sellers in a whirlpool of uncertainty. In fact, many sellers have been performing under pressure that has directly contributed to messing up their approach to selling as well as their good night sleep.

Fraudulent purchases

There is not one eBay seller who can say that they are completely safe from fraudulent purchases. eBay as a platform is well known for fraudulent buyers who either misuse products and return for full refunds or make fraud payments through ghost accounts leading to complete loss in the part of the sellers.

Bad reviews

eBay selling is never a bed of roses. At some point in selling, bad reviews and rating are assured to come in to add bitterness to your otherwise good records. Things usually seem gloomier when these poor reviews don’t have any real backing. Cassini takes reviews very seriously; therefore dealing with these horrors can be a painstaking experience.

Fee miscalculations

O My God, What Have I Done moments are common with fee miscalculations. Even with the best eBay Amazon seller central assistance, fee miscalculations can cause significant setbacks for sellers. Not using fee calculation tools can often lead to this hassle.

Basically, if you feel that you are facing any of these issues, it will benefit to remember that taking the right preventive measures and corrective measures can bring things back to health.

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Quick Tips To Make Your Seller Profile Look More Authentic In eBay

Steve Burns Posted On - September 4, 2016

eBay Seller Profile
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How you manage your profile in ecommerce marketplaces as a seller goes a very long way in determining how impressed and convinced your target customers will be. While there are certain ecommerce marketplaces that do not allow sellers to gain more popularity over the platform itself (like Amazon), there are others that ensure that all sellers get an opportunity to build up their brand name. eBay is a shining example of the latter. In these marketplaces, eBay seller profiles usually make a massive difference as far as gaining and retaining attention from target buyers are concerned. The idea is to display your best without going overboard.

Here are a few quick tips to make your profile attractive and engaging at the same time…

eBay Seller Profile

eBay Profile Picture

eBay allows its sellers to use appropriate profile pictures which is in fact a very believable way to win the confidence of the buyers. Profile pictures of your brick and mortar establishment preferably with you in it will directly enhance the authenticity of your store / brand. However, it is advisable to be wise with the pictures used in profile in the sense that sellers must understand that eBay is not social media. at all times, the pictures need to be professional.


How you describe your brand / shop / endeavor in your profile determines the level of traffic that will eventually hit your store. While it is alright to keep things professional, making a strictly text book approach in describing your store can be counterproductive. Online shoppers these days are ready to inhale some excitement when it comes to knowing the sellers they are shopping from. So, adding a brief paragraph on what made you commence your business and what makes you one of the best in your line, will always be in good taste.

Reviews and Ratings

If you have managed to win good reviews and ratings over your months of operation, please ensure making the same amply visible in your profile. Highlight the best reviews and ratings so that they are perfectly visible to buyers when they click on your products. This is one of the best ways to add glamour to your eBay profile for the best of consequences.

Last but certainly not the least; never shy away from consulting professionals if you feel that you will require assistance in making your profile more attractive than it already is.

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Have A Super Expensive Item To Sell On eBay? Take These Precautionary Measures

Daniel Posted On - August 16, 2016

most expensive items on eBay
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These million dollar products were actually sold on eBay

Dinner with Warren Buffet – 2.63 million!

5 person town of Albert, Texas – 2.5 million!

Zagami Martian meteorite – 450,000 $

The Giga Yacht at 168,000,000 $ is perhaps one the most expensive eBay item ever to be sold!

Yes… all of these and more have been sold on eBay by sellers who somehow had the perfect understanding of how get the best of this auction based marketplace. This basically shows that there is possibly no easier way to explain that eBay is a platform for everything. Whether you have a 5$ hat to get off your shelf or you have a princess cut diamond to sell, you can find bidders here waiting with cash.

As far as selling some of the most expensive things on eBay are concerned, the question is, how do you do it right? Matters of gaining buyer attention, getting the right amount that you may have thought of in your head and most importantly staying safe while transacting can rob you of your sleep in you have not planned your course of action right.

Mini Chart for Best Course of Action

  • Start the bid small – If you are expecting to fetch 1500$ for your product, don’t ever start the bid at 1500$ or around. You should in fact, start the bid with a very small amount, say 75$ or 80$ for example. This will help that product gain maximum visibility which will in turn enhance the worth of the product.
  • Make the products as believable as possible – Say for example, if you are selling a 4 carat diamond ring, try and include as many inputs of authenticity as possible. Original documents, certificate of authenticity, original boxes in which the ring came, handwritten notes if any (if the item has some historical significance) etc. will help in increasing the value and dependability of the product. This will win greater buyer attention.
  • Describe the product with perfect honesty – This is extremely important when you are selling the most expensive thing on eBay. If there is a scratch on your product please mention it clearly. This will prevent any chances of return request from buyers. you must also offer as many pictures as possible from as many angles as possible to dismiss any possible grey areas.
  • For your own safety

    Stories of eBay frauds are not very uncommon. When you are selling very expensive items, you will have to be extra cautious. Use address verification systems to detect authenticity of delivery addresses are critical. Use fraud prevention tools to detect fraud transactions are just as important.

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    Easiest Ways To Drive Traffic To Your eBay Store

    Robin Smith Posted On - July 30, 2016

    Ebay store selling
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    You have opened your eBay store and are thrilled about it! You have listed the products you wish to sell and they are in the best of health. Your shop front looks enticing and ready to treat the flock with the best that they may have experienced in terms of quality and prices. However, something stands in your way as an invisible hurdle that appears to stop eBay traffic from flooding into your store! This has been the unfortunate case with hundreds of eBay sellers who have had to leave the platform in dearth of traffic.

    If you are one among those asking ‘how to increase traffic to my eBay store’, the answer may be easier than you thought! Here are 4 easy solutions which when conducted properly can increase your traffic by 100% if not more…

    Go social

    With billions of eyes stuck on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Google +, Pinterest etc. social bookmarking can win you phenomenal traffic almost instantly. You need to share your link engagingly and organically to drive prospective buyers to your eBay store.

    Try Vlogging

    Volgs = Video + Blogs, are trending these days. Almost every YouTube subscriber runs through informative vlogs on products they wish to purchase. Say for example, if a certain buyer is planning on purchasing a certain brand of foundation, the individual is sure to look through vlogs that throw light upon the quality and intensity of the same. If you share vlogs on the products you sell and connect links to your e Bay store, you will actually drive purchase motivated traffic to your venture.

    Content and effective linking

    Content in the form of articles and blogs, is also considered one of the best ways to drive traffic to eBay store. Publishing your articles with organically embedded links can increase your store visibility like never before. If you think that you cannot write impactful articles yourself, you can always seek assistance from professional content creators who will deliver impactful results at affordable prices.

    Listing optimization

    Fourthly, there could be no better way to multiply visibility than optimize your listing in eBay. Optimized listing with the right set of keywords, proper descriptions, impactful images and user friendly titles can win the faith of eBay search engine easily and effectively. Landing page optimization should also be considered at the very onset of the business. For gaining functional optimization, it is advisable to use software solutions from reputed e commerce solution developers.

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    Amazon Sellers Are Pampered Lot – Truth v/s Myth

    Thomas Posted On - May 16, 2016

    Amazon eBay Sellers
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    Amazon is a class apart in many ways making it the unchallenged leader in the world of e commerce. While many new e commerce marketplaces are claiming that they will soar over Amazon in a few hand counted years, in all honesty, this is one of the toughest and rather unachievable dreams that may not be possible till the next few decades. Besides that fact that Amazon is the largest marketplace in the world for perhaps, the largest categories of products, this is also the platform that offers the ultimate possibility of growth and profits to sellers irrespective of their size, experience or volume of business.

    In fact, it is often believed by the world of e commerce enthusiasts that Amazon seller happen to be the pampered lot who are spoiled rotten with over-the-top advantages showered on them. For those who have glanced through the benefits of Amazon vendor, seller central and most importantly FBA, cannot often be convinced otherwise. In most cases, there is no need to. However, to take the fact for granted that Amazon pampers its sellers rotten is nowhere close to the truth. Whether you like it or not, Amazon & eBay has always been and will continue to be more in favor of buyers than Amazon or eBay seller.

    Say for example, if there is a tussle between the sellers and buyers about a certain order in terms of returns and refunds, one can take it for granted that the verdict will be settled in favor of the buyers. It does not really matter how flimsy or absurd the reason for returns may be. The crux of the matter is, if the request is made, it will be entertained. So, hypothetically, if a certain clever buyer orders a designer dress, gets it delivered, wears it with the tag on to wherever intended and places return request the next day with the dress intact with the tag and in perfectly saleable condition… the request has to be entertained.

    At this very moment, discussion forums are getting hotter with how unfair Amazon gets with sellers when it comes to perfecting purchase experience in the part of buyers. Besides this, an average Amazon seller also gets to experience the inadequacies of the otherwise advantageous options of sellers / vendor central as well as FBA. In all honesty, none of these are fool proof solutions to seller success. Winning in Amazon can actually get very tough for the latter and requires constant hard work and support from intelligent tools and software solutions. at times, business improvement in Amazon can get really expensive.

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    Smart Inventory Control For Perishable Goods

    Daniel Posted On - May 16, 2016

    eBay inventory control
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    All things under the sun come with specific expiry dates and this includes the planets and the sun itself! However, the fact that certain items of crucial importance like fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, grains and an array of packed and processed foods have no more than a few odd days of survival. These hand counted days are usually known for keeping grocers in the ecommerce platforms up on their toes almost all the time.

    Considering the fact that such inventory on an average has less than a week to move the risk of running into serious losses is always very high. Without implementation of smart inventory control means, winning in e commerce grocery business can be nothing short of a black hole.

    The usual tips that can be applied for Amazon or eBay inventory control usually fall short while addressing the matter of e commerce grocery set ups. Right from the process of procuring the saleable items from their wholesaling source to stocking them in proper storage systems and managing orders can be extremely trying and expensive. For those who are planning to kick start their e commerce grocery business, here are a few things that require serious consideration…

    Firstly, it must be remembered at all times that as far as fresh fruits and vegetables are concerned, it is impossible to resist damages. Even if you manage to acquire 95% of your products in perfect shape, there will that other 5% that will call for urgent moving from the shelves. If you guarantee 100% satisfaction to your buyers, you will not be able to mix these items with the regular orders and wish that customers will forgive that one bad apple in the entire basket. This usually never happens.

    Secondly, stocking and warehouse management should be your primary focus. You cannot stock perishable eatables at any odd warehouses. Temperature controlled storage systems are a must with appropriate means of tracking product expiry. This may cost some money in the form of upfront investments. If you hire warehouses, the rent is also assured to be reasonably high considering the volume and nature of stock.

    Thirdly, you will have to ensure that delivery of the ordered items happens within 24 hours or around. Any longer, and there will be infinite chances for the products (especially fruits and vegetables) to start rotting. This is never acceptable to buyers and may also call for refunds.

    To sum up, the eBay seller software to inventory control systems for perishable goods should include a good plan to move the stock faster, have it delivered faster and most importantly access means that will help sellers keep track of the shelf life of the goods so that orders and delivery can be managed accordingly.

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    eBay Selling Strategies That Large Sellers Need But Hobby Sellers Don’t

    Stephen Posted On - April 19, 2016

    eBay Inventory management
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    eBay as a top performing marketplace has gained phenomenal popularity among e commerce enthusiasts mainly because it accommodates all kinds of sellers. Whether you are a very large manufacturer or a midsized retailer; whether you are private label enthusiast or a 10 product hobby seller; eBay has made itself accessible and profitable for all. While every one of these sellers are perpetually clashing to gain the best exposure and the best profits (in their terms) the strategies that are used by the larger sellers happen to be way different than that of the smaller hobby sellers when it comes to achieving individual goals.

    Say for example, larger sellers in eBay who usually maintain very large inventories across multiple warehouses can never get even a step ahead without proper eBay Inventory management systems that integrate and automate their inventory movement seamlessly and flawlessly. Hobby sellers on the other hand can well do without these otherwise expensive support softwares. Considering the fact that their inventories are mostly socked right under their nose, movement of the same is always traceable. At same time, maintaining these support systems with bare minimum pocket-money profits is never a good business decision to make.

    Creating quality eBay listing is one of the most critical tasks that all sellers need to take up with extreme care and caution. Sellers with hundreds and thousands of products usually find relief in using eBay listing software for the sole function of automating in creating the listing or brining changes into the same. Hobby sellers with hand counted products to sell, on the other hand can accomplish quality listing manually. With very little to upload, the task of creating quality keyword rich titles, taking quality images, determining competitive prices etc all gets very easy. Spending on softwares when manual efforts can be more promising is not advisable at all.

    Besides the usage of softwares for critical operational tasks, there is yet another factor that differentiates the selling strategies of hobby sellers and larger more serious sellers and this has got everything to do with opening eBay stores. Opening eBay stores is usually advisable to larger manufacturers, retailers, private label owners etc who need to create a brand impact to drive sales. Hobby sellers who are usually home based sellers don’t have any such urgency nor do they have the required funding to open and maintain eBay stores. So, they are better off selling individually than otherwise.

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    Aiming To Become A Power Seller in eBay? Here’s Why Your Inventory Management Will Count

    Thomas Posted On - April 11, 2016

    Multichannel Marketing
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    Sellers in eBay may or may not admit it, but each and every one of them is always motivated to wear the crown of the power seller as soon as possible. There is something so special about this tag that not aiming for it can in fact, push sellers to the recesses as far as competition in terms of traffic, conversions and revenue is concerned. Becoming a power seller in eBay means an instant boost to visibility through best match search results. This goes a very long way to ensure that the power seller is always in most-trusted list of purchase motivated target buyers. Traffic and conversions flood in as an inevitable outcome.

    Besides this, the sellers also gain massively from the top rated seller badge in the listing page while being free to access a wide range of other profit boosting benefits that eBay has in store to offer. Irresistible as this may sound, becoming a Power seller is seldom easy. There are way too many qualifying criteria that sellers have to meet before being granted this stamp of exclusivity. Say for example, it is imperative that the sellers conduct high volume business that should cover thousands of dollars every month. The rest depends upon the quality of services that are extended in favor of the buyers.

    Positive reviews from customers count to the last word. In fact, sellers should have around 90% to 98% positive reviews in order to get and maintain their power seller badge. Conducting a high volume business while at the same time, offering best possible purchase experience to buyers is not easy. This requires strict assistance of eBay sellers software that can fortify each and every area of operational importance that collectively make the eBay venture outstanding. At all times, in the race to gain the power seller badge, how you manage your inventory will matter in every way possible.

    Considering the bulk of the business one can understand that the inventory will also be very large to handle if not spread over multiple warehouses. Keeping track of what flows in and what flows out is critical to prevent disasters like over selling and under selling each of which can amount to order cancellations that is never acceptable to eBay. In fact, this is one of those reasons that account for a massive percentage of poor reviews which is never an option for power seller enthusiasts to receive. Systemized eBay inventory control thus an urgent necessity in this race.

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    To Use Or Not To Use eBay Amazon Tools For Arbitrage Selling

    Stephen Posted On - March 30, 2016

    eBay Amazon tools
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    There is a certain degree of irresistibility seen among e commerce sellers when it comes to the matter of arbitrage selling. Till date, this process of selling has been upheld as one of the quickest ways of making profits in eBay through Amazon. However, the nature of arbitrage selling has always been a little questionable. You can say that till the time buyers identify the give and take happening between the sellers of these two giant marketplaces, everything seems to fine. If the game is identified though, sellers usually settle the difference to avoid poor reviews.

    Basically, it can be said that like it or not, arbitrage selling is here to stay for a while and sellers at all levels especially the smaller ones have already been pulling up their socks to make the most of the opportunity. Nevertheless, when it comes to making the most of this opportunity, sellers are always expected to put their best foot forward to gain the best results. Arbitrage selling may lead to easy profits but the process in itself can be very trying. From creating listings in eBay according to the top selling products in Amazon to adjusting prices of products listed in eBay in comparison with Amazon and vice versa, everything needs to be accomplished without fail.

    For sellers who may be thinking that all this can be done manually with literally no effort at all, may be fooling themselves big time. At all times, if sellers are looking forward to making the most of arbitrage selling, it is more than imperative to implement end to end automation of the process. Using proper eBay Amazon softwares is thus called for as mandatory. Considering the fact that price adjustments and readjustments is the backbone of arbitrage selling, using high quality pricing and repricing softwares is called for at the very onset. Not using these softwares will tend to keep the sellers blind to the frequently changing price structures in Amazon which may go a long way in compromising expected levels of profits. Besides this, using proper listing softwares is also advised for quality performance.

    Although, this is usually a hush-hush matter for most eBay Amazon sellers, it may not be very long before proper applicable softwares are designed and brought to the market to cater completely to arbitrage selling. Till then, enthusiasts will have to do with bits and pieces to reach desired goals.

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    Seller Secrets That eBay Store Competitors Will Never Tell You

    Steve Burns Posted On - March 17, 2016

    eBay store selling software
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    If you are a new seller in eBay and are looking for success tips from established performers, be assured that no one will spoon feed you with the ultimate secrets of their achievements. For all you know, if you are close to selling similar products or may be featuring under the same product category, there is no way your competitor would boost your performance with their tried and tested tips and tricks. This is justified to an extent for obvious reasons. Putting it in simple words, not many would want to nurture their own competitors simply because it is as good as axing one’s own feet.

    To begin with, as a new eBay seller, you are very likely to wish to understand how to utilize listing in profitable ways. Be assured, you will never get the complete tapestry of how to go about the process from performing competitors in this platform. Basically, this will be more like a trial and error process for you wherein you will undergo crests and troughs in your performance till you hit upon the strategy that works best for you. Similarly, if you are looking for tips and guidance for adding luster to your listing, store designing or even winning conversions for that matter, you may discover that you are on your own.

    More often than not, established sellers have also been seen to be very secretive about the type of eBay selling support that they may be using. While some may be generous enough to give out the names of the developers, there are others who usually blur things out so that the information is no good to no one. While this seems to be a desolate chain of affairs, this does not mean than you will have to go without any success assistance while launching your efforts in this top performing and rather maddening marketplace.

    Existing as professional e commerce solution developers, these super entities can offer you not just valuable advice but also the right tools and selling solutions that will help you make leaps of progress from the very onset of your venture. With these professionals by your side, you will not have to face harassment while looking around for productive advice. Considering the fact that many of these developers offer budget friendly eBay selling solutions smaller startups with limited resources can start their endeavors in eBay with their best foot forward.

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