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Small Sellers’ Guide To Amazon eBay Listing Service

Stephen Posted On - January 28, 2018

eBay listing service
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Proper listing is the first step to gaining endless visibility and good ranking in top ecommerce marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. All serious sellers are therefore seen to devote ample time and efforts towards proper listing strategies which help them maintain a steady flow of traffic and conversions towards their respective stores. Making efforts at improving listing quality is also of immense importance for small sellers that can gain instant competitive edge from the same.

Considering the pace of these top marketplaces these days, achieving listing excellence is hardly possible without the assistance of proper Amazon eBay listing service. Smaller sellers that are usually reluctant to approach these services for the sake of costs usually end up compromising on their over selling endeavors especially with respect to traffic generation and revenues. Following, is a small guide that will enlighten smaller and newer entities about selling services in general that will help them take better decisions about the same…

Why do you need eBay Amazon listing services?

While it is true that strategizing and implementation of eBay Amazon listing can be carried out manually by sellers themselves, using software solutions can add instant speed and efficiency to the process. Professional listing services are usually backed by the best of softwares and tools that can automate core areas of listing like listing creation in tune with the specifications of the marketplaces, error free feed management, one click import / export / data improvements and more. This can go on to save ample time and manual efforts in the part of the sellers which can be further invested in other productivity enhancing tasks.

Tips to choose the best listing services –

There is a slight difference between choosing the best eBay Amazon software for listing and choosing the best Amazon eBay listing ‘services’. The latter is more about comprehensive, customizable and literally all inclusive services that can be tailor made to suit the needs of the concerned sellers. In order to access the best of listing services it necessary to start by approaching dependable providers of the same. A little research on available options can help you locate quality providers at affordable price packages.

Paid V/s free services –

Listing services offered by high quality providers especially 3P providers may come with a high price tag. However, costs also depend upon the level and scope of services, the number of added tools and softwares in the system, the level of professional involvement and more. While free softwares for listing is easy to find, free services may be rare. At all times, paid softwares are richer in features and are also backed by high quality customer support making them better and more effective options.

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eBay Amazon Software Myths No Sellers Should Fall For

Thomas Posted On - September 17, 2017

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Ecommerce sellers these days, especially Amazon eBay entities, that are making all possible endeavors to grow in terms of volume, scope and profits, are perpetually looking forward to accessing the best tools and software solutions that can offer end to end support to their businesses. Very sadly though, there are many new sellers that have limited understanding about seller support solutions and are often seen to believe in myths that eventually make the process of selection faulty.

Following are some of these myths that are best when busted at the earliest…

  • Amazon eBay softwares are all inclusive – Putting it in very simple words… No, they are not. To make softwares all inclusive in terms of support features is an impossibility for at least, a hundred valid reasons. You should rather choose softwares that contain features that are most relevant to your business.
  • They will never get obsolete – If you think that post installation, your software will last for ages to come; think again. considering the pace at which e commerce is evolving, you will have to ensure updating your softwares regularly in order to stay in pace with the changing ecommerce landscape.
  • Star features for free – The best of things come at a cost. Never be fooled by offers made by shady providers, that involve top features available free or at dirt cheap prices.
  • Same software applies to all – This never happens. Almost all softwares these days are marketplace specific, which is the reason why you cannot use Amazon solutions for eBay and vice versa. Softwares may also differ for multi channel operations like Amazon Shopify Walmart integration and other similar platform combinations.
  • 100% automation – This is one of those lies that even moderately enlightened sellers refuse to believe any more. You can extend automation to as much as 90% by involving a set of evolved softwares. But at no time can it be 100% for the simple reason that AI has not taken over the human race yet. It is imperative for sellers to be prepared to put in personal efforts in the direction of core operations even if it involves only an hour a day.

How to choose eBay Amazon software that is worth your money?

  • Open your eyes to the true scope of these solutions – Doing a little homework about ecommerce support softwares goes a long way in making worthy slecetions.
  • Approaching dependable providers can help you gain best benefits in tune with your expenses.
  • Paid softwares can offer greater advantages in comparison with free options.

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5 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your eBay Amazon Store Profitably

Daniel Posted On - November 30, 2016

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Amazon and eBay are the ultimate marketplaces that are known for driving traffic to shops and setups of ever enthusiastic sellers. However, not many can deny the fact that the latter are actually required to do their bit to drive traffic to their Amazon and eBay stores in the first place to experience the rather dramatic results they may have been expecting. Herculean as this may seem to many, taking note of these rather simple yet effective solutions could ease the matter considerably…

Go social

There is no better way to direct traffic towards your eBay Amazon store than through social media. Almost every second individual in the world is glued to some social media platform or the other mainly through their portable devices making it is the best options to win maximum eyeballs. It does not take very long to understand the pulse of social media trends especially when professional assistance is sought for the purpose.

Vlogs and Blogs

Almost all purchase motivated buyers feel the urge to refer to personal experiences of real people before buying the product of their interest. If you publish blogs or vlogs on the products you sell followed with a link to your store in Amazon or eBay, your traffic could rise very significantly.

Be present in comparison shopping sites

Google Shopping, Shopzilla and Price Grabber are only a few to name. Being present in comparison shopping sites is more than just imperative to drive traffic to your store whether Walmart, eBay, Amazon, or any others for that matter. You may have to plan your costs and spend hours strategizing your ad campaigns faultlessly; but this is an effort that could open flood gates of traffic towards your store.

Affiliates are always a good bet

If you have not considered affiliate networks, anytime is a good time to lend some thought towards the same. Affiliate networks are still one of the best traffic boosting sources that are often affordable too.

Optimization and pricing still maintain their charm

This is perhaps the first step that all store owners in Amazon and eBay need to take care of. Perfect optimization of listing and appropriate pricing of products results in high search ranking in the respective platforms. In Amazon, optimization has been named as one of the few impactful factors that help sellers reach the buy box sooner than later. This works wonders towards diverting existing traffic in the platform towards respective stores leading to better chances of conversions.

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eBay Amazon Seller Secrets No One Wants To Share

Thomas Posted On - June 23, 2016

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We have all come across the phrase ‘Honesty is the best policy’ and there are ample reasons why this phrase holds relevance as well. E commerce sellers who are performing in the top marketplaces of eBay and Amazon would also say the same. Basically, when you are selling in these no nonsense marketplaces, you are required to abide by the rules to the last word. Hacks and tricks and bending the rules are often awarded with suspensions.

When asked, almost all sellers raise their hands and say they are the infallible rule abiding lot. However, taking a closer look a number of secrets have been discovered that no one wants to share. Here are four of the hush-hush methods that sellers often use when no one’s watching…

Long titles:

This is a classic black hat feed optimization technique that most eBay Amazon listing softwares with optimization benefits don’t support. Here, the sellers are tempted to pack in as many keywords in their product titles as possible so as to enhance discoverability of the same in the search engines of the respective marketplaces. This is way against the will of the platforms which rests at titles that are about 80 characters long. Very long titles are usually confusing for the buyers to read and understand making them less attractive to the same thereby diminishing their chances of being purchased. Neither eBay nor Amazon takes this slip casually but sellers still give their best shot at it!

False scarcity:

Not many Amazon seller softwares would offer the advantage of showing false scarcity, but then there are those that do. False scarcity basically refers to showing false deficiency in the listing which creates a sense of urgency among the prospective buyers to leap at the offers before it gets sold out. So, even if you have 100 items left in the stock, your listing will display only 3 left or only 2 left if not 1. This is one of the easiest ways to get prospective buyers to complete their orders at an instant than stocking things up in their carts.

A made up review or two:

It’s a shame but many sellers often do it to improve their sale history. This happens especially when the sellers receive a handful of poor reviews on their products or their order completion methods. If discovered, such stunts are usually awarded with strict warnings if not instant suspension of account.

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eBay Amazon Softwares Cannot Solve These Issues For Sellers

Thomas Posted On - June 14, 2016

eBay Amazon Softwares
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There are certain things that e commerce softwares can do for you and there are certain things that they cannot. This goes out mainly to the new sellers in eBay and Amazon who somehow nurture the belief that using softwares means embracing profits overnight. Basically, if you still have to press the button to have a task accomplished, you can be rest assured that your individual manual efforts count equally with the efforts of high quality softwares that you may have installed to boost your venture.

More often than not, eBay Amazon softwares are designed to automate certain critical operational processes in these top performing marketplaces while offering additional value to the business in terms of pricing repricing assistance, enhancing performance metrics etc. However, it is imperative to know that irrespective of how amazing the chosen software solutions may be, they cannot cater to these wishes of the sellers…

No softwares guarantee profits:

To begin with, it is always good to approach softwares knowing that they can never guarantee profits to any sellers. These are the days when even the best of home appliances and tools come with ‘warrantees’ and not ‘guarantees’, so, thinking that any software can assure bringing profits to your doorsteps would be a little too much to expect. Softwares can help is automating certain critical process and offer valuable assistance at times, but never ever guarantee profits.

Thus, if you have ever wanted to badmouth a certain software in some review forum about it doing nothing to your business in terms of gains, you may want to read the fine lines carefully at first.

Softwares cannot identify fake buyers:

Sellers in eBay often wish that they could avail some sort of magic software that would start beeping when a fake / inauthentic buyer places an order. Till date, thousands of dollars have been lost to returns made by scam buyers who wish to use the products but not pay for it. Sadly, softwares with telepathic intelligence are yet to make its way to the world of e commerce. On a brighter note, there are softwares that can identify fake transactions and stop the order from processing almost instantly.

Softwares cannot guarantee first page search ranking:

Thirdly, it is always good to know that softwares can improve listing and even optimize it for the better but can never guarantee first page ranking or maximum conversions. Many sellers also believe that initiating integration process whether eBay Amazon or Magento Google Shopping or anything else for that matter, can guarantee first page ranking for their products. Basically, if there are other sellers who are making their listing / overall business strategies more interesting using the same softwares, their products may feature way ahead in comparison with yours.

Using softwares with realistic understanding of what it can do and what it cannot can help sellers improve selling strategies while enabling more intelligent usage of the same.

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5 Amazon Take-For-Granted Facts That Failing Amazon Sellers Challenge

Stephen Posted On - May 30, 2016

ebay amazon listing software
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Besides products, deals and opportunities, Amazon as the top e commerce marketplace of this century, is loaded with temptations. Thronging with millions of unique visitors and billions of searches that happen every single day from all around the world, there is very little reason why sellers would not want to establish their presence here and make the most of it at the same time. However, it is very necessary for any Amazon seller to note that there are certain things that should never be taken for granted in this platform.

Say for example, there are certain geniuses who think that setting up presence in Amazon means immediate profits. This is not true. Till date there have been scores of sellers who have not been able to make a single penny of profit from this platform and still remain hidden from the search results made by prospective buyers. Sellers need to understand that competition is the highest in Amazon making it imperative to strategize selling plans for any chance at profits at all.

Then again, there is another ongoing myth that FBA is a foolproof solution to the Buy Box. This again is not true. FBA is one of the many factors that contribute to make a product more likely to make it to the Buy Box. It seldom guarantees it though. FBA is a great way to complete orders with perfection, and the rest are just its side effects.

Most sellers join Amazon with the belief that the Amazon Seller Central is the magical solution to all operational hassles. This is nothing more than a myth. The seller central is a good seller support solution and is perhaps better than infinite other support solutions offered by different marketplaces. However, it will amount to a gross mistake if the shortcomings of seller central are overlooked. Performance of seller support solutions in top performing marketplaces like Amazon and eBay are often overrated till the times sellers themselves experience the loopholes firsthand. Using eBay Amazon tool to bridge such gaps is more than just essential.

Lastly, most sellers take a buyer’s faith in Amazon for granted. These sellers often believe that causing poor purchase experience in the part of buyers once or twice will not affect the faith of the latter in Amazon. This is woefully wrong. Buyers have faith in the platforms alright, but they have more faith in their direct purchase experience. If you as a seller turn down the trust of a buyer more than once, be assured that the buyer will choose not to return, leave a bad review and Amazon will have you kicked out in no time.

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To Use Or Not To Use eBay Amazon Tools For Arbitrage Selling

Stephen Posted On - March 30, 2016

eBay Amazon tools
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There is a certain degree of irresistibility seen among e commerce sellers when it comes to the matter of arbitrage selling. Till date, this process of selling has been upheld as one of the quickest ways of making profits in eBay through Amazon. However, the nature of arbitrage selling has always been a little questionable. You can say that till the time buyers identify the give and take happening between the sellers of these two giant marketplaces, everything seems to fine. If the game is identified though, sellers usually settle the difference to avoid poor reviews.

Basically, it can be said that like it or not, arbitrage selling is here to stay for a while and sellers at all levels especially the smaller ones have already been pulling up their socks to make the most of the opportunity. Nevertheless, when it comes to making the most of this opportunity, sellers are always expected to put their best foot forward to gain the best results. Arbitrage selling may lead to easy profits but the process in itself can be very trying. From creating listings in eBay according to the top selling products in Amazon to adjusting prices of products listed in eBay in comparison with Amazon and vice versa, everything needs to be accomplished without fail.

For sellers who may be thinking that all this can be done manually with literally no effort at all, may be fooling themselves big time. At all times, if sellers are looking forward to making the most of arbitrage selling, it is more than imperative to implement end to end automation of the process. Using proper eBay Amazon softwares is thus called for as mandatory. Considering the fact that price adjustments and readjustments is the backbone of arbitrage selling, using high quality pricing and repricing softwares is called for at the very onset. Not using these softwares will tend to keep the sellers blind to the frequently changing price structures in Amazon which may go a long way in compromising expected levels of profits. Besides this, using proper listing softwares is also advised for quality performance.

Although, this is usually a hush-hush matter for most eBay Amazon sellers, it may not be very long before proper applicable softwares are designed and brought to the market to cater completely to arbitrage selling. Till then, enthusiasts will have to do with bits and pieces to reach desired goals.

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How Good Is FBA For Your Amazon eBay Inventory

Robin Smith Posted On - March 28, 2016

Amazon Inventory management
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Fulfillment by Amazon is perhaps one of the biggest blessings that have been granted to e commerce sellers at large. The fact that this process allows sellers to bask in the glory of enhanced ease in inventory storage, order completions and delivery has loaded infinite otherwise clueless sellers with heightened confidence that they never thought they could ever possess. Sellers with very large inventories to manage and with little intentions of handling the hassles of packing, shipping etc can also benefit largely from FBA. Besides this, subscribing to FBA also means that Amazon will take whole and sole responsibility of handling issues like returns etc if it is necessary.

Empowered as FBA enthusiasts may already be feeling, this is not where the treat ends. It has been observed over a period of time that using FBA has helped sellers gain exposure before Amazon prime buyers which is a strictly profit making and growth propelling improvement. At the same time, FBA is also considered one of those silent ingredients to score more over competitors in Amazon Buy Box even if the concerned product does not display the cheapest prices! This is mainly because the often irresistible overnight delivery happens to be one of the most delectable FBA treats that sellers can extend to their buyers for which the latter is usually willing to pay more.

Furthermore, the fact that FBA is applicable to sellers in eBay and many other marketplaces as well comes as the icing on the cake.

If this has convinced FBA enthusiasts to jump in and subscribe to this dream solution right away, it may be worthwhile to sit back and think a little before making the decision. FBA has a flip side to it too which starts with sellers being exposed to the risk of losing track of their inventory. For those who have very large inventories lined up for FBA, using some form of high quality Amazon eBay inventory management system are always advised without which the sellers may remain blind to the movements taking place in their products stored in the Amazon warehouses. Besides this, the sellers may also come face to face with issues surrounding stale inventories that can cause more losses than gains.

At the same time, slow moving / heavy items with lower margins will only cause losses in favor of the sellers subscribing to FBA. Keeping in view the good side and the flip side of this facility, sellers are usually advised to review their business needs before opting for the latter.

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A Brief Insight into eBay Amazon Softwares for Repricing

Robin Smith Posted On - March 21, 2016

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There is something about the matter of pricing and repricing that has grasped the world of e commerce with ecstatic glee. To say that millions of sellers all over the world have discovered their hidden chances at breakthrough profits with proper pricing of their products would not be wrong at all. When it comes to top performing marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, one can say that just about everything can boil down to the pricing of the products. Basically, the structure of these two platforms is such that sellers with the best competitive prices gain maximum visibility. In fact, best competitive pricing is one of the vital factors that bring products of sellers to the much celebrated buy box.

The rush to score over the others in order to gain maximum visibility, traffic and resultant conversions pushes sellers to constantly change the prices of their products frequently and that too in tune with that of their competitors. This is more or less the definition and fucntion of repricing as it is understood today. While changing the prices, sellers are also required to ensure that their profit margins are not compromised. Dramatic increase or decrease in the product prices has never been instrumental in offering desired results through repricing. In short, it can be said that there is a whole lot of nitty-gritty that need to be addressed to land with the expected results of repricing, which again is impossible when approached manually.

The next best way is to employ eBay Amazon softwares for repricing which, in a nutshell, offer all the advantages through complete and all inclusive automation. From extracting competitor data to analyzing the same while implementing the best price changes for the most significant results is only the beginning of the treat. The advanced versions of these softwares also go to the extent of calculating your profit margins before repricing the concerned product or products in the list. This may sound unbelievable to many sellers especially the newbies, but is actually true to the last word.

Of late, eBay Amazon softwares for repricing have been very instrumental to cater to the cause of eBay arbitrage sellers. While this may not seem legit to many critics, the fact is, there are repricing solutions that are designed wholly and solely to cater to this cause. Considering the fact that the very idea of arbitrage selling is dependent on pricing, trying to accomplish the feat without software assistance can be risky.

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Using eBay Amazon Listing Softwares Directly Contribute To Yielding Performance – Here’s How

Stephen Posted On - February 29, 2016

eBay Amazon listing softwares
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Listing is the first step to a brighter future in top performing marketplaces, and this has been amply proven with tangible experiences of sellers. How you list your products determines how attractive the same would appear to your target buyers while staying in tune with the often stringent requirements mentioned by the concerned platforms of sale. Amazon and eBay are two of the top performing marketplaces that are known for their dedication towards perfect listing. As many unfortunate sellers have already come face to face with, there have been times when delinquents have been shown the door without a second consideration following outrageous listing follies.

While this may be a rare case (yet true) scenario, more often than not, it is the list of advantages of perfect listing that motivates sellers to put in better effort towards this direction. Here it is very necessary to note that listing requirements, irrespective of how stringent, difficult or unfair it may seem, are not designed to torment the sellers but to ensure that their product list is compatible with their search systems. When you list in tune with the requirements of the platform, your products directly get thumbs-up from the concerned marketplaces.

Being in tune with the stated requirements, the products feature somewhere in the top as and when any search for related items are conducted by purchase motivated buyers. This again, contributes directly to the discoverability of the sellers in these top performing marketplaces while enhancing traffic flow towards their stores and increasing conversions at the same time. It has been seen through tangible experience that sellers who list well, remain at the top of search results at all times.

Most sellers who have understood the cause have been seen to invest in very high quality and suitable eBay Amazon listing softwares that tend to handle the bulk of the process through effortless and error free automation. Usage of these super solutions ensures minimizing listing hassles in the part of the sellers that arise through manual handling of the same. Staying at a safe distance from errors and bottlenecks ensures sellers to remain in the good books of Amazon and eBay by allowing better shopping experience to the buyers.

Basically, usage of eBay Amazon listing tools spells a win-win situation for the sellers. Considering the fact that come at affordable prices through reasonable developers of the same, sellers at all levels, whether new or established, small scale or large can approach the same very confidently.

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Myths Surrounding eBay Amazon Softwares

Daniel Posted On - February 25, 2016

eBay Amazon softwares
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When it comes to selling in eBay and Amazon, flying solo and that too completely unassisted by selling support can be just as good as digging one’s own grave. This applies for all sellers who run small, midsized to large businesses through these top performing marketplaces. While it has been observed that sellers with very large establishments happen to be well enlightened about seller support these days, sellers who own small or midsized ventures are still seen to be in two minds about whether or not to use eBay Amazon softwares to further the cause of their businesses.

Apprehensions about these otherwise fruitful solutions arise from a set of misconceptions that have been surrounding the concept since the time they came into existence.

The first myth that surrounds eBay Amazon selling solutions is that they are unnecessary inputs designed to extract money from sellers without offering any real benefits. This is the most saddening of all myths that have circulated so far. The truth is functioning without seller support these days especially in these two top performing marketplaces can directly contribute towards losing in the face of cut throat competition while inviting errors and bottlenecks in critical processes like inventory control, order completion, listing management and many more.

Neither Amazon nor eBay nor any other quality marketplace would entertain mistakes as such in the part of the sellers. This makes it imperative for all to relax their faith on all things manual and avail eBay Amazon tools and softwares before commencing their ventures.

The second most annoying myth about selling solutions (tools, softwares and plug-ins) is that they are way too expensive and are not wallet friendly especially for smaller and more budget constrained sellers. The truth is, at this very moment, there are a good number of third party developers who offer very affordable yet very applicable software solutions for supporting sale and operations in top performing marketplaces. Approaching these developers is very easy and using the solutions is just as simple as well.

This brings us to the third myth that surrounds third party developers of Amazon eBay software solutions. Till date, there are sellers who are apprehensive about the authenticity of the developers with many having firm faith in their misconception that all such solution providers are scammers. In very simple words, this is just not true. Well chosen third party providers can be your ticket to a successful eBay Amazon venture. Conducting a little research before hiring the same can remove doubts that could be restricting progress.

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