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eBay Auction Listing Tips For Very Expensive Items

Stephen Posted On - September 3, 2016

eBay auction listing services
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Some of the most expensive items ever sold in eBay range over 4 to 5 million dollars through auction listing. So, if you are an eBay seller with something truly valuable to offer, you can be rest assured that the right set of target audience will be waiting to pay the best price for the deal. However, to ensure that you get the auction price that you have been hoping for, you will have to do your bit, to create the perfect eBay listing design suitable to the expensive item at hand. If you look closely, it is not as difficult as you may think. The guidelines are very simple to follow and even easier to execute…

eBay auction listing services

  • The title, the description and the images of the products have to be impeccably free of errors. You can take a tip or two from the sale of the Allsopp’s Arctic Ale 1852 that was originally sold in eBay for 304$ and later sold again by the buyer at 503,300$ in the same marketplace! The only difference was, the original seller spelt the name wrong and posted only a couple of pictures to describe the product.

The moral of the story is, while listing an expensive product in eBay, you will have to make generate trust from buyers. The only way you can do it right is by making the listing believable. From spelling the name perfectly to describing the product to every last detail; from posting as many pictures from as many angles as possible to topping the deal with certificates of authenticity, original boxes or any hand written notes etc. every real addition would improve the scope of winning worthy bids

  • Secondly, to make your product count among the top listings, you will need to start with a small believable bid amount. Say for example, if you wish to fetch 2000$ for your item, choose 75$ as your lowest bid amount. This help more people make their bids fetching more visibility for your item and a healthy ascendance to the price you hoped for.
  • Thirdly, offer assurance to your buyers in terms of warrantees and post purchase services that you can actually offer. While it is true that it is very rare for buyers to request such services, offering them will contribute to enhancing your believability which again, will contribute to making a healthy sale even beyond borders.
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