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How eBay Custom Label Helps Your Business

Shrikar Khare Posted On - July 28, 2016

eBay Custom label
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The very existence of e commerce sellers depend upon their visibility in the respective marketplaces that they have established their presence in. And when the marketplace is counted among the two distinguished leaders, the fight for survival seems to get a little tougher. eBay is one of those platforms where scrambling for visibility has been the only constant. With Cassini rolling out to make things impossible, sellers have woken up to designing strategies that can make their listing shine like the pole star among their competitors.

Gaining proper understanding of eBay custom label can go a very long way in helping towards the cause of gaining instant and effective visibility. This by far, one of the best product identifying solutions that eBay has rolled out over the past few years.

The first advantage of using custom labels in eBay is gaining a chance at instant and enhanced visibility in Cassini. With most of your fields customized with product identifiers, it becomes amply easy for the new search engine to locate your products and bring it in front of prospective buyers who are running search for the same.

Secondly, the fact that it applies to almost all product categories works profitably for sellers. Whether books or sports goods or health and beauty, eBay custom label fields can be used for one can all. While it is easier for larger retailers and business entities to use custom fields, smaller sellers selling unique products that don’t come with UPC, MPNs etc can also make use of the same with a little enlightenment and assistance from professionals.

Thirdly, guidance in the direction of using and understanding custom fields is also very easily available in eBay. Basically, it does not take much time or effort in the part of the sellers to get ahead with the process. For those who may seem to struggle with the set up, using professional assistance is always advised. Topped with the fact that bulk listing and editing tools can be used for the purpose makes custom label approachable for the sellers in general.

Till date, eBay custom label has helped hundreds of ventures of different natures and volumes to gain an upper hand in the search rankings of the platform. Many smaller sellers have banked their visibility wholly and solely on custom label. It has been predicted very rightly that by the end of the year, this will become mandatory than optional as it is now.

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