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What’s The Deal With eBay Deals! 5 Things You Must Know

Robin Smith Posted On - September 1, 2016

ebay deals
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Online shoppers especially those in eBay are ever motivated to locate the best of deals for the best of products that will help them save money while gaining maximum utility out of the purchased item. Taking a look at the introduction to eBay Deals, one can only see the motivation behind this master plan of enhanced visibility in favor of buyers and sellers alike. Basically, this is a mini platform that features products from the most trusted sellers at amazing discounts that can range anywhere from 15% to 80% or more along with the added benefit of free postage.

If you are a seller and your products qualify for this feature, you can be rest assured that the best of visibility, conversions and reviews will be all yours to enjoy within a very short span of time. However, eBay deals may not be as easy as it sounds. The qualifying criteria are usually quite specific and strict for most sellers to meet. Here is a list of things that inspired enthusiasts must know before attempting the same…

Only power sellers can qualify

This is a little sad but true. Only those sellers that have acquired the power seller status can apply for eBay Deals. This automatically indicates that smaller sellers and hobby sellers cannot qualify even if they offer now or never deals that buyers can only wish for.

You may have to queue up

Even power sellers may have to wait in line for their applications for the service to be accepted by eBay. There is no instant gratification of requests and there are chances that even power sellers’ applications get rejected under numerous grounds. Seller with a minimum of 4.5 seller rating will be given preference over the rest.

Only BIN items can be included

Only those products with ‘Buy it Now’ can qualify for eBay Deals. Rest will automatically become invisible as far as this criterion is concerned.

Fixed price multi quantity listing are applicable

Products in duplicate listing and auction based items will not qualify for this service.

Product quality and price matters

The products listed by sellers to qualify for the Deal must be brand new with at least 20% lesser price that the mentioned retail rate. Popular, recognized and high street brands will get preference. Warrantees and return policies for the products must be clearly mentioned by the sellers.

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