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5 Things That Will Make You Reach Out For eBay Global Shipping Policy

Stephen Posted On - August 21, 2016

ebay global shipping
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eBay has always strived to expand scope of selling in favor of merchants and sellers performing in this top marketplace. The Global Shipping program is one of those measures introduced by this top marketplace that enables sellers to rise over and above geographical limits and expand their horizons to overseas markets as well. All this is done keeping in mind that eBay offers ample and almost all inclusive security as far as seller concerns over basic queries and worries are concerned.

If you are among the sellers who wish to tap cross border markets, here are 5 basics that will make you truly happy about the eBay Global Shipping program (GSP)…

  • Enrollment is easy and free – Most sellers worry about whether they will need to fulfill high stringent criteria to qualify for and enroll with the GSP. The truth is, the process for registering is very easy and most importantly, free. It may take around 48 hours to go live with the listing accepted and uploaded. This is assured to help sellers make a quicker and more effective start with the program.
  • You can upload customized listing – It is not necessary for any seller to make then entirety of their listing available for global shipping. Sellers can upload a customized listing with the products they wish to make available internationally.
  • Your work ends after sending the order to GSP Center – When you make a sale after enrolling for GSP Global, your work ends after shipping the ordered product to the GSP Center which is located in Kentucky. After the product is received by the center the rest is shouldered by eBay. The program takes care of international shipping and makes the product reach the doorsteps of the international buyers. Tracking the movements of the shipped product is also easy.
  • The program covers you for lost / damaged items – On very rare occasions if the product is damaged or lost while in international transit, eBay covers the sellers from negative feedback from the buyers. The buyers on the other hand will be protected in terms of getting their money back for the product not delivered.
  • You can gain access to over 100 countries and more – With the eBay Global Shipping Program, you can access over 100 countries around all inhabited continents. The number of nations listed with the program is increasing at a steady pace and it may not be very long before it covers all corners of the world.
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