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A Quick Guide To Listing Antiques And Other Expensive Items In eBay

Stephen Posted On - August 8, 2017

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eBay is one of those ecommerce marketplace where you can sell just about anything be it grocery, clothing, a jet plane or even a strand of hair for that matter. Antiques and expensive items are thus, common in this marketplace hundreds of which have been bought and sold in this platform over the decades. These unique items are usually listed under auction selling categories for the right reasons; an option that allows sellers to determine the true market value of the treasure that they are in possession of.

For those that wish to approach eBay listing of antiques and other unique expensive items successfully, here is quick guide to easy victory…

Firstly, take very good and clear pictures of the unique item in question and that too from as many angles as possible and upload as many pictures as your listing can accommodate. While it is true that you may have to pay a little extra for adding more than a specified number of images, it can be amply convincing in the part of prospective buyers.

Secondly, create an attractive and apt title with well researched keywords. You have to ensure that the titles you create are in tune with the keywords entered by prospective buyers. You will also have to make sure that you spell the product correctly, because spelling mistakes are usually not perceived in good light by buyers of unique items.

Thirdly, add any certificates or other proof of authenticity to highlight the genuineness of the product. This will enhance the value of your eBay listing manifold and will also go a long way to win more bids for your listed item.

Fourthly, start with low bids. This will attract the attention of larger number of buyers and will pull up your listing in the search ranking in very little time. Enhanced visibility is a practical assurance that is associated with starting with very low and often ridiculously low bids.

High quality ecommerce solution developers that offer end to end services like / Walmart API integration etc are known for offering eBay auction assistance solutions as well that can help new sellers approach the process with a sizeable head start.

Lastly, it is always wise to offer post purchase services after completing the auction and successfully shipping the product to its destination. This goes a very long way in maintaining dependability and trust with the buyers.

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How online sellers can leverage on ‘Content’ to boost their sales?

Thomas Posted On - February 2, 2017

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Content marketing has become the ‘it’ for top marketers and brands across the world—and that for all the right reasons. The facts and numbers from reputable research agencies speak loud and clear-

  • The conversion rate of content marketing adopters has jumped nearly 6 times higher than the non-adopters.
  • Content marketing costs 62 percent less than outbound marketing but generates more than 3 times as many leads.
  • 52 percent of marketers believe that personalized content promotes higher engagement rate that transcends into better sales.
  • Content marketing leaders experience 7.8 times more website traffic than non-leaders.

So were you skeptical to this form of marketing, now you know what the hullabaloo is all about.

Content marketing for online sellers

Contrary to what many small and new online vendors believe, there’s a big room for them to leverage on contents to bolster their sales and profit.

Are you an online seller?

Much like the top players in the market, you too can join the growing bandwagon of content marketing (yes, even when you don’t have any prior experience) to take your online retail/wholesale business to the next level. Here are 8 different types of content you can leverage on-

  1. Product titles and descriptions– Of course the product titles and descriptions of your Amazon and eBay listing are the obvious content. Sadly, many sellers overlook its importance. A lot goes into to come up with a perfect title and description that converts well, including the keywords and search behavior of potential customers.
  2. Personal Blogs– Blogs, today, synonym content, which in itself reflects just how important blogging is. So maintain a personal blog, whether on free platforms like Blogger and WordPress (.com) or self-hosted website. You can write on a variety of topic to target different groups of your potential audience more efficiently and personally.
  3. Social media posts– Posting and engaging your audience on social media platforms is the key to build a group of loyal audience, who might not necessarily buy from you in the short-run but can help you give boost to your business in different ways; by triggering word-of-mouth marketing and more.
  4. Facebook Instant Article– Launched last year on Facebook for publishers to promote long-form content, Instant Article has already become a big thing—at least too big to be overlooked. So while you’re posting on your personal blog, you must also create long-form of tailored content specific for your Facebook fans.
  5. Infographics– Infographics are liked and shared on social media three times more than any other type of content. This number speaks for itself the relevance and benefits of creating Infographics. There exist many online tools these days that can help you craft beautiful these beautiful graphic quickly and without any cost.
  6. Guest Blogging– Sadly, guest blogging is perhaps the most underrated practice. But by no means is it low yielding. Writing for other popular blogs not only increases your website’s direct traffic, but also improve your ranking on search engines.
  7. Emails– For every $1 spent, email gives back $38 in ROI. So incorporating emails campaigns in your overall content marketing strategy is very important. Besides, post-sales follow-up usually includes emails.
  8. Videos– 60 percent of marketers and small business owners said that they plan to increase their investment in video marketing in 2017. In fact, this year, video content well represent 74 percent of all internet traffic. So creating videos to promote your products or put forth your idea can help you improve your sales by a significant margin.

Aim of these Contents?

The main idea of creating so diverse range of contents is to appeal the widest section of your target audience, engage them with the right channels and convert them into buying customers quickly and easily. In the process, great contents also have a range of other positive effects, like building credibility, fostering a community of loyal audience and opening gates for viral marketing.

What to write?

One of the biggest problems of creating content for your online retail store is not actually ‘creating’ but brainstorming the ideas of what to write on. After all there’s only so much you can talk about.

This is where being creative comes in handy. You can write on a host of topics, ranging from your own products and their features and usages to the current trends in your niche and market predictions; all must be relevant to your readers’ interest.

One basic approach you can take up when creating content is ‘filling in the gap’. Listen to what your target audience is actually saying, understand their concerns and address them personally in your write-ups.

Of course, at the end, all these – the content types, aims and ‘what’ – really depends on your own business model and individual goals. Point is, content marketing has become an important asset for the top online sellers and you can leverage on it too, rather easily, for higher sales and profit.

How to make time to write?

Admittedly, online sellers already have a lot to handle—from product setups and feed optimization to inventory management and order fulfillment. And the more number of sales channels they have, higher is the stress. This leaves them with very less time to do anything. So it is important that they make time to create content.


Signing up for multi-channel e-commerce software solution can be an easy way out here. Offering to handle all your backend tasks from a centralized platform quickly and conveniently – with their seamless integration of various marketplaces, webstores and comparison search engines, from eBay Amazon tool to Walmart-Netsuite sync up – you can manage to save significant amount of your time to create content, enjoy life, easily.

Good luck!

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How to Perfect eBay Listing in 5 Simple Steps

Thomas Posted On - December 24, 2016

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Just about everything in eBay starting from visibility to regular inflow of revenues, depends upon how you are listing your products in this marketplace. Topping it with the fact that the ranking parameters in this platform evolves at very frequent intervals, sellers can take it for granted that any attempt that seems valid and profitable today can become completely non-functional in the next few years, months or even weeks for that matter.

The aim of all sellers should therefore revolve around perfecting their eBay listing to suit the existing selling environment in eBay while leaving ample avenues open for accommodating surprise changes that may have to be included later on at the same time. For those who are still looking for the best measures to improve their listing approach, here are 5 very simple steps that are assured to help…

Optimize titles, descriptions and images –

The process of optimizing titles, descriptions and images is non-negotiable while listing in eBay. As far as title optimization is concerned, you will have to add the most suitable keywords and ensure not making an essay out of your headlines. Descriptions should contain all important details about the product with a warm personal pitch. Images should match the requirements as mentioned in eBay and should be free of all things black hat like water marking etc.

Price is still the king –

Unlike Amazon, eBay is one of those places where buyers look for the lowest prices. So, it is imperative for the sellers to ensure that their list prices are significantly lower than the MRP. Using tools and software solutions to monitor price changes among competitors can help by miles as far as maintaining visibility is concerned.

Improve value of your listing –

Value of listing refers to added advantage extended to buyers in terms of extended return and refund period, free shipping, post purchase services etc. Greater the extent of advantages offered to buyers, higher will be the listing visibility in eBay. This applies to Amazon sellers performing in eBay as well.

Add product identifiers –

Your listing cannot go far in eBay without the usage of proper product identifiers. Product identifiers like UPC, GTINs and MPNs help search engines locate products faster and more effectively when search for the same is conducted. With the right product identifiers, your listing is assured to maintain top position.

Use high quality tools to update listing at frequent intervals –

Listing should never remain stagnant. You should keep introducing changes time and again to improve optimization and value of the feed. Using high quality tools and softwares are recommended for the purpose.

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5 Rules To Chase Cassini Successfully With Evolved eBay Listing

Stephen Posted On - September 11, 2016

eBay listing
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Every time you feel that your listing in eBay is taking a dip in the deeper side of the pool, you may need to refresh your lessons on what Cassini, the latest eBay search engine actually considers worthy. In a macroscopic view, there are basically 5 rules that can keep your eBay listing in the good books of the latter…

Use product identifiers

There is a range of different product identifiers like MPN (manufacturer part number), GTIN (global trade item number), ISBN (international standard book numbers) etc that are critical in increasing compatibility of the listing with Cassini. Easy identification of products also contributes to better buyer experience which again goes a very long way to please Cassini.


Optimization is non-negotiable in all respects. If you wish to score a point or two with Cassini, you will have to ensure that the titles and descriptions in your product feed meet the standards with the right set of keywords. Malpractices like keyword stuffing or adding promotions in titles or images can be awarded with punishments raging from warnings to suspensions. To stay in the safer side of things, sellers are advised to use proper tools for the purpose.

Enhance value of listing

Cassini takes ‘value’ of eBay listing very seriously. This not only includes competitive pricing of the products but also other associated buyer benefits like extended return dates, free shipping, post purchase services etc. If your listing is complete with these advantages, you can be assured that your products will find an enviable place in this platform.

Manage your reviews well

Cassini is very conscious of reviews and ratings. In fact, it is expected that sellers maintain at least 3.5 to 4 in rating to even wish for a decent ranking somewhere around the first page. For sellers who may have received a handful of bad reviews should address the matter at the earliest with the necessary steps in order to maintain position in the new search engine.

At present, there are a number of eBay Amazon tools that help with review management successfully. Using these options can be enormously helpful.

Focus on quality of order completions

Timely completion of orders, quick shipping and perfect packing are matters taken with due seriousness in eBay. Cassini favors sellers who abide by the shipping policies to the last word. Using the best available order management systems is thus advised.

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How eBay Custom Label Helps Your Business

Shrikar Khare Posted On - July 28, 2016

eBay Custom label
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The very existence of e commerce sellers depend upon their visibility in the respective marketplaces that they have established their presence in. And when the marketplace is counted among the two distinguished leaders, the fight for survival seems to get a little tougher. eBay is one of those platforms where scrambling for visibility has been the only constant. With Cassini rolling out to make things impossible, sellers have woken up to designing strategies that can make their listing shine like the pole star among their competitors.

Gaining proper understanding of eBay custom label can go a very long way in helping towards the cause of gaining instant and effective visibility. This by far, one of the best product identifying solutions that eBay has rolled out over the past few years.

The first advantage of using custom labels in eBay is gaining a chance at instant and enhanced visibility in Cassini. With most of your fields customized with product identifiers, it becomes amply easy for the new search engine to locate your products and bring it in front of prospective buyers who are running search for the same.

Secondly, the fact that it applies to almost all product categories works profitably for sellers. Whether books or sports goods or health and beauty, eBay custom label fields can be used for one can all. While it is easier for larger retailers and business entities to use custom fields, smaller sellers selling unique products that don’t come with UPC, MPNs etc can also make use of the same with a little enlightenment and assistance from professionals.

Thirdly, guidance in the direction of using and understanding custom fields is also very easily available in eBay. Basically, it does not take much time or effort in the part of the sellers to get ahead with the process. For those who may seem to struggle with the set up, using professional assistance is always advised. Topped with the fact that bulk listing and editing tools can be used for the purpose makes custom label approachable for the sellers in general.

Till date, eBay custom label has helped hundreds of ventures of different natures and volumes to gain an upper hand in the search rankings of the platform. Many smaller sellers have banked their visibility wholly and solely on custom label. It has been predicted very rightly that by the end of the year, this will become mandatory than optional as it is now.

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These Features Make eBay Listing More Power Packed

Stephen Posted On - May 31, 2016

eBay Listing
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Listing in eBay can be a source of pure unadulterated joy for the sellers and this can be owed to many reasons than one. being a very unique marketplace playing by its own terms, this platform invites unique set of buyers the interest of whom have to be catered to literally impeccably. Right from locating the products to making the transaction and having the order completed, eBay ensures that everything takes place with 100% buyer satisfaction. Listing is the first step to gaining maximum buyer attention and keeping them engaged to complete the order at the same time.

As far as the listing rules in eBay are concerned, sellers have been given massive scope to explain their products to the last description. This is the first and perhaps the most powerful feature that makes the listing instantly attractive. Explaining the condition of the products in very clear and comprehensive terms helps push sale. For example of a seller wishes to sell a bottle or high end perfume the seal of which has been broken but not used at all, the listing will allow explaining the condition of the product as ‘open but not used’. New with tag, New without tags, Vintage, Very Good Condition, etc are other ways to describe products in all categories.

Secondly, eBay still allows a limited number of free listing to sellers every month which can be a welcome means of saving money. Sellers that have very little to list can almost go without paying anything at all for listing with this advantage to their side. As far as store owners with large numbers of products to their lists are concerned, the option of accessing very high quality intelligent eBay listing services always exists. All thanks to top level e commerce solution developers as well as seller support solutions in eBay, the grief of manual excesses have been exterminated from the listing process.

Besides affordability and scope, the nature of presenting products in eBay always comes with ample exposure being granted to the sellers of the same as well. When buyers click on a product they like, seller information also appears very crisp and clear at its side. If you take into account the matter of comparing Amazon eBay inventory movement in the part of individual sellers, the eBay sellers get the upper hand simply because they enjoy greater direct exposure before the target buyers. The latter have the liberty to launch search for their chosen sellers in place of conducting search by the products they need.

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Services You Must Sign Up For While Opening eBay Stores

Shrikar Khare Posted On - May 31, 2016

Opening eBay Stores
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eBay has done its bit to ensure that opening a store with this top e commerce marketplace will never be a process engulfed in hassles. Basically, a few simple steps are more than enough to have a store up and running in this platform. The process of set up is usually quite simple and even those with minimum experience in e commerce store building can handle the basics with ease. While all this sounds very inspiring, it is what comes later that often scares the life out of eBay store owners. Setting up the store is the easy part. Preparing it for success in terms of enhanced visibility, smoothness in basic operational processes, healthy growth to attain the badge of a power seller followed by eventual profits requires real hard work.

As many power sellers in newegg or magento eBay have expressed, signing up for certain critical services while kick staring store functioning can help all sellers make the most out of the existent opportunities in eBay. Among them, eBay Listing services have been mentioned right at the top of the list. Proper listing is the first step to product visibility and is thus, also the first step to beating competition. Using listing software systems can help automate the otherwise mundane process that is fraught with errors when attempted manually offering relief from mental exhaustion to store owners.

The next must access solutions are those associated with inventory management. It can be taken for granted that any eBay store owner will face the worst of future in the platform if they don’t subscribe to proper inventory management systems. Considering the fact that almost all store owners in eBay are high volume sellers, keeping track of inventory movement through multiple warehouses can get very tedious and erroneous at the same time. Without starting efforts with proper inventory management systems, any eBay store can be deemed as doomed.

Besides these two support pillars, eBay store owners are also advised to use softwares, tools and plug-in solutions for metrics tracking, pricing and repricing, order management, maintaining customer relations and data etc. Integrating the support solutions with the store is also very necessary in order to receive optimum benefits from the platform. For sellers who don’t have any experience in the matter, using professional assistance is recommended. Professional assistance these days is available at affordable price packages through a number of trusted e commerce solution providers. Choosing right and choosing wise can offer remarkable consequences.

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Times When Amazon Sellers Vie eBay

Daniel Posted On - May 30, 2016

Amazon Sellers Vie eBay on Magento
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The Amazon v/s eBay war is likely to continue for ages to come for many reasons than one. The platforms currently occupying the No. 1 and No. 2 places in the world of e commerce vastly differ from each other in their nature, assurance for best buyer experience being the only factor where they match. However, there are times when Amazon sellers are seen to vie eBay performers for a number of advantages that they seem to have over the former. If you take a close look, these reasons actually appear to make eBay more profitable for sellers than Amazon.

To begin with, eBay listing is more luscious in comparison with Amazon listing. Considering the variety of products that can be sold in this platform in a variety of conditions, it only made sense for eBay to make the listing more defined as compared with Amazon. Right from the images to the title to description of the condition in which the product is sold, contributes to offering best purchase experience in the part of the buyers.

Secondly, no one can deny the fact that seller exposure in eBay is irresistible. On clicking on a certain product in eBay following search for the same, buyers get to see vivid seller information at the side of the screen. While it is true that power sellers in eBay usually take the cake in this respect, even the smaller sellers are better exposed in eBay than they would ever be in Amazon. Basically growth as a seller has greater possibility in eBay than the latter.

The spread of allowed product categories in eBay is anytime more tempting than Amazon. From refurbished products to unique items and antiques, you can get anything and everything in eBay and that too with ample value for every penny spent on it. Amazon has a very wide product category but not as spread-out as eBay. This is one of the reasons why a greater number of sellers can find place in eBay than Amazon.

Fourthly, Amazon has never been a place for hobby selling. If you are selling in Amazon, you will have to go knee deep in using automation solutions and carrying out proper store integrations to get some chance at profits. For example, if you are a Magento powered store owner, you will have to carry out Magento Amazon integration without fail irrespective of how small or established you may be. Hobby sellers in eBay don’t have to take such loads on their shoulders.

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The Better And Worse Of Manual Inventory Management

Steve Burns Posted On - May 23, 2016

eBay Inventory management
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Managing inventory manually in e commerce selling is in idea that is making its final march towards becoming obsolete especially in top marketplaces like Amazon, eBay etc. Usage of sophisticated inventory management softwares and support solutions is currently advised to all e commerce enthusiasts at the very onset of their ventures. However, manual practice still has its share of better and worse for a range of different sellers depending upon applicability of the same.

Usually, manual inventory control can be a good option to consider for small sellers who have very little inventory to manage. These sellers may be present in nothing more than one odd platform of sale with no plans of taking their venture anywhere beyond where it may be standing at present. These sellers may also have very little to do with warehouses and usually have their saleable products housed under their own roof. Hobby sellers in eBay can be mentioned in this respect. These sellers have absolutely no urgent necessity of buying and installing sophisticated eBay inventory control softwares as may be necessary in the part of eBay store owners.

Manual methods of inventory management have their share of advantages as well staring with low costs for the process. Smaller sellers who create integrated software setups can contribute to increasing their costs than balancing it. At the same time, with very little in stock, manual ways makes it easy to keep in touch with inflow and outflow inventory without losing track of it.

Manual methods of inventory management though are never a good idea for medium to large multichannel store owners who have plans to expand even further. These sellers usually have very large stocks to manage and also experience speedy inflow and outflow of inventory and that too across multiple warehouses. It is imperative for eBay store owners for example, as against eBay hobby sellers to start their efforts in this platform with proper inventory management solutions as well as eBay listing software without which they may collapse in weeks.

Considering the fact that this lot of sellers have way too much in stock, keeping in touch with shelved goods that may have been lying around unnoticed while working up warehouse charges becomes extremely easy with softwares. In fact, for the larger store owners in any top performing e commerce marketplaces, using software solutions for flawless automation is profitable and cost effective at the same time.

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eBay Selling Strategies That Large Sellers Need But Hobby Sellers Don’t

Robin Smith Posted On - May 3, 2016

eBay listing software
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eBay as a top performing marketplace has gained phenomenal popularity among e commerce enthusiasts mainly because it accommodates all kinds of sellers. Whether you are a very large manufacturer or a midsized retailer; whether you are private label enthusiast or a 10 product hobby seller; eBay has made itself accessible and profitable for all. While every one of these sellers are perpetually clashing to gain the best exposure and the best profits (in their terms) the strategies that are used by the larger sellers happen to be way different than that of the smaller hobby sellers when it comes to achieving individual goals.

eBay listing software

Say for example, larger sellers in eBay who usually maintain very large inventories across multiple warehouses can never get even a step ahead without proper eBay Inventory management systems that integrate and automate their inventory movement seamlessly and flawlessly. Hobby sellers on the other hand can well do without these otherwise expensive support softwares. Considering the fact that their inventories are mostly socked right under their nose, movement of the same is always traceable. At same time, maintaining these support systems with bare minimum pocket-money profits is never a good business decision to make.

Creating quality eBay listing is one of the most critical tasks that all sellers need to take up with extreme care and caution. Sellers with hundreds and thousands of products usually find relief in using eBay listing software for the sole function of automating in creating the listing or brining changes into the same. Hobby sellers with hand counted products to sell, on the other hand can accomplish quality listing manually. With very little to upload, the task of creating quality keyword rich titles, taking quality images, determining competitive prices etc all gets very easy. Spending on softwares when manual efforts can be more promising is not advisable at all.

Besides the usage of softwares for critical operational tasks, there is yet another factor that differentiates the selling strategies of hobby sellers and larger more serious sellers and this has got everything to do with opening eBay stores. Opening eBay stores is usually advisable to larger manufacturers, retailers, private label owners etc who need to create a brand impact to drive sales. Hobby sellers who are usually home based sellers don’t have any such urgency nor do they have the required funding to open and maintain eBay stores. So, they are better off selling individually than otherwise.

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Tips That Can Make Your eBay Listing Irresistibly Profitable

Stephen Posted On - April 12, 2016

eBay inventory management
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eBay has spelt out its listing requirements very clearly for all sellers to follow with utmost dedication. Sellers again, are expected to stick to the rules for the sake of staying in the good books of eBay. Trying stunts that include life threatening hacks that promise to improve visibility many times over can actually be more damaging than otherwise. The thing is to apply the listing rules in ways that would make the products appear way too attractive for the buyers to resist. In the process of making this achievement it is imperative for the sellers to understand that eBay uses search engine algorithm the metrics of which is strictly based on qualitative and quantitative factors of listing.

Qualitative metrics usually refer to the products that have been searched on eBay, the location of the customers etc. Quantitative metrics on the other hand refer to factors like price, titles, descriptions, and feedback from buyers and many more. All of these are directly relevant while carrying out eBay listing management that is assured to gain visibility for the items listed by any seller. At all times, before mapping out your listing strategy, it is necessary to remember that your aim is to convince the buyers about your product in a squeezed-in time frame of less than 10 seconds. If your listing manages to accomplish this task, you can be assured that your conversion rates can improve by 100% is a few odd months.

Basically, the rules and tips are not some God gifted solutions that was otherwise unknown to the world of eBay sellers. And it all starts with how you title and describe each individual product. Titles should be attractive, may be a very general to put it. Making titles relate to the buyers psychologically is what truly matters. It is always advisable to refrain from writing sentences as far as titles are concerned. It should be short, crisp and should be able to compact the plus points of the products to make it look very worthy to prospective buyers. At the same time, as far as descriptions are concerned, the aim should be to ensure that the scroll button is not required. The sellers should be able to describe their products in crisp clear words in a very short but impactful summary.

At present, a number of tools and softwares have been made available that assist in high quality listing management and eBay inventory management; something that automate the task and add performance to it at the same time. Using them is advised to all sellers who wish to make a difference.

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Short and Sweet eBay Listing Guide For Profitability

Steve Burns Posted On - March 30, 2016

eBay store selling software
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The process of listing products in eBay has always received due importance for all the right reasons. While the rules spelt out by the platform is crystal clear and nothing too difficult for the sellers to follow, it is the drive to beat competition through listing that pushes the latter to subscribe to tricks and hacks for better exposure of products. More often than not, these tricks and hacks, once discovered by eBay have forced sellers to face suspensions without any consideration whatsoever.

As per the ongoing belief among sellers, staying on the safe side can invite stagnation while going overboard with tricks and hacks can have their accounts cancelled. A situation similar to executing a double edged sword on one’s own neck can be experienced in this case.

The good news is eBay listing for organic exposure and profitability is a possibility at all times. Sellers only need to know how to approach and have some patience to see results pouring in. To begin with, you can never say it enough that playing by the mentioned rules is critical for survival. Bending listing rules in eBay, navigating around them or even breaking them can never be acceptable if a certain seller wishes to continue in the platform in the first place.

Secondly, sellers must understand and express the worth of their products and focus on their applicability before buyers. The titles and the descriptions along with the images of the products should be very clear, comprehensive and thus, convincing. This is as good as half the job well done.

Thirdly, it is all about correct pricing. Once your product pricing is super competitive, there is no way your visibility can be constrained. Competitive pricing of products is one of the ways eBay fishes out options for target buyers who search for the same. If your products are competitively or even attractively priced, be assured that you will receive enhanced customers and conversions. Using pricing tools and softwares is always recommended for best results.

Fourthly, at any time of the day, eBay listing softwares can offer life saving benefits to the sellers. These softwares basically automate the process of listing to an extent that sellers need to spend no more than a few minutes on it while being completely shielded from possible human errors. Approaching listing in eBay with the support of these lifelines is more than just imperative if sellers wish to see gains through their listing practices.

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Many Life Saving Benefits Of eBay Inventory Softwares

Steve Burns Posted On - March 22, 2016

ebay store inventory management
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Managing inventory in any top performing marketplace can be nothing short of a calamity. With millions of unique visitors entertained every year, almost all sellers can access fair opportunities to gain best of visibility and traffic in favor of their endeavors. With enhanced visibility and traffic arrives enhanced movement of inventory which in mostly inevitable. This also happens to be one of those areas where sellers require maximum support lest they would be exposed to certain serious unforgivable follies like over and under selling, order cancellations and many more.

More often than not it has been seen that flaws and errors usually get invited into the everyday eBay inventory management when sellers tend to approach the process manually. Considering the speed with which the movements take place, it is not possible for manually operating sellers to be in tune with the changes that often happen by the passing minute. Chaos, bottlenecks and eventual warnings from the platform comes in soon after. To be on the safer side, using inventory management softwares dedicated specifically to eBay is always advised.

It can be said with a certain degree of confidence that eBay inventory control softwares are the ultimate solution to possible inventory hassles in this marketplace. The most cherished purpose of these softwares is to automate the process of inventory tracking with real time benefits. This ensures that the sellers are emancipated from the issue of hand counting their inventory at the end of the day while staying perfectly updated about the inventory movement by every passing second.

Besides this, and as per the experiences of thousands of eBay sellers globally, usage of eBay inventory control software contribute to steady growth of businesses allowing sellers to expand their product lists and inventories without having to face turbulence in their efforts. The inventory management softwares handle the burden on behalf of the sellers with absolutely no compromise on updates and operations. This basically means that the sellers will be spared the hassles of managing enhanced inventory while dwelling in the glory of increased sale and profits.

At present, sellers can make the most of a range of inventory management softwares for eBay each of which have been inbuilt with different features to suit different businesses. Most of these softwares are buildable and flexible as far as accommodating to growth is concerned. With the blessing of affordability, these options have been open to all sellers even the smaller ones with severe budget crunch.

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Things To Consider Before Owning Your Own eBay Store

Stephen Posted On - March 21, 2016

ebay selling software
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The scope of eBay is all inclusive which has been working wonders for serious e commerce enthusiasts from all over the world. With millions of unique visitors thronging the platform any given minute, there is ample possibility for all existing sellers to be discovered by an overwhelming team of target buyers. At present, there are two primary forms of sellers in this platform that are the individual sellers and those that own their eBay stores. Each have their own set of unique advantages that are all directed towards propelling growth of the concerned sellers through different dimensions.

However, it has often been seen that it is the owners of stores in eBay that are more motivated towards better performance. One can say that this is mainly because of the fact that sellers who own their stores are often the ones who are more serious in their business and their presence in eBay may be one of the primary sources of their income. Many times, it has been seen that sellers may have commenced their venture as individual sellers that eventually escalated to creating their own stores in this platform as traffic, sale and list of positive reviews rose to significant levels.

Owing stores often makes the process of eBay selling a little easier with greater freedom granted towards how you design your store front and how you manage your business through the same. It has been observed that driving traffic one’s store is often a well supported process and a steady one too. However, at all times it must be kept in mind that kick staring a store will never guarantee augmentation in traffic and sale. Considering the fact that the rules of eBay as far as visibility of sellers change very frequently, store owners may have to do their own bit to promote their existence in this platform.

Using eBay selling software is often considered one of the best ways to win the best exposure for stores. Operational ease as well as freedom from human errors is also assured by these inputs of quality technology. In fact, it can be said with confidence that eBay store operations should always be software supported for enhanced performance and to tide over odds. Besides this, it is always recommended that stores are created if the number of products under the umbrella of the seller is medium to large. Sellers owning stores with only tens of products to sell are usually seen to incur losses.

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Disasters That eBay Listing Softwares Can Prevent

Daniel Posted On - March 17, 2016

eBay listing softwares
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Usage of listing softwares in top performing marketplaces like eBay is usually very common. However, there are a number of sellers who still place faith in the manual processes of listing which drives them to spend hours in the process that could otherwise have been used more productively in favor of their overall business. Till date, sellers have experienced over thousands of reasons why they should be selling with the assistance of listing tools and softwares some of which are directly relevant as far as visibility and profitability are concerned.

To begin with, the eBay listing softwares that are available today are intelligently efficient. This means that they don’t just help sellers list their products or introduce changes automatically, but they can also interpret the impact of listing and make sellers aware of the same. This is mostly in terms of prices at which the products are listed, their titles, descriptions and many more. Listing softwares clubbed with proper pricing solutions can help sellers from getting pushed back in competition or getting stagnated at a certain plateau. Similarly, right listing softwares can also cultivate productivity in titles and descriptions that can win maximum eyeballs in favor of the sellers.

Sellers with massive product lists can actually swear by the eBay listing tools as far as saving them days of hard work is concerned. From introducing changes to adding or pulling back products following their movement in the inventory management systems can be practically lifesaving for the former. The fact that these tools are the only mediums through which flawlessness can be assured in operations is something that cannot be overlooked by eBay performers. For those handling medium to large inventories, disasters usually come crashing with the slightest error in listing. Overselling, underselling, cancellations, returns and refunds can be mentioned as a few.

These are the days when eBay selling support including listing management, inventory control, order processing and completion etc. are all under the scope and purview of superiorly automated systems. Sellers who stay away from these solutions are usually the ones who experience a plateau in their growth or disappear completely in the cloud of competition. They are also the ones who experience devastations that follow through chains of unfortunate errors that can eventually drive them out of the platform itself. Considering the fact that eBay seller support solutions are available at affordable rates, such disasters can be prevented right from the first day of assisted performance itself.

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