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4 Features That Decide The Quality Of eBay Listing Services

Stephen Posted On - December 26, 2017

eBay listing services
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All thanks to a steep improvement in ecommerce selling technologies, there is nothing that listing softwares cannot do these days. From posting feed in tune with your chosen platform of sale to handling multi channel listing with nothing more than one single click of a button is only the crust of it all. The need for improved and evolved listing solutions becomes more relevant for sellers that are performing in top ecommerce marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart and eBay.

In fact, sellers have short listed core features that all eBay listing services as well as listing solutions for Amazon and other top marketplaces must possess to qualify as potentially productive and profitable for their respective ventures, 4 of which can be mentioned as follows…

Features –

Your listing software is as good as what it does. This means that the softwares should possess features that not only support basic operations but add more attributes that can offer an instant competitive edge. Easy multi channel listing import and export; one click feed improvements; high quality tracking advantages; automatic currency management and more are only a few to mention. In simple words, listing softwares can be said to be of good quality if it can maximize automation and minimize manual involvement even in the most advanced processes.

Customizability –

Standard softwares that offer pre designed standard packages can do nothing more than the standard basics. Standard listing advantages these days can be availed almost instantly with optimum integration solutions like Magento Walmart integration etc. However, if you wish to access certain extremely sophisticated features that can add relevance to the scope of your listing, going for customizable solutions is advised. Through customizable softwares, you will be able to pick features that are best compatible for your endeavors while paying only for what you use.

Flexibility –

Flexibility basically refers to the ability of the softwares to grow with your growing business. This is one of those most desirable features that allow the softwares to remain relevant for years and ensures that the sellers do not have to keep changing the solutions at frequent intervals. More often than not, providers of these ecommerce solutions ensure updating the softwares from time to time to maintain their relevance without the users having to try too hard.

System compatibility –

Lastly, you can be assured that your listing softwares are of the highest quality if they are harmoniously compatible with your operative system. Softwares that don’t hang, collapse or show error messages for no reason at all can be mentioned in this respect.

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5 Features Your eBay Listing Services Should Offer

Thomas Posted On - November 17, 2017

Sell on eBay
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Impeccable listing is the first step to scaling heights in eBay even in the face of raging competition. And taking the pace of eBay into account, serious sellers are advised to drop any idea on handling this otherwise critical process manually for very obvious reasons. Automated eBay listing services is therefore mandatory at all costs, which further emphasizes the importance of choosing these services very wisely. Basically, there are 5 essential features that ‘good’ listing services for eBay are known for offering and following is a brief introduction to the same…

Compatibility with your operative system –

To begin with, the system along with the involved softwares and tools should be compatible with the operative systems of the users. The system should be easy to install and integrate while being very easy to use and claiming very less space as well. Systems that do not hang time and again or do not keep showing errors on and off are signs of elevated compatibility.

Basic yet evolved features –

There are a number of eBay listing services these days that offer basic features in their basic packages that are mostly dedicated to small and new sellers. If you are looking for a basic package as well, you will have to ensure that the features are not fragments of yesteryears that may not be relevant in terms of present day business operations.

Even if the features do not cover any more than listing import export and scratch level improvements, they should possess ample automation advantage to streamline the listing process while protecting it from errors and faults.

Customizability to suit your business and budget –

All top listing support services are known for offering the advantage of customizability to users. This basically means that you should be able to choose features that are most relevant to your business and most compatible with your budget. This way, you will never have to pay for features that may be evolved but not relevant to you at all.

Flexibility to grow with business –

Flexibility in all listing services usually get an added boost with end to end integration involving all marketplaces of presence as well as shopping cart solutions like eBay Shopify Walmart integration and more. This is one of those features that allow the services to adapt to the changing nature of business as well as the overall ecommerce landscape in the present era.

Robust customer support for spot-on assistance –

Lastly, robust customer support in the part of the providers allows quick and effective trouble shooting as and when required.

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