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4 Futuristic Features Making Their Way To Basic eBay Amazon Selling Tools

Thomas Posted On - September 12, 2016

Amazon selling tools
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This decade has witnessed the development of tens and hundreds tools and software solutions dedicated to improving selling practices in eBay and Amazon. Each of these options comes with their own set of features and system requirements that are suitable to an array of different sellers ranging from small ventures to large voluminous ones.

However, a distinct difference has been observed between the basic options and the advanced options where the former is seen to contain scratch minimum features that can often be downloaded for free, while the latter come with premium benefits and that too with a bulky price tag.

Nevertheless, with the wheels of evolution rolling very fast and very promisingly, it may not be very long before certain futuristic advantages make their way to basic eBay Amazon selling tools. Some of them can be mentioned as follows…


At present, availing proper and specific optimization benefits are available only with premium tools that are made available mostly with very high quality third party solution developers. However, it will not be very long before almost every selling tool will boast complete and all inclusive optimization features that will eliminate the necessity to fall back on standalone systems.

Mobile platform integration

The need temporarily halt your business to take vacations can be eliminated with easy mobile platform integrations that is on its way to become universal than a mere option. Carrying your business on the go is likely to be more basic within the next few years than it is now.

Automatic listing / pricing adjustments

Yes. This feature will be applicable even as you sleep. At present, sellers are often required to choose from an array of software solutions to access advanced automatic listing and pricing adjustments. In the near future, this may become a scratch basic feature than an expensive add-on.

Real time inventory / order completion updates

There are a large number of ecommerce sellers in Amazon and eBay that are yet to update to real time inventory and order completion systems. Basically, it is still a feature that sellers need to choose than consider as indispensable.

Considering the pace at which e commerce is developing every passing minute and also considering the levels of expectations that are forming among buyers in general, real time management of Amazon eBay inventory will become a default feature in all order and inventory management softwares.

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Most Effective Solutions For Reducing eBay Fees

Steve Burns Posted On - September 8, 2016

Reducing eBay Fees
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Maximizing sale and minimizing operational and administrative expenses is the easiest solution to experience quick growth and healthy profits in any business venture whatsoever. However, things can often get a little difficult operating in top ecommerce marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. Understanding the loopholes from where profit seepage happens is perhaps the most difficult hurdle to overcome in eBay.

More often than not, sellers are seen to have no clear idea about the multifaceted fee structure of this marketplace which is one of the primary reasons that keeps making sellers walk the shallow end of profits while coughing up exorbitant amounts of fees. The good news is, it is actually possible to reduce the burden of eBay fees and all it takes is a little enlightenment about the subject.

Following are some of the easiest steps to achieve optimum results almost instantly…

  • Use picture hosting tools –

  • By now, all eBay sellers may be familiar about the fact that eBay allows nothing more than one free picture upload per listing. However, this is seldom enough to gain desired visibility. Adding multiple pictures with the assistance of proper picture hosting tools though, can help save about 0.15$ per additional image. This is worth thus, worth a try.

  • Use fee calculating tools –

  • eBay Fee calculating tools and softwares are perhaps the smartest among all existing eBay merchant tools that can assist sellers in keeping a check on their eBay fees. Basically, these solutions help sellers determine their profits after taking into account each and every avenue that claims fees in eBay. This way, sellers can be amply aware of where they may lose money and price their products accordingly.

  • Don’t hoard up on inventory in warehouses –

  • A lot of money is usually spent by midsized to very large scale eBay sellers on inventory storage in warehouses. Overstocking has been named as one of the primary reasons for overspending in operational costs. Managing stock so that it does not contribute to spending for products that are not fetching any profits is a good way to save on eBay fees.

  • Learn about the insertion fees before altering prices –

  • This is yet another means of saving on costs effectively. Say for example, if you wish to increase a dollar to your product making it 50$ from 49$, your insertion fees will almost double up. If you were paying 1.20$ on your existing price, with the dollar increase, you will have to pay 2.40$. however, if you bring the price to 49.99, you will not only enjoy .99$ increase but also remain in 1.20$ group as far as insertion fees is concerned.

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