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Quick Tips To Make Your Seller Profile Look More Authentic In eBay

Steve Burns Posted On - September 4, 2016

eBay Seller Profile
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How you manage your profile in ecommerce marketplaces as a seller goes a very long way in determining how impressed and convinced your target customers will be. While there are certain ecommerce marketplaces that do not allow sellers to gain more popularity over the platform itself (like Amazon), there are others that ensure that all sellers get an opportunity to build up their brand name. eBay is a shining example of the latter. In these marketplaces, eBay seller profiles usually make a massive difference as far as gaining and retaining attention from target buyers are concerned. The idea is to display your best without going overboard.

Here are a few quick tips to make your profile attractive and engaging at the same time…

eBay Seller Profile

eBay Profile Picture

eBay allows its sellers to use appropriate profile pictures which is in fact a very believable way to win the confidence of the buyers. Profile pictures of your brick and mortar establishment preferably with you in it will directly enhance the authenticity of your store / brand. However, it is advisable to be wise with the pictures used in profile in the sense that sellers must understand that eBay is not social media. at all times, the pictures need to be professional.


How you describe your brand / shop / endeavor in your profile determines the level of traffic that will eventually hit your store. While it is alright to keep things professional, making a strictly text book approach in describing your store can be counterproductive. Online shoppers these days are ready to inhale some excitement when it comes to knowing the sellers they are shopping from. So, adding a brief paragraph on what made you commence your business and what makes you one of the best in your line, will always be in good taste.

Reviews and Ratings

If you have managed to win good reviews and ratings over your months of operation, please ensure making the same amply visible in your profile. Highlight the best reviews and ratings so that they are perfectly visible to buyers when they click on your products. This is one of the best ways to add glamour to your eBay profile for the best of consequences.

Last but certainly not the least; never shy away from consulting professionals if you feel that you will require assistance in making your profile more attractive than it already is.

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