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6 Steps To Make Your Ecommerce Data Feed Instantly Profitable

Thomas Posted On - August 11, 2017

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Making conscious efforts at increasing productivity of your data feed is critically important if you wish to keep your head over the competitive rat race existent in the world of ecommerce today. There are tens and hundreds of different means and methods that can be applied for the purpose, but not all of these can be expected to lead to successful outcomes.

Following are 6 tried and tested tips for improved data feed management that has helped a multitude of sellers gain better control and profits over their ecommerce endeavors already, in the short and long run…

Optimize head to toe –

Launching your product feed without optimization is as good as sending out invitations to invisibility. Spending time, efforts and investment in proper optimization efforts and refreshing the same at frequent intervals is critical to maintain visibility in top marketplaces / CSEs.

Pricing and re pricing is critical –

Visibility and productivity of data feed depends to a large extent on the prices specified by the sellers. Product feeds that are doing remarkably well in top platforms are those that priced reasonably and are re priced every day if not every hour. Using automation tools for pricing and re pricing data feed can multiply productivity many times over within days.

Images need to be optimized as well –

Image optimization forms a critical part of all endeavors associated with productive data feed management. Sellers are required to stay in tune with the image requirements as specified by the marketplace while staying away from malpractices like watermarking, adding promotional data etc in the same.

Deals matter –

Introducing attractive deals and discounts in your data feed at frequent intervals of time can help it gain better visibility and search rankings in the respective marketplaces and CSEs. Flat priced offers usually fetch less visibility as has been observed through marketplace behavior over the past half decade.

Stay away from black hat practices –

Whether you are selling on Walmart, eBay Store, Amazon, Rakuten or any other platforms for that matter, it is imperative stay clear of black hat practices that assure instant shortcut to visibility and traffic. Once discovered, the marketplaces can penalize sellers by scrapping their listing, warning them or suspending accounts without warning.

Professional assistance can give you a head start in already congested marketplaces / comparison shopping platforms –

This is perhaps the easiest way to make your data feed very productive without having to try too hard or subject yourself to trial and error. Employing professionals for data feed support solutions is very easy and affordable these days.

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7 eBay store design tips to derive more sales EASILY

Thomas Posted On - March 1, 2017

ebay store
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The better the experience you offer to your audience – from any and every dimension – better will be the overall sales. So if you own an eBay store, while you may have a striking collection of products and you have also spent a ridiculous amount of money on marketing, if your store itself isn’t offering a satisfying shopping experience, a shopper might not only NOT return back to the store but even abandon his/her current sales.
The overall design and layout of your eBay store plays a major role in deriving sales; more than what you think. So have you been reluctant to how your store looks and performs, you better pull things together immediately.

Here are 7 eBay store design tips that can easily boost your sales in the long-run-

1. Don’t just pick eBay template from anywhere

There are so many websites where you can download some rather beautiful and highly functional eBay templates that are completely free. However, you must be cautious using any of these third-party templates that come from unknown source. There could be security issues; to that, it might not necessarily offer you exact features that you’re looking for. It is best you hire professionals to come up with a personalized eBay template.

2. Keep the page mobile responsive

Since more and more buyers are using hand-held devices, this is nothing short of essential. Have responsive, mobile-friendly pages and people will have a definite reason to lurk around your store for longer; hence, also increasing the chances of sales.

3. Ensure the store is easily navigable

A store, that’s disorganized, with no categories and sub-categories, confuse the shoppers. And guess what happens next? They leave your store quicker than you have any idea that someone was here. So ensure your products are sorted well into right categories. If there are too many products, sort them into multiple levels (three max, though).

4. Keep the interface clean

Keeping your eBay store busy, whether with too many features and pages or with unappealing colors and designs, is a recipe to shy away your audience. So make sure the interface is clean, smooth and fast. Get rid of anything that’s additional and unnecessary. Spend some time deciding on the color variations of the store; light colors are usually the best options.

5. Consistency is the key

Maintaining a consistency throughout your store is very important. More so, if you have multiple storefronts on eBay and other shopping sites; say you’re also a Walmart marketplace seller. It creates your brand’s individuality and helps it stand out the crowd. It is something, that if done correctly, can build your recognition and help your target audience identify you easily.

6. Optimize your images

Of course, for online sellers, product images are the most important part. So have high quality images on your eBay store; ensure it’s WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). But also be careful of the pictures’ size. The big ones can cause your pages load slowly. So optimize the images.

7. Look at your competitors

This doesn’t have to do anything with your store’s design- not directly, at least. But looking at the stores of your successful competitors can give you some really good ideas about your own design. See what’s working for them and what isn’t and decide accordingly to ensure the design of your store is the best.

These are 7 eBay store design tips that can help you boost your sales easily. Combine these tasks with your marketing efforts and post-sale services and see your sales quadruple in no time.

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These 5 Advantages Would Make You Crave an eBay Store

Shrikar Khare Posted On - January 2, 2017

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Many sellers warn and many enthusiasts are seen taking the warning very seriously about opening a store in eBay for numerous reasons which could range from the prices associated with the same as well as the complexities that surround everyday operations. However, taking a closer look at the real scope and attributes of eBay stores as intended by the marketplace, these fears and assumptions appear as nothing more than bleak reasons for not taking your business efforts forward.

For those who have been caught in the confusion as to start or not to subscribe to stores in eBay, here are 5 advantages that will be convincing enough to make the leap…

There are 3 types of stores you can choose from

eBay has offered different store options to different sellers based on their volume of sale, investments and their individual necessities. The stores options range from Basic to Premium followed by Anchor which is the most expensive and the most all inclusive of the lot. The monthly fees for Basic store is around 15$, around 50$ for Premium and 300$ for Anchor. As is very obvious, the features are also in accordance with the price.

You will have access to your own website, search engine and promotional tools

This is perhaps one of the best deals about eBay stores. What’s better than having your own website, your own search engine and your own promotional tools which give you an instant boost as far as visibility, steady inflow of traffic and enhanced conversions is concerned!

Your sales can increase by 25% almost instantly

All thanks to the above mentioned features, sellers who have already commenced their ventures with eBay stores have experienced an average increase in sale percentage by 25% which is a figure to die for.

You can access month long trial

If you are not confident about how good the features are and the intricacies that may be involved in the short run, you can always go for free trial that lasts for good 30 days. There is plenty that you can learn in this time.

Personalization and gaining customer trust will be very fulfilling

If there was a go as you like with your eBay endeavors, stores would grant you the decorations for it. You can personalize as you want and create your brands as you please.

On top of that, if you are present in other ecommerce marketplaces, like Walmart or, initiating successful Walmart eBay / can be very easy and affordable at the same time.

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5 Ways eBay Stores are a Boon To Sellers

Daniel Posted On - December 31, 2016

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Opening a store in eBay can be a blessing for sellers in infinite different way. Here are 5 of the most irresistible advantages of opening eBay stores that has been inspiring thousands of retailers to push their endeavors in this direction…

Free trial –

If you wish experience what it feels like to open a store in eBay and the advantages that pour out of it, you can always go for the 30 days free trial and make experience the benefits firsthand. If you are convinced with the advantages, you can go right ahead and kick start your efforts lest, think rest the idea till you are confident that you can manage an establishment of you own.

Assured increase in profits –

This is one of those glorious aspects of opening stores in eBay that you can never overlook. Sellers have experienced an average increase of 25% or more in their monthly sales along with regular inflow of repeat customers that ensure bringing in continuous purchase motivated traffic. If you offer excelling purchase experience in terms of value and services, sky could be the limit as far as inflow of revenues is concerned.

Brand promotion becomes blissfully easy –

eBay store has always been the best means to promote your establishment and / or your brand. With your own website and personalization features, you can always wield the power to create a unique identity of your own which in itself can offer ample boost against rigid competition in this marketplace.

Own search engines and promotional tools –

Did you know that stores in eBay have their own search engines that are considered to be one of the top features to die for? This feature is responsible for attracting high volumes of purchase motivated traffic that eventually leads to massive sale and profits. Top it with a host of quality promotional tools, you have a power packed package for long term profitable performance.

Choose your store type –

If you are a small seller with limited budget, you can always start with the basic store which will cost very little and offer optimum benefits to maximize traffic and conversions. This dispels all wrong notions about eBay stores being compatible with large sellers only.

However, whether you sell on eBay or whether you sell on Sears, Walmart, Amazon or anything for that matter, you will always have to focus upon proper integration to get maximum benefits from your efforts. Store integration solutions for eBay is available at affordable prices with top ecommerce solution developers and are very easy to approach as well.

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The ‘Two Faces’ Of eBay Stores All Sellers Must Know

Stephen Posted On - December 6, 2016

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Small sellers, large businesses, midsized retailers, hobby sellers, bidding giants and even arbitrage sellers… eBay is a place where all types of sellers can access ample opportunities to sell in a manner they please. This is one of the reasons why this marketplace offers a wide range of selling options that can range from scratch basics to the ever glorious eBay stores. The latter though has been a matter of massive debate and discussions in terms of its relevance to sellers at all levels. In simple words, stores in eBay have two faces… one that is favorable and growth based and the other that is the exact opposite.

Over the past half decade, eBay stores have been a blessing for many establishments especially the larger voluminous ones for infinite reasons. Say for example, featured store owners in eBay are known to receive PPC keywords worth a certain amount of money every single month which works wonderfully as far as gaining instant visibility before purchase motivated buyers is concerned. Besides this, store owners are also in reception of advantages that ranges from access to more eBay pages, permission to reduce the size of eBay banners in auctions, extended seller protection in times of dispute resolutions and many more.

In short, it can be said with confidence that owning eBay stores can offer an instant edge to sellers in competition while making a healthy march towards fortified growth and profits.

The other face of stores in eBay however, is a little too bitter to digest. Simply put, it is not everybody’s cup of tea. This is mainly because of the massive costs at which sellers need to maintain these platforms of opportunities in the first place, making it a possibility only for very large sellers / power sellers. There are many types of stores in eBay that ranges from basic stores that can cost around 15$, to featured stores that can cost around 49$ to anchor stores that can cost a whopping 449$ every single month. This makes it mandatory for owners to keep their sale levels high because any drop in the level of sale can affect profits.

At the same time, there is no assurance about the impact of sudden changes and improvements that keep happening on eBay on a very regular basis. Say for example, the rollout of Cassini had cast a death blow to some of the best performing store owners. Integration is considered one of best ways to tide over uncertainties successfully. Ecommerce solution developers like those offering Walmart API integration and more can be approached for the purpose.

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eBay Stores Are Far From Perfection – Here’s How You Can Make The Most Of It Anyway

Daniel Posted On - November 30, 2016

eBay Shopping
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Of late, a number of eBay enthusiasts have been seen raising concerns about owning a store in this top performing marketplace. These concerns have surfaced mainly after the sudden roll out of Cassini about a couple of years ago, when a considerably large number of power sellers and store owners lost their visibility and ranking with the blink an eye. However, to rule out eBay stores as a potent one route to brand establishment would amount to making a mistake that is best when avoided.

Most eBay sellers or e commerce sellers in general, often forget the fact that no e marketplaces are perfect and all inclusive. There are pros and cons literally everywhere that sellers need to weigh and address accordingly. As far as store creation in eBay are concerned, here’s how certain common shortcomings can be addressed easily…

Imperfection 1) eBay stores can get very expensive

There is a reason why it is always advised to approach creating stores if you are a midsized business owner or large. Sellers with power seller badge are considered more store compatible than any others. In simple words, it means that you should open a store only if you are confident that you will be able to make profits even after paying up the necessary fees. Using fee and profit calculation tools can go a very long way in addressing cost issues.

Imperfection 2) Designs are not ample

Till date, many store owners have complained about the absence of design flexibility in favor of their store fronts. In fact, to avail extended options, store owners may have to pay hundreds of additional dollars to access limited benefits in this respect. The solution however, lies in using third party softwares and tools that can add infinite design features at minimal costs. Proper integration with these tools may be necessary, and they may also come with an impactful price tag, but the expenses are usually one time and worth it.

Imperfection 3) Changes in search engines can pull visibility to negative

This is one side of truth that many ecommerce store owners have experienced but it does not have to be this way. If your optimization is ok and your value of service is high, you will continue to maintain ranking through thick and thin. This is applicable not just for eBay but other platforms as well be it Amazon, marketplace Walmart, Rakuten,, Sears or any others for that matter.

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3 Things You Can Do Without And Still Make Profits In eBay

Steve Burns Posted On - September 17, 2016

eBay store
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Selling in top ecommerce marketplaces comes with its own set of challenges. Irrespective of what new age strategists may say, things are not usually as easy as they appear. This is one of the many reasons why most eBay and Amazon sellers are seen to make extended efforts in the direction of making quicker profits and accessing faster growth. In the process, most of them feel the urgency to aid their efforts with certain power opportunities that are specific to the platform of presence. This applies massively to eBay where sellers have greater opportunity to build their brand name and reputation.

However, it has also been witnessed that it is possible to make profits in eBay more than expected even without the aid of these express openings. Here are 3 things that almost all sellers compete for in eBay, but may still manage to gain sizeable revenues without the getting a break into the same…

Power seller badge –

Not everyone can qualify for power seller badge and not everyone needs it either. There is a whole lot that you need to take care of while aiming for the power seller badge ranging from maintaining high volume sale to fetching outstanding reviews in every order so completed.

The truth is, sellers have performed for significant profits even without the power seller badge. The idea is to keep your listing in perfect shape; ascertain perfect order completions; price products competitively and the rest will fall in place.

eBay store

Stores in eBay are basically meant for midsized to large ventures especially those who earn their living through eBay. If you are a hobby seller or a small seller with your basic operational processes in good health, you will not feel the need to own an eBay store at all. stores come with a whole lot of associated expenses that may pull down on your revenues especially if you cannot keep your sale records high.


There are many eBay sellers who have signed up for FBA services for obvious benefits. However, FBA is not necessary because you can choose your own order completion methods for lesser costs. Systemized order completion systems are available aplenty, some of which are effective enough to offer extended benefits that come very close to FBA and that too with far lower investments.

Arbitrage selling can also be mentioned among the gateways for quick growth and profits which sellers need not actually resort to. Playing by the rules in eBay and offering excellent buyer experience is mostly all that sellers need to please the platform for a better future.

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Things To Consider Before Choosing eBay FBA

Robin Smith Posted On - September 15, 2016

eBay FBA
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You could be an eBay seller, but you can still rely on Amazon to fulfill your orders successfully. While it is true that eBay as one of the top marketplaces has its own means of order completion with its own set of benefits, choosing eBay FBA has its unique advantages that can often supersede the former. Quick, effective and effortless order completion has always been possible with FBA. This is followed by the advantage of being completely relieved of the hassles associated with storage, picking, packing, shipping etc. In short, scoring high reviews and ratings with FBA is a massive possibility.

On the flip side though, there are certain factors that may compel you to question the applicability of this format of fulfillment to your business. Here are some factors that you need to consider before choosing eBay FBA…

  • To begin with, FBA for eBay products can cause some significant drainage to your investments if especially of you are clueless about FBA fee calculations. Considering the fact that fees for different products are different based on factors like size, weight, delivery area etc. you need to enlighten yourself with the profitability of FBA in favor of your business before you go for the same.
  • Secondly, as far as your clients are concerned, there may be some confusion about them ordering from eBay but receiving an Amazon parcel instead. This is mainly because buyers are usually unaware of the intricacies of order completion in different marketplaces and are also rightfully justified in their lack of knowledge. This again can intrigue the buyers to check similar products in Amazon listing rather than approaching eBay for the same.
  • Thirdly, succeeding completely and all-inclusively in FBA for eBay calls for proper integration of the two platforms. Poor integration may lead eBay sellers to lose track of their products in Amazon warehouses which again can cause significant increase in storage bills especially for slow moving products. It is true that the layout of FBA is such that most sellers experience loss of control on their inventory on subscribing for the same. However, with proper integration, you can retain maximum control of your inventory eve over cross platform performance.
  • Besides this, while subscribing to FBA, eBay sellers must be very careful about coding every individual product flawlessly as well as fulfilling all other requirements that FBA may call for without errors. The rest is assured to fall in place by itself giving way to a hassle-free and productive route to order completion.

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    Easiest Ways To Drive Traffic To Your eBay Store

    Robin Smith Posted On - July 30, 2016

    Ebay store selling
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    You have opened your eBay store and are thrilled about it! You have listed the products you wish to sell and they are in the best of health. Your shop front looks enticing and ready to treat the flock with the best that they may have experienced in terms of quality and prices. However, something stands in your way as an invisible hurdle that appears to stop eBay traffic from flooding into your store! This has been the unfortunate case with hundreds of eBay sellers who have had to leave the platform in dearth of traffic.

    If you are one among those asking ‘how to increase traffic to my eBay store’, the answer may be easier than you thought! Here are 4 easy solutions which when conducted properly can increase your traffic by 100% if not more…

    Go social

    With billions of eyes stuck on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Google +, Pinterest etc. social bookmarking can win you phenomenal traffic almost instantly. You need to share your link engagingly and organically to drive prospective buyers to your eBay store.

    Try Vlogging

    Volgs = Video + Blogs, are trending these days. Almost every YouTube subscriber runs through informative vlogs on products they wish to purchase. Say for example, if a certain buyer is planning on purchasing a certain brand of foundation, the individual is sure to look through vlogs that throw light upon the quality and intensity of the same. If you share vlogs on the products you sell and connect links to your e Bay store, you will actually drive purchase motivated traffic to your venture.

    Content and effective linking

    Content in the form of articles and blogs, is also considered one of the best ways to drive traffic to eBay store. Publishing your articles with organically embedded links can increase your store visibility like never before. If you think that you cannot write impactful articles yourself, you can always seek assistance from professional content creators who will deliver impactful results at affordable prices.

    Listing optimization

    Fourthly, there could be no better way to multiply visibility than optimize your listing in eBay. Optimized listing with the right set of keywords, proper descriptions, impactful images and user friendly titles can win the faith of eBay search engine easily and effectively. Landing page optimization should also be considered at the very onset of the business. For gaining functional optimization, it is advisable to use software solutions from reputed e commerce solution developers.

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    Things To Consider Before Owning Your Own eBay Store

    Stephen Posted On - March 21, 2016

    ebay selling software
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    The scope of eBay is all inclusive which has been working wonders for serious e commerce enthusiasts from all over the world. With millions of unique visitors thronging the platform any given minute, there is ample possibility for all existing sellers to be discovered by an overwhelming team of target buyers. At present, there are two primary forms of sellers in this platform that are the individual sellers and those that own their eBay stores. Each have their own set of unique advantages that are all directed towards propelling growth of the concerned sellers through different dimensions.

    However, it has often been seen that it is the owners of stores in eBay that are more motivated towards better performance. One can say that this is mainly because of the fact that sellers who own their stores are often the ones who are more serious in their business and their presence in eBay may be one of the primary sources of their income. Many times, it has been seen that sellers may have commenced their venture as individual sellers that eventually escalated to creating their own stores in this platform as traffic, sale and list of positive reviews rose to significant levels.

    Owing stores often makes the process of eBay selling a little easier with greater freedom granted towards how you design your store front and how you manage your business through the same. It has been observed that driving traffic one’s store is often a well supported process and a steady one too. However, at all times it must be kept in mind that kick staring a store will never guarantee augmentation in traffic and sale. Considering the fact that the rules of eBay as far as visibility of sellers change very frequently, store owners may have to do their own bit to promote their existence in this platform.

    Using eBay selling software is often considered one of the best ways to win the best exposure for stores. Operational ease as well as freedom from human errors is also assured by these inputs of quality technology. In fact, it can be said with confidence that eBay store operations should always be software supported for enhanced performance and to tide over odds. Besides this, it is always recommended that stores are created if the number of products under the umbrella of the seller is medium to large. Sellers owning stores with only tens of products to sell are usually seen to incur losses.

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    Seller Secrets That eBay Store Competitors Will Never Tell You

    Steve Burns Posted On - March 17, 2016

    eBay store selling software
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    If you are a new seller in eBay and are looking for success tips from established performers, be assured that no one will spoon feed you with the ultimate secrets of their achievements. For all you know, if you are close to selling similar products or may be featuring under the same product category, there is no way your competitor would boost your performance with their tried and tested tips and tricks. This is justified to an extent for obvious reasons. Putting it in simple words, not many would want to nurture their own competitors simply because it is as good as axing one’s own feet.

    To begin with, as a new eBay seller, you are very likely to wish to understand how to utilize listing in profitable ways. Be assured, you will never get the complete tapestry of how to go about the process from performing competitors in this platform. Basically, this will be more like a trial and error process for you wherein you will undergo crests and troughs in your performance till you hit upon the strategy that works best for you. Similarly, if you are looking for tips and guidance for adding luster to your listing, store designing or even winning conversions for that matter, you may discover that you are on your own.

    More often than not, established sellers have also been seen to be very secretive about the type of eBay selling support that they may be using. While some may be generous enough to give out the names of the developers, there are others who usually blur things out so that the information is no good to no one. While this seems to be a desolate chain of affairs, this does not mean than you will have to go without any success assistance while launching your efforts in this top performing and rather maddening marketplace.

    Existing as professional e commerce solution developers, these super entities can offer you not just valuable advice but also the right tools and selling solutions that will help you make leaps of progress from the very onset of your venture. With these professionals by your side, you will not have to face harassment while looking around for productive advice. Considering the fact that many of these developers offer budget friendly eBay selling solutions smaller startups with limited resources can start their endeavors in eBay with their best foot forward.

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    Disasters That eBay Listing Softwares Can Prevent

    Daniel Posted On - March 17, 2016

    eBay listing softwares
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    Usage of listing softwares in top performing marketplaces like eBay is usually very common. However, there are a number of sellers who still place faith in the manual processes of listing which drives them to spend hours in the process that could otherwise have been used more productively in favor of their overall business. Till date, sellers have experienced over thousands of reasons why they should be selling with the assistance of listing tools and softwares some of which are directly relevant as far as visibility and profitability are concerned.

    To begin with, the eBay listing softwares that are available today are intelligently efficient. This means that they don’t just help sellers list their products or introduce changes automatically, but they can also interpret the impact of listing and make sellers aware of the same. This is mostly in terms of prices at which the products are listed, their titles, descriptions and many more. Listing softwares clubbed with proper pricing solutions can help sellers from getting pushed back in competition or getting stagnated at a certain plateau. Similarly, right listing softwares can also cultivate productivity in titles and descriptions that can win maximum eyeballs in favor of the sellers.

    Sellers with massive product lists can actually swear by the eBay listing tools as far as saving them days of hard work is concerned. From introducing changes to adding or pulling back products following their movement in the inventory management systems can be practically lifesaving for the former. The fact that these tools are the only mediums through which flawlessness can be assured in operations is something that cannot be overlooked by eBay performers. For those handling medium to large inventories, disasters usually come crashing with the slightest error in listing. Overselling, underselling, cancellations, returns and refunds can be mentioned as a few.

    These are the days when eBay selling support including listing management, inventory control, order processing and completion etc. are all under the scope and purview of superiorly automated systems. Sellers who stay away from these solutions are usually the ones who experience a plateau in their growth or disappear completely in the cloud of competition. They are also the ones who experience devastations that follow through chains of unfortunate errors that can eventually drive them out of the platform itself. Considering the fact that eBay seller support solutions are available at affordable rates, such disasters can be prevented right from the first day of assisted performance itself.

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    Tips To Make A Sparkling eBay Store

    Robin Smith Posted On - February 25, 2016

    eBay Selling
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    If you are a serious eBay seller who desires to pursue eBay selling as a full time career, it may make some sense to kick start a store. Building an eBay store is the first and the most important step that a seller can take to showcase their positive and progressive interests to prospective buyers as well as the platform in itself. However, unlike what it may have been a few years ago, owning a store in itself is never enough to march towards the direction of profits and growth. It takes much more to push a store towards a brighter and productive future than its mere existence.

    It all starts with placing proper focus on designing the store. In fact, this is the most important factor that all eBay sellers should take into urgent notice. The focus should rest on making the store so attractive that buyers get entranced with it as they cast their very first look. Designing a proper captivating logo is extremely important. For stark beginners, looking into already established stores can be of massive help in gaining an idea about how to go about the process. When it comes to creating the perfect design, enthusiasts will have to chart out the A to Z of the essentials and figure out the best possible ways of putting the pieces together.

    Say for example, making use of promotion boxes, pictures, logos, templates, titles etc. just about everything matters in bringing the best out of your store. It is always wise to start the process with some solid research on the subject. If you need to spend a week or two while researching the perfect store building strategies, it is advisable to do so with confidence. However, it is necessary to know that eBay as a platform is always changing. Improvements and enhancements thus, need to be taken into notice while introducing changes in the store accordingly.

    The next most important thing to note when it comes to improving your eBay store presence like never before, is to have it integrated perfectly. Initiating integration would enable all operations associated with your store to get reasonably automated while eliminating scope for errors and bottlenecks. Considering the fact that eBay is very cautious about how sellers contribute to the purchase experience of buyers, proper store integration would directly contribute to making an impactful association with the platform. Using a range of well chosen eBay selling softwares is also advised.

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