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Best Ways To Increase eBay Traffic Organically

Robin Smith Posted On - September 5, 2016

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What is ‘Organic’ Traffic anyway?

Sellers in top e commerce marketplaces are always fraught with the fight to visibility. At present, eBay and Amazon hosts thousands of merchants / sellers that are selling within the same product category and competing for the same set of target buyers. This has resulted in a sort of commotion where everyone is literally scrambling to ensure that the greater part of the interested lot lands up on their store fronts and not their competitors. The number of target buyers that eventually click on your products (irrespective of making their purchase) is known as traffic. And when this traffic is attracted in legit means, it is termed organic.

As far as eBay is concerned, with the introduction of the latest search engine a couple of years ago, sellers are finding it very difficult to drive traffic to eBay listings organically. Usage of hacks and tricks to maintain positions or elbow their way to the top has resulted in record suspensions that has cost the desperate lot with their future in this marketplace. Taking a closer look though, things are not as tough as they look. Being aware and patient is all that it may take.

How to increase eBay traffic organically –

Winning voluminous traffic in eBay organically refers to following certain best practices that are approved by the platform and are directly beneficial to the target buyers in every way possible.

  • Improve the value of your product –

  • Improving the value of your products in terms of optimization, appropriate pricing, relief from burdensome shipping, extended return period, inviting positive reviews and ratings etc. will make you more visible to Cassini, the new search engine of eBay. If Cassini pulls your products up in search results, there is nothing that can stop you from gaining voluminous traffic.

  • Get social –

  • Making a pleasant presence in social media platforms can be one of the best ways to drive traffic to eBay store organically. Your focus should be upon making the products applicable to the buyers and offering them the easiest route to reach the same.

  • Vlogs and Blogs can help massively –

  • Online shoppers love vlogs for the sake of their dependability when it comes to judge the true worth of the products that they wish to buy. Blogs are also very popular when it comes to diverting traffic to your store in eBay or any marketplace you may be present in. Publishing articles still retain their place as the king of traffic generation and should thus, not be given a miss.

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