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Other Auction Sites That Are eBay Alternative

Robin Smith Posted On - July 31, 2016

eBay alternative
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eBay can often leave sellers weary of its excesses be it with respect to search engine modifications or the usual hustle of routine selling. Of late, many sellers have chosen to opt out of the platform or look for other auction based marketplaces that are similar to eBay to continue their selling practices. The good news is there are a number of eBay alternatives that this lot of relatively dissatisfied sellers can establish presence in and gain maximum growth and profits from the same.


Like eBay, Bonanza is known for being one of the best platforms for selling unique items and collectibles. Besides this, categories like home and gardening, beauty and health, and ladies fashion clothing / accessories are also very popular. Buyer to seller ratio is much higher in Bonanza, which can always ensure easy sell out at all times. While in Bonanza, you can thus benefit from…

  • Selling what you sell in eBay
  • Very low competition
  • High buyer to seller ratio (which can get you high profits)
  • High profit margins
  • eBid

    For those of you wondering ‘What!’ with reference to the name so similar to eBay, it will benefit to know that eBid is rising as one of the many auction sites like eBay and is known for its inbuilt suitability in favor of books and toys sellers. While in eBid you are assured to benefit from…

  • Very low risk and competition as compared with eBay
  • Free listing
  • Very low commission rates (as less as 3%)!
  • Trusted by a large number of unique visitors
  • Etsy

    The world of online shoppers are slowly and steadily falling in love with Etsy. This rather quirky platform specializes in just about anything that can be sold with special emphasis on vintage products, fashion clothing and accessfeories, gifts and home décor and many more. While in Etsy you are sure to benefit from…

  • Lower costs and lower risks compared to eBay
  • More purpose driven buyers (presently over 20 million active and counting)
  • Direct selling advantage
  • While looking for websites similar to eBay or even Amazon for that matter, it is always necessary to determine individual suitability before integrating with the same. An alternative for eBay does not necessarily have to be another auction based site. Your primary motive is to get into a platform that supports your niche while being compatible with respect to cost, competition and low risk factors.

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