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Facebook makes it Simpler for Retailers to Promote their Brands

Steve Burns Posted On - October 5, 2013

Elucidating the Worth of a Facebook Fan
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The online business merchants are making the effort to push their business to the target market and envelop a bigger portion of the niche by implementing the best marketing strategies. When we talk about social media promotion of online brands, it is Facebook, the social media giant which just needs a wink of an eye to get on the minds of the e-sellers.

Brand promotion is not about paving the way for increasing the sales figures only; it is also about creating the right brand image. In tune with the revamped online promotion policy that Facebook has come up with for the web merchants, the e-sellers are now empowered to run competitions directly from the timeline of their brand’s official page. The virtual scrapbook catalogues the events and posts that the loyalists of a brand need to know so that they can participate is much more easily accessible now. The web merchants now have the scope to collect entries to contests by making consumers to post content on their pages. Sending a message seems to be a viable option.

What is the Real Change about?

Though this tech-savvy generation gives a loud and clear message that the e-sellers need to think mobile to maximize their reach to the target audience, multi-tasking is never everyone’s forte. The gelling with the apps was a necessity for the online retailers as running competitions was only possible through Facebook applications.

The Custom-Made Business Approach

In order to stand out from the pack, the online retailers need to frame a strategy with the business edge which should be inclusive of the personalized and distinctive business touch. The online brands can create custom-made pages with a more personalized appeal when they are trying to launch a contest. The process also becomes very smooth. There is no need to build an application for a marketer any more, which makes it a time-saving process. When a user shows his interest of entering a contest by posting on a brand page, the content gets displayed on the news feed of his friends. As it is known that when a user logs to Facebook, it is his news feed that reaches his eyes first.

The Advantages that the Retailers can avail:

This change in the brand promotion policy that Facebook has brought about can prove to be a big advantage for the brand owners in the following ways:

  • Running contest is a fast and speedy process now
  • Retailers who have partnered with vendors for building promotional applications can come out of such a business relation
  • If a retailer and a vendor is lacking in transparency in terms of the data collected, the e-sellers will not have to depend on vendors alone for data collection

So if you have been thinking of making your social media marketing plan, where Facebook activities automatically top the chart, you know how to go about it. Facebook can make a difference in your brand marketing approach, so learn the difference now!

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Facebook belts out Verified Pages

Steve Burns Posted On - July 15, 2013

Facebook belts out Verified Pages
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Social media is resonating in the virtual world. With Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and the like participating in the race, the game field has become more vibrant.  When Facebook’s fans and followers were creating a buzz with the cover photo, Twitter wanted to make it big with the header photo. Now it is time for Facebook to walk on the footsteps of Twitter and it has rolled out the Verified pages. The game of stepping ahead from one another has been so rampant among the different social networking channels, that it has only helped the different channels to offer only the best to the social networking buffs. Whether it is adding of new features, redesigning, and coming up with innovative concepts and apps, social media has been successful in creating a rippling effect.

The Mechanism behind the Verified Pages

Twitter has already impressed its users with the long-verified high-profile users’ accounts. Facebook is walking on the path that Twitter blatantly showed. Facebook has put on its thinking cap about the big shots in the different industries and the business owners. The verified pages will enable the consumers to move to a brand’s official page, directly or find their star’s profile at once.  In order to avoid the confusion among the closely-related brand owners or celebs in Facebook in the same niche, the verified pages can help a lot. The multiple consumer-created pages can get the targeted customers in confusion.

How Do you Understand a Verified Page?

Again taking a cue from Twitter, Facebook denotes verified accounts with a small blue icon capped with a checkmark. This is how you identify a verified page. You can locate the icon next to the page or can find it aptly beside the username or its timeline. It can also at times pop up in the search results page or anywhere else.

Facebook is holding the Reins on its Hands

It is not the business owners or the high-profile celebs trying to find a foothold in the social domain, can opt for tagging their brands with verified pages. It has to be Facebook’s call once it understands the need of a brand to have a separate identity, before its get lost in the pool of sameness. In order to avoid the risk of duplication and save a brand from identity crisis, Facebook takes charge and bestows the brand with the verified page. In order to strengthen their base and safeguard their business against the imposters, the business owners can report the pages that they suspect to be of the imposters.

Tapping the Potential of Social Media

With social media promising a lot to the business owners, the web merchants must realize the business juice that they can derive from the different social media networking channels. With the verified pages, social media profile management has become easier for the various brands. The different businesses indirectly enjoy the filtration process of the steam of traffic flowing to their site. Facebook has come a long way in terms of revamping itself in sync with the different marketing trends and needs. As a resourceful business platform, for building brand image and popularity, the social signals go a long way along with the importance of the links specified time and again. With the verified pages, this social networking giant has played a masterstroke.

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Elucidating the Worth of a Facebook Fan

Steve Burns Posted On - May 29, 2013

Elucidating the Worth of a Facebook Fan
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With social media breathing in fresh air to online businesses, the fans are no longer confined to sports or icons; it has hit the business circuit. The loyalists of a brand, who in turn, are social media buffs, spread the buzz about a brand, helping it to grab eyeballs and earn visibility. The Facebook fans can do a lot for a business and it is the count of the fans, which has the potential to make a brand to soar in popularity. This, in turn, will help in increasing the revenue of the businesses and beat the competition in a respective industry. For building up the customer base and for spreading brand loyalty, Facebook fans chip in with their crucial role.

Emphasizing on the Worth

A Facebook fan is worth $174 to a brand, with the figures rising from 28% since 2010, according to the reports of a social media marketing firm of repute.A research was carried out and based on the data collected from more than 2,000 U.S. panelists; some useful insights can be gained about the fans of a brand in one of the top networking sites, Facebook.

The study engaged in making a comparative study based on Facebook fans and non-fans. The emphasis was put on their pre-purchasing and post-purchasing behavior along with other parameters and how it helps in making a brand known more to the people. The areas that was emphasized on was product spending, brand loyalty, inclination to recommend, media value, brand affinity, cost of acquisition- which together enabled in arriving at a figure, which is $174 and it is an average figure. The value is susceptible to change depending on the worth and credibility of different brands.

Why a Brand Fan is so important?

A brand fan is very active on social media than non-fans. It has been observed that two-thirds of fans follow 10 or more brand pages, which is not to be found when checking out the graph of non-fans of a brand and the figures of brand association got as fans got to be less than 10. It is one of the exciting news that 75% of the fans opined that they are going to spread and share their brand experiences with Facebook friends. So, in other words, what social media does is that it empowers people who become the chief instruments in promoting a brand indirectly.

However, the e-businesses should also keep in mind that the fans are also more to openly share their bad brand experience. So the fans have the power to make or break your brand, hold up or plummet down its image. The social media fever catching up with the potential purchasers who are a part of the social networking world in the virtual realm, it is the reviews, ratings and recommendation which have become the watchwords that govern the buying decision of the potential purchasers.

Hooking more Loyalists

There is greater urge among the prospective buyers to be a brand’s fan if they have purchased once. However, the concern for e-businessmen is repeat purchase and social media is the best place to make the customers that a brand has already locked in to be updated with the new arrivals, updated offers and the like. The challenge is to turn a first buyer into a fan and holding on to the buyer for long for boosting up the sales figure. The Facebook fandom can definitely add on more value for the advertisers and the e-sellers if they learn the trick of how to play their cards well.

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