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Daniel Posted On - May 1, 2015
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If you really come to think of it, there are very few e-commerce marketplaces that can compete with Amazon as far as offering an unending array of products in attractively low prices is concerned. Taking a closer look, Amazon does not also have too many competitors who can challenge its’ top position in the world of eCommerce.

However, has managed to brain its way through the standards set by this leading e-commerce marketplace and has come out with a strategy that can overtake Amazon by the following few seasons. Spearheaded by Mark Lore, the founder of and, one can only expect the stratagem to cause revolutionary changes in the present success ladder.

The aim of is to offer products at far lower prices than Amazon and their approach to achieve this goal is to lower the membership fees of the seller to 50$ per year putting it in sharp contrast with merchants selling on Amazon paying 99$. This in the long run may inspire further rebates in the part of the seller to the end customer, which is expected to be anywhere from 10% to 15% lesser than the costs offered in Amazon.

Revolutionary as this may sound, requires funding to achieve this herculean goal. The current raising $140 million in fresh investments is aimed in this very direction. From uncompromised marketing to supporting and expanding operations, CEO Mark Lore has also envisioned constructing a never-before trading system for consumer products. In addition with the $90 million which it had previously gathered from investors like Google Ventures, Goldman Sachs & Co. and Norwest Venture Partners, is presently the most valued e-commerce startups of this century.

However, what matters more is ‘staying’ the most valued e-commerce venture. Competing with Amazon will not be easy and the membership structure does not look all too supportive of the end expected result at this very moment. Nevertheless, the whopping half billion dollar budget for implementing marketing and associated plans, may just end up surprising those who have presently seem settled with the status quo.

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Giant move for Google; from searching to delivering

Daniel Posted On - June 25, 2014

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Several others frowned upon Google’s spontaneous approach regarding free delivery service of certain goods on the same day in certain parts of United States. The industrial analysts observed this as an unwanted intrusion of the company in low-prizing real-world business. Various questions were also raised regarding the delivery modes that were taken up by them as too much than the needed.

The mistake was however childish and unprofessional in nature compared to the image of the company and with such competitors like and so many others coming in. The initiation that was new for them and held as intrusion in unfamiliar territories. Google with its popularity as a search engine and as a guiding factor in the world of web actually did not made such prolific result when it entered the world of delivery business with higher expenses as a mode of payoff that is uncertain and low in terms of the expenses incurred. This was really a bad move for them as far as the world of web delivery business is concerned. A lot of money was wasted in securing the position for the business until it crashed and turned out to be a failure.

Completion rates were stiff

The market for Google in this field was very stiff for it was equally dominated by other shopping sites like Amazon and e-bay which had their strong customer base and this was bad for the Google as they could not secure the credibility of the people.

New move for Google

Google however is shifting its mindset thus concentration on its mainstream business with search advertising and with the enhancement of e-commerce; it looks up to get information of the potential user of its service so that it can develop upon it. A similar approach was seen when Google invested in Smartphone to safeguard its search engine and with the Android technology, it is further enriched.

A giant step taken

Google is however in the advancement of its delivery industry where it is taking its trials in various parts of USA. As a part of their new move, Google is experimenting with ways to deliver perishable groceries such as milk and various food items that require special temperature-controlled storage and delivery mechanism, and which are already available through Amazon’s rival Fresh service. Though it is said to be too early to say whether that might ultimately become part of the service or not.

Google Shopping Express allows consumers buy products online from a lot of stores in the San Francisco Bay Area, including Staples, Costco, etc. They have the goods at their doorsteps that same day. Couriers or contract drivers pick the orders up from retail stores throughout the day collecting an undisclosed commission from the retail stores for each sale.

Consumers for now pay nothing for the convenience due to a free six-month membership trial offered by Google. Google may extend the free trial until it has perfected the service and is ready to charge a subscription fee.

Google’s Shopping Express is being tested as a standalone delivery service, but many people expect the eventual goal is to integrate home deliveries as a feature in the search engine.

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PayPal gets a Jump on the Holidays with a Free Two-Day Shipping Promotion

Steve Burns Posted On - December 2, 2013

Global Online Payment Gateway
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With the holiday ongoing season is filling the air with mystic charm of festivities, eBay Inc.’s PayPal is thinking high in terms of residing on the hearts of online shoppers. It is plunging to face the tide of holiday promotions with a bang. The payments processor which is a name to reckon with now in the e-commerce world will give free two-day shipping in the US. This is something that the online shoppers would love to lap it up.

Who can enjoy this Offer?

People, who have been using their spending power with PayPal on e-commerce sites, will get to enjoy this privilege. The retailers are:

  • Levi Strauss & Co. and the offer will show up on the company’s Levi’s and Dockers sites
  • Aeropostale Inc.
  • The Sports Authority Inc.
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods Inc.
  • Kenneth Cole Productions Inc.
  • iRobot Corp.
  • Shop PBS,
  • and owned by Ascena Retail Group Inc

Paypal’s Business Move

If you are thinking of how far the offer is going to stretch while flipping through these lines, PayPal has not commented anything as of now, apart from coming up with the fact that the offer is “limited.” It seems that PayPal is on a testing phase and it is going to make some more strategic plan only when it gets the required feedback from customers and merchants. Though online shopping is soaring in popularity among the e-buyers, it is always the ‘free’ quotient which plays on the psyche of the buyers. PayPal decided to offer free shipping inclusive of all costs. Studies and surveys have shown that shipping has been a source of botheration for the online shoppers and buyers.

The Thought behind the Application of this Strategy

There are some misconceptions which often prevail on the minds of the people about the beginning of the holiday shopping season. While some believe that the crazy rush is between Thanksgiving and Christmas as the holiday shopping season, it is actually not so. It is undoubtedly that the sales figures surge higher as the last minute buyers are often not budget shoppers and even if they plan, they fall short of their expectations and end up spending more! September 30 is regarded as the hot date where the actual holiday online shopping kicks off. It is the ripe time to pronounce exciting offers, promotional gifts and much more, nabbing the attention of the customers.

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Free Shipping is a Drawing Influence for Taking the Buying Action

Steve Burns Posted On - March 11, 2013

Free Shipping is a Drawing Influence for Taking the Buying Action
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The potential buyers think twice before using their purchasing power to pick up their choicest products. The global economic scenario is making the buyers to fasten their financial belt more firmly. Online shopping is gaining momentum with the flood of steady traffic and higher conversion rate impressing the e-merchants. It is the way the hot sales news and the exciting business propositions are pronounced by the e-sellers which make way for higher revenue generation.The Psychological Attraction.The smart shoppers do realize that there is no big deal in offering the free shipping services that the merchants spell out as the actual cost of shipping is anyway included in the cost of the merchandise. However, it is the strong drawing influence of the word “free” which gains a psychological advantage making people to engage in buying more and more. The buyers tend to spend more when they are lured with the lucrative offers on free shipping. Most of the retailers spell out the minimum amount that a buyer needs to shell out to avail the service of free shipping. It has a psychological advantage as it works on their impulse making the purchasers not only to enjoy the free shipping service but also to avail the discounts and money-saving deals.Effective ways how Retailers can offer more in the Free Shipping Service.

Do you really want to do away with shopping cart abandonment and want to drive more sales and earn more revenue? Try out the following free shipping tactics by spoiling your customers more:

  • Utilize Saturdays more effectively as residential customers have a higher chances of being in-house to receive a package
  • Focus on time-definite, day-definite delivery of shipping goods. Customers who are in a haste to receive the products that they buy or want it within a specific time period can be sated. Exercising the option of appointment delivery where, as a seller, you promise the exact day, time and place of reaching the goods. It can automatically pave the way for more loyalists of your brand
  • Vouch for offering fast order delivery service to appease your client base and add more valuable clients. This way a retailer can gain competitive advantage over his rivals
  • If you can make provision for rerouting the delivery at no extra cost, your customers will shower you with praises. If you are in need of order fulfillment to offer a hassle-free experience to the shoppers after the check-out process you can bank on ChannelSale.
  • As a seller, you must communicate lucidly the details about the return policy to your customers to built a stellar reputation
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