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5 Reasons Why Sears Can Be A Profitable Part Of Your Ecommerce Endeavor

Daniel Posted On - April 11, 2017

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The year of 1886 marked the birth of Sears as a mail order watch resale entity that worked up revenues worth 800,000$ within the next 9 years. While the Great depression that hit the world during this era had posed Herculean obstacles in the path of this revolutionary venture, Sears managed to resurface and expand within no time at all. Since then till now, this entity has witnessed innumerable ups and downs through generations while maintaining its significance in the American market in every way possible.

In the 21st century and exactly 131 years since its inception, Sears holds its head high as one of the leading e commerce marketplaces where buyers can locate some of the best deals in some of the most popular product categories. However, as has been expressed by the e commerce gurus, and very sadly too, Sears may be dying a slow and imperceptible death owing mostly to the level of competition posed by Giants like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.

The question that most ecommerce sellers are coming face to face with is whether it would be worthwhile to sell on Sears at all or not considering the fact that there are other promising marketplaces that are aimed at making growth and profits more easily achievable. in this respect, 5 very valid arguments have been extended by the present sellers in Sears about why it is worthwhile to make this platform a part of any e commerce endeavor…

Sears is a very recognized name that has its history stretching over generations. Therefore, winning the trust of customers will never be too difficult

Sears welcomes over 16 million visitors to its online marketplace every single month and counting which can boost traffic and sale almost instantly

Sears marketplace fees is manageable and in tune with other top performing platforms.

Sears has its own order fulfillment set up that can be availed for as less as 40$ per month.

As has been expressed by successful sellers in this marketplace, Sears offers a nearly no risk start that is not usually offered by any other marketplace.

Guidance on how do you sell on Sears is more easily locatable these days than availing guidance on how do you spell Walmart which makes it a practical treat for sellers that wish to include this platform as an integral part of their multi channel e commerce ventures.

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