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5 Steps to Go from Another eBay Seller to Million-dollar Online Seller

Daniel Posted On - September 12, 2017

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The journey of eBay sellers, from being a beginner to successful, is rocky and filled with challenges. That, by no means, should make you believe that things aren’t simple. If anything, the entire process is very simple with one universal rule—work hard, have thorough plans and go big.

Are you too looking to turn your eBay store into a million dollar online selling business?

Follow these 5 steps and turn your dreams and ideas into reality:

Focus on eBay store first

Don’t get distracted by so many things that you want do. It would only make you less productive. Start with eBay store and stick to it. Optimize it with best practices, master the art of product listings, manage inventories efficiently and, most importantly, price your products right. With right strategies, turn your one-time buyer into repetitive customers; make them your fans.

Spread your wings on different platforms

When you’re fully settled on eBay and are selling decent, it’s time now to scale. Now get on other marketplace, webstores and comparison search engines. See which shopping channels are ideal for your products and strategies, where your customers are most comfortable, and which platforms fit your budget.

Signup to multi-channel e-commerce solution

When you’re expanding on different channels and launching new storefronts, having e-commerce solutions by your side is important. Use these third-party solutions to integrate your various platforms on a centralized platform, right from 3D Cart eBay to Amazon-Shopify. Handling all back-end activities of your multiple platforms will become much easier, efficient and cost-effective.

Market on social media and search engines

Marketing is the most important part of this process. So when expanding, pay special attention and invest big in marketing on digital channels. Spend on social media ads, leverage the powerful targeting tools, and reach out your audience. Engage them, ace your post-sales strategy and strive to deliver your customers a pleasant experience.

Expand your team and infrastructure

When the wheels are on spin, the sale is rising and your products (or brand) are being recognized, it’s time to expand your team and the entire infrastructure. Hire professionals, like API developer. These days, top e-commerce solutions are also offering managed services to for more convenience and efficiency of the retailers, resellers, and agencies. Go for them,

These are 5 broad steps to turn yourself from being just another eBay seller to a successful online seller.

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Walmart Online Selling Best Practices 2017

Thomas Posted On - May 29, 2017

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Walmart online marketplace has offered ample opportunities for third party sellers to grow and prosper. In fact, many sellers are already experiencing the glory of being present in this platform in terms of growth, visibility and profits. However, prosperity in is never guaranteed and sellers are thus required to be amply aware about the best practices that apply while performing in this marketplace.

Things you must NEVER take for Granted in
Before asking how do I sell on Walmart marketplace for profits, it is imperative to ask ‘what I must never take for granted’ in this platform. Here is a short list of 3 critical factors that should never be mistaken as perpetually accessible…

Easy route to buy box – As compared with many other ecommerce marketplaces, the route to buy box is as easy as lowest prices + favorable shipping charges (if applicable). While this sounds easy enough, sellers must remember that potential buyers that click on their products in the buy box may not necessarily make the purchase if they find that the overall purchase value of the product is not worth the approach.

Low competition levels – It is true that competition levels in Walmart marketplace is far lower as compared with Amazon or eBay thus, making the route to visibility and sale very easy. However, it is also necessary to note that the number of 3P sellers in this marketplace is rising by the passing months and it could only be a while before competition gets the better of easy going selling entities.

Inflowing flood of unique visitors – Thirdly, the very name of Walmart marketplace invites visitors to this platform, but in no way does it mean that the inflowing visitors will land in your store. Therefore, sellers that do not put in any effort towards comprehensive marketing, it could only be a matter of weeks before the concerned entity loses its visibility.

Best practices to increase Walmart productivity 2017
To remain in the safer side of things, it is always advisable to follow certain established rules in terms of best practices to maintain productive presence in this marketplace. Some of the established best practices can be mentioned as follows…

Abide by the lowest price rule at all times

Never try to pile up prices on checkout

Integrate preferably with professional assistance, especially those that have mastered difficult feats like the API developers

Maintain high purchase value in favor of buyers

Generate reviews and ratings per sale from the first day on

Put in ample marketing efforts

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