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Best Practices To Sell On Walmart Profitably

Stephen Posted On - September 23, 2016

Wallmart Online Selling
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Selling in can be very profitable for sellers who are aware of the best practices of selling in this growing e commerce marketplace. Making its way to the top 10 e commerce platforms in the USA, it is only natural for sellers to expect enhanced traffic and resultant conversions from millions of unique visitors that flow in every passing week which is worth fighting for. In short, is progressing to close in with Amazon, and sellers who establish early presence in this platform can experience ample growth and profits to enjoy in the very near future.

However, with these unputdownable assurances, sellers are also required to understand and maintain certain standards to sell on Walmart with sizeable success. For all you know, this leading retail giant is not very welcoming of selling entities that don’t possess something worthy in terms of selling standards or reputation to show in their favor. Following is a very small list of factors that takes very seriously while inviting sellers to perform under their umbrella…

Order defect rate

This is the first and the most important factor that is taken into consideration and can be a deciding factor at the time of receiving acceptance from the platform. If you are an Amazon seller, your defect rate has to be less than 1%. If not, your chances to sell on will become feeble or impossible.

Reseller V/s Brand owners is always seen to favor individual and promising brand owners over resellers. If you are counted among the latter, your attempts will not be favored over the former. If you are a brand owner with something worthy to speak of, Walmart will be more than happy to invite you in.

Your existing feedback and rating

Walmart wants to know what buyers have to say about you. Ratings and feedbacks are thus taken very seriously by this platform. If your rating and feedback is less than average, you may not be preferred in and this applies mainly to existing Amazon sellers.

Best price assurance

Walmart has always adhered to offering the lowest prices to its buyers in its brick and mortar establishments and ants to ensure the same in its e commerce endeavors as well. So, if you are an Amazon seller, the platform may insist on taking a look at your approach to buy box and your performance in the same.

In order to save time and stay in the safer side of things, it is best to seek assistance from ecommerce professionals especially those who are of significant standing. Choosing providers who have offered successful integrations like Shopify, Amazon Magento etc can be considered.

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Very Convincing Reasons Why You Should Integrate With Right Now!

Robin Smith Posted On - September 22, 2016 integration
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Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast) is scaling heights, which does not leave any doubt about the fact that it will rise to become of the leading e commerce marketplaces by the end of the decade. Did you know that this year old marketplace is growing 280 times faster than Amazon? Did you know that this platform is on the verge of crossing over a billion dollars in sale by the end of 2016? With 23% of repeat buyer rate which is way higher than Amazon and eBay there is no reason why sellers should not be willing to create their presence in at the earliest.

Features That are Just as Good as Amazon is introducing features that are just as good as Amazon leaving buyers with the option to choose the former over the latter and too without any regrets. Scrapping the old ‘membership model’, and embracing the more inclusive feature of free 2 to 5 days shipping over 35$ is only the beginning of things. Besides this, the lowest price assurance is also a reality with; Walmart coming to a close second.

Advertising Budget is Noteworthy intends to spend 25 million dollars per month for advertising. This is intended to win maximum exposure before target buyers by the end of the year. With proper and timely integration sellers can bag massive and maximum exposure before the traffic so gained through this effort. Basically this is an opportunity that no seller should miss.

Seller Benefits are Real

Did anyone mention that protects seller interests as well? Yes, it is true. Unlike marketplaces like Amazon and eBay where the buyers can access ‘no questions asked’ returns and refunds, the policies in are slightly different. While it is true that buyers can request returns, the policies for the same are very well constructed ensuring buyers return under valid grounds. This also minimizes fraud purchase attempts. In very simple words, it is safer to sell in API integration has become very easy…

For the first few months, the matter of API integration with had claimed the peace and patience of numerous sellers. This may have been the only blot in the process of startup. However, over the past year, third party ecommerce solution developers have already come up with evolved routes to facilitate best API integrations for quicker and more effective presence in this marketplace. Softwares, tools and associated support for API integration that are packed with advanced features are now available at very affordable prices which is worth the attempt.

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Steps To A Healthy Integration

Stephen Posted On - March 15, 2016 integration
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Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast) is currently one of the most intriguing marketplaces that sellers could ever establish presence in. It is young, dynamic, promising and with an aim to surpass Amazon in terms of traffic and profits in the very new future. For any e commerce seller with an ambition to gain the best of eyeballs as well as sale, creating an impactful presence in this marketplace is more than just imperative. However, when it comes to handling the process of establishing presence in, sellers have expressed facing their worst nightmares. Somehow, the basics as well as the nitty-gritty seems to be so much in flux that enthusiasts both experienced and inexperienced have been finding them rather elusive.

The real troubles arise in when integration with concerned shopping cart solutions need to be carried out. Most sellers are usually unable to grasp the best route to gaining the best results leaving their efforts with gaping holes through which their efforts seem to seep out. At present, partners with one of the leading providers of e commerce support solutions that can assist sellers with quality integration and set up. However, for most vendors, this can be a rather difficult treat owing to the expenses that come with engaging the former.

Things though, don’t need to be as desolate as it seems. sellers can in fact achieve the best possible integration with this marketplace without having to compromise their peace or their budgets. At present, the best possible way to achieve the best possible integrated performance is to engage third party providers of e commerce solutions that have been acclaimed for striking winning setups in For those wondering where to locate such providers, it will benefit to know that there is a handful of names that can be discovered on launching a small internet research. Reading through reviews posted in various forums can help determine which is best. API integration by far is the most intimidating process that all sellers dread. Being complex and ever changing, it is best to approach the same with the assistance of these third party e commerce solution developers. At times, it only feels wise to leave the entirety of the setup process as well as integration process of with those who know it best. While it is true that tried and tested best practices are yet to be discovered, with the right assistance, optimum success can be achieved in terms of profitable performance.

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Importing Tracking in Magento Application – Steps to Do It

Thomas Posted On - January 29, 2016 API integration
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One of the most well-recognized e-commerce platforms available today, Magento allows building online stores and maintaining the same. The Application Programming Interface (API) of Magento also lets you do revisions to the source code of your online store. However, for people who are not experts in computer programming or who lack the time for creating codes for stores can get add-on support from Magento to enhance the functionality of their Magento app. Here are the steps that you have to use in order to import tracking info into the database of your Magento online store.

Sign into Magento

First of all, you have to sign into the admin panel of your Magento account. Go to your Magento dashboard and click on the heading named “System”. Click to highlight the option named “Magento Connect” in your context menu which arises under the heading “System”. Click on the sub-option “Magento Connect Manager”.

Complete the setup process

Sign into your Magento Connect website by using all the details that you have been provided. Paste the extension key of your tracking module into the field named “Paste Extension Key to Install”. Click on the button named “Install” in order to set up the module for your online store. Go back to your dashboard on Magento once the installation procedure has come to a finish.

Get the tracking module

Click on the heading named “Sales”. Choose the option named “Import Tracking” from your context menu which shows up under the heading in order to get the tracking module. If you wish to import tracking details to the database of your store, you can try using any of the modules of Magento in order to import tracking information from a XML (Extensible Markup Language) or CSV (comma separated values) file. You may seek assistance in this regard from any of the companies that offer multi-channel promotional services on and other channels.

Upload the file

Click on the “Choose File” or “Upload” option from the “Upload File Manually” or “Upload File” heading of the module. Browse to the XML or CSV file which comprises of the tracking information that you wish to import. Click on the option named “Store Settings” or “Save Config” in the toolbar of the module. This will set the Magento platform in a proper manner and allow you to upload tracking data from the XML or CSV file that you are using.

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