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Walmart Vs eBay – Here’s Why eBay Still Stands Tall

Thomas Posted On - September 15, 2017

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Sellers of late have been cribbing a lot about eBay for reasons that actually cannot be overlooked. The platform is way too crowded with sellers of all types, varieties and volumes; profitable selling principles are still elusive, gaining and maintaining visibility requires inhuman levels of efforts, the marketplace introduces killer updates and algorithms that has historical evidence of returning even the best of sellers to dust…

All this and more have been reasons that have motivated tired selling entities to consider as a worthy platform to move into.

The question is, when it comes to Walmart eBay debate, does Walmart really win or does eBay still hold its head high. Here are a few very valid points that support the latter…

Anyone can sell in eBay; Walmart is only for a few – Therein lies the reason why eBay is still indomitable in comparison with Walmart at a global scale. It does not matter if you are a small retailer, very large store owner or a hobby seller for that matter; eBay will always have a place for you. On the other hand, Walmart is open only for the best and the most established 3P sellers especially from eBay and Amazon.

eBay supports a treasure trove of product categories; is comparatively restricted – hosts everyday general everyday products involving home, kitchen, outdoor, equipments, tools, devices, grocery, affordable clothing / personal care products etc. eBay on the other hand is open to categories like real estate, antiques and more.

If you have heard about the most expensive jet plane or Yacht or even the Harambe Shaped Chitos being sold in eBay, you will understand why this platform is here to stay for years, perhaps decades to come.

Seller support systems are more comprehensive and useful in eBay – indeed is doing remarkably as far as seller support and integrations is concerned and is anytime less complicated than API integration. But eBay still has a wider set of solutions that not many ecommerce marketplaces these days can match.

World wide scope of eBay is still larger than Walmart online marketplace – may have managed to beat eBay in the USA, but when it comes to world wide endeavors, eBay still stands tall despite the mini struggles it is fighting almost everyday., though existent in a few nations around the world, will require many good years to match the present scope of eBay.

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5 Improvements In That Sellers Are Bound To Love

Stephen Posted On - July 7, 2017

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Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast) has come a long way since it was established and is presently considered as one of the most promising ecommerce marketplaces to expand into as far as multichannel endeavors are concerned. Over the past couple of years, the marketplace has gained pace and popularity among sellers for offering a list of unique advantages that is usually not available with other online selling platforms. These advantages are the products of certain improvements experienced by the marketplace over the recent past 5 of which can be mentioned as follows…

API integration is now less demanding – There was a time when API integration was nothing less than nightmare. No one knew or even had the slightest idea about the right approach to cracking the same productively. Thankfully, those days are gone. Ecommerce solution developers have come up with easy comprehensive one step API integration systems that can make the otherwise complicated and taxing process easy, quick and flawless.

Inflow of traffic has witnessed an all time high – More and more sellers are engaging in effective marketing strategies to pull buyers to their stores in Crossing the 4000000 mark last year, is on its way to almost double the figures by 2020. With enhanced purchase motivated traffic making its way to this marketplace, many sellers have claimed that they are making more profits in than in top marketplaces like eBay or Amazon.

Fee and commission structures are maintained at comprehensive levels – Fees and commission structures have always been slightly easier to understand in However, recent improvements have made the structures simpler and more competitive. Without any sign up fees, monthly fees or even listing fees for that matter, this marketplace is ever dedicated to making costs bearable in the part of sellers.

Sellers have experienced an average of increase in sale by 23% or more every quarter on adding to their multichannel endeavors… Initiating end to end integrating with shopping carts and top marketplaces like Walmart Volusion etc can yield such remarkable outcomes within a very short period of time.

Dynamic pricing is finally showing amazing results – The more you buy the more you save has always been the principle of customer benefits like free shipping over 35$ worth of purchase, discounts on using debit cards for purchases, discounts on purchasing multiple items generated from the same warehouse etc. has done its bit to make a household name. Sellers couldn’t possibly ask for more.

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Walmart Marketplace Vs Amazon – 4 Things All Sellers Must Know Before Selling In Both

Stephen Posted On - May 9, 2017 API
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Walmart and Amazon are two competing marketplaces each of which holds a treasure trove of possibilities for sellers performing within their domain. In fact, the scope of these platforms is so high that sellers often feel tempted to perform in both in order to experience certain inherent life changing benefits that range from exposure before two unique channels of buyers to maximizing sale and profits many times over. However, ambitious sellers must always remember that and Amazon differ significantly in their nature which can cast a cloud over selling efforts.

Here are 4 Walmart marketplace Vs Amazon facts that sellers need to consider thoroughly before pushing their endeavors towards integrated selling in these marketplaces…

Amazon welcomes all but does not –

Becoming an Amazon seller is easier than becoming a Walmart marketplace seller. This is for the simple reason that has set an extremely high standard of qualification for 3P Sellers that wish to perform in this marketplace. This standard may be impossible to achieve by new sellers and small sellers irrespective of whether they already perform in Amazon or not.

FBA applies in Amazon; but what about WalMart?

Courtesy of FBA, order fulfillment is very easy for Amazon store owners. However, the trouble comes for those selling on WalMart. There’s no such fulfillment program for them. While FBA does cover eBay, there’s no such thing for WalMart stores. While you sure can handle the backend manually, it would cost you time and energy. Acting smart is what the successful vendors do. They root for third-party ecommerce solution. Sure it includes fee. But with higher efficiency and quickness in order fulfillment, they manage to sell more and cut larger profit margin, which eventually covers their investment in ecommerce solution.

Walmart attracts mostly pennywise buyers; Amazon opens arms to the affluent lot –

While this does open your endeavor before practically all types of buyers, you may face hurdles as far as the applicability of your products in the marketplaces are concerned. While Amazon attracts buyers of practically all types of products, pulls in traffic that are in the lookout of high quality items of everyday needs. Therefore, if you are into selling high end luxury products, Walmart may not fetch the level of visibility or sale you may be expecting.

End to end operational integration is applicable to both equally –

Walmart and Amazon integration is way easier than integrating API, but requires individual strategies and tools for the purpose. End to end integration is the only way the differences between Walmart and Amazon can be harmonized for smoother and error free performance. Left to manual efforts, the differences could tear the endeavor apart with warnings issues from both marketplaces.

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