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4 Factors That Make Your eBay Listing Stale

Thomas Posted On - November 17, 2017

eBay listing software
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Nature and quality of listing plays a very important role in fetching healthy traffic and sale in eBay. However, there have been many occasions when sellers in this marketplace have faced the chronic condition of stale listing that not only took a toll on their visibility but revenue generation as well. Learning the causes behind listing going stale is the first step to avoiding this otherwise unfortunate situation.

Here are 4 critical causes that lead to listing stagnation and should thus be avoided by sellers at all costs…

Forgetting to refresh your listing –

If you wish your listing to survive the test of time in eBay, you will have to keep refreshing the feed at very frequent intervals of time. Altering titles with relevant keywords, adding more descriptive images of the listed products, changing the nature of deals and discounts to make them more attractive etc. are only a few to mention in this respect.

End to end integration with shopping carts and other marketplaces of presence like eBay Magento Walmart integration etc. where core operations are faultlessly and seamlessly synchronized, is also a good way to prevent listing hassles.

Housing irrelevant products –

Keeping products that have lost their relevance to buyers can result in some serious stagnation of listing. These are also the products that will clog your warehouses making you spend more for storage space while gaining practically no profit out of it. To address such chronic cases of stagnation, it is best to pull out the products from your endeavor altogether.

Saying no to softwares –

eBay listing softwares these days are equipped with performance tracking features for every individual feed even at a very basic level. This helps sellers in keeping track of products that have been fetching sale and those that have not been gaining any response from buyers at all making it easy to take corrective decisions at the earliest.

However, sellers that do not use effective listing softwares in eBay are often oblivious about non responsiveness towards specific listing till the time some grave damage is done.

No reviews, no ratings –

Listings that have been around for a while and have gathered no reviews or ratings for the past few months run the risk of becoming stale and non responsive to traffic and conversions. This is mostly because buyers these days can make their search on the basis of ratings; higher the better.

Therefore, if your listing has not gathered any response from previous buyers or has gained poor response from the same, it is possible that the listing will not feature in search results at all, thereby rendering it outright stale.

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4 Shopping Feed Uncertainties That Can Compromise Your Ranking

Stephen Posted On - June 22, 2017

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Thousands of sellers in the world of e commerce performing in hundreds of online marketplaces rely on their shopping feed to attract the attention of millions of online shoppers across the world. The e selling fraternity at this very moment is doing everything within their reach to make their product feeds more and more impactful with unwavering focus on the minutest details.

The truth is, even the best of preparations cannot save sellers from a range of uncertainties that can turn tables any time of the day. Here are 4 such uncertainties that sellers should be aware of in order to approach feed management with better enlightenment…

Your feed is great till your competitors’ become better – You may be armed to the teeth in terms of titles, descriptions, images or pricing that has been doing you favors in the search engine all this while. But, your position lasts only till your competitor buffs his / her feed to outshine your performance.

Feed for visibility drive is as good as search engine metric revamp – Quality of product feed is the first factor that determines visibility which is the reason why all sellers are ever busy tailoring them to the specifications of the concerned marketplace or comparison shopping platform. However, it only takes one shift in search engine algorithms to render the feed irrelevant.

Integrations involving top platforms like Bigcommerce Google Shopping feed syncing etc. can however, help in minimizing damages to significant extents.

Optimization is never constant – Firstly, the process of optimization of feed takes time to show and can range anywhere from a few weeks to months. If this were not all, sellers should also embrace the fact that optimization never guarantees visibility, traffic enhancement or even conversions for that matter. The quality of optimization also plays a role in the generation of expected outcomes.

Sticking by the rules is only the first step to visibility – Almost all serious sellers can swear by the fact that abiding by the rules is very important when it comes to feed management especially in top performing marketplaces and comparison shopping sites. Nevertheless, sticking to the rules will only help in ‘not getting warned or suspended’ from the respective platforms.

Tools can only help in streamlining operations like Magento Walmart / Amazon / eBay feed import, export etc, along with pricing re pricing assistance and more. None of these assistive solutions though, come with any guarantee. Basically, you will have to learn to use these solutions better so as to stay ahead in the race.

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Rating: 0 (from 0 votes) Integration Facts to Freedom – For Small To Midsized Retailers

Daniel Posted On - June 1, 2017

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Common problems with integration…

It has been barely two short years that has emerged as a promising online marketplace for buyers and sellers alike. Assurance of best deals and lowest prices with ample shipping advantages brings prospective customers swarming by the passing seasons. Sellers too are making the best of the exposure in terms of easy visibility, sale and profits. The only thing that has been coming in the way as an obstacle is the matter of integration.

While cart to marketplace syncing like Magento Walmart etc. is relatively undemanding, it is the matter of API integration that has claimed the better of sellers in many ways than one. In fact, incomprehensive API integration has lead the process to get open to trial and error, which again has resulted in significant slowdown of operations per se, if not causing the system to collapse within the first few weeks of commencing selling in the first place.

Many clueless sellers have also spent hundreds to thousands of dollars as investments towards building complex backend system that never assured offering any tangible benefits.

Integration facts as on 2017…

Things though, have taken a turn for the better as is witnessed in 2017 in terms of integration per se, whether API or inter marketplace or with shopping carts like Bigcommerce etc. In fact, as has been openly admitted by scores of sellers that are already performing in this marketplace, the process of integrating has become truly uncomplicated rather, a minute long affair.

Here is a simple list of facts that is assured to free all interested sellers from tensions surrounding syncing, which is mostly applicable for small and midsized entities…

Third party API developers have figured it out –

All thanks to promising ecommerce solution developers, sellers can avail readymade integration support and assistance that are custom created for the latter in terms of their nature and volume.

Availing tools, plug ins and software systems for integration is not difficult at all –

Tools, plug-ins and other operational support software systems are currently available aplenty with promising e commerce solution providers and that too in very affordable prices. Integrating and using these solutions is very easy as well.

It is possible to hire high quality third party assistance for end to end integration at very affordable prices –

Reaching quality providers of syncing services these days is easy and sometimes it takes no more than a phone call. The providers also offer prompt customer support which is infinitely helpful at the time of listing going live and beyond.

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5-Point Checklist to save yourself from mistakes other Amazon sellers make

Stephen Posted On - March 6, 2017

Amazon tool
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You’re smart if you’re learning from your own mistakes and experiences. But you’re smarter if you learn from others’.

Are you an Amazon seller?

While it must have been a smooth journey till now of launching your Amazon store, things are downhill once it comes to making sales, scaling the business and sustaining it. It takes time, consistency and a range of smart decisions.
To help you stay on the right path with sufficient sales, here’s a 5-Point checklist to save yourself from mistakes that many Amazon sellers make-

1. Invest in Facebook paid advertisement

Facebook has come a long way over the years. Today, it offers a host of features and facilities to the business owners to help them reach their target audience more quickly and conveniently—and that, at cheap. Sadly there are still so many Amazon sellers, the new ones in particular, who are still reluctant to the potential of Facebook’s paid advertisement program. Much more targeted and super easy to control, if done well, promotion on this platform can yield instant sales, with low customer acquisition cost.

2. Do a thorough keywords research

Keywords research is very underrated among the Amazon sellers. Many simply take vague guesses when coming up with the appropriate keywords for their products, while others just copy their competitors from top to bottom. Don’t be one of them. Few hours of keyword research can help you out-stand your competitors, increase your products’ visibility and improve your sales significantly.

3. DON’T buy product reviews

Product reviews are more important on Amazon than ever. Potential buyers look for others’ experience and make their purchasing decisions accordingly. Given this relevance, today more and more vendors are looking to buy reviews. They pay others to leave good words. And needless to say, while this sometimes work for the time-being, in the long run, it always leave a big mess. So don’t get carried away with unethical means for short-term goals. Have a long term perspective. With right approach, your sales would do good without the need of buying reviews.

4. Take help when needed

Countless blog posts suggest, with first-hand experience, one of the biggest regrets of online sellers is their lone-wolf mentality; thinking they can do and handle everything all by themselves.It’s a mistake. You may be proficient enough with everything, from eBay Amazon tool to Magento Walmart integration. However, in the course, you would need additional help from professionals and experts. So you must be open to the idea of outsourcing or hiring additional help when needed.

5. Make time to live

Running online retail business is no easy task. There’s a lot to handle that vendors need to worry about; more so, if they are selling on multiple platforms. Right from product listing and feed optimization to real-time inventory management and order fulfillment- all these stressful tasks leaves sellers with very less time to really live their life. If you’re stuck in the same situation, too busy with everything, make yourself some time to enjoy with your family. Signing up to e-commerce solution is a great idea that can easily take off a whole chunk of stress.

These are 5 points you should tick-off to save yourself from the mistakes that other Amazon sellers make. Less your mistakes and improve your sales. Good luck!

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Sears, Walmart sellers- 5 simple ways to multiply your sales EASILY

Stephen Posted On - February 1, 2017

sell on sears
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With thousands of stores crowding Walmart and Sears, competition on these marketplaces is super-high. And often the new sellers, in particular, have to be at the receiving end of this highly competitive market where toeing with the successful and resource-equipped rivals if difficult. For them, sales remain low—and so does the revenue.

Do you sell on sears? Are you an online seller?

Give your 2017 a great start; make this year when you write grand success stories for your online stores. Here are 5 simple ways to multiply your sales rather easily-

  • Get on other marketplaces

  • The calculation is simple- if you want more revenue, you must be on multiple platforms to reach out more of your target customers. So if you’re just on Sears and Walmart, get on other marketplaces as well; open new storefronts. Of course it really depends on what suits your business model, but eBay, Amazon and BestBuy are some top names that boasts huge monthly traffic that can easily boost your sales.

  • Leverage on Social media platforms

  • Optimizing your stores to rank better on the internal search engine of the marketplaces is important. However, you need to make additional marketing efforts to reach more of your potential customers—efforts that has low customer acquisition cost. Social media platforms are usually your best option. With a large pool of consumers and heaps of targeting tools, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can easily help you reach, communicate and convert your potential customers.

  • Be more careful when pricing

  • Pricing is more than just about the profit margin you want to cut—something many new online sellers often overlook. A host of factors come into play when pricing your products and offering additional discounts; like buying behavior of your audience, the market competition, your product type, season, the economy at-large and so forth. So spend more of your time and resource to map a decent pricing strategy.

  • Make use of multi-channel Ecommerce solution

  • Multi-channel ecommerce solution not only helps you handle all the backend tasks of your storefronts at one place (like inventory management, product setup, order fulfillment and more) with its seamless integration including that of Magneto Walmart and eBay-Sears, but the top ones also provide to boost your performance with their regular sales report. Detailed and easy-to-read, the calculus reports can help you analyze different metrics of your sales and marketing, and make informed decisions accordingly.

  • Strive to deliver top-notch after-sales service

  • While it varies from niche to niche, repeated customers hold a major chunk of revenue for the online vendors. No wonder top brands and sellers spend a significant amount of their resource in customer retention. So have you been neglecting your old customers, stop! Have a good post-sales follow up that communicates and engage your customers and encourage them to make another purchase. This will not only increase your sales but also build customer loyalty, which can trigger word-of-mouth marketing.

    So, if you sell on sears and/or Walmart, these are 5 simple ways to multiply your sales quickly. Say goodbye to the marginal profit margin and stop complaining about high market competition as well. Give your online stores a fresh start this year with fresh and smart strategy.

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    How Rising Competition Impacts Amazon Selling

    Thomas Posted On - October 17, 2016

    Amazon Selling
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    The world of ecommerce appears to have gathered together to dethrone Amazon from its present unprecedented position as the King of Online shopping platforms. can be mentioned as one of those shining examples that have based their very structure on this purpose and seems to have done remarkably well from the very first year of its establishment. Offering the lowest price guarantee, improving the shipping advantages in favor of buyers who spend 35$ or more and fulfillment facilities to match the likes of Amazon is only the beginning of the march to ultimate glory. too has commenced its endeavors to pull Amazon down and has embraced the price policy as its first line of attack. Acquiring has also been named as a phenomenal push to success in this direction. In the mean while, with so much going around it and often against it, the fast and continuous pace of Amazon selling still seems to be getting bigger and better by the day. It somehow appears that Amazon is only resting and relaxing through the drama. To all who still don’t understand how Amazon is managing to stay in place with this dramatic rise in competition, here are a few factors that should be reflected upon…

  • To begin with, playing the price game may not always work favorably for sellers especially those who are present in Amazon as well as in competing platforms. Basically, Amazon does not entertain sellers that list products at a higher price in comparison with competing marketplaces. An act as this can invite suspensions from Amazon almost instantly. So, when invites Amazon sellers and expects them to drive customers from Amazon to, the process can be a bed of nails for the sellers which again will not work in favor of Walmart. Same applies with
  • Secondly, no sellers can deny the fact that Amazon has bagged the faith of millions of buyers at a global level. Competing platforms are yet to gain the same levels of trust from global customers. This again puts Amazon very high on competition level which cannot currently be matched with seller invitations or price games.
  • Besides this, the nature and quality of integrations and other e commerce support solutions designed in favor of Amazon far supersedes competing platforms. Although it is true that high quality integrations like Magento Walmart, Shopify etc have made significant marks in the recent ecommerce history, things still appear stunted when compared with Amazon.

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