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PayPal offers smarter ways to make transactions via fingerprint recognition

Daniel Posted On - June 24, 2014

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PayPal has come to limelight by introducing fast mobile checkout via fingerprint recognition. In this process, you will be able to pay at any retailer that accepts PayPal on its mobile commerce web site by a gentle touch of your finger on your new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone.

As soon as the Samsung users link their fingerprints to their PayPal accounts, the Samsung devices scan the fingerprints and generate respective unique numbers. These numbers are generated on the basis of three identifying factors, which include the fingerprint, the device and an encryption key from PayPal. Every time a user swipes finger and get linked to the PayPal account throughthe Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone, this special number is provided to PayPal and a transaction takes place provided the retailer accepts PayPal.

The process is simple. If you are a Samsung S5 user, you only need to link your fingerprint to your PayPal account, the rest of thing will be managed by PayPal. It is storing special numbers for each consumer and authorizing a biometric-enabled transaction only if the encrypted number sent from a device matches with that particular numeric code. And there is no other option by which the consumers can send the number except pressing their fingers to the smartphones.

This way PayPal enables fast mobile checkout via fingerprint recognition which allows the consumers to avail more operational benefit. They can checkout on m-commerce sites just by pressing Pay With PayPal then swiping their fingers where indicated. PayPal then displays a Review Order page where you need to press OK. The entire system saves you from the hazard of typing all the details like user name and password or shipping or payment information.  PayPal can automatically relate with all these required information through the encrypted number itself. To make this biometrics system popular PayPal has also updated its mobile software development kit, which will help the Retailers to easily use it and add biometrics into their Android apps.

PayPal is putting its best effort to attract consumers to mobile biometrics and other expensive devices by announcing special offers at numerous retailers, like Abercrombie & Fitch, Foot Locker, Target Corp. Toms Shoes and many more.

Joel Yarbrough, PayPal’s senior director of global product solutions and the leader of the biometrics team, has claimed that they have a long record of building trust with retailers and a better mobile checkout experience for retailers as well. The fingerprint scanning feature will take care of both of those things, he said. He expects this will introduce a super-secure at the same time a delightful buying experience which will in return increase retailers’ conversion rate on smartphones.

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eBay acquires mobile app developer StackMob

Daniel Posted On - May 21, 2014

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PayPal, the renowned E-Commerce service provider eBay’s payment platform has recently acquired StackMob, a mobile app developer, targeting to provide the customers the facility to pay with mobile devices. This will obviously enable Pay Pal to make its presence stronger in mobile commerce apps and further popularize its mobile payments solutions. But eBay has not yet disclosed the terms of this deal.

StackMob was founded in 2012 at San Francisco which offers a platform to developers and companies to create and manage mobile applications. It is well known for its custom API (application programming interface) which is highly rated by the developers as it makes easier to connect mobile applications to backend platforms such as Salesforce and SAP. Therefore it is expected that the acquisition will support the company to develop backend software for mobile apps, which will automatically enhance PayPal’s mobile technology.

Most probably it will bring some extra mileage for PayPal when compared with its other competitors like Google Inc.’s (GOOG) digital wallet, Intuit Inc.’s (INTU) GoPayment and Starbucks-backed Square Inc.

Today’s tech-savvy consumers, are using smartphones, tablets and other mobile Internet devices to get the convenience of ordering and paying online. In order to gain out of this market trend, PayPal has wisely taken the necessary measure in time by acquiring StackMob for continued growth in the mobile space. Apart from its online payments service PayPal is opting to expand its offline, mobile and online offerings to stores, restaurants and other businesses. This has been recently reflected in its implementing an updated version of its app that offers features like ordering and paying in advance for carryout food to avoid lines.

While announcing the deal, James Barrese, PayPal’s chief technology officer, perhaps made the right comment in his blog by saying, the talented team from StackMob will help to move them faster in creating testing and deploying products that aim to transform payments.

PayPal has already started working to encourage users to spend more of their money through its network at brick-and-mortar retailers which still account for more than 90% of retail sales, as well as sales through smartphones.

Although this venture seems to be quite promising for eBay’s payment business, there are other challenges too. Banks and other companies are announcing their own payment systems to fight back and naturally the competition will be expected to pick up. Major online retailers, like (AMZN) are not going to make things easy for eBay. To add more, Google has also taken certain initiatives in the online retail as well as payments segment that will no doubt increase competition for the eBay.

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Amazon paves way for App Developers as Affiliates

Daniel Posted On - May 1, 2014

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Amazon says the new program will widen the scope for Amazon associates and it will simultaneously help app developers better monetize their apps and games. Amazon did not forget to mention it will pay app developers commissions which will range between 4% and 6% for any sales they generate.

Mike George, vice president of Amazon appstore, games and cloud drive claimed with this modification, developers now will have the ability to create an even deeper connection between their app and the products customers usually value and purchase through It has been observed that the developers will be able to utilize the program in three ways:

  • They can sell a single item from Amazon within the app or game. For example, if a consumer encounters a giant three-headed wolf at the end of a game, it can then sell that user the “Three Wolf Moon” T-shirt from Amazon.
  • They can showcase a product category. Such as, a nutrition and fitness app developer can sell its users vitamins, supplements and fitness gear within the app from Amazon.
  • They can bundle a physical product from Amazon with digital content within the app. This will allow a developer to sell a toy version of a game character and then automatically enable the user to play as that same character.

Days of Wonder Inc., the producer of both physical and app-based games, is making new moves and utilizing new techniques as it is launching updated version of its existing mobile app. The modernized and revamped app automatically induces consumers to buy the board game version of its Ticket to Ride game via Amazon as the users play the digital game.

Eric Hautemont, Days of Wonder founder and CEO has highlighted this as a developmental outcome of the company’s business progress model which connects high quality physical and digital board gaming close to each other.  He was also proud to announce that they were in a right position to grab the advantage of this unique kind of physical in-app shopping experience offer which Amazon is apt to provide.

Previously also Amazon made such type of efforts which helped developers to encourage consumers in making purchases while playing a game. In April 2012 Amazon launched an in-app purchasing service that let app developers sell digital content and subscriptions from within apps and games together.

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7 Ways to Earn More with Mobile Commerce this Fourth Quarter

Shrikar Khare Posted On - April 29, 2014

Young Mobile Shopper
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It has been forecasted that mobile commerce is going to frame 16% of all e-commerce sales in the last quarter of 2013, toting up more than 42 billion dollars. If you are into online business, make sure you arm your site with mobile integration set ups and optimized in a way to fetch the most out of your mobile traffic.

Bank on these 7 tips doled out by experts to make the most out of M-Commerce this festive season.

1. Track mobile shopping behavior via Google Analytics.

The different requirements and buying behavior needs to be considered when creating M-Commerce campaign. With the help of Google Analytics, you first have to find out how your mobile target-customers look like. Follow the step that will make your task easy:

  • Set a mobile campaign goal.
  • Find out how much mobile traffic is your site getting and what are the miss out factors
  • Segmenting your mobile customers based on how much time they spend on your website
  • Make your website compatible with the most popularly used mobile device

2. Find out mobile user engagement

In order to determine which mobile customers are your existing buyers, use your Analytics insight and try segmenting your traffic to shell out more for those users. Divide the traffic which will not convert and bid low. It will be icing on cake if you can identify groups which are alike to your core changing customers and formulate campaigns depend on that.

3. Look after easy mobile check out

First let us peep into the reasons due to which mobile users abandon the checkout process.

  • Too complicated mobile site design
  • Very expensive products as compared to competitors
  • Probably they prefer shopping in some other device
  • Complex brief of the offerings confuse customers
  • Site security issue
  • Complex payment methods

Try to avoid these checkout errors when planning your mobile campaign.

4. Do some mobile SEO with hummingbird

Have you heard of the latest Algorithm update of Google – Hummingbird? The search results are customized to verbal search. Advance business persons and SEOs are benefiting from the huge traffic that purchases mobiles.

Follow these SEO steps if you are a beginner:

  • Test the performance of your mobile site on some tool like mobitest.
  • Outline keywords in Analytics to customize your mobile Ads.
  • Sketch out mobile keywords that you are not ranking which are related to your services or site.
  • Optimize page content, meta descriptions and titles for meta description
  • Take care of the mobile screen size
  • Customize URLs, contents and responsive designs

5. Take care of mobile bounce rate

Research says that 30% of mobile customers discard transaction if the process is not optimized for mobile. They go half the way, and then find it very difficult, so they bounce back. Mobile customers do not like sites which do not size to their gadget or have complex navigation. Use a flexible grid, images and CSS media files. This will speak of simplicity and user friendliness.

6. Compact and precise offers

Just like e commerce visitors, mobile customers also take interest in sales and promotion. So you should feature daily deals, specific time-period discounts. At the same time, do not forget to highlight big sales offers on special days. Try to utilize the festive periods.

7. Embark on social networking

Do you know that above 76% of mobile users’ access social networking sites from their smart phones! You can encourage mobile users to share product info with one touch posting, engaging games and activities in Facebook, Istagram etc.

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Users fond of Mobile Web and App shop Amazon on their Smartphone

Daniel Posted On - April 29, 2014

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In a recent study conducted by research giant Nielsen it has stated that Amazon ranked on top in the list of mass merchants in mobile commerce among mass merchants for U.S. Smartphone owners accessing the mobile web and mobile apps. The analysis further discloses, 53%, a majority of Smartphone owners whoever accessed the web or apps on their devices during March 2014 actually shopped

According to Nielsen, it points to a 76.1 million unique monthly visitors, which is incredibly high when compared to Amazon’s nearest competitor in the category, Wal-Mart Stores, with a record of reaching only 13% of mobile web/app users. The track record also reveals on average, shoppers spent 38 minutes and one second on the m-commerce site and primary app of

Product Features

The Amazon Mobile App has many advantages. It allows Android users to browse and Shop by Department, compare prices, read reviews, share products with friends, access Gold Box Deals, and make purchases on Customers can enjoy the facility of signing up to receive a daily notification for Lightning Deals and also stay up to date on status of their orders. Amazon Mobile App also includes other shopping aids that allow users to quickly check prices and availability by scanning a barcode, snapping a photo, or typing a search.


Amazon web service allows you to a wide choice of platform you like. AWS also offers a vast array of services to provide a most flexible and complete set of solutions for your mobile application. Consumers never need to wait for hardware purchasing, delivery, and setup as the service is available within a few clicks away.  Amazon Web Services is also very particular about charging the customers only for the resources they use, with no up-front costs or long-term contracts. The AWS cloud give access to managed server databases taking care of customer’s critical app data with a wide choice of installing any database.

Contributing factor

One contributing factor to’s success, mobile commerce experts say, is show-rooming. According to a survey by rewards and incentives company Parago 58% of adult Smartphone owners regularly engage in show-rooming, and the mobile resource most used by these shoppers is,. 46% of shoppers who engage in show-rooming on are members of Amazon Prime, the e-retailer’s free shipping and video streaming program that costs $79 a year.

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How Mobile Point of Sale is Transforming Retail?

Daniel Posted On - April 28, 2014

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The recent trend of mobile point of sale (mPOS) technology gives a clear indication that it will continue to influence the customer’s shopping trend and they will obviously experience a radical change in 2014 and beyond. According to Gartner, mPOS market will reach a value of $617 billion with 448 million users by the end of 2016, representing 42% of annual growth.

Retail is expected to be one amongst various other segments which will be directly boosted from mPOS. And as a result there will be few specific changes in the market scenario. Every retailer needs to be aware of these coming trends in the market.

  • It is speculated within the end of 2014, vendors will launch enterprise-ready mPOS solutions. ROAM is already leading the way by working with several Tier 1 retailers, including a major home improvement chain, in the process of combining services through m-commerce solutions.  This helps multi tasking in a systematic way and also extends capabilities in every respect. This is no doubt an outcome of Integration of back-end inventory and ERP system.
  • There is an increasing trend of Tier 1 retailers gravitate to tablets. This is obviously faster and more powerful than mobile phones. ROAM’s parent company Ingenico has already become one up by working with Apple stores in Europe to equip associates with iPad-based mPOS solutions for line busting and customer service. It will become popular within a short time.
  • In near future may be by late getting 2014 there will be an integrated device commonly in use, which will serve both the purposes of a mobile wallet and a mobile POS. It will be an easy solution securing mobile to mobile transactions. Retailers will accept mobile wallet payments on a mobile POS device. And automatically it will be treated as good as another currency, and should be accepted at both fixed POS stations and mobile POS ones.
  • Apps developer will have a great contribution in 2014 in developing and integrating mobile payment apps and mobile POS. Very often companies require customized solutions in the areas of storefront creation, inventory tracking, mobile payments, delivery tracking and more. Soon this will lead to easy and integrated payment processing capabilities in use. Ogone, a vendor has started working with MasterCard to develop and launch MasterPass, a digital platform that will make online purchases made very easy trhough connected devices including PCs, touchpads and smartphones.

The new trend will start transforming the current payment pattern. iTunes has already become accepted as an alternative form of payment in some countries. Soon there will be more such steps taken by the companies like Google Facebook, PayPAl and Amazon. Bitcoin also is gaining popularity among consumers in making payments for various specific sites. Soon there will be a rising trend in gift-card payments via mobile, including loyalty programs that allow customers to apply points as payment via mobile. All these alternatives will be used as replacement of cash. Hence the retailers immediately need to give it a serious thought on how they will start making transaction this way.

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Sears gains Fast Speed after redesigning its M-Commerce Site

Daniel Posted On - April 10, 2014

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A major site redesign completed on April 4 has helped Sears Holdings Corp. to achieve the No. 1 position from No. 11 on the Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index. The chain retailer’s m-commerce site home page has very high site availability. It loaded completely and successfully 99.74% of the time with an impressive time record of 1.74 seconds. According to Keynote reports, Sears secured an index score of 974 out of 1,000 in respect of load time and success rate in the week ending April 14.

Haroon Chohan, mobile and web performance expert at Keynote said that the major factor in the redesign was that the average bytes downloaded on the home page went from more than 100 kilobytes to just under 13 kilobytes. This was done by using a very simple home page design with just five objects loading on that page.

The home page of Sears’s mobile commerce site shows the logo, account sign-in and Shopping Cart at the very top. There is a site search box under it. This search box is followed by a large box with six navigation bars indicating Deal of the Day, Browse, Find a Store, Local Ad & Deals, Gift Cards, and More. Underneath this big box, which occupies most of the page, there is a bar of buttons showcasing the menu for About, Contact, Terms, Policy and Full Site.

Chohan also claimed that there is significant feature in Sears’ site, two of the five page objects are images that use the base64/data URI scheme to convert them into base64 strings that are then encoded into the HTML or Cascading Style Sheets. The advantages of using the base64/data URI scheme is that it helps to reduce the number of HTTP requests made for images and style sheets. Chohan explained this to be very beneficial for mobile sites given that HTTP requests over wireless networks can have higher latency issues. It also reduces the overall number of HTTP requests made which in turn greatly improves a site’s performance.

Imran Jooma, executive vice president and president of marketing, online and financial services at Sears Holdings said it is Sears’ goal for the m-commerce site to deliver a quick, seamless, integrated retail experience for the Shop Your Way rewards members and other customers. Jooma also mentioned the company has redesigned the site with not only performance in mind but they also wanted to cater to their members and customers integrated retail needs as a main priority. Not only the page load and availability were critical metrics but all aspects of the shopping experience were also kept in mind for customers and members benefit.

Sears gains Fast Speed after redesigning its M-Commerce Site

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Most E-Retailers do not Optimize Holiday E-Mails for Smartphones

Daniel Posted On - April 2, 2014

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Email marketing has become a common tool for retailers these days in targeting consumers to compete against what competitors are offering. Particularly during the holiday season, consumers receive all kinds of messages on their smartphones, including e-mails, text messages, app push notifications and mobile wallet messages. It is a common practice for the department store retailers to link mobile-optimized e-mails to its mobile commerce web sites.

Retailers are missing out

In spite of this, one recent study reveals most top e-retailers are not paying enough attention to optimize their marketing e-mails for the recent holiday weekend, which is affecting their potential sales, in a negative way. The analysis also reveals, the retailers who are focusing on mobile-specific messages such as push notifications and text messages that are relevant to customers are in a better position to utilize a growing source of revenue.

According to a Lightning Buy study of 60 of the top 100 e-retailers in the 2013 Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide, it has been found that 65% of top e-Retailers did not optimize their Black Friday (Nov. 29) or Cyber Monday (Dec. 2) marketing e-mails for reading on smartphones, It also adds only 35% optimized their e-mails for smartphones and 25% linked their mobile e-mails to mobile commerce web sites. Another 10% linked those e-mails to full desktop sites. This statistics is quite discouraging from the point of view of fulfilling the purpose of e-mail optimization.

Some statistics

A vendor of mobile checkout technology said, four of the retailers that optimized their e-mails for mobile did not bother to link it to a mobile site though they have their mobile sites. Recently, BlueHornet, an e-mail marketing services provider has provided an alarming fact that although 76% of smartphone owners access e-mail on their devices, 80% of non-optimized e-mails accessed on smartphones get deleted.

Optimizing e-mails for mobile devices is quintessential

In this current situation, the retailers need to understand the importance of optimizing emails for smartphones especially during holiday season. A positive step towards taking a necessary action will boost their marketing strategy.

Carissa Ganelli, founder and CEO of LightningBuy also stressed on a possibility that retailers that do not optimize e-mail for mobile run the risk of having their e-mails deleted or having customers unsubscribe. She also mentioned as shoppers are ready to buy gifts during the holiday, it is absolutely vital for them to see an e-mail on their phone or to be able to purchase from a mobile web site otherwise they will obviously go to a competitor that makes things easy for them on their phones. Not only that it will be a huge loss for the retailers in respect of time as well as money spend on total efforts by building e-mail lists and marketing to their e-mail subscribers since this will allow competitors utilize the opportunity to gain a better result.

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Apple’s domination continues- at least in the U.S market

Steve Burns Posted On - January 8, 2014

High-end Tablet
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Apple has been on the forefront of the digital domination for quite some time now and continues to innovate their way through. There are some markets though where the reception for Apple devices have been more prominent than the others. The U.S for instance has proved to be a better market than many other countries where Apple devices have good penetration. The reasons for the aggressive penetration of Apple devices in the U.S market are quite straightforward to say the least.

Mobile Commerce in the US

Mobile commerce transaction has erupted in the U.S with a number of vertical coming into play. Statistically speaking almost 57% of the total Mcommerce activities in the U.S are attributed to the likes of Smartphone and tablets which runs on Apple’s iOS platform. The closest contender Google’s Android OS clock in a usage ration of 43% in the same web population. A more startling factor in this context is that only a mere 2% of mobile commerce transactions are conducted from Windows or Blackberry platforms. It is imperative to say that, Apple’s domination in the niche market is quite palpable from these statistics.

Popularity of the Apple Devices

Among U.S, the more technology-friendly states are more open to transactions using the iOS platforms. The upscale region of California and patches of the Northeast provinces are more impressive in online conversion and the number for Apple device usage is also favorable in these places. The middle sector though shows a bit different picture. Android fares better in these regions in comparison to its counterparts. A major reason for this phenomenon can be attributed to the fact that the population here is more aligned to value than brand recognition. A sharp contrast can be seen between New York and Iowa where the Android usage percentage is 32% and 65% respectively.

Take Your Conversion Rate Higher

Assumptions are ripe that conversion rate from Apple devices are much higher than Android counterparts and the statistics justify the claim. What Apple has been successful in doing is to condition their consumers to spend online by virtue of the Appstore and integrated iTunes. The other players like Windows and Blackberry are facing tough times in the U.S mainland and that has prompted them to buck up their promotional endeavors in the region. The recent spurt of updates in both the Windows and Blackberry camps are indication enough that the digital players are trying to capture chunks of Apple’s territory. It is important to notice that the dominating presence of Apple in the U.S is not the estimate of the overall picture worldwide.

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Buyers Who Have Started Their Shopping Spree Early Are Mobile and Elated

Steve Burns Posted On - December 2, 2013

Holiday Online Shopper
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Online merchants look forward to the holiday season because during this time they earn considerable revenue. Moreover, it also provides them with ample opportunity to grab the market share by attracting new customers through their attractive products and services.

It is the holiday season, so it is expected that the consumers will spend substantial amount of money. What e-sellers are more concerned with is how and where this money will be spent. They can devise better strategies if they know the answer to the above questions.

The survey that can provide some answers

In early October, branding agency SGK Inc. conducted a survey in which around 2,100 consumers participated. 13.6% participants in that group said that they started their holiday shopping before September, while 10.3% of them started in September. These early shoppers do not intend to finish early. They want to take their time and clinch the right deal. In that survey, more than half the consumers have said that they will continue to shop on the day after Thanksgiving.

Increased spending

76% of the shoppers said that they plan on spending more this holiday season than last year. Out of these shoppers who will shell out more, 79% of them will be occasionally using mobile devices for product research. While buying, such consumers also compare the prices from other retailers’ websites and request price matches.

Consumers who said that they will spend the same, only 18% of them will compare prices and buy from another merchant’s website from their mobile devices when they are in a store. 46% of such buyers will request for a price match. Those shoppers who will spend less than last year, only 11% of them will engage in price comparison and use their mobile devices for shopping, and 28% will ask for a price match.

Young shoppers

Shoppers belonging to the 18-34 age group will use their mobile devices more readily than older buyers. 82% of buyers in this age group engage in product research on their mobile devices, compared to 60% of those aged 35-54 and 32% of those belonging to 55 or older age bracket. 75% of the young shoppers will compare prices and buy from another e-seller’s web site using their mobile gadgets, whereas figure is 53% for middle-aged shoppers and 25% for older shoppers. 75% of young buyers will ask for a price match, while the figures are 46% and 25% for middle-aged shoppers and older shoppers respectively.

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Ebay Makes iOS Apps to go Universal

Steve Burns Posted On - October 5, 2013 Reports 14% Purchasers Opted for Jewelry as V-Day Gifts
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The popularity of mobile commerce has soared high and EBay Inc. has chipped in with its crucial role. When it comes to apps, eBay is a name to reckon with. In 2010, the shift in the perspective of the online retailers in terms of framing their sales pitch went for a change as mobile commerce began to resonate with consumers. It, in turn, helped the online sellers to higher their sales figures. eBay made it loud and clear and appeased its loyalists that by committing to the fact that it will launch an app for every occasion. So if you look into the hordes of the apps, it is the fashion app, motor app, foreign-language apps and a lot more which it has come up with. The app which has been a huge hit with the consumers is scan bar codes which help them to engage in comparison shopping when in stores.

The Great Business Move

If anything that is creating real buzz in the world of mobile commerce, it is iOS. Ebay is all set to launch universal iOS apps for its fashion and motor apps. Now, if you are pondering as to what is so special with this universal app, then the convenience is that it is a single app which can be downloaded on  mobile devices, be it a smartphone, a tablet and the like. This way within a wink of an eye, it will display content and features which are optimized for a specific device the app is opened on. So eBay played the masterstroke by opting for a single iOS app. It made eBay to do without iPhone, iPad and iPad mini app, separately. It is good news for the iPad and iPad mini because it is for the first time eBay Motors and Fashion apps will be available to its users.

Making Things Easier

When this app has been launched after the think tanks of the top online name in cyberspace made it happen, it has a lot to offer to the users. The app now contains a single set of code which works for the mobile devices. It has been a united effort of the top professionals or the eBay developers have successfully revamped the company’s eBay Motors and eBay Fashion apps. It is all about catering to the needs of online buyers to offer a “magazine-like shopping experience.”

What eBay has to say?

Ebay blurted out, “The new apps are now universal and are optimized for the iPad and iPad mini. Specifically, both apps are able to display more images, feature a more refined search, and support a tailored experience for both landscape and portrait orientations for the iPad.” The icing on the cake is the news that the online shoppers are already buying 11,000 vehicles a week using eBay with the active assistance of mobile sites and apps. The urge to shop on the go when people are out for a vacation or out for business trip, the addition of iPad to a universal app will make the online shoppers happier!

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Shopzilla Acquires M-Commerce Technology Provider Zappli

Steve Burns Posted On - October 5, 2013

CSE & Mobile Shopping App
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In the fast-changing world of business, mergers and acquisitions are a common feature. The recent acquisition of mobile commerce startup Zappli by Shopzilla has been creating quite a buzz in the business world. The terms of this deal have not been revealed yet, but it is known that the entire Zappli team has joined Shopzilla. Philippe Suchet, the co-founder and CEO of Zappli has become the Chief Strategy Officer at Shopzilla. Read on to find out more about these two companies and the rationale behind this transaction.

Shopzilla and Zappli

Shopzilla is a leading platform that connects buyers and sellers online by reaching out to an audience of over 40 million people worldwide. It offers price comparison services and operates through a portfolio of shopping websites like Bizrate, Beso, Retrevo and so on.

Zappli is a startup that offers shopping solutions for the mobile platform. InstaBuy and myShopanion are its two main products. With the help of InstaBuy, online buyers can easily purchase products in just two clicks. myShopanion is a comprehensive mobile social shopping app that enables its users to get product information, reviews and compare prices of a vast range of items.

What made Zappli an attractive choice?

Mobile commerce is an emerging area which is said to have a lot of business potential. Shopzilla provides many apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones. However, it does not offer a website that is optimized for mobile technology. So, in such a situation Zappli was a natural choice that will bring it closer to its goal of providing smooth buying experience across all digital devices.

Zappli has spent considerable time and resources in researching on mobile usability and its related problems. The solutions developed by this company are not just applicable for the mobile platform but also for other devices as well. Thus, this deal has provided Shopzilla with an immense opportunity for growth.

The plan ahead

Through this acquisition, Shopzilla aims to incorporate the technological expertise of Zappli in its mobile websites and in apps that will make the checkout process easier. Since Bizrate is Shopzilla’s largest comparison shopping website, the mobile web initiatives will be first carried out there. According to company sources, a mobile web version of Shopzilla is expected to be launched later during this year.

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Smartphones are playing a Significant Role in Back-to-School Shopping

Steve Burns Posted On - September 23, 2013

Online Shopping
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Like the rise in the mobile commerce trend, back-to-school retail concept is gaining momentum. As per the survey conducted for gauging the “Back to School Shopping: 2013 Trends,” it was the users or 12,000 smartphone owners who were taken as sample for carrying out the survey. It was also kept in mind that among the smartphone users one is a parent of one school-age child. The survey was brought to fruition by location analytics vendor Placed Inc.

 The Statistics

It has been a known fact by now that the online shoppers are smart buyers. They are not only cashing on the importance of convenient web-based shopping, but they know how to make the comparative study in terms of the prices of the products. 48.9% of parents with smartphones indulge in the search to find coupons and deals. It has been revealed that the 38.7% among the back-to-school shopping enthusiasts is adhering to the concept of showrooming.

They are using smartphones for comparing the prices of the products that they found in-store, but make the purchasing plan at a later stage, online. This way they can switch to the savable mode. 34.2% is said to navigate an e-seller’s mobile site or an app via smartphones. 31.9% use a smartphone to spot a store location; 30.5% to spool down the shopping list; 24.9% to gather information on a wide variety of products. 20.5% is said to seal the business deal or make the online purchase via a smartphone.

Pick up the favorites

It has been estimated that 20.5% of parents with smartphones who are engaging in back-to-school purchases, have preference for different online stores.

When the buyers are purchasing online, then the online traffic is going to be more for Macy’s bricks-and-mortar-store, which is stated to be 22%. It is also around 22% that we make up the people flocking to Office Depot store, 21% to an OfficeMax store, 19% to a Best Buy store, 8% to visit a Bed, Bath & Beyond store, just to name a few stores.

The online shoppers purchasing back-to-school products with the help of the mobile gadgets are the ones that are less likely to visit a bricks-and-mortar store.  Since this back-to-school shopping trend is gaining momentum, the online sellers must cash on this trend of back-to-school shopping that the purchasers are engaging in, online. This way they can definitely have surging sales figure!

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Think Mobile, Not Price when desiring to Satisfy Luxury Shoppers

Steve Burns Posted On - September 4, 2013

Think Mobile, Not Price when desiring to Satisfy Luxury Shoppers
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As an e-seller you must be well aware that the secret to success in any business these days lies in treating the customer as the king. Customer satisfaction has become the core objective in businesses all over the world. You achieve customer satisfaction when your product or service is able to meet or exceed the customer’s expectation. But, when you are dealing with a subjective parameter like customer satisfaction there cannot be any set rules. The ways to achieve this will vary across different kinds of customers. Hence, you must keep in mind what kind of customers you are catering to. So, if you are involved in an online business of selling luxury goods, read on to find out more.

Knowing your Buyers of Luxury Goods

Knowledge of economics tells us that consumers are price sensitive; the demand for a product will increase when there is a fall in price. However, this law does not apply in the case of luxury goods. A shopper buying a luxury item spends a huge amount of money in that transaction. The brand value, elevating his/her status in society and other factors drive this kind of behaviour of shoppers. So, a minor reduction in price, say a 5 percent discount on a designer wear, will not make much of a difference to the customer satisfaction level of such a buyer. A high price rarely acts as a deterrent for a luxury shopper. So, when dealing with luxury shoppers price should not be your focus area. Instead, you should turn your attention to mobile technology.

Checking out the Statistics

The increased usage of internet-enabled smartphones and other similar mobile devices is not only changing the lives of people but is also opening up many avenues for online business. Taking advantage of this phenomenon is an all the more relevant decision for you if you are engaged in an online business, mainly catering to the class.  According to research by ForeSee, a company involved in analysing customer satisfaction of online shoppers, 56 percent of luxury shoppers did product research using their mobile devices compared to 40 percent for non-luxury shoppers. Moreover, 25 percent of luxury buyers made purchases using their mobile devices compared to 16 percent for other buyers.

The data above suggests that you should utilize mobile technology for your business because it is playing a very important role in the online luxury shopping scenario. Apart from that, you should also focus on merchandising and improving the functionality of your website to increase the satisfaction levels of the online luxury buyers.

Optimizing your Business Site for Mobile Devices

With the indomitable growth and popularity of the mobile devices and smartphones, optimizing your ecommerce site for smartphones and the mobile devices has become the need of the hour. The mobile commerce trend is rising and people are in love with online shopping on the go. They check out the hot deals, the exciting offers and compare price. There is no other alternative for the ecommerce merchants, but to optimize their business website for the wide array of mobile devices.

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Check out the Cool ways of Inviting Mobile connected Customers into Stores

Steve Burns Posted On - July 31, 2013

Check out the Cool ways of Inviting Mobile connected Customers into Stores
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With a unique logo, a brand begins the journey of offering the hammering effect on the minds of the customers. A host of retailers want more footfalls in their physical outlets and voluminous traffic to their ecommerce sites. Mobile marketing technology offered by CopiaMobileInc. is going to be the biggest draw that the retailers are trying to cash in when they are targeting the tech-savvy customers who indulge in e-shopping from smartphones and mobile devices.

Mobile connected Customers Pour In!

In this age of tough competition, the top retailers need to feel the pulse of the shopping behavior of the customers, study their psyche so that catering to the needs of the customers becomes easy. In order to mold the marketing campaign with the cool factor, in this SMS savvy generation, text-messages are a potential way of making the customers know about the exciting offers. Based on the demography of the e-buyers and their area of interests, the handsome discounts and the alluring deals are offered.

The Revamping of the Online Retailers Mobile Strategies

Have you heard how the in-store digital stores can help your online business? The registered customers just need to wave their smartphone at to avail the exciting offers. The digital sign can make a new stream of customers who are not registered yet to receive the mobile offers, to enjoy that privilege. The screen showcases the product ads of the retailers that they pronounce weekly.

How the Digital Signs help?

It is interesting to know how the whole process works! When a customer makes up his mind to view the weekly product ads, there is a video camera in the screen that deftly identifies that age and gender of the customer approaching. Based on his or her nature or probable buying preference, he or she gets an offer. If it a young girl, then she might receive offer on trendy clothes, bags and the like. For redeeming the offer, she needs to put in her mobile number and offer a steady nod to receive the text message.

It is again technological accomplishment which is making the retailers to jump on to a mobile marketing campaign where a kind of personalized feel is offered. The software that is hosted by CopiaMobile is used by digital signs. The commendable job of processing information on customers’ images and the phone numbers so that the apt offer can be spelt out, is definitely one of the best ways for generating higher revenues and for making and encouraging cross selling.

The Mobile Marketing Program with a Difference

The installation of the digital screens in the stores is definitely a smart business move. Though such a way of strategizing the mobile marketing campaign is going to make its mark gradually, the customers have started to sign up for availing the text messages on the exciting offers via the screens. The option of playing contest for free so there are higher chances of winning gifts, are driving the potential customers in stores.

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