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Everything You Need To Know About Multichannel FBA In A Nutshell

Thomas Posted On - June 7, 2017

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What is Fulfilled by Amazon anyway?

Fulfilled by Amazon or FBA is one of the most effective and innovative order completion solutions that any ecommerce seller can possibly access these days. This unique system is considered as one of Amazon’s unprecedented efforts towards making the overall selling process easy and light for just about any selling entity that wishes to embrace the same. Here are some of the top advantages of this order completion system…

Blissful ease in order completion – Imagine not having to deal with the nitty-gritty of completing orders starting from labeling, packing, shipping followed by tracking or orders till delivered to respective addresses.

Enhancement of selling scope to previously inaccessible locations – This is yet another advantage that has been attracting thousands of sellers to subscribe to FBA in the first place.

Multichannel FBA – FBA is applicable not just in Amazon but in just about any ecommerce marketplace whatsoever.

Improvement in overall seller performance – With order completion happening flawlessly, overall improvement in seller performance is inevitable.

The flipside of multichannel fulfilled by Amazon…

FBA at a multichannel level is getting very popular among sellers at large but, can get really difficult to manage at the onset. Losing control over inventory is one of the main issues that most sellers have faced till date on subscribing to this order completion system at multichannel levels. Some of the most common hassled that have been witnessed in multichannel FBA includes…

Confusion over costs – FBA is not free of charges and is often known for its complicated fee structures. FBA charges differ depending upon the type of products which can make it very difficult for sellers to keep a track of how much they will have to part with at the end of the day. More often than not, FBA at multichannel levels can thus cause a massive cost increase for unsuspecting selling entities.

Loss of control over inventory – This is inevitable and applicable for Amazon sellers as well. Therefore, multichannel entities are likely to face more heat in this respect.

The solution…

End to end FBA integration is the only solution to manage FBA at a multichannel level successfully. Promising e commerce solution developers that are known for offering high quality ecommerce tools and solutions like eBay Amazon listing softwares, inventory tools etc can be approached for the purpose. Complete and all inclusive FBA integration can help in overcoming some of the toughest hassles in the process including faultless inventory tracking as well as profitable cost management.

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