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Google Shopping Feed Management Best Practices For Maximum Productivity

Thomas Posted On - September 4, 2017

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Feed management in Google Shopping is often confusing as no one can tell for sure what exactly would take their listing to the best of visibility and what exactly would make it lick dust. To stay on the safer side of odds though, here is a small list of best practices that can help sellers keep their heads over the ongoing rat race…

Title and image optimization –

This is one of those essential life saving tips that works for all integrated feed management efforts whether Netsuite Amazon Google Shopping or any other combination for that matter. Unless your feed titles and images are optimized in tune with the specifications of this top CSE, visibility will be a rare treat to experience.

No hacks and tricks –

Google is smarter than the best of seller brains and this is the main reason why staying away from tricks and hacks is always a good idea. Neither visibility nor clicks come easy or for free in this platform making it imperative for selling entities to play by the rule book. Daredevil overambitious entities sellers are often the ones that get rewarded with warnings, loss of ranking and worst of all, suspension notifications.

Attractive prices, deals and real purchase benefits –

Pricing is the key visibility ingredient in Google Shopping feed that plays an important role in building purchase motivation in the part of buyers. Therefore, feed that bear attractive prices, offers and purchase advantages like easy returns, free shipping etc. result in enhanced clicks and conversions at the same time.

Frequent updating for maintaining competitiveness –

Google Shopping data feed should not be left untouched and unaltered for long. This often leads to stagnation of feed performance for the simple reason that competitors may be putting in efforts to improve their feed by the hour. Frequent updating especially with the assistance of automation tools and software solutions is thus, something that sellers should never ignore.

Smart CPC planning and budget management –

You cannot go far in Google Shopping without proper CPC budget planning. At all times, you will have to make sure that you don’t run out of budget before your target time period. If this happens, your listing will either be scrapped or pushed way back in search results.

Head to toe integration with shopping cart and marketplaces of presence –

Head to toe integration like Magento Google Shopping data feed syncing is the most responsible and effective way to automate the essential processes be it data import and export, feed improvements and updating, CPC budget management, tracking, reporting and many more. Sellers are thus, advised to commence their endeavors with impenetrable integration.

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Spanking New Netsuite Will May Need Integration Aid

Stephen Posted On - May 18, 2016

Netsuite Amazon integration
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2016 has brought with a bouquet of improvements in the present version of Netsuite. Being one of the leading store building shopping cart solutions available to the masses, frequent face lifts is but expected. As far as version 2016 is concerned, applicability is stretched over a wide range of users including retailers, wholesale distributors, manufacturers and even service companies for that matter. One of the most cherished improvements revolves around the feature of streamlining and optimizing order entries followed by harmonious order fulfillment.

Enhanced flexibility for vendor management and multibook accounting with Netsuite OneWorld is also counted among the dazzling features to look out for and experience. Extremely flexible and powerful revenue recognition has also been applauded by Netsuite users worldwide.

Basically, with all these features and more, users of Netsuite are expected to have greater control on their stores than ever before. At the same time, they will also not need to depend on too many additional software solutions, tools or even plug-ins from third party providers making the process of overall operations lighter and easier to manage. However, when it comes to performing in top platforms like eBay and Amazon, the users of this enhanced shopping cart store building solution is still required to push enhanced integration. As many Amazon performers have already expressed, it is imperative to have Netsuite Amazon integration carried out to perfection if sellers wish to experience optimum operational improvements.

It is true that overall improvement of the web stores of the concerned e commerce merchants following the latest improvements in Netsuite is an almost guaranteed. But addressing the matter of multichannel operation especially the critical everyday basics like listing management, inventory control, tracking and maintaining customer details etc. still requires added attention. Say for example, for sellers who may be expecting to see an urgent improvement in their eBay or Amazon listing management may have to rely on high quality third party software solutions and attempt proper integration of the same with their stores. Netsuite in itself will not be a foolproof, complete or magical aid to it.

In a nutshell, while there is whole lot to look out for in the 2016 version of Netsuite, sellers will have to be wise while dismissing all third party aid and assistance for adding or powering up existing features in their e commerce setups. As far as investments in additional solutions are concerned, users of Netsuite may still have to keep their options open.

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