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How E Retailers Pushed Valentine’s Day Sale 2015

Shrikar Khare Posted On - May 22, 2015

Valentine Day Sale
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Irrespective of the impacts of evolution, the cozy custom of gifting on special occasions is sure to never get out of style, especially in the Day when the world is painted red and pink. 14th of February has taken over the globe by its charms and it is very unlikely that its impact will see a setback anytime soon. Top the love shades with gifts from the heart, and there you have a perfect Valentine’s Day that is sure to be memorable for years to come. Making the most of this opportunity are the E-retailers who see this day as one of the most potent occasions to push their sales.

With possibilities of getting millions of hits, e retailers ensure being the early birds as far as commencing uncompromised e-commerce marketing strategies and campaigning is concerned. This is also the time when the E Retailers are seen to introduce and implement the best of strategies in order to beat and rise over competitors. And yes, attractive rebates did form a part of the deal. A chunk of the hullabaloo was seen happening with the top online flowers and gifts shops that came up with their creative best to make the best of the 2015 Valentine’s Day spirit.

For example, Inc. which is one the leaders in online flower and gift delivery, had been seen to offer a whopping 25% off on the total bill amount, if they shopped on certain chosen dates. And yes… they ensured that their campaign was amply visible. Amazon too did not stay far behind. By introducing schemes like announcing about 90$ off on its most prized product, Kindle, it attracted a herculean traffic. While Amazon was too busy to comment on their star strategies at that very moment, its master strokes were vastly obvious at the end of the shopping surge.

Considering the fact that everyone wants to save cash, this offer motivated a chunk of enthusiastic buyers to go straight ahead and grab the deal. Busy as things got for these proactive leaders, at the end of the day they made sure that their business was on an irreversible growth track.

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Which To Choose While Selling On Amazon – Sponsored Products Or Product Ads

Daniel Posted On - April 13, 2015

selling on Amazon
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Amazon is undeniably the largest and the most accommodating e-commerce marketplaces of the present times. This is one of those very few platforms that offer unparalleled benefits to sellers in infinite different ways each of which are aimed at improving the performance of the latter by leaps. In this respect, Amazon product ads and Amazon sponsored products can be mentioned as two extremely potent options when it comes to boosting visibility before target audience / customers and thereby increasing the possibility of conversions. While both of these Amazon solutions have proven ample usefulness, choosing the right option may further the efforts of the sellers.

Basically, Amazon Product Ads is a solution where the sellers can display their products in Amazon without having to sell in it. This has multiple benefits starting with the fact that Amazon is one of the most visited e commerce marketplaces and it is just about assured that the concerned seller would be exposed to millions of target audience per day. So, while the Amazon product ads show on the search pages, when the buyers click on the ads they will actually be diverted to the website of the concerned sellers than make the purchase from Amazon itself.

On the other hand, the updated Amazon sponsored products program is more refined in its approach in helping sellers gain visibility. This program includes features like automatic targeting, simpler seller usability and greater visibility. However, what may be considered a drawback is this program is the necessity for the sellers to be ‘sponsored products eligible’ and the chosen products must be buy box eligible. At present, there are only 6 countries where sponsored products are available and the advantage is spread only to 30 product categories.

Keeping the fact in mid that each of these programs work wonderfully in favor of the e-commerce marketing endeavors of sellers, the list of features in itself makes it amply clear about which to choose and which not to. Basically, there could be nothing better than selling on Amazon. If however, sellers cannot make a direct approach, eligibility for either of the two programs can be of massive help.

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Is Amazon jumping into in-store mobile payments?

Daniel Posted On - June 26, 2014

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As competition is rising day by day in providing smarter payment solutions to the consumers, the largest online retailer is also no way lagging behind when compared to its other competitors like eBay, Google and square. Recently it has been reported that Amazon acquired acquisition of mobile point-of-sale service provider GoPago Inc.,a mobile point-of-sale software and services provider. GoPago Inc. offers special payment features that empowers retailers and restaurants to use card reader-equipped tablets and smartphones to check out customers and allows customers to use an app to order and pay for goods and services before they arrive at a business.

Though GoPago’s Italian owners have already discussed about this acquisition with Italian media they did not make a single comment in U.S. media. Both and GoPago did not wish to express their opinions in spite of requests for comment from Internet Retailer.

Colin Sebastian, an analyst for investment firm Robert W. Baird & Co said, perhaps, is not interested to disclose its payments capabilities to compete with other companies including eBay Inc./PayPal, Google Inc, Groupon and Square that also offer marketplaces like them and facilitates mobile payments.

Sebastian also hinted in one of his research note that, it has also become a great challenge for smaller-scale and emerging online payment companies, as the large web platform companies building advanced capabilities in mobile payments and POS systems. He also mentioned, soon we will witness the existing online marketplace battles reaching out for extended payment platforms, where Amazon, eBay/PayPal, Google and Apple will be the most successful players.
Presently, more than 215 million active consumers can use Amazon’s Login and Pay with Amazon, which enable them to use their Amazon credentials on PCs, tablets and smartphones to get default payment information to quickly pay for goods on participating e-retailers’ sites and apps.

Sebastian describes, for GoPago, retailers pay $69 a month for software and services; which is excluding hardware, but including tablets or smartphones and the card-reader dongles that attach to the mobile devices.

Sebastian also added, GoPago has achieved its greatest success with small to mid-sized retailers and restaurants averaging around $500,000 in annual sales,. “Over time, there is apparently no reason that large merchants wouldn’t install cloud-based mobile POS software, as tablets will soon be able to provide at least as good technology as the legacy POS providers at a much lower price,” he further commented.

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WordPress Plugins to Reduce Cart Abandonment

Daniel Posted On - June 3, 2014

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Few simple improvements in your E-Commerce site can prevent a sizable percentage of e-commerce shoppers abandoning the checkout process. The essential plugins for your WordPress ecommerce site can optimize the checkout process, making the experience better for your shoppers. This also increases sales in considerable number.

Email Cart WooCommerce plugin

Quite often it happens that a purchasing decision in family does not depend only on a single person. More than one person makes a purchase decision. The Email Cart WooCommerce plugin allows the primary shopper to share his current cart with another via email. Once the products are added to the basket, the first shopper can email a link to another person, who can view the contents of the basket and add more items or check out. This process is extremely effective when a shopper selects the items, but another person pays for it by using the credit card.

This plugin is useful in case of special promotions also. A merchant can configure a shopping cart filled with various items and then use that link in an email newsletter. The possible buyers can easily click on the link, see the products and make the purchase.

Social Coupon for WordPress plugin

The Social Coupon for WordPress plugin is a Woo-Commerce extension that pays users for sharing their content socially. As soon as the shopper completes a social sharing action, a discount is automatically applied to the order. This helps to generate many additional social media followers who have already purchased from you.

Content management system and open source blogging tool

DVin WooCommerce Wishlist plugin

Wishlists are powerful selling tools. Amazon uses them to a great extent. You can also add similar wishlist functionality for your own shoppers with the DVin WooCommerce Wishlist plugin.This is helpful for products that demand more thinking and processing before purchasing, Wishlists can be public or private and also has an option to share it socially or emailed with a unique wishlist URL.

Checkout Field Editor plugin

The Checkout Field Editor extension for WooCommerce makes it easy for a merchant to add necessary fields and remove irrelevant fields. This helps the users to get the product information simply and quickly. And the merchants can also use this plugin to optimize the checkout flow much easily

Loyalty Rewards for WooCommerce plugin

The Loyalty Rewards for WooCommerce plugin allows customers to earn points on every purchase and redeem them later. This motivates customers to purchase more regularly, to grow rewards points. It also helps customers to earn points by posting product reviews.

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60% of U.S. retail sales will involve the web by 2017

Daniel Posted On - June 3, 2014

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Recently Forrester Research Inc. has published a significant report on “U.S. Cross-Channel Retail Forecast, 2012 to 2017”. This report has stated that, by 2017, 60% of all U.S. retail sales will involve the Internet in some way or the other. Either it will be a direct E-Commerce transaction or it will be part of a shopper’s research on a laptop or mobile device. It has also speculated that in next five years an approximate 10.3% of total retail sales in the U.S. will be online, indicating $370 billion in web sales compared to $3.6 trillion in total retail sales.


Forrester has observed, according to U.S. Commerce Department figures, last year in the United States, e-commerce accounted for just 5.2% of total retail spending, including items rarely purchased online, like gasoline and restaurant meals. On the other hand, in 2012, only 46% of total U.S. retail sales were conducted directly online or influenced by Internet research on PCs, mobile apps and tablets. As per Sucharita Mulpuru, a Forrester analyst and author of the report, this e-retailing trend has largely influenced the demand for smartphones in the United States. As a result retailers also focused on investments in e-commerce and mobile applications, such as mobile coupons. Mulpuru also included in her research report that by the end of 2013, 150 million (47.3%) of the country’s population of 317 million will become regular mobile Internet users.

The study has also indicated that, within five years, grocery, apparel and accessories, home improvement and consumer electronics will be categories, most influenced by Internet research. It is assumed that in 2017 these particular categories will account for $1.1 trillion of the $1.8 trillion total web-influenced retail sales excluding the e-commerce purchases of $370 billion. And the categories which have lowest online sales in the present time will also see the greatest levels of online research.

To best utilize this market trend the retailers need to emphasize on three prime areas. First, they should offer self-service mobile functionality for in-store shoppers or provide associates with mobile tools to help shoppers. The next step should be focusing on fulfillment of web orders using store inventory, and the reverse. And the last but not the least is, The retailers need to resolve the price differences between e-commerce and store catalogs. As by 2017 more consumers will be using and researching through smartphones, they will be in a position to easily compare prices and find out such discrepancies. This will influence the retailers adversely especially when the pricing variances are large.

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Digital Gift Cards Can Be Used To Draw The Attention Of Holiday Shoppers

Shrikar Khare Posted On - May 1, 2014

Young Woman Shopper
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The online retail sphere is chiefly characterized by cut throat competition. E commerce merchants are experimenting with various novel methods to attract buyers and increase sales. In such a scenario innovation and clever thinking are essential for survival and success. Moreover, online retailers need to be constantly on the lookout for emerging market trends that will serve as opportunities for growth of their businesses. The use of digital gift cards is one such phenomenon that is gaining popularity among online buyers. Read on, to find out more about this.

Insights from a recent survey

We get to know a couple of interesting things about digital gift cards from a survey by InComm, a company that offers transaction services along with gift and debit card products. The findings are drawn from an online survey of 500 US consumers carried out in the month of November. Out of those online shoppers who planned on getting digital gift cards during the holiday season, 48% wanted to buy two or three cards, 44% said they will purchase more than three cards and the rest 8% would buy only one card.

Reasons for popularity

The immense popularity of these cards during the holiday season can be primarily attributed to the fact that they can be purchased very easily and quickly. According to the survey, the main reason for preferring these cards is their instant delivery. 62% of them desired to buy those cards that delivered gift items electronically. The report says that 75% of those surveyed expect to purchase at least one digital gift card in the year 2014. Around 70% of the respondents are keener on buying digital gift cards now than they were two or three years ago.

Digital and physical gift cards

Physical cards are still popular among shoppers but they like to have a choice between digital and physical gift cards when they are buying from an online store or mobile app. According to the survey, this is applicable for 87% of the buyers. The report also throws light on the type of merchants consumers buy from. The popular merchants were dining establishments, department stores and web-only retailers.

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Get to know all about wine and its prices at Wine-Searcher

Daniel Posted On - May 1, 2014

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A recent study reveals wine is still considered to be a luxury product in many countries of the world. A new French research states that in international scale, on an average it takes about 7 hours and 15 minutes to work and earn the money required to pay for a bottle of wine. There are various types and categories of wines with a wide range of prices. In fact some wines offer better value than others. The Wine searcher database conveys price lists of 43,936 wine merchants across the world.

Wine prices

The price of wine fluctuates just like gold, oil, sugar and coffee. Change of wine prices also has impact on social and economic issues but it is comparatively slow, therefore predicting changes in wine value is quite more apparent than for other investment commodities. The factors which regulate wine prices are discussed below:


Wines become exclusive and expensive and vintages with favorable harvest conditions or astronomical events. Sometimes wines from a particular year increase in value if the influential wine critics declare a ‘vintage of the century. Actually, the fame and reputation of a given vintage influence the price of its wines more than the actual quality. Therefore psychosocial factors dominate the wine’s Market value a lot

Financial condition

Like any other commodity the overall economic conditions of a country, or the world influences the price of wine up to a considerable extent.

ŸAge and value

It is a common idea that wine increases its value as it ages. “Old wine is expensive wine” is a most common factor making a wine to be more precious as well as valuable.

About the search results

To find out the price quotes in wine searcher database it is required to order search results in ascending order by price. As it is arranged from cheapest to most expensive, automatically this prioritizes halves before bottles, which are before cases.

Tax Information

The wine searcher displays prices as they receive them. Most of the prices are showcased with the taxes. But in some cases prices are listed without tax. For example, for our USA merchants, prices listed on Wine-Searcher exclude sales tax. But the tax status of each list is mentioned in the ‘description’ information. Sometimes average prices and price ranges are also displayed but they do not include the taxes.

Exchange Rates and Excise Tax

Wine-Searcher uses inter-bank rates to convert currencies and updates them on daily basis. But Wine-Searcher does not adjust for Excise taxes.

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Wayfair launches a loyalty program for architects and decorators

Shrikar Khare Posted On - April 29, 2014

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Wayfair LLC, the famous home furnishings Retailer has launched a rewards program especially for design professionals. The free program, named as Designer Trade Services, offers discounts on volume purchases on, and only for interior decorators, architects, designers and other industry professionals. It also has other additional benefits including a concierge service.

The new program offers its members a 3% back in Wayfair Rewards on every purchase made. Wayfair has claimed there are more than 7 million products offered on these three sites –, Apart from concierge service, through this program the members will enjoy an access to an unidentified number of products exclusively available to Designer Trade Services members. The concierge service also will be highly beneficial for the designers to start projects as it will extremely helpful to manage budgets. No doubt it will also facilitate delivering materials effectively. Wayfair’s monthly online gallery will also allow the members to display their work to get an instant publicity.

Nancy Go, Wayfair senior director of brand marketing said, the company by initiating this designer trade services is now in a position to expand their reach to design professionals by offering them special facility and exclusive access to the marketing tools and services vitally important to achieve their goals more easily and accurately.

According to Internet Retailer’s Top 500 Guide, Wayfair, is holding a position of No. 52 in terms of E-commerce sales growth. This indicates about 50% increase in sales turnover than in 2013. Recently Wayfair has hired a new chief financial officer which influenced some analysts and brokers to come to a conclusion that the company is planning to go ahead towards an IPO. The new CFO, Michael Fleisher has a successful career in handling big company finance including public company accounts. Michael Fleisher previously served as vice chairman, strategy and operations, for Warner Music Group. He has a track record of leading an IPO as CEO of consultancy Gartner Inc. This also led analysts to assume like that and pointed to a possibility of IPO in the horizon which can not be denied.

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7 Ways to Earn More with Mobile Commerce this Fourth Quarter

Shrikar Khare Posted On - April 29, 2014

Young Mobile Shopper
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It has been forecasted that mobile commerce is going to frame 16% of all e-commerce sales in the last quarter of 2013, toting up more than 42 billion dollars. If you are into online business, make sure you arm your site with mobile integration set ups and optimized in a way to fetch the most out of your mobile traffic.

Bank on these 7 tips doled out by experts to make the most out of M-Commerce this festive season.

1. Track mobile shopping behavior via Google Analytics.

The different requirements and buying behavior needs to be considered when creating M-Commerce campaign. With the help of Google Analytics, you first have to find out how your mobile target-customers look like. Follow the step that will make your task easy:

  • Set a mobile campaign goal.
  • Find out how much mobile traffic is your site getting and what are the miss out factors
  • Segmenting your mobile customers based on how much time they spend on your website
  • Make your website compatible with the most popularly used mobile device

2. Find out mobile user engagement

In order to determine which mobile customers are your existing buyers, use your Analytics insight and try segmenting your traffic to shell out more for those users. Divide the traffic which will not convert and bid low. It will be icing on cake if you can identify groups which are alike to your core changing customers and formulate campaigns depend on that.

3. Look after easy mobile check out

First let us peep into the reasons due to which mobile users abandon the checkout process.

  • Too complicated mobile site design
  • Very expensive products as compared to competitors
  • Probably they prefer shopping in some other device
  • Complex brief of the offerings confuse customers
  • Site security issue
  • Complex payment methods

Try to avoid these checkout errors when planning your mobile campaign.

4. Do some mobile SEO with hummingbird

Have you heard of the latest Algorithm update of Google – Hummingbird? The search results are customized to verbal search. Advance business persons and SEOs are benefiting from the huge traffic that purchases mobiles.

Follow these SEO steps if you are a beginner:

  • Test the performance of your mobile site on some tool like mobitest.
  • Outline keywords in Analytics to customize your mobile Ads.
  • Sketch out mobile keywords that you are not ranking which are related to your services or site.
  • Optimize page content, meta descriptions and titles for meta description
  • Take care of the mobile screen size
  • Customize URLs, contents and responsive designs

5. Take care of mobile bounce rate

Research says that 30% of mobile customers discard transaction if the process is not optimized for mobile. They go half the way, and then find it very difficult, so they bounce back. Mobile customers do not like sites which do not size to their gadget or have complex navigation. Use a flexible grid, images and CSS media files. This will speak of simplicity and user friendliness.

6. Compact and precise offers

Just like e commerce visitors, mobile customers also take interest in sales and promotion. So you should feature daily deals, specific time-period discounts. At the same time, do not forget to highlight big sales offers on special days. Try to utilize the festive periods.

7. Embark on social networking

Do you know that above 76% of mobile users’ access social networking sites from their smart phones! You can encourage mobile users to share product info with one touch posting, engaging games and activities in Facebook, Istagram etc.

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Amazon China builds its own network of distribution centers

Daniel Posted On - April 29, 2014

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It has been recently reported that, Inc.’s China subsidiary is building a nationwide network of distribution centers just like its network in the United States. Unlike US, Amazon China is creating a difference by employing its workers who deliver the goods to the consumer.

Outside the United States, it is Amazon’s largest distribution network. Amazon operates 15 fulfillment centers around China, with 800,000 square meters of warehouse space. Here, Amazon also employs drivers who make deliveries using their own vans, bicycles, motorcycles and scooters. Fang Quan, vice president in charge of the marketplace platform for Amazon China said, the logistics service in China was immature and far away from what they had expected. That led them to establish a delivery team of their own. He also said, inside Amazon, Amazon China is the first to take delivery in-house, which is ushering hope that in the near future it could be extended to other countries too.

As Amazon had its own delivery network, it could successfully cater to orders during the Chinese New Year holiday period, commonly known as the Spring Festival. Fang observed, the competitors that relied on outside carriers failed to serve the consumers, but, Amazon on the contrary achieved festival distribution from 30 cities and areas to 47 in this holiday season.

Fitness equipment retailer Hangzhou Aigous Trading Co., which sells on the Amazon China marketplace and other shopping portals in China, has announced that it is benefiting from Amazon’s logistics expertise. Chen Huaibei, company director did not forget to mention that Amazon China has a smart logistics system which can help you automatically manage your inventories in different warehouse. He added more by saying that Amazon can predict probable sales in different cities and accordingly put the right amount of products in regional warehouses. Some domestic marketplace providers can not do that, for this he had to hire more people to manage it manually.

It is remarkable that Amazon’s Chinese competitors are also investing in fulfillment. and Alibaba Group are the best examples of this. They are also investing considerably in building a nationwide logistics network while collaborating with several delivery companies.

Amazon China was built around Inc.’s 2004 acquisition of web-only retailer in 2004. It is now No. 4 in the China 500 and No. 1 in the Internet Retailer Top 500. This ranks North American retailers by their online sales which also make them No. 1 in the Europe 500.

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E-retail’s future is about branding – CSN Stores became Wayfair

Shrikar Khare Posted On - April 9, 2014

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If you are running a business quite successfully and reaping the desired fruits usually you will not be bothered to make a new move which demands changes. This was common for all e-Retailers even till few years back. But as the market grew more complex with tougher competitions, the retailers also started concentrating on evolving innovative measures to establish their brands to sustain in the challenging market scenario. A similar situation motivated Wayfair, then doing business as CSN Stores LLC, to begin on a major branding and design effort to consolidate its many sites under the banner.

The background

The modern trend of consumerism has a special feature. Consumers are more inclined towards the brands that the products. Wayfair could also assess that shoppers were increasingly searching by retailer name, rather than by product. This created the background for the change in strategy.

During the keynote address at the IRCE Focus: Web Design + Mobile Commerce event in Orlando, FL., Mike O’Hara, vice president of engineering at said that  change is a lot more easier task to make when the situation is forcing to make it, but it is not that easy when the situation is not actually forcing you.  He also added that Wayfair realized that in near future, brand will play a major role in online retailing and consequently took the decision of making the change.

New challenge

O’Hara also observed that this brand-focused redesigning and consolidation was implemented by engineers who had also focused on the technical aspects and this was a special challenge for the e-retailer.

Hence, to put a roundup effort in establishing the brand the company took special drive by hiring a creative director followed by a team of marketers, copywriters, product managers, and other professionals. The decision to consolidation the sites under the Wayfair banner also demanded the groups to reorganize under a centralized system. It was quite difficult to conceptualize for the present day multidisciplinary teams and give up to a central authority.

New benefits

The consolidated site under the banner was officially launched in September 2011 after lot of researching and experiments.  O’Hara said, Google initially dinged for all the site redirects from its former URLs, which took about 18 months for the e-retailer to regain its ranking in organic search. He also  emphasized  that with the current all inclusive and unique content Wayfair has become, much better in search than before the change. Consumers online are increasingly looking for Wayfair as a brand while searching for home goods.

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Fashion data tool Editd proves crucial for Asos to push revenues up 37%

Daniel Posted On - March 26, 2014

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Recently online fashion retailer Asos has claimed, by using Editd’s dashboard they have raised their profit line by 37% in the last quarter of 2013. As per their comment, the data insights helped them to speculate and fix up the pricing’s which have boosted the sales turnover.

How it worked

Editd, is a London startup which is specialized to sum up and analyze fashion trend and Retail information from retail sites, industry mood boards, social media and blogs. It has proved itself to be so effective that Asos has signed up for 200 of its fashion buyers to receive access to their site.

Not only that, Asos has also agreed to literally double its subscription to the service of data insight following an 18-month experiment.  Asos did not forget to reveal that Editd’s information on pricing worked as the main tool to drive revenues and a 33% increase in sales.

Geoff Watts’ opinion

The Guardian has reported that Editd’s chief executive Geoff Watts has described the startup’s real value as its contribution in helping buyers make right decisions on the information provided through the data. He also added that basic retail operations consist of buying and selling. So if the right product is available at right price it definitely hits the sales goal. Therefore Editd no doubt is playing a great role for the retailers by helping them to make the right decision depending on the data analysis. He also said though Asos is not the largest

Maria Hollins’ observation 

An accessible front-end allows buyers to compare the brands that are performing well as well as look at price-points for specific trends. Asos’ retail director Maria Hollins, also highlighted this point by emphasizing on making the right decisions faster than their competitors. She said Asos, aiming to be first for fashion means it always needs to be competitive and with right assortments. Hollins further said. That they are using Editd on a every day basis while formulating critical buying and trading strategies.

The benefits

This service helps the fashion buyers to decide depending on a number of data points, including making a thorough analysis by price points or brands. It also makes the customers aware about the latest trends in real-time, with additional support to the buyers by enabling them to receive alerts.

The real-time analysis is effective to understand the ever-changing demand of the market. And thus companies can reduce wastage by making less mistakes in pricing and assortment.  It is extremely important in maintaining continuous growth and development of business within the country and also in terms of overseas expansion.

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Wayfair launches a loyalty program for architects and decorators

Daniel Posted On - March 24, 2014

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Do you want to avoid making mistakes with your online shop? By overlooking few simple but important issues we often make Shopping errors that badly affect business online. A careful dealing and a little intelligent planning may easily help you to overcome the common pitfalls which will also play a great role in achieving your goal to get your shop shining. Some common mistakes and there remedies are listed below.

Lack of enough listing

This is one of the most common mistakes for the beginners. .

Quite often shoppers complain that they are not being able to sell anything. Most of the times it happens as they only display a list of few items in their shop. When people visit they consider the shop more like a hobby than a business as they find only a few items are listed there.  Therefore it is vitally important to make a full list of all the products and services.

 Flashy, cluttered, or hazy photos

Good photos play a great role in advertising your products. Be careful about the quality of the photographs you display on the site. People will only click through your ad if they get attracted to your products by viewing the photographs which are appealing.  No one will be otherwise interested to spend time on products which has flashy, cluttered and hazy photos.

No existence of an ‘About Page’

Usually buyers want to know about the background and the related facts about a company before they decide to buy a product or service. So if there is no page containing your details covering your mission, vision activities and achievements it will be difficult for you to establish your brand. And naturally it may also hamper your sale.

Dearth of Policies

It is extremely important to chalk out detailed policies both from the point of view of you as well as your customers. In case any issue crops up while dealing with a customer, you can always resolve it with the help of a well defined policy. Customers also feel more relaxed about their purchasing decision if they are well aware about the business policies.

Description that fails to provide requisite details

To convince your customer that your products are the best buys for them, you need to provide all the details about your products and services. If you fail to provide all the required information, most naturally people will not choose your products which will be a big loss for you.

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Overstock is the First in the US to Accept Digital Currency bitcoin

Steve Burns Posted On - March 11, 2014

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Very recently Overstock has announced they are going to offer their shoppers a new payment option by which henceforth they will be able to pay for their purchases with bitcoin the virtual currency. Eventually they are the first U.S. e-retailer taking a step like that. chairman and CEO Patrick M. Byrne said Overstock is excited to mark its name as the first major online shopping retailer to accept bitcoin, the digital currency which will be an important part of the future. In this new system the customers can shop the website for any of the over 1 million products available, including furniture, rugs, electronics and jewelry by using bitcoin. Though the other payment choices like Visa, MasterCard and PayPal will also be there along with Bitcoin.


According to the Top 500 Guide Overstock already accepts payments via eBay Inc.’s PayPal and Bill Me Later, Google Wallet and Amazon Checkout, , along with major credit and debit cards. Now on, bitcoin also will be included as a payment option to U.S. customers only. They also have a plan to make it internationally acceptable mode of payment in the future., a bitcoin wallet and payments company based in San Francisco, is given the charge to process the retailer’s bitcoin payments and handle the currency’s conversion into U.S. dollars. Coin base claimed bitcoin will be suitable for online transactions without any transaction fees at the same time it will be effective for international customers also.

How it will work

Bitcoin the digital currency is claimed to be an extremely modern concept which will virtually bring a revolution in the mode of transaction and payment. It will be the worlds most widely used cryptocurrency.  Individuals and businesses both will enjoy the advantage of exchanging it online. The dollar value of bitcoin may fluctuate on daily basis. So far the creators of the Bitcoin system have not come up publicly, though they have published papers explaining details about how the currency can be created with an idea that the total number of Bitcoins in circulation will always be in a limit of 21 million.

Possibility is extremely hopeful about the future bitcoin. They have an initial assessment that about 2% of its web sales will be done through bitcoin. They have also announced that within the first 24 hours of accepting the digital currency; they have got a remarkable feedback of shoppers placing 840 orders using it. This is equal to $130,000 in revenue. Overstock is also quite hopeful that other online companies will have to follow them soon.

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Personalized e-mails drive shoppers to buy more — in stores and online

Daniel Posted On - February 8, 2014

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Have you ever found it easy to ignore a personalized marketing e-mail like any other regular marketing mailer? A common sense tells us it is not so easy. We usually have a higher inclination to go through a personalized e-mail as it informs us about some relevant products we are interested to know about.

In a recent study done by Harris Interactive, it has been revealed that 77% of online shoppers who have signed up to receive promotional e-mails from at Retailer has admitted they are more likely to purchase from that merchant on the web or in stores if the messages are customized regarding products and services as per their shopping habits and preferences. Not only that, another 82% of shoppers also agreed that they’d be comfortable to purchase more total items from that merchant if the e-mails they received were more personalized.

The Survey: Listrak, the digital marketing technology and services provider enlisted Harris Interactive to conduct the online survey. This survey was done within December 11th to December 13th which generated 2,019 responses from U.S. adults. The result is absolutely thrilling for the online retailers. It clearly indicates the great influence of personalized e-mails and recommendations on online shoppers. Not only it drives them in conversations, but it also indulges them to actually purchase more.

The result: In addition to this positive effect of personalized e-mails making the consumers more inclined to spend more with a merchant, it is also tracked that 81% of the respondents are interested to receive more e-mails from that merchant each week if the contents were customized according to their past purchases. 90% of total online shoppers who have signed up for a retailer’s e-mails also added they would like to receive messages regarding discounts and sales of the products in their regular buying list. Another fact found – about 72% shoppers would prefer to receive e-mails showcasing weekly sales or new products, which will in-turn make shopping easier.

More possibilities: Shoppers, forming 69% of the survey respondents are also willing to help retailers in order to receive more personalized e-mails by sharing additional details about their personal preferences at regular intervals.

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