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Which Online Marketplaces in the USA would be Right For Your Products?

Stephen Posted On - March 20, 2018

Best-selling products
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By 2020, global marketplaces will own 39 percent of online retail market. No wonder, instead of launching their own online stores, new sellers rush to these at-ready platforms.

But here’s the biggest problem…

There are about 50 popular marketplaces around the world; the top ones, of course, are homed in the USA. Each filling their own purpose and bringing something unique to the table for sellers and buyers, none sell equally.

So the first obstacle on the path for online vendors is to choose from this long list one or few names that would provide them the optimum rewards. Because while as appealing as selling on countless platforms sound, the move is counterproductive.

Handling multiple online storefronts without factoring their individual ROI is not only time-consuming but also extremely expensive. And when starting your new business, high cost with no prospect of good return can play you a big executioner.

Now comes the obvious question:

Which online marketplaces in the USA are the top performers and perfect for your products?

Sweet and resourceful the question sounds, the answer is quite a bit of mess.

For example, yes, Newegg is a great platform to sell electronic products. But this doesn’t mean, yours will sell like hotcakes, or that other marketplaces like Amazon and eBay aren’t the right fit for your products.

A lot depends on your marketing efforts and post-sale strategy. Because the marketplace can provide you all the right tools and facilities to list easily, optimize better and integrate seamlessly, how successful are you depends on your individual decisions and tactics.

Remember, online success is 20 percent selling product and 80 percent providing experience.

If you sell online or are planning to launch your venture soon, here are your 2 at-hand tasks:

  • Identify the right and top-performing marketplaces for your specific products
  • Take proactive measures to make optimum sale

Let’s kick right in. Here’s a list of top 15 marketplaces in USA and what kind of products sell more there:

    • eBay

      EBay is one of the world’s most renowned and reputed marketplaces that have long been a go-to for sellers and resellers. Bringing advanced tools and facility to facilitate easy selling, it has a large user base who are selling big and earning big every day.

      Best-selling products: Tech items (including Smartphone and Laptops), women’s fashion apparels, watches, chest of drawers.

    • Amazon

      In recent times, Amazon has outdone every expectation in terms of growth, becoming the largest marketplace in the world. It touts seamless resources and excellent support desk that makes selling here extremely convenient.

      Best-selling products: private label products (accessories and apparels), video games, books, home decoration products, and daily-use items.

    • Etsy

      Etsy is one of those e-commerce platforms that would remain relevant and interesting even years from now. Appealing the creative minds and self-starters, it focuses on vintage and handmade products that spans in diverse categories.

      Best-selling products: Hand-made jewelries (pendants, beads, clasps and more), custom t-shirts, vintage furniture, home decoration products, pet and party supplies.


      Comparatively, is a new e-commerce platform. However, its rise to the top has been nothing short of exceptional. Owned by Walmart, it has become a favorite destination for thousands of shoppers to buy household supplies, electronics and more.

      Best-selling products: health and beauty, home appliances, housewares, toys, fashion accessories, baby care products, and pet-related items.

    • Walmart

      World’s largest retail chain, Walmart is one of the most trusted names in this industry. With unmatched reach in the market and an array of categories to cater buyers of all types, it’s a topmost choice of sellers to start their venture on.

      Best-selling products: televisions, digital cameras, personal care items, kitchen appliances, women’s apparels, and storage furniture.

    • NewEgg

      Founded in 2000, Newegg has been an A+ player in the e-commerce industry, making online selling easy to even the beginners. Although it offers nearly every kind of product, from apparels to furniture, it is known to be an ultimate electronic product hub in USA.

      Best-selling products: laptops, peripherals, computer components, PlayStation, car electronics, (smart) home appliances, and lighting.

    • Sears

      Even till this day, amid stiff competition from new market players, Sears remains a trusted name on the retail scene of USA. It offers a plethora of products on its platform, ensuring maximum convenience to buyers and sellers of all types.

      Best-selling products: Mattress and pillows, auto accessories, tools and appliances, beauty and hair care products, and sports accessories.

    • Bonanza

      With user-friendly interface and plenty of tools and facilities, Bonanza has emerged to be a favorite name among thousands of sellers. The platform is continuously growing, which assure higher sustainability to the online vendors.

      Best-selling products: Gardening products, handbags, jewelries, consumer electronics, home decoration and appliances, and beauty products.

    • Wayfair

      Originally a platform for home furnishings and décor items, today Wayfair offers an exceptional selection of products, ranging from furniture and appliances to lighting and baby products. Thanks to its excellent support team, it stands as a favorite platform for online sellers.

      Best-selling products: Living room furniture, bed, office suppliers, wall art and mirror, closets, kitchen and table top, and patio furniture.

    • Houzz

      With 40+ million unique visitors every month, Houzz is one of the topmost platforms for sellers of home decoration and improvement products. Aside from its user-friendly interface and dashboard, the marketplace also touts an incredible support system for all the sellers.

      Best-selling products: Furniture, lighting, bathroom utilities, and other stylish décor items like rugs, mirror, artwork, pillows and more.

    • Pricefalls

      A niche marketplace that although offers everything, it specializes in electronics and accessories. Regarded as one of the most trusted names, Pricefalls is a well-established name that has thousands of sales every day. This is the most appealing aspect that attracts online sellers across USA.

      Best-selling items: Laptops, computers, televisions, kitchen appliances, and home improvement items. It also offers an incredible range of industrial supply that sell big.

    • has long been a highly reputed name among millions of buyers in USA thanks to its wide range of products and unique offers. This has also made it a great platform for online sellers to reach out to the buyers and sell more rather easily.

      Best-selling items: women and men’s apparels and beauty products like eye makeup nail care and hair care items. Also, health and nutrition items like dietary supplements and fitness equipment.

    • Overstock

      Overstock is another well-established name in the shopping world, wooing millions of buyers every month with its exciting range of home decoration items. It has a sturdy and reliable infrastructure that ensures sellers can rely on it for high-reward and sustainability of their business.

      Best-selling products: Furniture (sofas, loveseats, ottomans, chairs), rugs, chandeliers, decorative accessories, art gallery and yard care items.

    • Wish

      Wish is a highly trusted marketplace that makes shopping on the go very easy. It offers world-class mobile shopping platform, offering the widest selection of products, from apparels to accessories to electronics. Sellers who want to target the mobile users, Wish is a go-to marketplace.

      Best-selling items: Style accessories, jewelries, electronic gadgets, men’s clothing, and home and kitchen appliances.

    • Rakuten

      Although headquartered in Japan, Rakuten is top performing marketplaces in USA. With its seller-centric interface and unique features, it has managed to win hearts of millions of online sellers. Offering plethora of items under single roof, it promises to deliver big rewards to the vendors.

      Best-selling items: Television, computer, laptop, video games, backpacks, luggage, automatic and parts, and travel accessories.

These are 15 top performing marketplaces in the USA that millions of online sellers, resellers and agencies trust. As you can see, some products sell better on one platform than others. By now you likely have a basic idea about which of these marketplaces are appropriate to sell your products on.

But like mentioned already, even when the platform is favorable to your product and overall business model, assuming you would sell decent could be the biggest mistake you can make.

How to optimize your sales on top performing marketplaces in USA?

online marketplaces

After finding the right marketplace, the next task for you is to actually optimize your sales. Of course, this is quite challenging. But not impossible—not even for the new sellers!

Here are 5 simple tips to achieve task #2 easily:

    • Don’t sell at “cheapest price”

There’s this general misconception among sellers that customers are hyper-sensitive to price and that they would love anything that’s at “cheapest price”. Don’t believe this. Stop obsessing the price, start prioritizing quality. Ask customers the exact amount that your product is worth of and deserves.

Instead of offering your product at cheap price all the time, have a well-round thoughtful pricing strategy that can trigger buyers’ emotions and push them to purchase your products instantly.

  • Connect to your audience on social media

Don’t solely rely on the SEO of your marketplace to rank high and sell big. Of course ranking higher for selected keywords can significantly boost your sales. However, given the high market competition, relying solely on this technique could be fatal.

Make social outreach attempts. Connect to your audience on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Engage them in meaningful conversation and then convert them strategically. If needs arise, don’t shy away from investing in paid ads and campaigns.

  • Make data-based decisions

These days, sellers can find data in abundance. Plus, they also have analytic tools within their reach to make sense of the pool of data they have. Instead of hitting in the dark and make guess works at the time of making important choices, you must make data-driven decisions.

This would fuel the decision-making process, making it easier and more efficient, which would eventually improve your business returns.

  • Have a step-by-step growth plan

Some sellers get so entrapped in the “now”, they completely overlook the growth aspect of their business. Of course, with so many things to do – from listing to inventory management to order fulfillment – feeling overwhelmed is quite common. However, even in the mix of all the hassle, you must keep your business growth at the very centre of your operations. To help yourself here, you can avail the power of multi-channel selling solutions like ChannelSale to bring ease and efficiency to the backend activities of your store(s).

Don’t ask “how to sell more today”. Ask “how to grow my business today”.

  • Deliver an experience to the buyers

“The reason it seems that price is all your customers care about is that you haven’t given them anything else to care about,” said Seth Godin. What other reason have you given buyers to buy from you?

These days, products don’t sell—experience does! This is how you trigger word-of-mouth marketing and improve customer retention. So aim to improve the experience of your buyers. Reach out to them on the right channels, use personalized message, and continue engaging them even after they have purchased your products.

These are 5 simple tips that will help optimize your sales on the top performing marketplaces in USA. They aren’t foolproof and require your individual implementation, depending on the platform you’re selling on and the products you are offering.

Hopefully, this guide would help you find the perfect marketplace for your products and then fuel your business growth to the next level. Good luck!

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ChannelSale Introduces New Pricing Plan Starting at $99 Per Month

Stephen Posted On - October 26, 2017

Pricing Plan
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Because let’s admit it—so many of online merchants require third-party e-commerce solution. But their small budget and even smaller return prevent them from making this ‘now-must’ investment.

To make things finer here, ChannelSale has decided to introduce a new pricing plan called ‘Launch’—to help vendors start small and grow big subsequently without making any hefty outlay initially. Starting at just $99 per month, the plan is designed keeping in mind the distinct needs and requirements of new online sellers, in particular, who are often limited in their finances.

“We’ve been receiving a lot of suggestions and pleas from small business owners who couldn’t afford an e-commerce solution. And we’ve been working on that for quite some time now,” said a Senior Sales Executive at ChannelSale. “The task was challenging given hardly is there any name in this industry who offers such quality features at such low price. But months of hard work has paid off and now we have the most affordable plan that has offerings similar to the premium plans,” he added.

ChannelSale is one of the leading e-commerce solution providers, serving hundreds of retailers, resellers, and agencies across the world with its powerful platform. Facilitating seamless integration between countless marketplaces, webstores, comparison shopping engines and affiliate networks, it makes product listings, feeds optimization and inventory management, among others, much easier and efficient to handle.

ChannelSale, in its commitment to reach wide sub-niches of online sellers, offers a range of pricing plans that started with $249 per month and reached to the available option of any flat fee. The newly added plan of $99 per months enhances its portfolio, making it even more appealing for the sellers, delivering even a better experience to them.

“The basic motto behind this pricing plan is why limitation in the budget should stop sellers from growing,” said Manager, ChannelSale. “They need the right opportunity to flourish, and we’re offering them just that,” he added.

Extend your reach with ChannelSale

  • ChannelSale platform is your gateway to 200+ Online Major Shopping Channels – Marketplaces, Comparison Shopping Engines and Affiliate networks
  • ChannelSale offers you managed services to professionally manage your campaigns.
  • Update latest changes in your Marketplaces, Comparison Shopping Engines and Affiliate networks even as they happen.
  • Save Time and Money by reducing your marketing costs.
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Amazon on an ‘agency model’ pact with Macmillan

Daniel Posted On - June 9, 2015

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Amazon recently reached a pact with Macmillan regarding the sale of print and e-books. The development comes around when this high-notch U.S marketplace has been broiled in controversies with a major publishing house over sharing of e-book profits.

The agreement

John Sargent, the Macmillan CEO, had posted a letter on the company’s website declaring that the agreement with Amazon got struck early December and shall be implied from January 5. According to the agreement, the e-books shall be under an ‘agency model’ with the consumer prices of all digital books set by the publisher and retailers taking a cut of the sale.

Addressing the Macmillan’s authors, Sargent said that the net percentage of the proceeds would remain unhindered under this deal. He further added that the authors would be affected as they always have been, by the changes in prices. Yet the books would continue to be featured in Amazon promotions and deals. Sargent also expressed his fears of his concern about Amazon’s dominance in the e-book market and suggested broader channels to reach readers.

Amazon ‘content’ with deal: Spokesperson

Whereas the spokesperson at Amazon, Sarah Gelman, said that they are happy and content with the agreement. In an e-mailed statement, she said that it would allow Amazon to grow business with Macmillan. Gelman highlighted that the pact shall create a financial incentive for the publishing house in order to deliver lower prices for customers.

Tiff with publishers

The pact follows another one month between Amazon and the Hachette Book Group that had put an end to a rancorous half-a-year tiff. This tiff had cut off supplies of several of the publisher’s titles. Claiming that sales would zoom up resulting in much higher all-round revenue, Amazon had sought discounts upon e-books. Hachette had resisted this move, with the support of many authors; who said that such tactics were causing them to incur huge losses. Amazon had also signed a multi-year deal with publisher Simon and Schuster last October.

E-books crushing the print space

The publishing industry, of late, had been wrestling with the shifting business models as consumers have been adhering to digital books more rather than their print versions. According to Forester Research, Amazon dominates e-books sale occupying 60 per cent of the market. It also pioneered the e-book industry with induction of the Kindle device in the year 2007.

Macmillan to test “pay per read” model

CEO Sargent had also revealed in his letter that the publishing house is on a demo stage of a new subscription model in which consumers would need to ‘pay per read’. Macmillan intends to test this model for titles which are not well-stocked at retail outlets or with backlist books.

As Sargent wrote, “Our job, as always, has been to provide you with the best possible distribution. Given the current financial and strategic incentives being offered, we believe it is the right time to try the test.”

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How E Retailers Pushed Valentine’s Day Sale 2015

Shrikar Khare Posted On - May 22, 2015

Valentine Day Sale
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Irrespective of the impacts of evolution, the cozy custom of gifting on special occasions is sure to never get out of style, especially in the Day when the world is painted red and pink. 14th of February has taken over the globe by its charms and it is very unlikely that its impact will see a setback anytime soon. Top the love shades with gifts from the heart, and there you have a perfect Valentine’s Day that is sure to be memorable for years to come. Making the most of this opportunity are the E-retailers who see this day as one of the most potent occasions to push their sales.

With possibilities of getting millions of hits, e retailers ensure being the early birds as far as commencing uncompromised e-commerce marketing strategies and campaigning is concerned. This is also the time when the E Retailers are seen to introduce and implement the best of strategies in order to beat and rise over competitors. And yes, attractive rebates did form a part of the deal. A chunk of the hullabaloo was seen happening with the top online flowers and gifts shops that came up with their creative best to make the best of the 2015 Valentine’s Day spirit.

For example, Inc. which is one the leaders in online flower and gift delivery, had been seen to offer a whopping 25% off on the total bill amount, if they shopped on certain chosen dates. And yes… they ensured that their campaign was amply visible. Amazon too did not stay far behind. By introducing schemes like announcing about 90$ off on its most prized product, Kindle, it attracted a herculean traffic. While Amazon was too busy to comment on their star strategies at that very moment, its master strokes were vastly obvious at the end of the shopping surge.

Considering the fact that everyone wants to save cash, this offer motivated a chunk of enthusiastic buyers to go straight ahead and grab the deal. Busy as things got for these proactive leaders, at the end of the day they made sure that their business was on an irreversible growth track.

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Get Discovered In Amazon In These Simple Ways

Shrikar Khare Posted On - May 20, 2015

amazon sell products
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Everyone wants to be in Amazon, and the reason for this craze is but obvious. With millions of sellers offering over a billion products that are catering to the interests of millions of buyers across the world, this is the ultimate e commerce platform to be in. The fact to consider is, with the ever rising number of sellers, the aspect of conspicuousness of individual merchants is facing thorough compromise.

This is perhaps, one of the reasons why the pitch to enhance ‘discoverability’ and ‘buyability’ is receiving undivided attention from all sellers in Amazon. For those who may be new to the terms, discoverability means enhancing the chances of being located by target buyers and buyability means converting the target audience into buyers. Discoverability and buyability are the 2 invaluable forces that can be employed to crack the codes of success in Amazon and should thus be considered with utmost importance by all Amazon sellers.

The moral of the story however, rests in the fact that unless sellers / retailers manage to generate traffic towards their endeavors (discoverability), the ambitions of achieving maximum conversions (buyability) can only be forgotten as a distant dream. At present, Sponsored products are receiving a whole lot of attention from the sellers when it comes to the matter of increasing discoverability in Amazon. The idea basically dwells upon featuring product specific ads in favor of the sellers thus increasing product exposure by leaps.

The benefit of sponsored products lies in the fact that they are in tune with relevancy of search based on target keywords and other similar associated factors. So, sellers can actually take it for granted that their efforts will be sling shot towards the right direction as far as being fished out from among the millions of other competitors is concerned.

The only hurdle may appear in the fact that this highly potent CPC program tool is presently available to only a certain set of sellers who are essentially Buy Box eligible. At the same time, the advantage is available at the moment only in hand counted countries and that too in 30 product categories.

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Annual US E-Retail Sale Crosses A Whopping $300 Billion Mark

Daniel Posted On - May 20, 2015

e commerce marketing
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To say that eCommerce has possessed the world for the better would not be wrong at all. And to say that in certain counties, the very existence of brick and mortar shops are being challenged by the many faces of e-Commerce marketing would be as good as bringing out a clearer picture of the current developments. The news is out; USA has crossed the $300 billion mark in its annual E-retail sale. This achievement is more than just herculean. The figure displays a distinct 15.4% rise from the 2013 figures which closed at $268.64 billion. The fact is, the trend of growth dwelling around 15% to 16% has been happening from the year 2010, before which the year of 2009 had only accounted a 2.6% rise carried forward from the year 2008.

The question is, what happened so differently that such steady growth pace was maintained over the last 5 years? For all the answers that may be found in statistics, no one can deny the fact that innovation has been the mother of this accomplishment. Basically, it is the attempt of the eCommerce marketplaces to get closer to the buyers and making them more comfortable with online purchasing than otherwise, that played a role in stirring the winds of change. This in fact, attracted maximum and undivided attention of potential customers to become repeat buyers.

This is the time of the year when just about everything from jewelry to grocery can be shipped to doorsteps and that too with assurance of quality and safety of transactions. So, the enthusiasm to walk down to brick and mortar shops to avail what needs to be availed no longer exists with buyers in general. At the same time, the attempts of giants like Amazon to get closer to their customers by introducing staff operated pickup and drop-off locations, working on promoting Lockers etc in the USA is expected to boost the dependence of buyers on e-commerce. 

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Amazon’s Prime Now program beats Google Express with one-hour delivery service

Thomas Posted On - May 6, 2015

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Early December 2014, Amazon created quite a noise in the market by announcing its one-hour delivery services featured under Prime Now, closely after the initiation of the Google Shopping Express‘ same-day shopping. The Prime Now service of this top marketplace poises the already present internet shopping big shots in the latest craze of the e-commerce domain, which is the same day delivery service for consumable products.

Prime delivery for Prime members

Amazon now started offering Prime members the great facility of one-hour delivery using its phone app. At a cost of $7.99, Prime members were offered household items such as shampoos and batteries, in just an hour.

In select New York areas, Amazon shoppers are reported to have received deliveries in a short span of one hour, between six in the morning till midnight. It offered two hour delivery services for free to those with lesser time restriction.

Delivery in an hour

Amazon is expected to expand its Prime Now one-hour delivery services in the current fiscal year, facilitated by bicycle messengers. The Prime Now service of Amazon has locked with Amazon Prime that has been offering shoppers with options for free shipping along with video and music streaming and unlimited photo storage facilities.

Google Express’ overnight delivery falls behind

On the other hand, Google Express that has been in the testing format for more than a year, is available at places such as San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles along with added services at Chicago, Washington and Boston; last October. The Google Express is a yearly subscription service that comes around for a cost of $95 a year for same-day of overnight deliveries. Google Express picks up products from as many as 40 retailers, including Target and Costco where as Amazon Prime ships items exclusively from Amazon.

It is reported that the top marketplace, Amazon, has also been in the process of testing brick and mortar stores since the last fiscal year, thus expanding its cross-channel e-commerce business towards 2015.

Online delivery as well as expedited shipping is getting in the latest demand lists of online retailers, a trend which retail giants are baiting to meet increasing needs and demands of the  consumers.

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eBay’s efforts appear stunted following Sales Growth In Amazon

Daniel Posted On - April 29, 2015

Amazon vs Ebay
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Amazon has proved yet again that miracles are in fact possible. Whether you choose watch in awe or refer to the impeccably calculated statistics, this giant e-commerce platform has shown that it is possible to beat and surpass competition like it was never expected. A 27% growth as compared to the 6.8% of eBay actually left a chunk of e-commerce platforms wondering what exactly Amazon did differently to achieve this herculean success.

Beating competitors is not all that this one of a kind revolutionary all inclusive platform for online sale has achieved. It has also broken its own record of 21.8% growth in December 2014. eBay too has shown a rise from the 5.8% they recorded in December 2014, but it is nothing compared to the rocket propelled success that Amazon has won.

It is true that Amazon had undergone a phase when such herculean developments were not featured in the larger picture. A part of this can also be contributed to the dissatisfaction expressed by the members of Amazon Prime concerning late deliveries and resultant reluctance in paying membership fees or refusing to join after the trial period. However, irrespective of odds, Amazon has managed to forge ahead with innovative e-commerce marketing services, plans and ideas to capture the ever curious market.

All’s well that ends well, but what truly matters is how you start the next episode. eBay, though a winner in its own terms, is still lagging way behind Amazon in many essential aspects of e marketing. This is perhaps the main reason that is fueling this otherwise successful venture to construct its strategies around the strategies so introduced and implemented by Amazon. The E Bay Now app can be mentioned as an example where orders from the app is taken and acted upon personally by a professional and delivered at the very door step.

Could this be a plan to challenge the Amazon Locker that Amazon is working upon to make a more direct approach towards customers? While statistics would show it all by the end of 2015 or before, this information could be a food for thought in the waiting period.

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Which To Choose While Selling On Amazon – Sponsored Products Or Product Ads

Daniel Posted On - April 13, 2015

selling on Amazon
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Amazon is undeniably the largest and the most accommodating e-commerce marketplaces of the present times. This is one of those very few platforms that offer unparalleled benefits to sellers in infinite different ways each of which are aimed at improving the performance of the latter by leaps. In this respect, Amazon product ads and Amazon sponsored products can be mentioned as two extremely potent options when it comes to boosting visibility before target audience / customers and thereby increasing the possibility of conversions. While both of these Amazon solutions have proven ample usefulness, choosing the right option may further the efforts of the sellers.

Basically, Amazon Product Ads is a solution where the sellers can display their products in Amazon without having to sell in it. This has multiple benefits starting with the fact that Amazon is one of the most visited e commerce marketplaces and it is just about assured that the concerned seller would be exposed to millions of target audience per day. So, while the Amazon product ads show on the search pages, when the buyers click on the ads they will actually be diverted to the website of the concerned sellers than make the purchase from Amazon itself.

On the other hand, the updated Amazon sponsored products program is more refined in its approach in helping sellers gain visibility. This program includes features like automatic targeting, simpler seller usability and greater visibility. However, what may be considered a drawback is this program is the necessity for the sellers to be ‘sponsored products eligible’ and the chosen products must be buy box eligible. At present, there are only 6 countries where sponsored products are available and the advantage is spread only to 30 product categories.

Keeping the fact in mid that each of these programs work wonderfully in favor of the e-commerce marketing endeavors of sellers, the list of features in itself makes it amply clear about which to choose and which not to. Basically, there could be nothing better than selling on Amazon. If however, sellers cannot make a direct approach, eligibility for either of the two programs can be of massive help.

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Couples Longing For Electronic Gifts Rejoice At Best Buy’s New Wedding Registry

Daniel Posted On - April 13, 2015

Best buy Wedding Registry
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The days of receiving mixers and dainty silver-wares as wedding gifts are on their way out. The fact that individuals today are going gaga over electronics is no big surprise. With so many to use and so much to experience, couples today are showing a sharp diversion of their gift interests towards ultra tech devices and gadgets than all things conventional. With the introduction of the Best Buy Wedding Registry services, it is now possible for the couples to choose and track the electronic gifts they choose for their big day. At the same time, for those who will be getting the gifts can also be happy with the fact that the items will be available at great prices and will be cherished by the couple for a long time to come.

The question is how far Best Buy will score with this new endeavor. Considering the fact that their stores are complete with just about everything that can arrest an individual’s attention, to have curious heads peering in for more is more than just expected. From ultra HD TVs to a range of cameras, from tablets to smart phones of reputed companies, there is literally everything that can be tagged in the store. The base line of the matter is for this ever expanding company to grab every inch of the market that is there to be tapped with wedding offering infinite promises of enhanced sale and awareness.

With this innovative and promising move, Best Buy is expecting to sure further ahead in their sales and revenues this year. Considering the efforts that they have put into e-commerce marketing per se, is also expected to show its results in the form of enhanced registries to follow through the wedding season. The matter however, does not rest with availability of products and their prices. Best Buy has also thoroughly looked into the aspects of quick and effective free delivery of the tagged and purchased items. The option of free delivery is without any minimum purchase amount which is sure to make the process of choosing electronic wedding gifts a more feasible option.

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How e-retailers negotiate with customers

Shrikar Khare Posted On - March 19, 2015

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Of late, online shopping has become has become more or less like the to-and-fro negotiation process that does its rounds in the Turkish Bazaars, where consumers have the liberties to negotiate at a few particular sites.

Amazon’s Make-an-Offer

For example, top U.S. marketplace- Amazon, launched the ‘Make-an-Offer’ button which allows customers to negotiate the prices  for uncommon merchandises, such as sports souvenirs, rare coins and fine art materials.

The e-negotiation process

For instance, when a shopper wants to buy an Edmonton Oilers Jersey autographed by Wayne Gretzky, he has two options-either add to his cart instantly at the seller’s stated price of $99,000 or ask for a lower price. The consumer can also utilize the option to negotiate by suggesting a price which he can do by clicking upon  the Make-an-Offer button, located at the right hand side of the product page. Hence after, the seller either accepts or rejects the customer’s offer or may be even come up with a counteroffer. The process continues till both the buyer and the seller reach a concurrent point of price for the product.

Smaller hands in the line

Even better fact in the scenario is that smaller retailers are too, joining the band wagon. With the aide of technology vendors of the likes of  PriceWaiter and FreshPlum, they are getting into this negotiation game too, gradually.

The Beyond Stores started using the PriceWaiter’s technology way back in 2013, in order to negotiate with consumers. Mark Ginsberg, the managing director at the retailer said that allowing buyers to negotiate prices for the products they buy, attracts more and more consumers and makes them indulge in a research process for the purchase. Ginsberg further added that the nicest thing regarding PriceWaiter is this technology allows retailers to create an impactful in-store contact with shoppers and aide them negotiate with buyers in any normal bricks-and-mortar retailer way.

How consumers negotiate

The consumer has the provision to click the Make an Offer button to offer a different price than the advertised price. This button is located just beneath the advertised price on the product page. Hence after an e-mail is sent to those five employees of Beyond Stores who manage the PriceWaiter platform part-time.  The employees at Beyond Stores might accept the price or may even suggest a counteroffer. The average time taken from the submission of consumer’s price to the sale is at least five hours.

PriceWaiter is featured on most products of Beyond Stores. The exceptions arise only in when the retail store offers the cheapest prices possible on certain items, as per the monitoring of prices that Beyond Stores does internally. Certain brands, too, are not included owing to contractual reasons.

E-negotiation boosting revenue generation of retailers

This strategy has been noted to be working effectively. Around 44% of the accepted prices offered convert into sales, and also as much as 26% of the counteroffers generate into sales. While shoppers are said to be requesting an average discount of around 16%, Beyond Stores provides an average of 12% discount. During the initial three-months of using the PriceWaiter technology, Beyond Stores had an upsurge in sales by as much as 25.4% and a conversion increase by 22.8%.

Beyond Stores is reported to have sold a whopping $7.6 million online in the fiscal year of 2013, which is a remarkable 375% increase- from a mere record of $1.6 million in the year 2012.

The freemium model- Most used e-negotiation platform

PriceWaiter works on the model called ‘freemium’. A few merchants, including Beyond Stores have been using the basic version of the technology that comes around with no costs. Customers have the provisions for adding up features at a certain cost, ranging 1.4%-2.9% of the value on transaction basing on the volume of the retailer. The highest-volume customers need to pay a lower percentage whereas the lower-volume customers are required to pay a higher percentage.

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Holiday Web Sales up for more than 15% in 2014

Shrikar Khare Posted On - March 5, 2015

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Web sales during the final full week of the holiday season have been increasing, by around 18.2% year by year, to $5.817 billion in desktop sales from $4.920 billion for the corresponding period last year; says web measurement firm com Score in one of its e-commerce spending estimate last December.

In the last holiday season, that began as early as November 1, according to comScore, online shoppers splurged in shopping worth $48.269 billion via desktop computers, high by 15% from $41.971 billion in 2013.

15% growth rate in desktop commerce

Chairman emeritus at comScore, Gian Fulgoni, stated that the final week of online holiday shopping was quite strong leading to a strong high note finish-off and also virtually guaranteeing the fact that e-commerce spending would outperform experts’ pre-season forecast. He further informed that e-commerce industry had run at a rate of 15% growth rate in desktop e-commerce for the recently concluded holiday season. He expressed his delight at the fact how this figures display the healthy economic status of the American consumers as well as the entire e-commerce channel.

Late December 2014, a week prior Christmas, shoppers spent around $1.07 billion on its Monday, $1.16 billion on Tuesday and $926 million the following Thursday- the day of the promotional Free Shipping Day, when numerous retailers offered free deliveries. The weekend concluded with shoppers spending around $972 million, an increase of 36.1% from previous year’s $714 million; according to comScore.

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Amazon focuses on injecting global brands to China market

Daniel Posted On - February 20, 2015

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Amazon – the dominant marketplace in North America and a leader in Europe, works under the shadows of China’s dominant online retailer, Alibaba Group Holding Limited, when it comes its subsidiary in China.

14-fold increase of global brand sales

The number of international brands selling on Amazon’s China wing grew 30% in 2014, and 55 international brands that sell exclusively in the marketplace at China, grew their sales as much 17 fold in 2014, according to Amazon China’s year-end report. The Amazon China President Douglas Gurr claims that Amazon provides tens of millions of choices for global products to the Chinese consumers. He further added that in the last fiscal year, selling of international brands to the Chinese consumers at Amazon had more than 14-fold increase. He also said that Amazon China had expanded the coverage of same-day and second-day delivery services by nearly five times.

Amazon’s 10-year plans for China

Though Amazon has not named any of the brands selling exclusively at its Chinese subsidiary, the most popular brands featured on the site include fashion designers such as Rebecca Minkoff, Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs. There are also items from U.S companies such as accessories brand Latico, skin-care product maker Dermablend and shoe companies Crocs and Skechers.

Amazon China ranked No. 4 in the Chinese edition of a famous international e-retail journal, stated in its report that its focus would be selling international brands, providing quality services and worry-free delivery facilities, for the next ten years. The top global marketplace remarked that there is a growing demand for imported products, citing the fact that sales of wine from France and the United States tripled at Amazon China in 2014.

Drinking wine and remaining healthy – cause of increase in sales

Also adding the fact that this South-Asian country has, of late, been plagued by air and water pollution, the consumers are looking for more products designed to aide them in remaining healthy, claims Amazon. The sales of air-purification products increased by 50% at Amazon China in 2014 as compared to 2013. Sales of water-purification devices is also said to have doubled over the last one year.

The fastest growing product categories over Amazon China are mostly wine, Kindle e-book readers and tablets, musical instruments, pet products, food, sporting accessories and goods, shoe and health products, reported the top global marketplace. Also to be noted is the fast growing zone for the so called ‘smart’ products that connect to the Internet such as bracelets and watches and devices that connect to mobile phones via Bluetooth wireless technology and web connected devices for home. Listings of all these mentioned products grew as much as 33-fold at Amazon China in the last fiscal year.

Smaller cities, social networking sites occupy the scenario

Like Alibaba and several other leading e-commerce sites in China, Amazon pointed out that more and more sales are coming from smaller cities. Apart from the four top-tier cities, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the revenue generated is 65% on Amazon China.

The sale of mobiles and popularity of social networking sites also play a prime role in hiking the sales of products, claims Amazon China. Sales from shoppers accessing through social networks increased as much as 81% in 2014, Amazon reported.

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Amazon Rolls Out New Tablets For Kids, Readers And Businesses

Daniel Posted On - November 27, 2014

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Amazon the giant online marketplace is famous for its innovative product refreshments and up gradations. To keep up with this tradition recently it has introduced five new kindle models. These high end tablets will be extremely beneficial for working in office including maintaining documents, reading books and also for kid’s entertainment and learning. And it is obvious that this will draw more public attention especially of media consuming customers.

Amazon introduced the new $99 Kindle Fire HD simultaneously with the$149 Kids Edition. They highlighted the first one as the “most powerful tablet under $100.” And the kindle tablet for kids which is available different colors and a rubber case is being popularized on the point that the company will offer a replacement service even if it gets damaged or broken till two years.

Amazon is also focusing on new and advanced tablets which come to a great benefit in reading books. With this Amazon is hoping to reach more consumers through devices where it can sell more books, movies and TV shows.

They are also working on tablets like Kindle Fire HDX 8.9, which is supported by uniquely designed software for managing office documents. It also has a faster chip which can handle digital documents with unparallel efficiency. Additionally, it will also allow people to share contents. In spite of its technological advancement and benefit it has an affordable cost which starts at $379.

Jeff Bezos, the CEO of the organization is depending a lot on these refreshed tablets, his calculated investments which he thinks will boost the business growth. The other new investment areas like Fire Smartphone, Web-based computing services and expansion of warehouses are also in the same list.

Initially for years Amazon was not paying much attention towards device market. That time it was concentrating more on the kindle e-reader. But now the scenario has changed and no doubt it is directly competing in the tablet market with rivals like Apple, Samsung, Google and Microsoft.

Amazon’s announcement about introducing the new kindles just two days before Apple Inc started Selling their new iPhone models establishes that aggressive marketing approach. Not only that both the companies are getting ready for a hardcore competition for the coming holiday season.

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Amazon progresses one step further by opening another warehouse in California!

Daniel Posted On - November 26, 2014

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Recent news reveals, Inc. the top ranking online marketplace is going to open a new warehouse in Redlands. It is situated in San Bernadino County east of Los Angeles. This newly launched fulfillment center will be acquiring the fifth position in the line in the state of California.

Amazon is taking this initiative namely to fulfill the terms as per September 2011 deal with state officials.  According to this agreement, larger retailers will remain responsible to collect sales taxes from residents. And to make it come true, Amazon is gearing up to build more Fulfillment centers in the state.

Amazon opened its first warehouse in California two years back. At the same time, it opened other facilities also in the cities of San Bernardino, close to Moreno Valley, and two more in Patterson and Tracy, near the San Francisco Bay Area. An amazing data discloses, considering all these centers, the e-retailer currently operates in a 5-million square feet area which covers its entire warehouse space in the state.

Although Amazon has not yet declared exactly when the warehouse would be opened, they have already highlighted the fact that the Redlands warehouse will have a wide floor area over 700,000 square feet. They are also planning the operations of this center in a structured way where the workers will pick, pack and ship large items like big-screen televisions or kayaks etc on behalf of the customers. It is also made clear that Clarion Partners will own the Redlands building and Trammel Crow Co. will be in charge of managing entire construction work.

While discussing this, Mike Roth, Amazon’s vice president of North America operations said, that the company is specially focusing to enhance its growth very fast in this state as they have found great talents here and looking forward to serve their customers in this region.

 According to the e-retailer’s Q2 financials, Amazon is putting more stress on fulfillment, and as a result investing more in this area. Record shows it has spent $4.70 billion under this head within the first six months of 2014, which is 29.5% more from the previous year’s expenditure during this time period. Furthermore, with the increased amount of spending, Amazon is also expanding its same-day delivery services.

This is leading numerous consumers in Baltimore, Dallas, Indianapolis, New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., to enjoy the same-day deliveries of certain products more easily these days.

Presently, Amazon owns more than 100 warehouses across the world and it is also credited for maintaining about 50 million square feet of fulfillment space in North America. Scot Wingo, CEO of Channel Advisor Corp., and Colin Sebastian, a longtime Amazon observer and e-commerce analyst who works for Robert W. Baird and Co., think, it is one of the main reasons which boosts and supports retailers to sell on Amazon.

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